How to restore intestines after constipation


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The timely release of the intestines from digestive waste depends on our health. Cleansing of toxins, we protect ourselves from penetration into the blood of harmful substances, help our liver, improve the complexion, increase efficiency, and get cheerfulness, energy.

Therefore, the problem of constipation must be addressed. I want to suggest simple ways to solve this situation. How to adjust the intestines with constipation?

Why there are constipation of the intestine?

Why do constipation appear? With age, metabolism worsens, the load on the organs changes. The whole body lives with a slower age, the muscles of the intestine weakens, the muscle tone decreases. In medicine, this process is called atony.

If the intestine does not work well, the peristalsis is disturbed, the food in all parts of the gastrointestinal tract moves slowly, the digestion of food deteriorates. As a result, the fecal masses in the small and large intestines are delayed, which is difficul

t, and sometimes impossible, to promote by muscular efforts. Constipation constipation appears.

What do people do when there is a two-three-day constipation? They drink laxatives and make an enema. Once these measures work and cleanse the body of accumulated fecal sediments.

Five-day constipation is better not to admit, it can lead to strong intoxication of the body.

But drinking laxatives and doing enemas is always undesirable. The process of defecation does not begin in the intestine, like most arbitrarily regulated processes of the body - in the head, in the brain department responsible for the intestine.

When we medicate in the natural connection of consciousness and intestines, their mutual work is disrupted. The intestine stops transmitting impulses to the brain for release from excess masses, and the brain ceases to give the order for its emptying.

Laxatives for intestinal constipation

That is an important point as the urge to defecate disappears. Therefore, the main task of a person suffering from constipation, to establish a regular regular work of the intestine without enemas and laxatives.

For example, the collection from:

These herbs have the following properties:

  • will remove inflammation;
  • increase intestinal tone;
  • normalize a healthy flora;
  • cleanse the intestines from toxins;
  • relieve spasms and flatulence in the intestines.

But before using the collection, it is worth consulting with the doctor, since the herbs may have contraindications.

Nutrition rules for constipation in the intestine

Remember the main rules of nutrition.

1) Eat at certain times and try to adhere to the mode of eating.

Easy to digest vegetable food, with a lot of fiber.

2) Include in your diet:

  • cereals from whole grains and cereals;
  • bran;
  • vegetables, fruits, fresh and boiled, steamed.

Such food should account for 70% of the volume of each meal.

3) No snacks, dry food, fast food. If you are in a bad mood, you have stress, depression, then do not take food, it will become poorly mastered, rewarding you with colic and constipation.

4) Do not eat canned, refined food. Remove from the table white bread, products of fine flour, fish, meat, canned vegetables.

5) Reduce the amount of food that requires a long digestion - meat, mushrooms, confectionery with butter and margarine.

6) Sour milk products every day. They contain probiotics, which normalize digestion.

7) Immediately after eating tea, juice is not desirable to drink. They will wash the digestive juice and digestion will brake. You should drink half an hour before meals or an hour and a half after.

Exercises and massage with constipation in the intestine

Lying on your back, knees bend. Massage before meals or three hours after. Slowly and gently iron the abdomen above and below the navel clockwise for seven minutes.

Mentally divide the stomach into 12 parts, clockwise and clockwise each area from 1 to 12 massage the vibrating movements of the pads of the middle and index fingers. With subsequent procedures, you can increase the pressure when vibrating.

Another common cause of constipation - a long time sitting, in this position the intestine is squeezed and the movement of stool masses is hampered.

Therefore, perform simple exercises. Walk more after eating. Make slopes, turns.

While sitting (or lying down), pull in the belly, and then loosen.

Sit straining your buttocks for thirty seconds and loosen. Strain and relax the buttocks 20 times.

Conclusion: constipation constipation is a frequent problem that must be solved, because overcrowded intestines presses on the organs that are near (kidney, liver, pancreas, spleen), violating them activity.

Constipation: bowel does not work well # 8212; what to do?

10 Feb | Comment one

How to get rid of constipation. This question I hear quite often.Constipation in childrenandconstipation in pregnant women. constipation after surgeryand in adolescents. For all its inconvenience, this topic today worries many, especially in our century of sedentary work.

Recently, in the service of questions and answers to, where a 15-year-old girl complained thatintestine does not work well. formation of gases. nausea and asked for advice, I answered this question. Having written a detailed answer for the teenager, I decided that the problem, perhaps, is worth it to dwell on it in more detail.

Chronic constipationcan have several reasons, however, however trivial it sounds, the first one is nerves. Especially it concerns impressionable nervous individuals who face difficulties in their studies, work or communication. Experiences, nervous excitement block, in the first place, the production of gastric juice, as well as other digestive juices and enzymes.

It is this circumstance that triggers a long chain of digestive problems, among which constipation is perhaps the most innocuous. Although the trouble with constipation also does not please anyone.

First, the longer the feces are in the intestine, the more toxins enter the bloodstream, which affects the skin (acne, rash, pallor), causes increased fatigue and other unpleasant symptoms. Secondly, if the intestine is not emptied on time, a so-calledirritable bowel syndromedue to the fact that the large intestine is constantly choked with calves. And this again leads to constipation and inflammation in the large intestine.

In addition, low or completely zero acidity in the digestive tract causes a decrease in intestinal peristalsis, which again provokes constipation. The lack of acid and enzymes in the intestine leads to food straying in the stomach and intestines (if carbohydrate food predominates) or rotting (if protein nutrition predominates). And these processes are accompanied by the formation of gases. Here you have a feeling of bursting after eating, sometimes swelling is such that it is difficult to breathe.

If you do not fight this phenomenon, an imbalance arises and deepens in the digestive system. Can arisedysbiosis. worms(low-acid environment for them is very favorable), stasis of bile,pancreatic diseases. cholecystitis, gallstones and other unpleasant things.

So, what to do, where to findcure for constipation.

Firstly, it will be useful to clean the intestines for a start. To do this, perform a cleansing enema or, for example, takelaxatives. Moreover,constipationpreferably. However, having felt relief after enema, do not get carried away by this procedure, otherwise constipation will worsen.

Farther.Diet with constipation. Less sweet and floury - sweets, chocolate, rolls, cakes, sandwiches. Unfortunately, for some, especially for students, the daily ration consists exclusively of these products.

Take care that the diet included salads, cabbage (raw or stewed), pumpkin, cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, lemons. In addition, at least once a day, eat cereals and soups, drink enough water - preferably unsweetened.

A good tool # 8212; sea ​​kale. it can be bought in a store in the form of a salad or in a pharmacy # 8212; in the form of a crushed dry powder, which is steamed with boiling water and added to the food.

If these measures are insufficient andintestinal atonycontinues, there is another excellentconstipation. You can take in the morning (with food or on an empty stomach) steamed bran. They are sold in supermarkets in the departments of cereals or dietary nutrition. Start with a teaspoon of bran. Fill it with boiling water, let stand for five minutes and crouch, pouring water or together with water. You can add steamed bran in porridge or soup. Popular bread with bran problem is unlikely to be solved - such bread must be eaten too much to get rid of constipation. It is rather a preventive measure.

In the future, the amount of bran should be increased to two tablespoons a day, no longer worth it. Take them several times a day and quite a long time. They are useful for strengthening intestinal peristalsis, and in addition, enrich the body with vitamin B, from the lack of which I suffer from those who have low acidity. Remember, however, that taking bran, it is necessary to drink a sufficient amount of liquid, otherwise the effect will be opposite to the desired one.

Helpfrom constipation folk remedies. you can drink herbs. Do not drinklaxative fees. they only exacerbate the problem. In general, a laxative, like an enema, can be used as a one-time measure to clean up a slaughtered bowel and do it no more than once every two weeks.

Herbs, which are worth taking, are plants that enhance appetite, cause the secretion of gastric juice and digestive enzymes. There are a lot of them. I will name only plantain, nettle, wormwood, immortelle. Buy them in a pharmacy and cook according to the instructions. You can make a mixture of herbs. Drink them better half an hour before meals, but if there is no such possibility, drink at any time and in any quantity.

Another way to make the intestines work is exercise. Once or twice a day, do exercises that load the abdominal muscles: sit-ups, pulling the knees to the chest, describe the hips, etc. Do not go to bed after eating: the movement after lunch will make your stomach work more actively.

All these funds should be used in a complex. However, there is still the most important advice: you need to stop being nervous and worried. Of course, it is difficult to achieve absolute tranquility in life, but it is not necessary, as they say, to "bathe" for any trifle. Develop a calm-positive attitude to life, this will save you not only from constipation, but from many unpleasant sores. It's not for nothing that they say that all our diseases are from nerves.

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