Than to restore an intestine after antibiotics to the adult


How to restore the intestines after taking antibiotics?

It is necessary to start taking medications to maintain / normalize the microflora in the stomach, not after taking antibiotics, but also during it.

For normal gastric microflora, the most common microorganisms are lactic acid producers. These are bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. Live microorganisms - probiotics in the appointment have a beneficial effect on the microflora of the stomach. Antibiotics (antimicrobials) do not have activity against fungi, so probiotics are drunk with antibiotics.

Below is a table of probiotics that are registered on the territory of Russia.

When lying with her daughter in the hospital, she was prescribed a dry remedy with antibiotic injectionsBifidumbacterin. Medium is inexpensive.

Quite recently, too, a problem occurred: there was an upset stomach due to taking antibiotics. SoLinekscoped perfectly well. Although some write that Lineks does not help them.

The system chose this answer as the best

D, actually antibiotics harm t

he intestines, and primarily affect the intestinal microflora.

If the reception of antibiotics lasts a long time, then in this case dysbacteriosis of the intestine is possible, and other symptoms may appear.

In general, to restore the intestinal microflora - it is more often to use kefir for dysbacteriosis, The kefir is actively helping to fight with dysbacteriosis, and the stomach and intestines.

You can also drink a course of activated charcoal, 2-3 tablets, and you can certainly use it to restore the intestinal microflora after antibiotics - the drugbifidumbacterin .

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In order for you to restore the intestines after taking antibiotics, you need to drink more fermented milk products such as ryazhenka, yoghurt, kefir and so on. Then as it is necessary, to buy such preparations as Lineks, Laktebakterin that that one and still it is necessary to restore a liver after antibiotics I do or make it in home conditions buy mineral water or Essentuki №17 or Borjomi two bottles I let out gases slightly I warm up approximately to 40 degrees and I drink on 150 mm. for half an hour before a meal. All good health.

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In order to protect and restore the intestinal microflora after taking antibiotics, it is very important after the course antibiotics (and even better, and simultaneously with it) to take specially selected for this lacto and / or bifidobacteria. It is important to know that not all of them are combined with taking antibiotics, and some are generally contraindicated, so I do not recommend buying any. It is better to consult with the attending physician, and also carefully study the information on the drug before it is taken.

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Than to restore a microflora of an intestine after reception of antibiotics?

Cvetlan SedakovaMaster (1833), closed 7 years ago

just TatyanaThe Thinker (5647) 7 years ago

Dysbacteriosis rarely disappears by itself and requires special treatment. The approach to the treatment and prevention of pathological conditions associated with dysbiosis should be complex, but mandatory components restorative therapy are probiotics - live microbial nutritional supplements, beneficial to the host's body, improving its microbial balance.

For this purpose, dry preparations, which are a lyophilized microbial mass, can be used. These drugs are good because they are stored for a long time at room temperature. But there is a significant drawback - after the lyophilization process, the bacteria are weakened and do not get well in the intestine, since 8-10 hours for their transition from anabiosis to an active physiological state, but by this time most of them have already been eliminated from intestines.
Means restorative to intestinal microflora: Hilak-forte, colibacterin dry, lactobacterin dry, bifidumbacterin dry. And about the restoration of microflora, without the intervention of drugs in 2-3 months, adhering to proper nutrition and the right products, you can read here
More use of fermented milk products containing bifidobacteria.

IrinkaArtificial Intelligence (153064) 7 years ago

Bifidok drink every day.

Galina Chernyh (Vlasova)Thinker (6379) 7 years ago

Bactisubtil, Hilak-forte. Instruction in the package.

Alexandra PoleshchukEnlightened (41008) 7 years ago

Lactobacterin. But not kefir, as mentioned above. will be even worse.

Natalie4kaMaster (1429) 7 years ago

linex, bifidumbacterin, acepol - the means in the pharmacy are now a lot, from the not expensive to the causally worthwhile. Of folk remedies - garlic - in the morning on an empty stomach, before dinner and before dinner one tooth, only you will restore it for so long. Acepol definitely helps.

tyt tytGuru (2565) 7 years ago

Moonshine! Unicrites all ill-wishers.))

Oksana MorozovaGuru (2756) 7 years ago

bifidumbacteria are special, live, are sold in pharmacies, in such Soviet vials, such as from under penicillin, are inexpensive, dosage for several drops (there is an instruction). helps children and adults alike!

A source:own experience

☜ ♡ ☞ Mihailovna ☜ღ☞Artificial Intelligence (188383) 7 years ago

Bifidumbacterin, it's living bifidobacteria, the drug either in bags or in glass bottles is sold in pharmacies. You are bred with water or kefir and pesh. The same bifidobacteria are added to dairy products, so drink the bifid, bifiayf. This medicine is even given to babies and children are treated with antibiotics, adults, too.

Combined drug. Preserves and regulates the physiological balance of the intestinal flora. Lactobacilli are an integral part of normal intestinal microflora.
Dissolution of the preparation with hot water is unacceptable.
The preparation is diluted with warm water at the rate of 1 teaspoon of water per 1 dose. Apply inside for 30-40 minutes before eating. Only 5 doses.
There are no contraindications.
Sold in pharmacies.
more you can read here on this site

IrinaThe Thinker (8284) 7 years ago

Lactobacterin and bifidumbacterin are in any dairy kitchen.

ElenaExpert (372) 7 years ago

Linex well helps. the truth is, it's quite expensive.
Bifidumbacterin and lactobacterin - it's a boring dilution. Linex is easier - it's in capsules. And by cost, by the way, lactobacterin and linex - about the same (if taken per calculation).
I also advised doctors to sour milk products every day - but only live, and not those that are stored for five months without a refrigerator. I remember, even yogurt at home made it on the basis of shop leaven.

Lineks, but cheaper and effektino bifidum bacteria to drink for a month.

AnnaThe Thinker (9474) 7 years ago

Euflorin L and Euflorin B - drink one in the morning, another in the evening. I had the same situation with a child, scored all the immunity with antibiotics, and Euflorins oooochen well helped. Although before him they drank both hilak and linex. But apparently the difference is that these efulorines are prepared exactly in the pharmacy and they have only a month's shelf life. So it is very difficult to forge them

Yvetta HanumyanPupil (110) 7 months ago

And what a child can be given from a dysbi after antibiotics? just something checked and not chemistry, is it?

Ekaterina ManukinaPupil (144) 7 months ago

We always give the child a liquid coal in such cases, this is a natural sorbent (pectin), safely and quickly removes harmful substances, and in addition to pectin in the composition of inulin, it recovers the microflora great. So all the manifestations of dysbiosis, diarrhea, bloating, quickly enough in the child go.

Katerina VoroninaPupil (141) 7 months ago

Too already time time heard, that sorbents very well at a dysbacteriosis can help or assist.

Elena LesovayaExpert (276) 7 months ago

Sorbents are also different. Liquid coal for example, very well helps and the work of the intestine to establish and withdraw all harmful substances from the body. It agree with Ekaterina, at a dysbacteriosis this sorbent remarkably helps.

yorikaExpert (425) 1 month ago

You can try My therapist advised my sister, the problem was resolved successfully.

Restoration of intestinal microflora after antibiotics

Now is the era of antibiotics. They are appointed with or without, correct and not suitable for a particular pathogen, drink less or longer than the prescribed time. And how many cases of self-treatment, when antibiotics are taken for every sneeze. The situation is exacerbated by the free release of these drugs in the pharmacy.

In addition to the undoubted benefits, even the most good and properly prescribed antibiotic carries certain harm. Active active substance depresses the liver, damaging the hepatocytes, irritates the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract, and loads the kidneys. These effects are usually invisible, in contrast to the disruption of the bowel.

Why does an antibiotic depress a good intestinal microflora?

The principle of antibiotic action is based on damage to the microbe. There are several mechanisms: the deformation of the cell wall of a harmful microorganism and the violation of its genetic information, which leads to the death of the pathogen. But! Antibiotic does not act selectively, for example, on Staphylococcus aureus. He attacks all the microorganisms that are on his way. Passing through the intestine, the drug begins to actively inhibit beneficial microbes. This condition is called dysbiosis. At the same time, digestion is impaired, nutrient absorption is worsening, upsetting peristalsis of the intestine, the synthesis of vitamins of group B and K is distorted, the reactivity of the organism decreases and immune response. Avoid dysbiosis, taking antibiotics, you can not. However, it is possible to quickly and efficiently restore colonies of beneficial bacteria with the help of special measures.

How is the microflora restored? What preparations to choose?

It is best to start taking special medicines from the first day of taking antibiotics. The group of drugs of choice include prebiotics, probiotics, eubiotics and synbiotics.

Prebiotics stimulate the growth and development of the correct intestinal flora. In this case, they themselves are not absorbed in the intestine, but, on the contrary, they are food for useful microorganisms. Prebiotics include preparations containing lactulose.

Probiotics are complexes of living microorganisms. It should be remembered that they act only at a concentration of 10 8. In this regard, you should carefully read the labels of "live" yogurt and other lactic acid products. Unfortunately, often marketers write that the package contains lactobacilli and bifidobacteria. However, not all buyers pay attention to the concentration of microorganisms in the product. If the number of microbes is less than 10 8. then there will be no specific benefit from such yogurt. As part of the product with probiotic, it is worth looking for lactobacilli, bifidobacteria, E. coli, Bulardi saccharomyces in the right concentration.

Additional effects of probiotics are:

  • Stimulation of digestion.
  • The production of vitamins of group B and K.
  • Strengthening the immune system.

The effectiveness of the use of probiotics and products containing them has been proved in the following cases:

  • Prevention and treatment of diarrhea caused by antibiotic therapy.
  • Prevention of diarrhea in children.
  • Treatment of diarrhea provoked by infection.
  • Prevention and treatment of diarrhea in tourists.

Kefir, the most famous and available lactic acid product, is the best probiotic.

Synbiotics are drugs and diet products that contain a certain strain of beneficial microorganisms and food for them. That is, the symbiotic is a probiotic + prebiotic, and sometimes an eubiotic.

Quite often, in addition to diet therapy, special preparations are prescribed to restore the microflora:

  1. Linex. The most famous drug of this group. Contains a sufficient number of bifidobacteria, enterococci, lactobacilli. Stimulates the normalization of the balance of the intestinal microflora, helps restore the impaired functions of the gastrointestinal tract.
  2. Acipol. Each capsule contains lactobacilli and polysaccharides of kefir fungus. A simple and natural preparation that can be taken even by children. To give the medication to a baby, you need to open the capsule, pour the contents into a spoon or a bottle and dilute with a little water or milk.
  3. Bion-3. Active biological supplement, which includes not only three types of bacteria, but also a whole complex of vitamins and minerals. In addition to the standard action of probiotics, Bion-3 restores the balance of electrolytes and replenishes the lack of minerals and vitamins. Due to this additional effect, the drug helps to cope with the stress that accompanies any disease.
  4. Lactofiltrum. One of the most advertised enterosorbents of plant origin. Contains lignin, adsorbing all the toxins and toxins, removes pathogenic microbes and lactulose from the body, which stimulates the growth and development of bifido- and lactobacilli that inhabit the intestine.
  5. Hilak forte. The solution contains lactobacilli and metabolic products of Escherichia coli. In addition to the restoration of microflora, the drug regulates acidity in the intestine and protects its mucous membrane.

It is better to leave the appointment of the doctor to the treating doctor. Most likely, he will write out several funds to choose from, so that the patient can decide what is available to him at a price. Independently it is possible and it is necessary to eat lactic acid products with probiotics. As mentioned before, kefir is a product of choice. It is better to use kefir from a local manufacturer with a short shelf life. This will guarantee that in the bottle or tetrapack there will actually be live lacto- and bifidobacteria in the correct concentration.

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