Broccoli after intestinal surgery


Broccoli # 8212; description, useful properties, application

Broccoli cabbage is a special kind, it differs in its useful properties. It has a large number of proteins, amino acids, the composition is close to beef, chicken eggs. Broccoli facilitates the symptomatology of a malignant tumor, it is recommended to use it as a preventive tool for mastopathy. The plant contains a large number of nutrients.

Useful properties of broccoli

The plant has a lot of protein, as much as eggs of chicken. Also, it has a lot of amino acids that will help cure various diseases of the vital organs of man.

Broccoli treats atherosclerosis, because it is rich in potassium. vitamin C, folic acid, carotene. Also in her a large amount of fiber, natural antioxidants, with the help of which you can remove toxic substances.

A variety of broccoli cabbage has a special group of vitamins, so it is used to treat ulcers. Due to the fact that the plant contains a large number of minerals, people need to use it to treat the heart, blood vessel

s. The plant contains chlorophyll, a small amount of pollen inside the broccoli, it is with the help of it that you can restore the organs after suffering various serious diseases.

Application of broccoli

1. Due to the fact that the plant contains a lot of potassium, with the help of it it is possible to remove excess liquid, to normalize the salt balance.

2. Broccoli is rich in phosphorus, calcium, so it is used to restore the brain and bone tissue.

3. The plant contains iron. copper and cobalt, with the help of them, it is possible to normalize the circulatory system, to activate it. This is an effective remedy with the help of which the tissues become durable and elastic, the skin condition improves.

4. Used as an anti-cellulite.

5. Broccoli contains a large amount of iodine, so it is recommended to use it in order to improve the state of the endocrine system.

6. Broccoli is rich in vitamin A, so it can be used to purify the body, restore the intestine, remove the slag that has accumulated.

Treatment of broccoli

If you eat cabbage a day, you can significantly improve your eyesight, it positively reflects on the retina and the lens. With the help of it you can heal cataracts. Ophthalmologists are advised to use broccoli after eye surgery, so it will be possible to quickly rehabilitate.

With the help of broccoli can heal ulcer, colitis, indigestion, intestines, dysbiosis. Remove a large number of stones from the gallbladder. Broccoli is the best preventive remedy for heart attack, stroke.

Treatment of broccoli malignant neoplasms

It is proved that cabbage does not allow the tumor to develop, stops its growth. It contains sulforaphane. With the help of a plant, you can get rid of microorganisms, bacteria that are not even able to kill antibiotics.

Scientists of medicine recommend using broccoli for the treatment of breast cancer. prostate, skin. For this you need to eat cabbage twice a day. In the broccoli found a large amount of synergin, carbine, which does not reproduce and is divided into cancer cells, eventually completely removes them from the body.

When you use broccoli cabbage, you can improve the state of immunity and help it to fight a malignant tumor.

Medicinal recipes based on broccoli

It is recommended to eat broccoli raw, since it retains a large number of important microelements and vitamins. Especially useful is a salad with the addition of cabbage. Please note that after heat treatment, the plant can lose many useful substances. When a person can not tolerate a raw vegetable, you need to cook it for a couple, this is a gentle way of cooking.

If you cook a vegetable for a couple, do it no more than 5 minutes. In salads you can add cheese, cream, eggs, meat, sour cream, so the dish will not only be useful, but also delicious. Based on broccoli, you can cook soup, stew, sauce, if you can not eat cabbage raw, you can add olive or butter, you can add a little garlic, so you can protect yourself from the flu, ARVI and other infectious diseases.

The best lunch snack is a sandwich with broccoli cabbage and hard Dutch cheese, so you can saturate the body, while protecting from gastric severity.

For garnish recommended to use the stalk of broccoli in a boiled form, from above to water it with oil. To vermicelli, potatoes can be added broccoli puree and cheese.

Broccoli harm

Due to the fact that the plant has a large amount of guanine, adenine, dangerous substances for the human body, it is impossible on the basis of plants cook broths, especially when boiled, all useful properties are lost, also it is not worth it to cook in the microwave furnace.

It is forbidden to roast cabbage in large amounts of fat, since cabbage begins to turn into poison, it contains a large number of carcinogens.

You can not use broccoli to those who have had surgery on the stomach, intestines. Please note, it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to one week, in a freezer for up to one year.

Contraindications to broccoli

Pay attention, despite all the useful properties, not all can be used for broccoli cabbage. It is prohibited if the pancreas is inflamed. Contraindicated with increased acidity of the stomach.

The broth contains many harmful substances, adenine, guanine, it can negatively affect the human body. It is forbidden to apply for individual intolerance. Before you use the product for medicinal purposes, you need to get the doctor's advice.

Thus, broccoli is a unique plant that will help prevent and stop a malignant tumor. It is important to use it correctly, so that it retains the maximum amount of useful substances.

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