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Preparations for the restoration of intestinal microflora: a list of medicines and their characteristics

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Inside us is a whole world of microorganisms. We exist with them in a mutually beneficial symbiosis. We for them - the environment and the source of existence. They are for us - normal digestion and strengthening of immunity. And before that we were accustomed to them, that as soon as their established way of life is violated, we immediately start taking preparations to restore the intestinal microflora.

Preparations for the restoration of intestinal microflora: a list and a brief description

Today the topic of dysbiosis is not paying attention except that the TV is off. On all TV channels, we are called to take care of our microcosm and replenish the supply of either probiotics or prebiotics. Actually, what are they?

Probiotics are microbes, of which our amazing inner world consists, in other words, it is a microflora that destroys pathogenic bacteria. Prebiotics are

chemicals that are part of a wide range of foods. They also represent food for probiotics, that is, they stimulate their active growth.

In the composition of all drugs, with which we restore our microflora, contain either microbes or food for them. There are also combined means, including both of them.

Essential preparations

Medicines containing prebiotics have different forms - syrups, capsules, tablets, powders. Which prebiotic is contained in this or that product is indicated on the package.

There are drugs where the active ingredient is only a prebiotic. These include Laktusan, Dufalac, Normaise and others. There are combined medicines, which additionally contain enterosorbents for the removal of toxins. These are Maxilac, Lactofiltrum and Lactofiltrum-ECO.

Probiotic preparations are classified according to the genus of bacteria that make up their composition:

  • Bifidosoderzhashchie drugs - Bifidumbacterin, Bifiform, Bifiliz, Probifor. These drugs are mainly used to treat dysbiosis in children. Adults are recommended for preventive purposes.
  • Lactose-containing drugs - Acipol, Lactobacterin, Acilact, Biobakton, Gastrofarm. Their main advantage in the resistance of lactobacilli to the action of antibiotics. They showed themselves well in the treatment of rotavirus infections.
  • Containing E. coli preparations - Bioflora, Bifikol, Colibacterin. They are used as biostimulants, they are recommended for use in case of prolonged nature of the disease.
  • Means containing yeast fungi saccharomyces, sour-milk streptococcus or enterococci. This is Baktisporin, Bactisubtil, Biosporin, Enterol. A group of these drugs also well resists the effects of antibiotics.

The composition of each probiotic determines the direction of its application.

Inexpensive drugs for the restoration of intestinal microflora from among the prebiotics are represented by such means as:

The most effective inexpensive drugs among probiotics are Lineks, Bifidumbacterin, Lactobacterin, Narine.

Combined funds are called synbiotics. They are biologically active additives containing probiotics in conjunction with prebiotics. Representative of this group of drugs is Maxilac. It includes one prebiotic - oligofructose and nine live cultures, including streptococcus, lactococcus, bifidobacteria.

What drugs are prescribed after antibiotics?

The main enemy of the microflora of our intestines, no doubt, are antibiotics. But there are diseases that can not be cured without them. Therefore, after taking antibiotics, rehabilitation is necessary.

Preparations for the restoration of intestinal microflora after antibiotics:

  • Lactobacterin is a dry probiotic. Has antibacterial properties, acts against a wide variety of pathogens, has a beneficial influence on microflora, normalizes digestion and intestinal activity, has immunomodulating properties.
  • Biovestin-lacto-complex liquid preparation. Contains strains of lacto- and bifidobacteria. Well proven in the treatment of dysbiosis.
  • Hilak Forte - a prebiotic agent that inhibits the development of pathogenic organisms, acts as a biostimulator, normalizes acidity. Can be used in conjunction with antibiotics.

Preparations for children:

  • Linex is a drug for the complex treatment of dysbacteriosis and diarrhea, containing three kinds of lactic acid bacteria that are part of the normal intestinal flora. Possible application from infancy.
  • Bifidumbacterin - restores the intestinal microflora, inhibits the activity of pathogenic flora, including staphylococci, yeast-like fungi, enteropathogenic rod. Has no contraindications. It is recommended to children from the moment of birth.
  • Dufalac is a liquid prebiotic, stimulates the growth of bifido- and lactobacilli, destroys pathogens, and has low absorption. Used as a stimulant of peristalsis of the intestine, it has a laxative effect.

Preparations during pregnancy:

  • Acipol - is used to treat dysbacteriosis and fungus affected mucous surfaces. Brings back the volume of intestinal microflora, helps to remove toxins from the body.
  • Portalac-syrup is a prebiotic agent with an active active substance lactulose. The drug is indicated for constipation, dysbiosis, enteritis. Not addictive. With a low degree of absorption.

To buy in pharmacies funds to restore intestinal microflora, do not need recipes. But this absolutely does not mean that they can be used for preventive purposes, the more so the effect on the body of such drugs from this point of view is not fully understood. First of all, consult a doctor!

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How to restore flora of the intestine?

Alternative restoration of intestinal microflora

A lot of people suffer from disruptions in the intestine, experience if, discomfort, problems arise with its daily regret. By cleansing, there is no statistical data on the prevalence of this Russia, but there are about 2.5 people in the US. million every year turn to specialists with How to restore the flora of the intestines?, with most of this of them - women. In 12, 00, colon cancer is detected annually, and 150 cancers - thousands of pancreas. The average cost of treatment and examination of such patients is 12.5 thousand constipation.

dollars is the first reason to think about how to restore intestinal flora

During an internal constipation there is a intoxication which negatively affects work of all organism: the nervous system is tested by the person, overexertion suffers from a headache, in addition to constipation it is an indicator of slagging of the body, which is the cause of many diseases. Also, intestinal obstruction may be a symptom of a number of other diseases, however, doctors, prescribing recovery medications for intestinal microflora, often ignore this factor.

Among the reasons for the irregularity of emptying is improper intestinal nutrition, lack of water in the body, psychogenic factors, the presence of a gastrointestinal vascular disease, the tract system. It should be noted that the diseases accompanying disappear, if the intestine begins to function normally. Representatives of modern medicine talk about cleansing, the intestinal volume should occur once in 2-3 if, of the day this does not happen - a diagnosis is made, and constipation preparations to restore microflora Supporters. intestines of folk medicine note that if, well the intestine is emptied once a day (so, it is desirable this occurred at the same time).

How to restore intestinal flora?

It should start with the views of revision on food preferences. Avoid snacks for food: the run should be thoroughly chewed until then, until it turns into gruel and completely saliva soaked. Food swallowed whole, much longer remains in the stomach and the process of its further processing is delayed significantly. Chewing promotes fast saturation, the work facilitates the stomach, and, of course, relieves constipation and concomitant occurrence of diseases. The first dish should always be a vegetable salad, but do not drink strong food. You can drink anything only an hour after eating. rule Remember: start with liquid food, and finish with a solid meal.

Exclude from the diet refined food. In its majority, everything that we see on the shelves of refined - supermarket food. It is stuffed with various dyes, stabilizers (by no means natural), additives, and completely food-deprived fibers. Of course, it is not worthwhile to go into when, but the extreme choices of products worth to be Chips. prudent, ketchups, sprites, chupa-chups or anything related to a healthy diet.

None for the preparation of the recovery of intestinal microflora to you if not, will help in the diet to include vegetables and fruits, large containing a number of pectins. These peristalsis substances normalize the intestine and promote normal functioning. pectins There are rich apples, beets, juices with pulp.

microflora Restoration of the intestine is also promoted by bran, oatmeal and greens. However, at first, bloating may be observed, so use these products in small doses.

Digestion is delayed by rice, semolina and Meat. meat always combine with the use of vegetables, and learn how to cook rice correctly: boil it to the liquid state of gruel, adding a little bit of Takaya. salt porridge thoroughly cleans the intestines and will promote the removal of toxins no worse thanRestorative preparations of intestinal microflora.

It is necessary to refuse both bread of fresh and buns: they promote dysbacteriosis and intestines in fermentation. It is better to consume dried black bran and bread. Folk healers advise bran cereals to replace wheat germ: 2-3 spoons, added to replenish, food reserves of the body with vitamins of group B. Consumption from Refuse sugar, it is better to replace it If.

honey feces resembles small feces, nuts to consult a doctor. Perhaps this is a spasmodic symptom of colitis. The reasons for its occurrence are: diverse and stress, and gastroenterological diseases. Preparations for recovery for intestinal microflora in such cases only appoint a specialist.

There is still some question on the answers. How to restore the intestinal flora?. Use at least eight glasses of liquid in soups (the day is also taken into account). Food, moving along the intestinal-gastrointestinal tract, in this case, will be undiluted processed by gastric juice. Otherwise, food will linger in the stomach, and this will set the weight gain.

Restoration of intestinal microflora of antibiotics afteralso requires a sufficient amount of lactic acid products enriched with probiotics: they will protect the liver negative effects of the drugs.

We hope our councils gave us an exhaustive answer to the question of how, by changing food, restore the intestinal flora.

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Causes of constipation in adults can be most diverse - malnutrition, physical and emotional overload, all sorts of intestinal diseases. Mankind has a lot of ways to get rid of constipation. different in And the sources are completely different. they all have certain pros and cons. But I want to buy a remedy for constipation, which would be universal and would solve all the problems without harm to the body. In addition, it is desirable that a drug such as constipation in adults act effectively, all for despite individual characteristics of a person. In this we will tell you about the features of the drugs so that you can choose how to get rid of.

Recently, more and more people regardless of the age of chronic suffer from constipation. The systematic delay of a person's chair makes him irritable, sluggish, he quickly becomes tired. who does not really like this. Therefore, in order to avoid constipation, it is necessary to exclude from the diet such products as heavy eggs, meat, coffee, fast-Frequent. food application of a laxative does not guarantee 100% constipation from disposal, however, a remedy for constipation based on components of the plant is fully capable of providing a long-lasting effect of mild healing and improving the condition GIT. recommend Nutritionists to eat fresh fruits and dried fruits, juices. And as a preventative against constipation, we recommend you try Honey Lax. The result will surprise you!

Treatment of a dysbacteriosis - that helps to restore a normal microflora

What determines the composition of normal intestinal microflora

The normal inhabitants of the intestine of a healthy person are bifido- and lactobacilli. To compensate for their deficiency, funds are allocated for the treatment of dysbiosis, which contain live lactobacilli and yeast. This group of drugs combines probiotics, which contain useful microorganisms in sufficient quantities. A special formula allows you to maintain their vitality when passing through the digestive tract, colonizing the intestine with a normal flora.

For nutrition, the growth of beneficial bacteria, which normally colonize the large intestine, a substrate or medium is needed. Such a poor digestible food substrate are prebiotics. When entering the digestive tract, these substances are not destroyed by the action of digestive enzymes, which are produced in the small intestine, in the stomach. The maximum quantity of prebiotics is contained in the following foods:

Treatment of dysbacteriosis in adults is not only in the regular intake of medications, but also in the normalization of the diet. This will support the microflora in its normal state and achieve positive results from treatment at the optimal time. The intake of pro and prebiotics should be joint, as prebiotics influence positively the survival of probiotic strains in the intestine.

The main groups of modern probiotics

The scheme of treatment of dysbacteriosis includes the appointment of probiotics, which can be conditionally divided into several groups, depending on what technology was used for their preparation. For the production of probiotics of the first group, a method of freeze-drying is used. This method has a significant drawback - live active bacteria pass into an inactive state (or anabiosis state). To return to the active state, it takes about ten hours, and during this time most bacteria are removed from the human digestive tract.

Drugs for the treatment of dysbiosis can be represented by liquid probiotics. This group of drugs contains microbial cells in the active state, so they are immediately able to colonize the intestines with a useful flora, having got into the body. Active colonization of the digestive tract begins in two hours, as the probiotic did.

The probiotic strains of bacteria that determine the extent to which the treatment of dysbacteriosis will be effective. It depends on the following characteristics of the bacteria:

  • what growth rate do bacteria have, since this affects the speed of reproduction in the intestine
  • The presence of antagonistic activity in relation to that flora of the intestine, which is opportunistic
  • the ability to quickly and efficiently change the acidity of intestinal contents

Given that there are differences in the main composition of probiotics, it is important that the intake of appropriate medications be prescribed by a specialist. How to treat dysbiosis, a doctor should determine on the basis of the established cause of the disease, he decides which probiotic product will be most effective.

Features of treatment of dysbacteriosis in gynecological practice

The unique composition of microflora is not only in the intestine, but also in other parts of the human body. Women in the vagina have a biocenosis of microbes, which determines the state of the reproductive system as a whole. With the increased multiplication of the pathogenic microbial flora, the balance of the basic components of the biocenosis occurs, which is the cause of the development of dysbacteriosis.

Treatment of dysbacteriosis in women is carried out in two stages. The first stage is to eliminate the growth of pathogenic, pathogenic microorganisms. After this, it is necessary to restore the state of normal microflora, not forgetting that any provoking factors that contribute to the development of dysbiosis should be eliminated. Treatment of dysbacteriosis in gynecology involves the complex therapy of inflammatory diseases reproductive system, correction of any hormonal disorders, restoration of the immune system and other improving activities.

A positive aspect of therapeutic measures is the fact that a woman can treat dysbacteriosis at home. There is no need for simultaneous treatment of the sexual partner, since this is not an infection that has a sexual way of transmission. Dysbacteriosis reflects only the state of the vaginal flora, which can be considered a clinical manifestation of the influence of a variety of provoking factors.

How to prevent the development of dysbiosis in newborns

Often the symptoms of trouble in the intestines are found in newborn children. This is due not only to the state of the child's health, but is largely determined by the nature of the mother's nutrition. Treatment of dysbacteriosis in newborns should begin with the correction of the child's nutrition, taking into account his age, taking medications that contain bacteria useful for the intestine.

An important preventive tool is natural feeding and early application of the baby to the breast. Even at the stage of pregnancy, expectant mothers need to be told that breastfeeding should not be abandoned and early transfer of the newborn to artificial mixtures. To identify the first symptoms of dysbiosis, the mother should closely monitor the child. Data such as appetite, stool character and body weight determine the functional state digestive system in general, and when they change, you can suspect the presence of trouble in state of health.

Inflammation of the intestine by a useful microflora occurs in the newborn only after it was born. If we talk about the flora of the intestine of an unborn child, then its intestine is sterile. To form a full flora of the intestine can only be through natural feeding. The newborn can develop a dysbiosis due to irrational antibiotic therapy, therefore, this group of drugs should be treated most responsibly. Treatment of dysbacteriosis from antibiotics requires a longer period of recovery of microflora. Fill vitamin deficiency allows vitamins for dysbacteriosis, so complex multivitamin it is recommended that the drugs be included in a comprehensive treatment plan, taking into account the presence of strict indications for this.



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