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Doctors advice: how to treat constipation in adults at home

Gastrointestinal tract - one of the basic systems of the body. If his work fails, it will necessarily affect the overall health, in particular, leads to constipation. According to statistics, every tenth person on the planet came across this state. But since it is not customary to talk about it openly, everyone copes as he can, often without realizing that constipation is a symptom.

We offer a selection of funds that are effective in combating constipation. In addition, we will find out how to determine the presence of constipation, which contributes to its manifestation, and also we learn in what cases constipation can be called chronic.

How does the problem appear?

Doctors have long identified the reasons why constipation occurs in the body. The following will lead to constipation:

  • Unhealthy Lifestyle;
  • absence in the diet of vegetables and fiber, inactivity, non-observance of the regime of th
    e day, frequent stresses;
  • environmental factors;
  • various endocrine diseases;
  • psychological and neurological instability;
  • pathology of the intestine;
  • problems that have arisen in the digestive system.

Here you can add a few reasons of a more prosaic nature. Constipation leads to an artificial delay of defecation, for example, if it is not possible to visit the latrine or the personal disgust factor does not contribute to visiting public toilets. Constipation is a frequent companion of truckers, pilots and machinists. Pregnancy or tumors of the intestines also threaten with prolonged and chronic constipation.

Symptoms of chronic constipation

Chronic constipation, in contrast to episodic, can last up to six months. Its characteristic symptoms are as follows:

  • The act of defecation occurs less frequently than once a week;
  • after it there is no feeling of emptiness in the intestine;
  • For a long time it is necessary to wait for the exit of stool, and tension during defecation leads to the appearance of hemorrhoids;
  • feces are too dense, because of which the anus and the walls of the intestine are injured.

There can be accompanying conditions, such as frequent migraines, suspiciousness, deterioration of well-being and mood, sometimes even nausea and spasms of the intestine.

In the chronic course of the disease, you need to get an appointment with a doctor. He will more accurately determine the causes of constipation, and give appropriate instructions on the methods of struggle. Today we will not discuss drug treatment, but turn to folk methods, all the more so that they can be applied at any stage of the pathology.

Folk recipes

How to treat constipation at home? Be sure to start by changing your diet, and add physical activity:

  • in the diet should be added vegetables and fruits. But if for any reason this is not possible, use the usual bran. Two spoons steamed in a little water and eat them in the morning the very first, until the main breakfast. You must necessarily eat porridge (except rice), eat sour-milk products and vegetable oil. You can replace the bran with two glasses of clean water, also used on an empty stomach. I drink water throughout the day, it "flushes" the feces from the intestines. Do not delay visiting the bathroom, as soon as there are desires. Accustom to this your body, so that there is no intoxication, which the liver can not cope with;
  • physical exercises must necessarily include exercises for the press. It would be nice to take care of long walks, if the health exercises are contraindicated. Yoga, as well as traditional Chinese practices and bodyflex, are able to help out in this case;
  • to home methods can be attributed to an enema, but its frequent use is not recommended by doctors, because because of her intestines sometimes "forget" about their functions and simply ceases to cut the walls for defecation. That's why unwanted and frequent intake of laxatives. There are also many recipes from improvised products and herbs that will help both in the initial stages of constipation, and in chronic forms.

Recipes for all

  • №1. Start and finish the day with a glass of kefir with an added spoon of any oil. Vegetable, pumpkin, olive, corn, hemp and flaxseed oil - each in its own way affects the digestive tract. The effect will surprise the first evening;
  • №2. Yogurt, cooked in a starter from a pharmacy. You can even make it tasty by adding berries or fruits;
  • No. 3. Olive or vegetable oil in its pure form. One spoon, with a periodicity of 2-3 hours. At the same time and hair really cure;
  • №4. If there are no problems with the stomach, you can drink cabbage brine. Only it is necessary to make sure that there is no vinegar in it. The frequency of taking half a cup of this liquid is 5 hours;
  • №5. Potato juice, which helps even with chronic constipation. Course - 10 days (100 grams, 30 minutes before meals);
  • №6. Freshly squeezed juice from beet. Dose - no more than 50 grams at a time, perfectly cleanses the liver and intestines;
  • №7. Decoction of gooseberry with cranberries. For those who decided to follow the path of general improvement of the body, one can advise these ingredients separately. Cowberry simply pour hot, but not boiling water close the lid and put it in a dark and cool place, thus saving almost all the vitamins. We drink infusion in the mornings, and normalize the work of the intestines;
  • №8. Infusion of rowan berries and alcohol. First you need to get syrup, why berries fall asleep with sugar and wait. Next, strain the syrup and mix it with alcohol in the proportion of 50 g of alcohol per liter of the resulting syrup. For 30 grams of the resulting alcohol tincture, stir with water and drink before eating;
  • №9. Excellent and helps cumin, a tablespoon of which steamed in a glass of boiling water, wait for half an hour and drink in small doses. In passing, you can get rid of flatulence;
  • №10. The Alexandrian leaf (senna) or buckthorn is also excellent to cope with the task. Of these, you need to make an aqueous solution and take it as a remedy for the night.

The result

Folk remedies for getting rid of constipation are much more than medications. And the additional useful properties of natural ingredients can not be counted. Try to avoid simple and effective prevention, so you do not have to learn about the pain inconveniences caused by constipation.

Treatment of constipation in adults

In adults, constipation can occur due to various reasons: due to climate change, diet, in as a result of stress, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, use of certain groups of medicinal products preparations. Treatment directly depends on the cause that caused the development of constipation.

Basic principles of therapy

Regardless of what caused the development of constipation, the following recommendations should be fulfilled:

  • Compliance with the regime of the day. With lack of sleep and rest, the body is in a state of constant stress. This can cause the development of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. You need to be able not only to work, but also to have a rest.
  • Driving a sedentary lifestyle also often causes constipation. With an increase in motor activity, you can not only eliminate constipation, but also prevent its appearance. Moderate physical activity: swimming, jogging, athletic walking will help to eliminate a delicate problem. If there is absolutely no time for sports, the morning exercise will do.
  • Revision of the diet.

To facilitate the patient's condition will help massage the abdomen, taking warm, relaxing baths and sedatives on a plant basis.



Many patients ask about how to treat constipation in adults, in order to achieve a quick result. To this end, medicinal preparations of various forms can be used: in the form of suppositories, microclysters, syrups and tablets for oral administration. The choice of medicine should be made by the attending physician, taking into account the etiology of constipation and the individual characteristics of the patient's body.

For example, with episodic constipation, such drugs as Forlax or Normase can be used as symptomatic therapy. Such drugs are well tolerated by patients and have a pronounced therapeutic effect.

In general, there are several main groups of laxatives that can be prescribed by a doctor to eliminate constipation:

  • Laxative drugs that have irritating effect.
  • Osmotic laxatives that hold water.
  • Preparations that increase the volume of stool and accelerate the process of bowel movement.
  • Laxatives-probiotics, which restore the microflora.
  • Oils that promote softening of stool and acceleration of the process of its evacuation.


Traditional medicine suggests the use of leaves of Senna, elderberry and cortex, which possess laxative properties. Such plant remedies should not be used without consulting a doctor. It is unacceptable to take such plants on a regular basis, as this can lead to a violation of the natural evacuation function of the intestine.

If the patient does not want to take medicines, then an enema can be made. In order to clean the intestines, you need a liter of water at room temperature. If the enema does not bring the desired effect, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Therapy of chronic constipation can not be carried out with the help of enemas, since this procedure is addictive and the process of emptying the intestine can be complicated even more.

Proper nutrition

For patients of all age groups, the actual question remains: "What is the treatment for constipation in adults, in addition to drugs?" Medication is suitable for symptomatic therapy. In order to prevent the re-development of constipation, you must carefully monitor the diet of your diet.

In most cases, the cause of constipation is just the wrong food. It is recommended to refrain from eating excessively sharp and fatty foods, baking, canned products, smoked products.

In the diet should be a sufficient number of fresh vegetables and fruits, sour-milk products, vegetable oils, cereals, cereals, dried fruits. The use of prunes, figs, dried apricots contributes to the laxative effect.

The patient should drink more water (not less, liter per day), as dehydration often becomes a cause of bowel motility disorder.

Having received information about how to treat constipation in adults, it is necessary to remember the dangers of self-medication. Regular constipation may be a manifestation of another, more serious disease that requires immediate treatment.

Only an integrated approach will help to forget about the problem of constipation and return the patient to a habitual way of life.

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How to treat constipation in adults with folk remedies?

Normal defecation in adults has 1-2 acts per day. At the same time, constipation can be called the absence of such within two days. If emptying does not take longer, it already requires some treatment. However, medications can often provoke changes in intestinal peristalsis. Therefore, before taking serious laxatives, you can try folk remedies.

Vegetable oil from constipation

This laxative is the most common natural remedy. With constipation, you can take 1-2 spoons. A particularly quick effect can be achieved if you mix the butter with fresh yogurt, but remember that the old yogurt gives the opposite result. Therefore it is important to know exactly the date of manufacture. There is another option - sunflower or olive oil poured into a tomato with a carved core. All this is slightly salted and eaten before bedtime. All described methods usually give effect in the morning.

Prunes and plums for constipation in adults

Another traditional means are plums. The desired effect can be achieved by taking in fresh and dried form or in compote. Mixing fresh yogurt or low-fat yogurt with chopped prunes makes it easy to empty the intestines within a few hours. Prunes are also used in various complex products. For example, you can take 100 g of prunes, figs and dried apricots. All this is ground in a blender with a teaspoon of honey. Add half a cup of water. Take 1 hour. l. in the evening, washing down a glass of water.

Beets with constipation

A certain laxative properties and has a fresh beet. Take it in the form of juice. It also regulates blood pressure and has a general health effect. Drink a glass of juice on an empty stomach daily. After that they have breakfast in an hour. With strong constipation, you can take 2 more times between meals. In addition, beets for problems with evacuation can be taken as a part of salads or as a side dish.

Treatment of constipation with dill seeds

Infusion of fennel seeds is less popular. However, in folk medicine, this method of treatment is known for a long time. Insist the seed on boiling water in the proportion of 1 tbsp. l. to the glass. Leave the raw material for an hour. Then the infusion is mixed and filtered. It is better to drink infusion in small sips 2 hours before eating. The received portion is divided into 4-5 receptions.

Bark buckthorn from constipation

Widely known as a laxative buckthorn. The bark is boiled on water in a crushed form - 2 tbsp. l. to the glass. Prepare in a water bath for half an hour, then quickly sit in cold water and filter immediately. The boiled water is replaced with cold boiled water until reaching the previous volume. Use a ready-made broth for 100 ml in the evening. Also apply alcohol tincture for 1 hour. l. for half an hour before meals.

Flaxseed from constipation

Effective means can be called a flax seed. It is used from time to time as a means of regulating peristalsis. Possessing simultaneously enveloping properties and cleansing, it helps to adjust the digestive tract and restore the intestinal patency. A teaspoon of raw material is infused with a glass of boiling water. The mixture is placed in a thermos for several hours. The received infusion does not filter, but is taken on an empty stomach together with the seed.

Diet from constipation in adults

It is worth noting that in the work of the intestine a special role is played by the food obtained. Therefore, certain products are successfully used as a means of constipation. In addition to the prunes, vegetable oil and beet described above, it is also recommended to include a number of other products: cold drinks, kvass, fruits and vegetables with hard fiber, rye bread, buckwheat groats, sorrel, currants and cabbage. When propensity to constipation should minimize the consumption of hot liquids, rice, potatoes, bananas, corn and other fixing products.



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