How to restore the proper functioning of the intestine


Work of the intestine. How to adjust the intestine

Many people, trying to solve these or other health problems, are looking for their reasons not at all, where it should be - if at all they are looking for. Often a working person, after visiting a doctor, begins to take carelessly prescribed medication: in this case he not only does not read the annotation, but the name of the drug often does not remember - "appointed, here I am I drink".

But in our time everyone has heard that the work of the body as a whole depends on the condition and work of the digestive tract, and the intestine is the center of health. If a person is contaminated and blocked by the intestines, he does not have health problems: fast fatigue, frequent colds, skin problems and allergies are just the tip of the iceberg.

The work of the intestines suffers - the body suffers

We are accustomed to live "like everyone else we are under stress. eat fast food. high-calorie sweets and semi-finished products, we allow ourselves alcohol and festive

feasts, and then grab for diets and starvations - of course, not everyone does it, but very many.

Our digestive system, like the whole organism, works tirelessly day and night: not everyone knows and remembers that in the digestive tract At the same time, up to 7 kg of food eaten at different times can be present - one "lot" is processed, the other is digested, etc. When these processes are violated, the remains of undigested food accumulate in the intestines: sometimes they literally clog the lumen, and toxins fall into the blood.

There is an unpleasant smell from the mouth and underarms, and all the skin begins to suffer: it becomes faded and lethargic, and on the face it acquires an earthy shade, moreover it is covered with a rash, pimples, acne - the problems of the intestine are literally present. Hair also suffers. they quickly salivate and drop out - hair follicles are also filled with toxins.

In the internal organs, the picture is even worse: we can not see it, but we can imagine what happens there if the head starts to hurt, is broken appetite and sleep, all the time pursuing mild nausea and weakness, working capacity is sharply reduced; Entertainment and communication with others are not encouraging, but annoying. Constipation here is "the main evil" - many people do not go to the toilet for 2-3 days, but somehow call this problem "delicate". However, when we absorb chips and meat with a crisp crust, white bread and sausage, mayonnaise and ketchup, sweet baked goods, chips and Coca-Cola, then we do not recall any delicacy - in relation to our intestines.

But I do not want to improve his work day after day: it seems difficult, time-consuming and painful. In fact, there is nothing complicated in stopping "poisoning starting to eat right and changing your regime a little.

How to adjust the intestine

With persistent constipation, the normal flora of the intestine perishes. it does not cope with pathogenic bacteria actively multiplying on the background of the processes of fermentation and putrefaction - there is dysbacteriosis, and this is a direct way to weakening immunity. Clean out the "deposits" will help salads from raw vegetables: their recipes can be found, as many as you want, but start with the famous salad "Mite".

Salad for the intestine

Photo: work of the intestine

The most famous recipe is chopped fresh cabbage (3 parts), raw carrots and beets (1 part each), grated on a large grater; mix everything, mash and pour lemon juice; Do not salt. In many recipes, it is recommended to add butter, but without oil, the salad "works" much better - it "sweeps out" the "garbage" accumulated in the intestine more rigidly.

There are other recipes in which there are more ingredients. To the above vegetables, add a grated sour apple. radish or daikon, finely chopped dried fruits - dried apricots and prunes. such a mixture will perfectly clean the intestines, and calories in the salad is enough - you can eat it for breakfast and dinner. At lunch, you can eat, as usual, but not refined products.

With reduced acidity of the stomach instead of fresh cabbage take sour, and with increased beet put boiled, and change the ratio of ingredients: cabbage and carrots put in a salad for 1 part, and beets - 2 parts. Lemon juice is not added at all.

Very actively "run" the work of the intestine fresh plums, so in the season you should try to eat them as often as possible; choose ripe plums, with easily separable bones.

How to adjust the work of the intestines: proper nutrition

Having made a decision "close" to do your intestines, you need to exclude from the diet some products and include others without regret: sometimes this is enough to solve the problem completely.

To refuse it is necessary from products from a white flour, including baking; sweets; starch - containing cereals, rice, etc.; peeled boiled potatoes. sausages, smoked and fried foods; milk. cocoa, coffee, strong tea, kissels and carbonated drinks. In some of these products - for example, in potatoes - there is nothing harmful, but they can complicate the process of digestion; When the intestines work out, they can be gradually returned to the diet.

Add to the menu will require those products that improve the functioning of the intestine and help it to be cleaned naturally - with such nutrition, the entire body gradually begins to be cleansed. First of all, these are raw vegetables, fruits and dried fruits: carrots, cabbage, beets, apricots, pumpkin, melon, bananas, apples, plums, pears, raisins, dried apricots, prunes, figs, grapes, dates, cherries, currants and other If it is difficult to eat vegetables raw, subject them to minimal heat treatment; such vegetables as eggplant and beans, do not eat in raw form - eggplants can be stewed and baked, and beans - boiled.

Photo: work of the intestine

Learn to eat vegetable salads and vinaigrettes not with mayonnaise, but with vegetable oil and sour juices; Soups cook on a thin meat broth, and preferably - on a vegetable. Porridge cook friable - buckwheat, or semi-tangy - oatmeal, and add bran in them; be sure to eat dairy products. Instead of sweet treats and snacks - nuts and honey; cook the compote with rhubarb and dried fruits without sugar. Do not forget about fresh greens - the more, the better, and the bread you eat cereal and bezdozhzhevoy.

Photo: work of the intestine

As for yeast, from them with weak work of the intestine in general should be disposed of: there is even a special detox program composed by a fashionable western author, nutritionist Natalie Rose. In her book she describes this program - "Detox for Women". The author believes that an excess of yeast bacteria appears in the body with regular consumption of flour and meat products, sugar, as well as medicines, especially hormones and antibiotics. Here you can argue - after all, these drugs are not all people, but almost all eat meat. sausages and dairy products from the store, and they contain many similar substances that make up part of the ration of farm animals.

When the intestines work out, try to eat right - separate food in this sense will be the best solution, although for many people it is enough to simply switch to normal food. Stop eating ready-made "products of civilization" from supermarkets, prepare food yourself and eat it freshly prepared - your intestines will work perfectly, and the mood will always be calm and joyful.

Author: Gataulina Galina
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Available rules for the proper functioning of the intestine

For each person is importantproper bowel movement. because all the organs in our body are interrelated. Over the years, I have developed my own specific habits, which I try to observe. These simple habits have a tangible benefit to my intestines.

I will tell you in detail about them, believe me if you follow these simple rules, soon there will be noticeable sensations in the whole body. The bowel will stop being lazy and will not have to spend money on its treatment.

And so, waking up, I every morning, starting with a glass of ordinary warm boiled water, thereby triggering the intestine into the work. Immediately I do not have breakfast, but wait 15 minutes. At this time, you can wash yourself, prepare a healthy breakfast. After 15 minutes, I brew and drink green or herbal tea. A healthy breakfast comes after another 15 minutes.

During eating, I try to chew every bit. Never swallow food with huge chunks, otherwise digestive processes are disrupted, bloating occurs. There is a high probability of acquiring gastrointestinal diseases, especially heavy and fatty foods.

Sometimes we are in a hurry, and the time for full-fledged nutrition is sorely lacking. In such cases, I suggest stocking up a light meal that does not take long. Keep in stock such foods as fruit, kefir, yoghurt. They do not need to chew for a long time.

If you are tired, you are irritated, in a stressful condition, the appetite is gone (this happens often with diseases), it is better not to push food into yourself. The intestine will not be able to qualitatively rework the food anyway. I often met people who, under stressful situations, are heavily eating. Stress hormones do not work properly in the intestines.

It is necessary to get rid of constipation, because if the intestines are not cleaned, the development of toxic substances begins. From there they are directly transported to the blood, and then they are carried by our body. Therefore, try to eat as much fiber as possible, do not forget to drink quality water in sufficient quantities. Medical advice - two liters a day, not less.

To eliminate constipation, whey is suitable.

Remove the slag from the intestine. I will not recommend purgative enemas and debilitating enemas, it is quite possible to cope without them. I took on my arms a simple salad, which I use for a week, in the evening.

Cook one raw carrots and beets, dill or parsley, a pair of white cabbage leaves. Rub on medium grater vegetables, chop cabbage finely. Vegetables fill with a dressing, which consists of a tablespoon of water, a teaspoon of olive oil, a couple drops of lemon juice.

The use of such a salad will help to establish the proper functioning of the intestine.

In your diet must necessarily be present daily sour-milk products, because the intestine must be populated with a useful microflora.

Well, finally, the correct operation of the intestine depends on the motor ability. Movement, exercise, just walking, contribute to the increase of intestinal peristalsis, and this helps regular emptying. Stay healthy, heal the intestines, he will respond to this with great gratitude.


When our hormonal system is balanced, the hormones behave like wise guides for the body.

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A couple of days ago I met a friend on the street. He stopped, asked: "How are you, how is the family?" She is looking after.

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Scientists have identified about 200 factors that cause obesity, ranging from problems with hormones and "fats.



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Restore the normal operation of the intestine. Can.

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Everyone knows how important the normal operation of the intestine is in our bodies. N, he eats, he knows what difficulties arise, if his work begins to fail. This constipation and colic and flatulence.

But very few people know, then our intestines significantly affect the current state of health by causing. colds.
H, if not cause, o creating a favorable soil for them, then everything, then strangely enough, your intestine is a paired organ with a light, it is indicated as far back as Ney Ji (Treatise of the Yellow Emperor. ) which is more than , 00 years old and which is the main labor in Chinese medicine (more specifically, Jen Chiu therapy. ).

And everything is simple. Our body as it reserves the functions for the insurance. Therefore, if there are gas exchange problems in the lungs, the gases go. Guess where. Well, yes, in the intestines.

The reverse process is much more unpleasant. If the work of the intestine fails (poorly detoxifies. ) or in the form of compensation begin to be allocated to the mucous membranes of the lungs - the result is asthma.

N, even if you digress from such serious diseases as asthma, a large dysbacteriosis can cause such a functional the failure of the lungs, that there is not that-that infetsirovanie, enough someone infetsirovannom just pass by and all ready. You are sick, but simply sit in a draft and everything is ready, but simply because the immune defense of the lungs is already reduced.

, stati, an increased tendency to catarrhal diseases is due to this, poor bowel work. Just enough dysbiosis.

What to do. Of course, restore. For this, there is a rehabilitation course of therapy, which provides a complete restoration of the work of your intestine.

It is not worth wondering here - all the symptoms - problems - are based on a number of reasons that are completely eliminated during the treatment.

Treatment system - on the whole complex of problems and removes the reason for their occurrence and is divided into 3 stages: READ MORE.
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