Acne due to problems with the intestines how to treat


Problems with the intestines and acne

Appearance on the face, chest and back of acne is perceived by many people as a cosmetic defect. But things are much more complicated. This phenomenon indicates that in the body failures occur in the work of some organs. In general, there are many reasons for acne. These include hormonal failure, disorders in the digestive and endocrine systems, female diseases, malnutrition, frequent stressful situations, infection, and many others. The most common cause of the appearance of acne are disorders of the intestine. Clinical studies conducted by specialists confirm this theory. In more detail, we will look at how the work of the intestine can affect the purity of our face.

Interrelation of intestines and acne

The relationship between the work of the intestine and the aesthetic state of our skin is explained by the science of microbiology. It is known that in the intestine live both useful microorganisms, and harmful. In the case of the prevalence of the latter, toxins, whic

h are the products of the vital activity of harmful bacteria, enter here. Such a process provokes an intoxication of the body and a decrease in its protective functions. For this reason, skin cells are unable to withstand pathogenic effects. As a result, there is a violation of the secretion of the sebaceous glands, the ducts of which are clogged with thick dermal fat. This condition creates optimal conditions for the development of pathogenic microorganisms, which leads to inflammation and acne.

By the specific location of acne on the skin of the face, you can determine the possible disease of a particular organ. For example, eels on the chin indicate a failure in the digestive tract. The appearance of them on the forehead indicates problems with the stomach, pancreas and gallbladder. Acne on the eyebrows indicates violations of intestinal peristalsis.

Clean the intestines with an apple diet

What kind of cosmetic procedures you would not apply, do not achieve the desired result, until you clean your intestines. The cleansing process does not include only the use of an enema. Deep cleansing consists of proper nutrition, the intake of herbal dues and the performance of special gymnastics. In addition, modern medicine offers us its own method - hydrocolonotherapy, which consists in careful washing of the intestine with water. The method does not cause any special discomfort and is completely painless.

The most popular way is a three-day apple diet. Before using it, you must clean the large intestine with an enema. It should be noted that enemas are one of the components of purification, they should be done every day. The diet is to consume 5-7 peeled apples throughout the day. In this case, the use of other food is prohibited. But drinking water in large numbers is welcome!

During the first day of fasting, there may be spasms in the abdomen. In this case, an enema is required before bedtime. Specialists say that by the end of the second day of the diet, there is a decrease in inflammatory processes on the skin, and itching also disappears. The appearance of new acne is not observed. This process indicates a positive dynamics during the diet. On the third day of fasting, acne resorption is observed. This indicates a positive reaction of the body, and also that the intestines are gradually cleared of harmful bacteria. It is recommended during the diet to use natural grape juice, but not more than two glasses. To improve the digestive system during the day, 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil is recommended.

If you feel any malaise (for example, headaches, general weakness), take a hot shower, drink green tea and drink more water. Recommended use of a minimum of liters of water per day.

By the end of the diet, you will notice a significant improvement in the condition of your skin. Acne rash will gradually disappear from the face, chest, back. New pimples will not appear. The skin will become more even, fresh, elastic. In addition, the state of the whole organism is normalized. The gastrointestinal tract will start working as a well-coordinated mechanism, the peristalsis of the intestine will improve significantly. These positive processes will appear on the condition of your skin.

Acne due to problems with the intestines how to treat

Problem skin and complex approach to solving skin problems

Acne on the forehead always appears at the most inopportune moment. Sometimes it is very difficult to predict the time of their occurrence, and ignoring only aggravates the situation. How to get rid of acne on the forehead: the most effective masks and ointments, improvised means.

First you need to learn, never pimples do not just appear. This is a sign of any malfunctioning in the body. For example, with 10 years and whether 12 begins the so-called, the period of growing up. It is during the transition period that most young people first encounter the problem of acne on the forehead. This is due to a surge in hormones, a similar situation occurs with menstruation, during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Small pimples on the forehead, located in loose form, mean problems with the genitourinary system. Sometimes, inflammation and craters on the forehead appear from the bangs (especially in the summer), more precisely because the skin is badly aired and sweats. If the pimples are itching, then this is definitely an allergy, their treatment requires specialist advice.

The times when women had access to a single type of cleansing, which was done only with the help of a beautician, has long been in the past.

There are a lot of varieties of cosmetic cleansing of the face. Let's consider each of them and talk about their pros and cons.

Mechanical facial cleansing. it is manual or manual, still does not lose popularity, despite all its shortcomings. With this kind of cleansing, the beautician steals the skin with herbal baths and manually squeezes out comedones and acne, freeing the clogged pores from sebaceous plugs. For extrusion, a special spoon of Unna can also be used, this kind of cleansing less traumatizes the skin. After that, a soothing and tightening pore mask is applied to the face.

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Get a diary of food - during the week, write down everything that you eat in it. Write down everything - from a piece of cake to a sip of soda. And then analyze your diet. Surely you will notice that you eat too much sweet and fatty. You love juices from packages, lemonade and coffee.

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