Restoration of bowel function with constipation


The company "Biopharma" is a professional in the production of probiotics.

"Probiotics are a group of drugs that normalize the intestinal microflora, which increases the body's immunity"

A healthy microflora is a guarantee of quality of life. The whole immune system of a person directly depends on the state of his intestines: if a person has a disturbed balance of the intestinal microflora, this will negatively affect his immunity

Probiotics of the company "Biopharma" can be used in the following cases:

  • Recommended joint reception together with antibiotics to protect microflora and quick recovery;
  • To improve immunity;
  • In the treatment of dysbiosis;
  • In the treatment of acute intestinal infections;
  • When treating candidiasis and bacterial vaginosis;
  • In inflammatory bowel diseases;
  • When treating stomatitis.

A drug for joint use with antibiotics to enhance their effect and prevent unwanted effects of taking antibacterial drugs.

  • Probiotic based on living bacteria B. subtilis;
  • Has antiviral and immunomodulating effect due t
    o the production of interferon and normalization of the function of intestinal microflora;
  • Increases the body's resistance to viral infections;
  • Contributes to pre-diarrhea and correction of intestinal dysbiosis, including, and against the background of taking antibacterial drugs;
  • Resistant to aggressive effects of the digestive tract;
  • Not subject to the negative effects of antibiotics. Can be used in conjunction with antibacterial drugs.

Probiotics in the treatment of constipation

Constipation is a problem that is not accepted to speak out loud and which is sometimes the subject of jokes and the theme of anecdotes. This scratchy problem, related to the work of the intestine, is a source of significant physical and mental discomfort. Almost everyone experienced this painful condition ...

In some people, defecation can occur 2 or 3 times a day, in others - 1 every 2 days, with both cases being within normal limits. To debunk common misconceptions about the timing and symptoms of constipation, we will give him a strict scientific definition. So, constipation - this is an increase in the intervals between bowel movements by more than 48 hours (2 days), while straining takes more than 25% of the entire time of defecation; with constipation often indicate irregular bowel movement, too hard stool consistency, a feeling of incomplete emptying or a small amount of feces (less than 35 g at the norm 100-150 g.

Constipation is a disease of civilization

Specialists of the World Health Organization (WHO) consider constipation to the diseases of civilization. This is due to the high rate of urbanization, in the process of which the role of cities in the development of society is increasing.

Constipation, especially chronic, represents an important medical and social problem. Among all diseases of the gastroenterological profile, constipation occupies the largest proportion.

Out of the total number of patients who complain about the work of the gastrointestinal tract, about 40% suffer from constipation. 10-15% of the population of countries with a high level of economic development suffer from constipation. According to WHO, the prevalence of pathology is growing steadily.

The main causes of constipation:

  • insufficient intake of liquid and dietary fiber (fiber)
  • low physical activity
  • change the mode of the day
  • increased stress
  • taking certain medications
  • significant weakening of the muscles of the abdominal cavity (in the elderly)

In general, the causes of constipation can be described in one sentence: constipation occurs as a result of slowing down the passage of feces masses of the colon, disorders of coordinated work of the pelvic floor muscles and motor disorders intestines.

The most common symptoms of constipation:

  • abdominal sensation
  • sensation of pressure in the rectum
  • empty urge to defecate
  • loss of appetite
  • increased fatigue and irritability

Very often constipation is not just a transitory condition, but one of the manifestations of the disease. For example, alternating constipation and diarrhea can mean that you have irritable bowel syndrome. In some cases, the cause of constipation can be eliminated independently, for example, by adjusting the diet. If this is not enough, you should seek medical help.

According to the majority of researchers of this problem, in the occurrence and progression of constipation, especially the role of the disturbance of the natural balance of the microflora in the digestive tract, which is called "A dysbacteriosis". Restoration of the lost balance of microorganisms peacefully coexisting in the intestine and in the norm is not Exposure to pathogenic action on our body, in most cases, allows us to eliminate the cause constipation.

To this end, probiotics are now widely used. In the arsenal of doctors there is an effective functional food product Biosporin-Forte produced by PJSC "Biopharma".

Numerous clinical studies have confirmed the merits of the preparation Biosporin-Forte in the therapy of constipation:

  • contributes to the normalization of the qualitative and quantitative composition of the intestinal microflora (bifidobacteria, lactobacilli and Escherichia coli)
  • does not affect the representatives of normal intestinal microflora
  • synthesizes a complex of enzymes that stimulate and regulate digestion
  • promotes better assimilation of food

Absence of significant side effects, as well as a convenient dosage form (sweet suspension) allow the use of the drug in children, starting at 3 months of age.

How it is possible to normalize work of an intestine at a constipation?

About how to normalize the work of the intestines with constipation, it happens to think at any age.Timely normalization of the digestive tract will prevent the development of more serious pathological changes.To help the intestines, you need to identify the cause and then take steps to get rid of constipation once and for all.

Restoration of activities

Many believe that it is possible to normalize the work of the intestines with constipation by using laxatives. This is a misconception: the use of laxatives does not solve the problem, because the cause is not eliminated. On the contrary, gradually getting used to, and the desired result will not be obtained.

Those who decide how to get rid of constipation, it is recommended to pay attention to medications that are mildly addictive (Fitomycil, Normaise, Dufalac). Taking lactulose in the mornings for 3 days helps to regularly empty the intestines. To facilitate the emptying process, it is recommended to use suppositories with glycerin.

Along with the laxatives you can use prunes, it is characterized by a mild effect and lack of addiction. Apple, plum and pear juices act similarly. The natural laxative is fiber. Not dissolving in water, it is due to the absorption of fluid in the digestive tract increases in volume, promotes a faster movement of food through the intestines.

Quick help

If you need to find a way how quickly to get rid of constipation, you need to use osmotic laxatives. They act quickly and gently, are considered safe. Such drugs help soften food in the intestines:

Microlux for rectal use is allowed even for young children. Most people are used to solving problems with the intestines with the help of medications, and we get rid of this problem much less often by folk methods. From the traditional medicine to adjust the work of the intestine will help:

Mix with carrot juice, drink during the day.

Effective drugs

When problems with digestion restore the work of the intestine help:

  • Linex (lactobacillus in the composition of the drug has a beneficial effect on the body, normalizes the activity of the intestine);
  • Pancreatin (contains substances that help break down fats, carbohydrates and proteins);
  • Bifidumbacterin (normalizes the functions of the intestines, helps restore the microflora, increases immunity);
  • Lactitol (a safe preparation that improves the activity of the intestine).

Before using any remedy, a doctor's consultation is required. Constipation in the elderly is recommended to be treated with decoction of flaxseed. Before you start using the decoction, you should also consult a doctor. Perhaps, he will recommend another drug or medicinal herbs (so that the digestive system can more effectively get rid of accumulated masses). When the disease is combined with hemorrhoids, treatment of constipation in the elderly can be performed using laxative candles.

In most cases, this condition is caused by several reasons, therefore, constipation in adults is treated in 3 ways:

  • diet with the inclusion of vegetables, fruits, sour-milk products, water;
  • motor activity (walking, swimming, dancing, running);
  • use of laxatives.

Prevention and treatment of constipation means the use of a sufficient amount of clean water (about 2 liters daily). In the mornings you can "wake up" the intestines with the help of physical exercises. There are special exercises that enhance intestinal peristalsis.

If a person has not found a way how to cope with constipation, you should start with nutrition.

Many underestimate this factor: food with a high content of carbohydrates contributes to the retention of stool in the intestine. To normalize the function of the intestine, a good result is the use of salad from boiled beets with prunes. Salads from cabbage, apples, cereals (oatmeal and buckwheat) will help to normalize the stool without the use of laxatives.

Treatment of meteorism includes several stages:

  • correct diet;
  • elimination of meteoric diseases;
  • normalization of motor disorders;
  • getting rid of the causes of intestinal disorders with the help of biologics.

If you are concerned about constipation, it is recommended to start treatment with regulating the diet and the rhythm of emptying the intestine. In order not to return the problem, do not suppress the urge to defecate.

To help with the emptying of the intestine is capable of an enema of boiled water with the addition of vegetable oil. It is desirable that the contents remain in the human intestine for the whole night. Our great-grandmothers advised: get rid of constipation quickly, taking every 2 hours a mixture consisting of honey, egg yolk and castor oil.

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Recommendations for diet with constipation

By the mechanism of action on the motor-motor function of the intestine, all food substances can be divided into five large groups.

To the first groupinclude food substances that act reflexively, by stimulation of the gastric thermoreceptors. It's cold dishes -ice cream, milkshake, borshch, beetroot, okroshka, cold filling dishesetc. Their laxative effect is more pronounced when used on an empty stomach or as first courses. This iscold water,which is recommended in the morning before eating.

Food substancessecond groupcause a contraction of the gallbladder, which contributes to increased release of bile acids. The latter, as is known, irritating chemoreceptors, are physiological stimulators of intestinal peristalsis. This group includes variousfats, especially vegetable (sour cream, cream, sunflower, corn, olive oil, etc.), egg yolk, sweets (honey, syrups, jam).

Third groupincludes food laxatives affecting the intestinal chemoreceptors. itsour berries, juices, milk drinks with acidity above 90-100 degrees on Turner (fresh kefir).

Fourth groupfood substances is represented by hypertonic solutions. It includessolutions of sugars (jam, honey) concentrated solutions of table salt (herring, pickled cucumbers, etc.). Listed meals and foods, getting into the intestines, increase the flow into its lumen of fluid for dilution of the hypertonic solution contained therein, and thereby affect the baroreceptors guts. In response, the intensification of the propulsive activity of the latter.

Food laxativesfifth groupincrease the volume of the contents of the intestine directly by its constituent parts (cellulose and cell membranes, connective tissue). To this group belong mainlyvegetables and fruits, as well as cereals with a high content of dietary fiber (turnip, radish, radish, beetroot, rutabaga, melon, pearl barley, millet, etc.).

Culinary processing: food should be cooked in steaming, in water, baked in the oven, served in a non-crushed form, vegetables and fruits can be served both boiled and raw.

Recommended dishes and products:gray, bran bread, crisp bread; low-fat soups on meat, fish broth, vegetable broth, borsch, beetroot, okroshka, fruit soup; meat and fish low-fat varieties in pieces or in chopped form; white cabbage and green peas with good tolerability; crumbly porridge and casseroles; soft ripe sweet fruits and berries, soaked dried fruits - prunes, figs, dried apricots, apricots; fruit and vegetable juices; Milk drinks, fresh cottage cheese and cottage cheese casseroles. puddings, syrniki, mild cheeses, sour cream in dishes; not strong tea and coffee, broth of a dogrose; butter and vegetable oil by portability.

Exclude:bread and bakery products from the highest grade flour, rice, oatmeal, semolina, vermicelli, blueberry, quince, chocolate, strong tea and coffee, cocoa, canned food, smoked meat, marinades, fried, onions, garlic, alcoholic beverages.

Sample menu for one day:
Soft-boiled egg
Stewed vegetables with butter

Borsch on a secondary meat broth
Baked meat
Dried fruits compote

Afternoon snack
Fruit juice

Baked fish
Boiled potatoes
Broth of a dogrose

Before bedtime

All day:bread bran - 250 g, butter - 20 g, sugar - 30 g.

Skilfully selecting the products and dishes, including food substances from different groups, during the construction of the daily ration can significantly contribute to the restoration of the intestinal activity.

Adhering to these recommendations in the treatment of constipation, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the composition of the diet, but also to the diet. In all cases of disordered nutrition, the rhythm of the intestinal function is necessarily violated due to the weakening of the gastro-colitis reflex.

To restore normal regularity of bowel movement, it is necessary to reschedule your morning and allocate enough time for breakfast and toilet. Traditional recommendations include taking a glass of cold water in the morning on an empty stomach, then a full breakfast, and then going to the toilet. Rushing in the morning and neglecting the urge on a chair, which became a habit, in many cases is the most important cause of constipation.

Breakfast should be at least 1/3 of a day's diet, and most importantly, should not be eaten in a hurry. Thorough chewing and a measured intake of food contribute to normal sokootdeleniem and, most importantly, the activation of reflexes, leading to the emergence of a call for a chair. Filling food with water is completely normal.

During the day there should be time for a lunch break. It is established that eating small portions, snatches, often suffer from constipation, than those who eat on schedule.

It is recommended to lead a physically active way of life, engage in respiratory gymnastics, perform specially designed exercise complexes.



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