How to treat the intestines from constipation


How to treat constipation with folk remedies

Constipation is a common symptom of gastrointestinal disorders. According to statistics, about 80% of people suffer from this problem.

How to treat constipation with folk remedies on your own? If this phenomenon does not hide a dangerous disease, then you can cope with constipation with the help of several home remedies.

Clinical picture

Constipation in medicine is called the difficulty of bowel movement. Chronic delay or inadequate stools provoke disturbances in the formation and movement of stool in the intestine. This can be due to two factors - the weakening of intestinal motility or the violation of neuromuscular coordination. How to determine whether to treat constipation with folk remedies and other means? The frequency of emptying of the intestine varies from person to person and depends, first of all, on the diet, lifestyle and habits. Normally, the chair should occur 1 time per day and at least. With a 2-3-day delay, you can talk about constipation. As a

rule, his symptoms are very obvious:

  • Impairment of appetite;
  • Feeling of heaviness in the abdomen;
  • Nausea and heartburn;
  • Sleep disturbance;
  • Unpleasant odor from the mouth;
  • Hard and dry feces;
  • Absence of a feeling of complete emptying of the intestine.

In chronic form, there may also be a slight yellowing of the skin. Changing the frequency and rhythm of defecation also serves as an indicator of the presence of constipation.

Possible complications

To tighten with the reference to the doctor at long or frequently repeating locks it is not necessary. Stool retention in the large intestine not only leads to accumulation of harmful substances in the body and the emergence of dysbiosis, but also to the development of such dangerous diseases as:

  • Secondary colitis;
  • Cancer of the rectum or large intestine;
  • Hemorrhoids;
  • Stool ulcers;
  • Intestinal obstruction.

Also suspicions should cause constipation, accompanied by regular pain in the abdomen, causeless weight loss, changes in the shape and color of stools, impurities of blood in the excrements.

Traditional medicine

However, no matter how terrible the consequences are not threatened with constipation, they often do not pose a health hazard. In most cases, the irregular emptying of the intestines of the physician is associated with the wrong way of life. Therefore, before deciding how to treat constipation with folk remedies, adjust your daily diet: more often use soups and broths, discard products with fixing properties (rice, semolina, cocoa and coffee, chocolate, baking).

The following video demonstrates home ways of getting rid of constipation:

Instead, increase the intake of vegetables and herbs that are rich in fiber. Also try to drink more water a day - at least 8 glasses. The liquid effectively dilutes the contents of the intestine, speeding up the process of excretion of toxins and toxins along with the calves. If these methods have not helped, go back to the question of how to treat constipation with folk remedies. Drugs based on medicinal plants of laxative action will solve the problem with defecation. However, they should not be abused.

  • Decoction of Senna. 2 teaspoons of dry herbs pour 2 cups of boiling water, insist under the lid for 3 hours. Every hour take infusion of 4 tablespoons;
  • A mixture of dried fruits. In equal parts, chop prunes, raisins, dried apricots, figs and dates in a meat grinder or blender. Add a little honey and mix until smooth. Ready mixture take 1 tablespoon 2 times a day;
  • Beet. Daily in the morning on an empty stomach eat 1 small boiled beet. For ease of use, you can grate it on a grater. Eating after is not desirable for 2 hours;
  • Flax-seed. In the morning, eat 1 tablespoon of flax seeds, chewing them thoroughly. An alternative is flaxseed oil, which also helps to treat constipation and relieve inflammation from the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Red ashberry. Fresh berries of mountain ash into a bottle pouring layers of sugar. Close the lid and put it in a warm place. Formed in 3-4 weeks, take syrup on an empty stomach for 1 glass, washing down with water.

The folk remedies suggested above do not guarantee complete elimination of constipation, since they eliminate the symptom. Therefore, if the cause of stool delay lies in any diseases, it is advisable to begin treatment with them.

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How to treat constipation at home?

When the intestinal function is violated, constipation occurs, a person can not fully emptied, while defecation occurs only after 3 days. Each person has his own individual frequency of the chair, this affects the way of life, type of activity, age, how a person eats, how much he drinks water. You can get rid of constipation at home, for this different methods are used. Please note that individual treatment is suitable for everyone.

Comprehensive treatment of constipation

It is important to perform gymnastics, you need a special massage course, pay attention to food, it should be useful, use enough water. If a long time disturbs constipation, you need to put candles, enema, while drinking medicinal mineral water.

After you have completed a comprehensive treatment and no improvements, you need to check, perhaps you have problems with the liver, pancreas, intestine, gall bladder. It is important to know about the disease in time, so you can soon forget about constipation.

Features of nutrition with constipation

An important role is played by diet, exercise and drinking with constipation. First you need to work on your menu, forget about the products that cause constipation. You can not drink alcoholic beverages, cocoa, jelly, black coffee. It is necessary to abandon mustard, fatty, spices, mayonnaise, pepper.

You can not use quilts to use quince, pomegranate, dogwood, blueberries. Also, the protein is harmful - give up the duck, goose, boiled eggs, fatty fish, meat, broths, also conservation, smoked. Constipation causes a manga, rice, puff pastry.

In the diet should include:

1. Freshly squeezed juice from apricot, carrot, plum.

2. Broths with chamomile, dandelion, dog rose, yarrow. nettle.

3. Dairy products - sour cream, low-fat cottage cheese, cheese, kefir.

4. With constipation in the diet should necessarily be zucchini, watermelon, fruit salad, vinaigrette, honey, boiled vegetables.

5. Different kinds of vegetable oils.

6. Include in your diet of low-fat fish, cinnamon, meat, turkey. seafood. Food should be baked and boiled.

7. The menu should be buckwheat, oatmeal, barley.

8. To cook vegetarian soups, to eat borsch, cabbage soup, rassolnik, hodgepodge.

9. Rye bread, biscuit biscuits are allowed.

It is important to use enough water so that the stools are not dehydrated and hardened, all this leads to severe constipation. Because of this, a large amount of stool stones is formed in the intestinal region, it hardens and a person becomes constipated. After the intestine appears pathogenic microflora, fungus, parasites. On the day, each person should drink at least 2 liters of water.

If a person can not fully go to the toilet, constantly suffering, he has hemorrhoids, you need to drink even more water. Pay attention to the contraindications, you can not abuse water with kidney, heart failure, hypertensive disease.

Water should be drunk 30 minutes before meals or two hours after you have consumed food. In two months you will feel better, the stool softens, it will be easier to empty. Do not forget to include in your diet - pear, apricots, prunes. cabbage, bananas. Drink mineral water, the best option is purified, extracted from water sources, in bottles is not so useful. It is best to use warm water.

Massage and exercise with constipation

As much as possible to move, if you can work out in the gym, pay attention to yoga, swimming, cycling, more walk. Who does not have enough time to go to the gym, you can study at home, especially good for constipation helps Bodyflex, it includes special exercises with respiratory gymnastics. So the internal organs, the intestine and the person overcome constipation.

Bodyflex has similar exercises with yoga, but the latter is difficult to deal with, only after training with an instructor. With a 20-minute daily workout, you can pull up the muscle system, bring back to normal weight, improve the digestive process, get rid of constipation.

Every day in the morning you need to perform a massage, clockwise stroke the stomach, palm slightly press. In the evening it is necessary to massage from above, where there is a solar plexus and smoothly to pass downwards. The best exercise is a bicycle, you need to perform it in a recumbent position, so you can get rid of intestinal stasis, hemorrhoids.

Medications for constipation

If the intestinal work is disturbed, the abdomen swells, a heaviness is felt, it is necessary to pay attention to some medications. There are a lot of means with which you can get rid of constipation:

After a person uses a laxative drug, his mucous membrane, intestinal muscles become irritated. After they are taken in the intestinal area, spasm, pain may occur, long-term use of this group of drugs is not recommended: Laxigal, Bisadil, Senalex, Regulax, Senadé.

The best option is prebiotics, they refer to safe medicines, they can be used to normalize the intestinal microflora, they need to be applied no less than 3 months. Note the syrup Portalac, Medulak, Normase, Powder Importer.

Fillers are not always effective, if a person has a chronic form of the disease, they can further damage - flax seeds. Sterkulia, the Hispagol. Purify the intestine will help saline solutions - Lavakol, Macrogol, Fortez.

So, constipation is a serious problem, which should not be started, it is necessary, as early as possible to treat. Constipation can lead to hemorrhoids, intestinal atrophy, serious problems with internal organs, so it is important to undergo a comprehensive course of therapy, in which a special role is played by nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, physical load.

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