How to restore the intestines after irradiation


Restoration of microflora after antitumor therapy - Folk methods of cancer treatment

Restoration of microflora after antitumor therapy.

After you have gone through all the vicissitudesantitumor therapy. special attention should be paid to the state of your intestines. Many modern gastroenterologists are convinced that our health, longevity depends on the state of the intestine, since it is there not only there is the formation and absorption of substances necessary for the body, but also the neutralization and elimination of everything that has been worked out and represents for him danger.
Therefore, the intestine is the head, and the second step towards the final cure for cancer should be efforts to restore the intestinal microflora.
Microbial flora is simply necessary for human life. From the course of anatomy and human physiology, everyone knows that the intestine is inhabited by very useful microorganisms, and the lion's share is concentrated in the large intestine. The small intestine is almost free of

microorganisms or contains a very small amount in the lower parts. The small intestine splits and absorbs the nutrients necessary for building organs and tissues.
With regard to antitumor therapy, it should be noted that it is a factor that is detrimental to normal intestinal microflora. In most cases, the disturbed ecology of the colon is restored independently. But not in people with impaired immunity.
Anyantitumor treatmentreduces the already low level of immune defense. Therefore, in weakened patients, especially with impaired immunity, self-healing of the intestinal microflora does not occur, and often they have clinical symptoms of dysbiosis.
Dysbacteriosis. as a rule, is characterized by an imbalance in the microflora of the intestine: microorganisms appear where they should not normally be - in thin and the amount of normal microflora in the large intestine decreases, which leads to the appearance of dangerous bacteria that should not be present in the colon. intestines. In the large intestine, not only the quantity but also the properties of the microbes change - their aggressiveness significantly increases.
The arisen dysbacteriosis may not appear for a long time or give very poor symptoms. However, the extreme degree of dysbiosis can be the appearance of intestinal microorganisms in the blood (bacteremia) or the development of sepsis.
Any cytostatic treatment (chemotherapy, hormonal treatment and radiation therapy) suppresses the growth of normal microflora in the large intestine, and this promotes the reproduction of microbes, caught from the outside with food and water or were in the bowel in an inactive state and resistant to drugs (staphylococcus, yeasts, proteus, enterococci, pseudomonas wand, etc.).
In this regard, your task is to restore normal microflora, in order to avoid further complications with health.

Why is it so necessary to restore the microflora?


First, the normal microflora suppresses the growth of harmful bacteria, which can cause infectious and inflammatory diseases.
Secondly, it takes part in the development of immunity.
Thirdly, microorganisms participate in digestion processes: they ensure the absorption of vitamins A, D, K, split not digested in in the small intestine, nutritional substances with the help of special enzymes, while the various substances that do not appear are deduced from urine.
Fourth, the microflora is involved in the formation of feces.
So much has been said about the role of microorganisms in the intestine, just to convince you of the need for careful treatment of normal intestinal microflora.

What can be done to restore the intestinal microflora after the antitumor treatment?
The most affordable drug to date -bifidumbacterin. Drybifidumbacterinare dried live inhabitants of the large intestine, which constitute up to 90% of all microorganisms. The therapeutic effect of bifidumbacterin determines the living bifidobacteria contained in it, possessing an antagonistic activity against a wide range of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms and thereby normalizing microflora intestines.
The most effective is a liquid preparation. But it has a short shelf life, only 7 days from the date of manufacture, since live microorganisms, living in a nutrient medium, live, reproduce and release the products of their vital activity. This ultimately leads to the death of microorganisms in a closed environment.
And if we talk about restoring the flora of the intestine, then get better bifidumbacterin in vials of 5 doses.
Apply the drug for a long time, within 30-45 days minimum. Admission is better divided three times: 5 doses 3 times a day for 20 minutes before meals.
This drug has no contraindications and does not cause side effects, as it is a perfect natural microflora of the intestine.
Simultaneously, it would be superfluous to take lacto-bacterin for 2-3 weeks. Lactobacterin is a dried live lactic acid bacteria, normally inhabiting our intestines and playing an important role in the processes of immune defense of the body.
You can take lactobacterin 5 doses 2-3 times a day, you can simultaneously with bifidumbacterin.
There are clinical studies showing that with the daily addition of BioSorb (or fervital) food additive to the food 1 tablespoon 3 times a day, the content of bifido and lactoflora increases. Therefore, if during the recovery of the intestinal microflora with drugs bifidumbacterin and lactobacterin use a small amount of food BioSorba (only 1 tablespoon 3 times a day), then their recovery effect increases and almost all microorganisms safely take root in intestines.
In addition to the fact that this food supplement creates' favorable conditions for reproduction of normal microflora, she, being fermented product, reduces the risk of cancer, because it contains a large number of food fibers.
Of great importance is the regularity of the stool for the timely cleaning of the body from metabolic products. BioSorb can be the product that will help regulate the frequency of the stool.

Is it obligatory and how many times in the future it is necessary to restore the intestinal microflora for prophylaxis?
For the prevention of disorders of intestinal microfloraIt is necessary to repeat bifidumbacterin and lactobacterin at least every 6 months for 3-4 weeks for at least the first two years after the end of the antitumor therapy. Sour-milk products with bifidoflora are very useful. For example, bifilifef contains 5 types of bifidobacteria. Of course, it often happens that the microflora introduced into dairy products quickly dies if transport and storage conditions are not observed. And, nevertheless, even the products of their vital activity, which remain in the kefir, are useful.
In rare cases, after treatment for a malignant neoplasm, persistent bowel disturbances remain in the patient. If this is the case, then do not dismiss this problem, you need to contact the gastroenterologist or the therapist at your place of residence and do an analysis for the intestinal microflora. This will make it possible to carry out targeted correction of violations.

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How is recovery and rehabilitation after radiation therapy?

Cancer is extremely common among the world's population. Fortunately, with the help of methods of modern medicine, in most cases it is possible to cure the disease or to achieve a state of remission. For this purpose, both radiotherapy and chemotherapy, as well as surgical operations, are used.

In any case, conservative methods of treatment are very aggressive and affect not only cancer, but also healthy cells of the body. Therefore, many are interested in how the recovery is after radiation therapy and from what stages this process consists.

Radiation sickness is a consequence of treatment

Of course, the impact on the human body of ionizing particles can not do without consequences. Therefore, radiation therapy is associated with a number of side effects. The severity of the patient's condition directly depends on the duration of treatment and the level of irradiation. And if the first symptoms of radiation sickness are reduced to nausea and vomiting, then with further treatment there are more serious complications.

In particular, a person becomes weaker. There is a weakening of the immune system, a violation of the normal functions of the bone marrow, which can lead to anemia and other reactions from the body.

There is also the destruction of the hair follicles - in some cases, complete, but, fortunately, temporary alopecia. That's why the question of how rehabilitation after radiation therapy is going on is so important for patients. Other consequences of radiation therapy are discussed in our next article.

How does the rehabilitation period go?

Yes, after passing the full course of treatment, the patient, as a rule, feels weakened. Nevertheless, it is very important not to give up - the body needs time to recover and recover after such aggression.

Of course, the process of recovery in each individual case has its own peculiarities. For example, rehabilitation after radiotherapy for the prostate looks different than after the treatment of a throat tumor. Nevertheless, the general recovery complex has a number of common features.

Immediately after treatment, a person needs peace and relaxation. Only with time you can start active movements and therapeutic gymnastics.

By the way, at this stage the patient needs enough oxygen, so do not give up oxygen cushions and walks in fresh air, and also to ensure that the room (or room) is constantly aired.

Since after radiotherapy, the immune system is firstly weakened, during the recovery period, immunomodulating agents, as well as multivitamin complexes that help improve the body's resistance and gradually return force.

Homeopathic remedies made on the basis of natural extracts of medicinal plants are often used in modern medicine. It is proved that such preparations have a positive effect on health, accelerate the process of recovery and remove the main symptoms of radiation sickness.

Proper nutrition after radiation therapy

People who are interested in the question of how to recover after radiation therapy should know that the right diet is an integral part of rehabilitation.

Remember that the body must receive a sufficient amount of nutrients, so in no case should you refuse to eat. In the first two weeks, patients are recommended light meals that do not contain too much lactose and fiber.

Only then carefully can be introduced into the diet of low-fat cheese varieties, mashed potatoes and rice. During rehabilitation, it is better to refuse fried, spicy and spicy dishes, caffeine, products that promote gassing (legumes, cabbage, soy), as well as milk, fresh vegetables and fruits.

Hair restoration

In most cases, hair begins to grow after several months after the end of treatment. It is worth noting that after radial therapy, hairs can change color or structure, for example, from curly to turn into straight lines and vice versa. To speed up the process of hair growth, unfortunately, is almost impossible. But in order to make them stronger and healthier, it is recommended to use special nutrients and moisturizers for the scalp.

You can leave a request for treatment in Israel. The doctor-administrator will contact you within 24 hours

Restoration after radiotherapy of the rectum.

Radiation therapy for colorectal cancer is carried out according to the standards of complex treatment. Unfortunately,after radiotherapy for rectal cancerthis or that degree of radiation sickness develops. Radiation sickness manifests itself depending on the radiation load.


Cells of healthy tissues along with cancer are affected by ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation can accumulate in the body. So, almost all oncologic patients face radiation sickness after a course of radiotherapy.

Early and late manifestations of radiation sickness - nausea, pain, swelling, vomiting, fever, intoxication, cystitis, cancer after radiotherapy - due to the destructive effect on active young cells of the body of ionizing radiation. The cells of the epithelium of the gastrointestinal tract, bone marrow, immune system, nervous tissue, and genital organs are affected to varying degrees.

Radiation sickness is multistage, each subsequent stage of the disease is characterized by an increase in symptoms and worsening of the patient's condition. If at the first stage of radiation sickness the patient is disturbed by general weakness and dyspepsia, then further development disease leads to a pronounced weakening of the body and suppression of bone marrow, immunity, neuroendocrine regulation.

Restoration after radiotherapy of the rectum.

To restore after radiation therapy, the methods of reducing general intoxication - phyto-health and phytodetoxication - are showing themselves well. The phytocourse is well combined with rational nutrition, other methods of recovery (if such are prescribed).

Include phytogens in the prevention and correction of complications of radiation sickness. This will alleviate suffering and improve the outcome of treatment (prevention of bleeding, immunodeficiency, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders).

Individual schemes of phyto-improvement with the use of plants with anti-radiation, protective effect allow the weakened organism to compensate for the violation of functions.

With the accompanying phyto-improvement, some of the symptoms of radiation sickness, such as temperature, weakness, radiation burns, dyspepsia, edema, pain after irradiation, general intoxication will be minimal.

An integrated approach to recovery after radiotherapy for rectal cancer significantly increases the chances of success of general therapy.

In addition to phyto-healing for complex ozorovleniya it is useful to use methods # 8211; rational nutrition with oncology and psychotherapy.



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