How to wash the intestine with an esmarch mug


Purification of the intestine with the aid of a mug of Esmarch

Contraindications for enema

Not every person for cleaning the body can use the enema Esmarch. Thus, categorically contraindicated use of enemas in disorders of the stomach and digestive system, high temperatures and headaches, migraine and nausea, patients with renal insufficiency, chronic diseases during their exacerbation, high blood pressure, after the stroke (infarcts), pregnancy, lactation and menses.

Rules of the enema

Enema is put in the morning at 5-7 hours and evening time at 8-9 hours.

The water (solution) for enema is used un-boiled, but unstable, as well as boiled, but cooled to room temperature - 18-20 degrees. For a more significant effect, you can add beet juice in the calculation of 2 tablespoons. for 1 liter, lemon juice - 1 tbsp. for 1 liter, apple cider vinegar - 1 tbsp per 1 liter.

The following poses are used to set the enema: the embryo posture - on the side with the legs pressed, squatting, resting on the knees with the palms

, standing on the knees and elbows. The pose you choose should be comfortable, so as not to cause additional discomfort. The place should be comfortable, covered with oilcloth. The end of the enema should be lubricated with cream, petroleum jelly, try to relax and enter it.

If pain occurs when the enema is injected, stop the water supply, but do not allow pulling the tip, with circular movements upwards # 8212; down pat your belly and continue on water injection. When the amount of water is completely introduced, it is necessary to keep water for at least 7 minutes. It is desirable to be like.

With a single procedure, you need to pour in at least 2 liters of solution. If the first time such a volume of water is not included, it is necessary to hold 2-3 half-liter enemas. For complete purification, enemas with a volume of 6-8 liters are used. In the process of purification, all the slags must leave, and in the end only pure water should go out. With a strong "clogging" of the body, you can make several breaks.

Enema can also be administered to children, but in the following amounts:
3-6 years liter of solution;
6-8 years - 2 liters;
9-14 years - 3-4 liters.

How to make an enema?

What is an enema?

Enema is the introduction of the rectum into the rectum for cleansing, for diagnosis, for treatment.
The enema, which is done for washing the intestine, during fasting differs in that it is directed to rinse all intestine, for this you need to perform a number of specific actions, without which you will not achieve the desired result.

To conduct an enema at home, you will need an eschar mug - this is a roomy enema that can be hanged, which helps to do the procedure without help. Choosing a mug of Esmarch in the pharmacy, give preference to an enema with a tube of transparent material, this will allow you to better control the procedure. Mandatory in the kit should be a tip (for a more comfortable insertion of the tube into the gut) and a clamp (to adjust the supply of fluid).

Now general contraindications - and then decide for yourself.
Contraindications to the enema at home are elevated temperature, headaches pain, stomach problems, kidney failure, colon disease, recent heart attacks or strokes. It is also not recommended to carry out the procedure if there are abdominal pain, weakness and nausea. Women can not make an enema during menstruation, pregnancy, lactation.

General rules
The enema is placed either lying on the left side, or standing on all fours.
The volume of fluid enemas should be from 1 to 2 liters.
The temperature of the liquid should be between 25 and 35 degrees for easy cleaning. With constipation, when it is necessary to cause bowel contractions, you need to use water with a temperature of 12 to 20 degrees. And if the smooth bowel needs to be relaxed, then the temperature should be raised to 37 - 42 degrees. To strengthen the effect in the water, you can add 2-3 tablespoons of vegetable (olive) oil or glycerin, as well as you can use 1 tablespoon of shavings from baby soap.
Before entering the anus, the tip is lubricated with petroleum jelly or oil.
The depth of insertion of the tip is from 10 to 12 cm. with a normal enema, with a full washing of the intestine using a rubber tip and injected to a depth of 50 cm. The first 4 centimeters of the tip should be inserted towards the navel, then parallel to the coccyx.
The container with water is lifted upwards by 1 meter, the hose exerted or by closing the tap, before inserting the tip into the anus, to avoid spilling the liquid.
Containers and tips should be sterile.
The water used should be boiled, or from those sources from which you can drink it without purification.

Preparing for an enema
Prepare the liquid that you will use for the enema. Fill it with a tank and hang it to the desired height, having previously blocked the tube with a clamp or a tap. Before the enema is introduced, a little water should be poured out, to remove air plugs.
Prepare a place where you will make an enema. You need to lay a diaper and an oilcloth, in case you can not keep the liquid in the intestine. You can make an enema in the bathroom. Choose and take a comfortable position for you: lying on your left side or on all fours.

Creation of an enema
Carefully in a circular motion, insert the enema tip into the rectum and open the water access by removing the clamp from the tube or opening the tap. Relax and try to breathe deeply with unpleasant sensations and urge to excrement. If you feel pain, you should reduce the pressure of water. If unpleasant sensations help stroking in the abdomen.
After the introduction of all liquid, the tip is carefully removed. It is necessary to keep the contents of the enema in the intestine for 5-15 minutes. To do this, lie on your back or left side. Soothe pain and discomfort with strokes. It's good if you manage to walk a bit or lie on your stomach.
If you want to put two enemas in a row, take a break of 45-60 minutes, making sure that the contents of the previous enema completely left the intestine.
Deep Wash
In order to rinse the intestine up to the cecum, the enema must be introduced in the knee-elbow position. After the introduction of the entire liquid, lie on your back. Then raise the pelvis 15-20 cm. Very good, if you get to rise on your shoulders, your legs behind your head and stand for 40-60 seconds. Simultaneously, draw the belly, straining and relaxing the muscles of the press. Do not hurry back on your back and believe on your right side. In this position, lie down for 5-15 minutes until strong urge, if they do not, get up and go. This washing is done after a natural bowel movement, otherwise there will not be any benefit.

Painful sensations after fluid entering the gut may be triggered by too fast fluid intake, too cold water, problems in the distribution of fluid throughout the intestines. To do this, use the water of the right temperature, adjust its intake and do not forget to visit the toilet before starting the procedure.

Mug Esmarha - indispensable for washing the intestine

Esmarch's disposable cups do not have a removable tip. In the rectum is introduced a rounded, non-sharp free end of the tube, which is coated with a special lubricant, which provides a painless penetration of the tube into the rectum.

How to use Esmarch's mug

In the mug of Esmarch pour water (or drug solution) to the desired level - up to 1, 5 liters with the tip raised. The water must be heated to 25-35 ° C. With intestinal spasms and intestinal colic, against the background of constipation, cleansing enemas with water of higher temperature (up to 37-40 ° C), with atonic constipation (decrease in intestinal peristalsis), cold water is introduced (20-12 FROM).

After this, the tip is gently lowered, displacing air from the tube, and clamping the tube with a clamp. The Esmarch mug is mounted on a tripod, the oiled tip before the procedure should be located side by side.

How to make an enema with a mug of Esmarch

Before the procedure the patient lies down on the left side on the couch, covered with oilcloth, legs bends at the knees and brings them to the stomach. Lubricated with petroleum jelly, slightly rotating, injected into the rectum. For the first few centimeters, the movement of the tip should be directed towards the front wall of the abdomen, but as soon as On its way there will be an obstacle, it is necessary to turn a tip in a direction of a backbone and to enter it on depth not less than 10 cm.

After the tip is completely inserted and the patient does not experience any discomfort, from the tube remove the clamp and gradually lift Esmarch's mug upward to a distance of one meter from the body level patient. Water is not injected too fast - a quick injection stimulates the intestinal peristalsis and the patient can not hold water. If there is still a lot of water left, and the patient intolerably wants to go to the toilet, the tube should be squeezed and the intestines should calm down, then continue the procedure.

After all the fluid has been injected, the patient must keep it in the intestine for another 10-15 minutes. In five minutes you can turn on your back, after another five minutes - on your right side. You can even stand up and walk around and only after that empty the intestines.

Indications and contraindications for enemas

Enema can be done for different purposes. There are enemas cleansing, laxative, medicinal, diagnostic, nutritious. Cleansing enemas are prescribed for constipation, before various diagnostic tests (for example, before roentgenography of the rectum before the introduction of contrast medium), before using medicinal and nutritious enema.

Enema is contraindicated in inflammatory and ulcerative processes in the rectum, acute appendicitis, peritonitis, acute hemorrhoids, accompanied by bleeding, decaying cancer of the large intestine, painful cracks in the anus, prolapse of the rectum, and also with the appearance of sharp pains of unknown origin during procedures.

Do not systematically make enemas with chronic constipation. This will lead to addiction, washing away the normal intestinal microflora and persistent digestive function. Moreover, it is often impossible to do enemas to "purify the body of toxins" - this is a complete absurdity that will make a healthy person sick.

A mug of Esmarch should be in every home medicine cabinet. You must also be able to use it.



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