How to restore the motor function of the intestine


5. Normalization of motor function of the intestine

In patients with constipation, there are different types of motor disorders of the colon. According to A. AT. Frolkis, with constipation, the non-pulsative segmenting movements of the colon are often intensified, which mix the contents and promote the formation of stool, but do not cause it to move, but rather is delayed. Propulsive activity is reduced, retrograde movements are strengthened. A certain role is played by insufficient ability of internal and external sphincters

anus to relaxation, and a decrease in the sensitivity of the rectum to pressure.

Thus, hypermotor disorders with constipation occur more often than hypomotor disorders.

With hypertension of the intestinecholinolytics (belladonna, platyphylline), bismuth preparations (vikalin, vicair), medicinal herbs with spasmolytic and anti-inflammatory action (chamomile, mint, calendula) are shown.

To soften stool we can use vaseline oil and gastrocepin, which eliminates the food-induced increase in m

otor activity of the sigmoid colon.

With reduced intestinal toneapply: food containing coarse fiber fiber, cholinomimetic agents (proserin 0.015 g 2-3 times a day, aceklidine 1-2 ml 0.2% solution subcutaneously 2 times a day) in combination with thiamine, sea kale, flax seed, Senadé (glaxena), as well as lactulose (normase), restoring passage of intestinal content.

With pronounced antiperistalsisshould apply cerulek, ego-nil.

With spasms of the anal sphincter,usually caused by a crack in the anus, exacerbation of hemorrhoids, paraprogitis, treatment of these diseases eliminates constipation. In addition, apply a small enema (1-2 glasses), facilitating the passage of stool through spasmodic anal sphincter.

With a decrease in the sensitivity of the rectum and the muscle that raises the anus,it is necessary to use means that increase intra-reticular pressure or chemically irritating the mucous membrane: glycerin or gas-forming candles, as well as bisacodyl.

With constipation due to suppression of urge to defecate,it is necessary to restore the reflex to defecation. FROM. E. Rudolitsky (1988) recommends that the rectum in the patient be kept empty all the time. To do this, daily water and oil enema of 300-400 ml should be put and once a week - cleansing enema. Such treatment helps restore the urge to defecate. In this respect, the technique described by A. is also effective. AT. Frolkis. The patient is recommended to drink in the morning on an empty stomach a glass of cold water or fruit juice. After 30 minutes the patient has breakfast and goes to the toilet and, having taken a proper pose (pulling the hips to the stomach), tries to cause defecation, straining during each exhalation. The act of bowel movements also helps massage the abdomen with hands, rhythmic retraction of the anus, pressing on the area between the coccyx and the anus. If this is not enough, you can add fruit juice or cold waterYga teaspoon of Karlovy Vary salt, and after breakfast to enter into the anus pass a candle with glycerin.

If it is possible to work out a reflex to defecation, the introduction of suppositories and the intake of laxative salt cease, the patients continue to drink only cold water in the mornings.

How to restore intestinal motility

Any diseases of the digestive system are always accompanied by violations of their motor function. Intestine in our body plays a very important role, but it is also susceptible to various disorders (including as a consequence of emotional experiences). How can I restore normal intestinal motility? First of all, it is necessary to find out the causes of disturbances in the intestine.

Causes of disruption of normal bowel function

At the physiological level, there can be many reasons that can lead to disturbances in the normal functioning of the intestine. Some of the main reasons:

  • nerve diseases, including depressive conditions
  • constant stress;
  • chronic inflammation of the intestinal mucosa;
  • dysbiosis;
  • congenital malformations of the intestine;
  • dehydration of the body;
  • hypodynamia;
  • use of certain medicines, etc.
  • But, as a rule, the main cause of improper intestinal motility is an unbalanced diet. Use of starchy and boiled food along with protein, fast food, irregular meals. As a consequence of constipation or diarrhea.

    How to restore intestinal motility?

    To effectively restore the work of the intestine and consolidate the result for a long time, it is necessary to train the intestines every day. At the same time, for example, go to the toilet in the morning.

    Balance your diet. Try to adhere to a simple diet, based on the fiber contained in fruits, vegetables and bran. In the morning on an empty stomach you can drink in small sips 200-250 ml of cool water. Such a simple way to start the body and help the intestines restore its motor skills.

    In addition, it is necessary to lead a very active lifestyle. You can do physical therapy or yoga. and a very effective method of restoring intestinal motility will become an ordinary massage of the abdomen, so the course of such a massage for the intestine will be absolutely not superfluous.

    It is useful to use broths of dry herbs, such as buckthorn, cowberry or alexandria leaf, and soft cathartic action is provided by cucumbers, melon, prunes, kefir and yogurt.

    Purification and restoration of the function of the large intestine

    Before we begin to describe the restoration of the large intestine, we summarize briefly for greater clarity, what we need to restore and why discord occurs.

    1. To restore the purity of the large intestine and normalize the pH of the medium (weakly acid) of the large intestine. This will eliminate the main source of contamination of the body - unload the purification system.
    Contaminated from the wrong combination of foods, boiled and refined foods, improper intake of liquids and unnatural drinks.
    Food that causes constipation and strongly fixes: all kinds of meat; chocolate, cocoa, sweets, white sugar, cow's milk, eggs, white bread, cakes and cakes.
    Consumption of food 2-3 times or more (according to Shatalova G. C. 10 times) than necessary.

    2. Restore peristalsis and intestinal walls. This will fully allow the colon to perform its own, the above functions, which are violated from the stretching of the walls intestines with calculous stones, the formation of "scum toxic products, from all this dirt, the lack of the necessary natural power supply. Vitamin A vitamin deficiency. Willful suppression of desires on a chair. Use of laxatives.

    3. To restore the microflora of the large intestine,resulting in:
    a) to a full-fledged diet due to additional nutrients and vitamins synthesized by microbes;
    b) the calorific and energy-forming functions of the large intestine will be adjusted, which will lead to normalization of the heating of the whole organism and the increase in the capacity of the bioplasmic body of the organism;
    c) there will be a normalization of the stimulating system of the large intestine, which will make our organism more viable;
    d) the power of the body's immune system is normalized and increases.

    Dysbacteriosis arises from boiled, mixed, refined, food-deprived food. The use of drugs, especially antibiotics, depresses and distorts our microflora.
    In the United States, naturopathic doctors have so-called "colon-machines" for washing the large intestine. According to the teachings of naturopaths, any treatment should begin with an X-ray of the large intestine and washing it with this machine.
    Let us take the easiest and most accessible method for purifying and normalizing the pH of the medium of the large intestine -enema by the method of Dr. Walker.

    In two liters of warm boiled water add a tablespoon of lemon juice (the juice of pollimon just corresponds to one tablespoon). If there is no lemon, you can replace it with 4-6% apple cider vinegar. Pour all this into the mug of Esmarch. Hang on a height, meter. Tip off the tube to remove, dip it into vegetable oil. Take the position knee-elbow, the pelvis is above the shoulders. Pipe to try to enter into the large intestine as deep as possible for 25-30cm. But, as a rule, in the beginning and 5-10 centimeters is quite enough. Breathe in the mouth, the stomach is relaxed. It is advisable to conduct the procedure after the act of defecation or in the evening after work, before going to bed, as conveniently.

    Week 1 - daily;
    2 nd week - every other day;
    3rd week - two days later;
    4-th week - in three days;
    5th week - once a week.

    This cycle of enemas during the first year is desirable to be conducted four times. In the future, this cycle should be applied once a year.
    In this procedure for cleaning the colon, water is a mechanical cleaner, and lemon juice (apple cider vinegar) normalizes the pH of the internal medium of the large intestine. After all, as already mentioned, putrefactive and fermentation processes are possible only in a slightly alkaline medium, and normally there should be a weakly acid medium, which is achieved. In addition, citric acid - an antioxidant * - is an antioxidant and does not allow the formation of mold in the large intestine, and that which was available will come in the form of dark rag-like rags.

    Some people may have a question - is this cycle of colon washing not enough? Let's turn to the "Three Whales of Health" Yu. A. Andreeva.
    "I want to tell you that I had to starve for 3 weeks and in the third week, sorry for naturism, came out hard as a stone, education. Where did they settle there? In what folds of the intestine? But nevertheless they were there. That's how firmly it sits in us! "

    Yoga for the cleansing of the large intestine uses a variety of different procedures, which they call "basti".

    Basti do so: in the morning on an empty stomach (after the toilet), heat the water to a temperature tolerable to the fingers of the hand, and measure out two glasses. In water, it is desirable to drop the glycerin and add a light pink solution of potassium permanganate. Then introduce this fluid into the anus. Hold the water for a few minutes to soften the stool stones, and then let the water come out.
    The next day, take 4 glasses of water. In a day, 6 glasses. Pass two days, and then pour in 8 glasses of solution.
    Before and after washing, the abdominal cavity should be massaged. After the procedure "Basti" rest, and then do not overeat.

    Currently, enemas are also widely used in medicine. They are divided into cleansing, whipping, nutritional and medicinal. It is generally believed that the enema is more effective if after the introduction of 2 liters of fluid, suffer 8-10 minutes, and then empty the intestine. You can compare the recommendations of ancient healers and modern ones about enemas.

    To get rid of worms - especially pinworms, I recommend the Tibetan way - an enema with garlic. As soon as you have a specific itch in the anus of pinworms, you take 200 grams of water, put there one tooth (not the head) of garlic and a mortar pushes it to the gruel of a figurative state. Then pour it all into an ordinary syringe. Next, enter the spout syringe deeper into the anus and pour the contents. A little patience, and then all this itself will quickly come out, and with it paralyzed garlic juice helminths. You can drive the helminths more capitally, by making an enema according to Walker, as described above. Only instead of lemon juice (or apple cider vinegar), in two liters of water, raspolkite 2-3 (not more) cloves of garlic. Further enter the tube and continue as usual. Suffer as much as you can, but not more than 5 minutes and release the content. So you can do a few days in a row, and if necessary, repeat in a week.

    After you have cleared the large intestine according to Walker, you can every two or three weeks, or you can use an ideal method of washing the entire digestive canal once a quarter.



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