What foods do not intestine


What is, that does not scare. And the stink is terrible!

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I have so many gases that I think I can fill this car with this gas

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Yes, I do not eat shit! advise something sensible!
I do not eat any store products, everything is greener and more natural! no preservative and E.

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go to the doctor, it can be a symptom of problems with the digestive tract

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You're shitting shit every now and fart like an elephant

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Well, in the pharmacy a lot of money.
It is better to revise your diet as an option.
Correlate from what it is happening.

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That to not parsja))) refuel the car. Although some kind of benefit will be)))

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Healthy Eating: How to overcome flatulence
Flatulence is an excessive accumulation of gases in the intestines due to a number of gastrointestinal diseases.
In the process of digestin

g food products of processing are formed, including gases - hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, ammonia and hydrogen sulphide, which have a sharp and unpleasant smell. In addition, undigested food remains in the large intestine, where there is a large number of bacteria that cause rotting and fermentation with the release of new volumes of gases. Gases stretch the intestinal wall, which causes pain and bloating, and the movement of gases through the intestines causes a rumbling.
Causes of flatulence:
- eating a large number of gas-forming products, their incorrect combination;
- abuse of carbonated drinks and chewing gums;
- food "on the move
- violation of intestinal microflora, for example, when treating other diseases with antibiotics (dysbiosis);
- gastrointestinal diseases.
Products that promote gas formation Strong:
- all kinds of cabbage, dried beans and peas, raw onions, rutabaga, turnips, soy, milk, all dairy products (with lactose enzyme deficiency).
- carbonated drinks, kvass, apples, bananas, pears, watermelons, raisins, carrots, celery, mushrooms, bread and flour products, cereals.
- eggs, fish, meat, poultry, rice, potatoes, vegetable oils.
Abundant gas formation can also be caused by the wrong combination of products:
- sweets and juices - with starchy, salty and protein foods;
- dairy products - with sour fruit, bread, meat or fish;
- reception of carbonated drinks during meals.

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The cause is often intolerance to lactose and gluten. Exclude the products containing them and see how the intestine will behave. Products with gluten: wheat, rye, oats. And exclude all the milk. Weeks at 6. And stick to a sparing diet for the whole gastrointestinal tract http://www.drdautov.ru/dieta/st023_15.htm
If there is a relief, you can check what the body does not take. Type of eat bread and look at the reaction of the intestine, if everything is ok, enter oats, etc., if the flatulence returns - you will forever exclude gluten. Just experiment with milk.
Alcohol - or exclude, or at most a glass of red wine
in a day. Kills neurons, reduces the speed of communication channels with the brain, kills
useful bacteria in the intestine.
There are small portions, but often.
Tracking its # 1104; state after eating - if you want to sleep or
sharp outbursts of mood, then something is going # 110; not so, you need food
change. Drowsiness after eating is abnormal!
And 2-3 l of water a day is necessary!

If groans abdomen

If your belly puchit - let's find out what to do if your belly groans, and also find out why, from what products or other reasons can belly belly.

Why puchit belly

Before talking about what exactly you need to do, if your stomach is puking, we'll stop on the topic of why the belly is pounding, what are the reasons that lead to this trouble. This is especially important for those who have stomachs constantly.

See why you can stomach your belly

  • the use of foods that cause active fermentation and flatulence
  • poor chewing food, ingestion of air
  • dysbiosis, that is, your microflora is different from the usual
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, because of what food is poorly digested
  • stressful situations

The stomach whips - what to do

We have found out the reasons why the belly can be pummeled, now we will see how it is possible to solve the problem, what to do if the belly whacks.

If the process, when you belly, is quite random, then the cause of flatulence can be different foods. which, by virtue of their composition, during digestion secrete a large number of gases. The list of these products arabio.ru will result below, but now we note that if your stomach is puffing constantly, it is unlikely that the cause will be products.

Very often puchit belly in those people whose lives are often prone to stress.Any problems at home, at work, with children, lack of a loved one, lack of money - any uncomfortable condition causes a so-called intestinal spasm, which is normal passage of food and gases. Because of this, in a certain zone there is an active accumulation of gases and, as a result, a sharp swelling of the abdomen.

Incorrect food intake - many people and do not realize that this can greatly puchit belly.For example, you eat fast, on the go, badly chew food, then this may well be your case. Add conversations with food here as well. In this situation, the food simply does not receive the necessary amount of gastric juice needed for its digestion, which, as you know, leads to its rotting and active allocation of the corresponding gases.

In case your stomach constantly heats up, we strongly advise you to see a doctor - probably you have dysbacteriosis or other diseases associated with poor performance of the gastrointestinal tract. Doing self-medication, you can only exacerbate the situation, not understanding why you belch your stomach and, accordingly, not having made the right decision what to do if your belly groans. The doctor will help you quickly understand the problem.

Treatment of dysbacteriosis and excessive gas formation should work in two directions: first, it is necessary to eliminate the symptoms, and, secondly, to restore and maintain the balance of the intestinal microflora. Among the tools that have at once two of these actions, the Redugas stand out. Simethicone - one of the components contained in the composition, fights with discomfort in the abdomen and delicately liberates the intestines from gas bubbles, weakening their surface tension all along intestines. The second component of the prebiotic Inulin helps to avoid the re-formation of gases and restores the balance of beneficial bacteria necessary for normal digestion. Inulin inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause gas formation, so a second swelling does not occur. Also from the pluses it can be noted that the product is available in a convenient form in the form of chewing tablets and has a pleasant mint flavor.

So, let's sum up what to do if your belly groans

  • eat in a relaxed environment, chewing food carefully
  • abandon foods that cause flatulence
  • drink tea / infusion of mint, chamomile, fennel, valerian root
  • get rid of stressful loads, and if it's difficult, try, at least, not to think about them while eating
  • drink a course of drugs that restore the intestinal microflora
  • cleanse the body of possible helminths (worms)
  • to see a doctor if the abdomen puchit constantly, for the prescription of medicines

Products from which groans abdomen

The products from which the belly groans are known to us from childhood, but for some reason we continue to use them for food.Of course, every person has a reaction to different foods - but it's not difficult, remember what you ate before you began to whip up your stomach. Pay attention to how your body perceives beans (beans, peas, lentils), cabbage, grapes, apples, fresh pastries. And of course, you just need to give up carbonated drinks, beer, kvass, tea mushrooms, which cause fermentation by themselves due to natural gasification. To remove flatulence will help porridge, bran, fresh vegetables, kefir.

First aid if stomachs up

If the abdomen puchit and gives pain, see that you can urgently do, what kind of first aid you can give to your stomach.

  • drink an adsorbent, for example, activated carbon, polysorbent, enteros gel;
  • take a warm bath or put a heating pad on your stomach;
  • spend a 10 minute massage of the abdomen (strictly clockwise);
  • lie on your back, lift your legs and do an exercise bike, that is, actively turn your legs in the air, 3 times for three minutes;
  • if the stomach continues to puchit and is very sore, make an enema.

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Catherine Beautiful All rights reserved.

Why puchit belly, the causes of bloating, treatment of flatulence

This disorder manifests itself with the slightest excitement of abdominal pain and diarrhea. During menopause, bloating is often accompanied by constipation. Paradoxically, but the fact: many useful products cause bloating.

There are people who have bloating only after eating at a restaurant. In some people, bloating occurs after eating chewing gum, because during chewing they swallow air. There is a deep connection between the state of the brain and comfort in the abdomen. My bloating always occurs after overeating, but in addition there is also severe heartburn. Air gets there during eating and drinking. For example, together with a drinking glass of water, up to 200 ml of air can enter the body.

Useful cereal bars, by the way, are also problematic in this sense. In the lower parts of the intestine, the remains of food accumulate, which should have been digested, but this did not happen because of the above diseases.) 2. Disturbance of intestinal motility. Fidgeted, and the stomach ached # 8212; a familiar situation, is not it? In a stressful situation, gastric problems can worsen. Unfortunately, this does not pass without a trace: the air will wander through all parts of the digestive tract, causing a rumbling in the abdomen, sometimes pain, until it leaves the body.

Why puchit belly, the causes of bloating, treatment of flatulence

Quickly remove the bloating can be due to increased peristalsis of the intestine. Lie on your stomach on a hard surface. Lying on the back, the legs are slightly bent at the knees: the stomach is quickly drawn in and relaxed. In this case, it is advisable to consult a doctor and a nutritionist. If bloating is accompanied by pain and spasms, it is advisable to go to bed and put on the stomach warming compress.

3) The belly groans. What are they doing? Enjoy the process, because, your belly puchit for the last time. Unless, of course, you are going to apply all the recommendations that I gave in this article. Many faced with an unpleasant phenomenon, when groans abdomen, in the intestine a mass of gases is formed, there is flatulence.

What should I do if my belly pinches after eating

Almost everyone in this case avoid contacting the doctor for advice, fearing that they will be misunderstood. However, this is fundamentally wrong. However, food causes meteorism only for a while. If this problem bothers you often, then the reasons can be much more serious.

In this case, the problem should disappear after the excess air has left the body. After all, with excessive nervous tension, there is a spasm in the musculature of the intestine. The intestinal microflora may change after the operation, which was performed under anesthesia.

From what products belches belly?

What to do? A person with this problem should avoid other products that require re-heating. For example, baked bread, which is brought to readiness in a home oven, ready-made dishes sold chilled, and other semi-finished products. With hasty eating, a lot of air is swallowed, which causes a profuse formation of gases. Try to analyze your habits.

This effect is especially pronounced after chewing gum without sugar. Than to cook such a drink, as advised in the article, it is better to drink Motility and a swelling quickly forget. Now, in the New Year holidays, this is just the right time. Itself yesterday was excruciated with this problem, has drunk Motilium and has forgotten.

She tried to save herself with folk recipes, but there was no use from them. A familiar physician advised to change eating habits and take motilac with the appearance of unpleasant symptoms.

At me here for example a swelling at all from a delivery, and from bacteria in a stomach - helikobakter, they to me all zhkt and spoiled (So here already and a method of treatment another a little. Hasty food helps to swallow more air. Excess air, accumulated in the stomach, is eliminated from the body during eructations. In the body there is a special detoxification system, due to which these toxic intestinal gases do not circulate in the bloodstream but are discharged outside.

As already mentioned, in principle, the digestion of any product is a process of fermentation. When there are not enough enzymes to digest, gases are formed. Fermentation and cleavage of fats, proteins, carbohydrates occurs in the duodenum and small intestine.

90% of microflora lives in the large intestine. Especially those that are rich in dietary fiber - cereal flakes, beans and other legumes. It is sugar, and it includes both starch, and many other easily digestible carbohydrates, are food for microbes living in the large intestine.

In the absence of enzymatic disorders in the body, it is possible to cope with the problem of gas formation first of all by limiting the use of these products and in general avoiding overeating. The serving volume on average should not be more than 200-250 ml. Then the food lump will reach the colon and the microbes will not get much.

The processes of fermentation and decay are activated, accompanied by the release of gases in increased quantities. This occurs after operations on the organs of the abdominal cavity. Or, for example, if you eat sweet food, squeezes it with juice, and before that there is heavy, protein foods (as it often happens during feasts), then the appearance of flatulence is possible.

Folk remedies for bloating with constipation and flatulence

At a hasty reception of meal that is called "on the move conversations during a meal, prolonged chewing of chewing gum in a stomach gets much more air, than it is admissible. In addition, in the presence of air, the optimal ratio of microorganisms changes, which normally should be in the intestine.

If you do not have acute conditions, severe infectious diseases and tumors in the abdominal cavity, then you can do this with simple physical exercises. Bicycle from the supine position on your back, bend your knees and try to depict a ride on a bicycle.

Many do not even know how to be with bloating. Curing stomach after eating can be with ingestion of air in the process of eating. This can cause conversation, chewing gum, etc. Massage of the abdomen. Often, the gas and swelling lead protein diet, including the Atkins diet.

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