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At home, in the medicine cabinet, there are always all sorts of herbs, since I believe if something can be treated with grass and do without pills, I choose grass, but if there are no tablets anyway, then the herbs are attached to the treatment. Sometimes, even the doctors themselves, advise, will take advantage of the addition to the treatment. One of these herbs, which I always have is St. John's wort. I buy it in the pharmacy, here in a box, weighing 50g.

The grass itself is still extra, here in such a paper bag

The grass is naturally dry, looks so

On the box itself, all the necessary information is written, what to treat with this herb, how to apply, and contraindications.

I also use it from gynecological inflammatory diseases, on the advice of a doctor. The grass is very, very good, it has been saved once or twice.

Time of use:always

Herbal treatment reviews collected from forums and sites


Kind time of the day! You have come to the collection of reviews but not simply, please read carefully these lines!

Data reviews collected from sites, or rather with comments on sites that leave people. We have tried to copy reviews that will help you understand whether this treatment suits you or not! Comments we did not change, because some of them are read hard, others are easier, the third is easy! We tried to leave a link to the old page where the comment was found.

Also to the article, we tried to find a video on the treatment of a disease, which may help you to understand the problem and its solution more! So, feel free to click on the link and watch the video!

herbal treatment reviews

Unfortunately, many fall into the same misconception that you and the doctor who looked at you.

Yes it is harmful, it is harmful. Have you read Hamlet? Do not remember what his father was poisoned? Here weed and finished! Beladonna is called.

And many more in the history of mankind were killed by grass. Marijuana is also a herb. And how many killed by tobacco - not one million. But this is a grass!

If the tablet contains an accurately measured substance, it is also impossible to precisely dose the medicinal herb. Many herbs act only on condition of proper preparation, preparation and storage. But you do not know, as a rule, where they collected and stored this herb. Here is wormwood: the allergen is powerful, in the flowering period it can provoke asthma. do you need?

As for stimulants, such as magnolia vine, ginseng, etc., Overdose can cause arrhythmia.

Well, and so on. so think for yourself if you need side effects of herbs.

As for your low pressure - you just have to be more active, move more and engage in physical training, and various - bicycle, dancing, walking, skiing, swimming, volleyball, basketball, badminton. if, of course, there are no contraindications.

Sorry for verbosity, I just do not like charlatanry.

Treatment for colitis

Posted by alexxa on Mon, 07/02 / - 2: 3

Very often people without medical education perceive colic in the intestinal region as a disease with colitis. In fact, colitis is an inflammatory condition of the mucous membrane of the colon and rectum, which occurs for a variety of reasons.

Treatment for colitis is appointed by the doctor and for each client is signed individually. These are diets, medications, curative enemas, phytotherapy.

During the diet, it is very important to adhere to strict rules for its compliance. In no event should you eat seasonings, preservatives, carbonated drinks, smoked products. Preference should be given to cooked food, but it is better to refuse fried, although in some diets it is quite acceptable. Of particular importance is the ratio of plant and animal food, which is adjusted depending on the cause of the colitis and the form of its course.

Treatment for colitis with medications is prescribed only by the attending physician and directly depends on the type and type of intestinal disorders. Very often for the removal of colic appoint a drug such as No-shpa, as well as vitamins of group B. Traditional medicine in the treatment of colitis is far from the last place. The buckthorn, fennel, calendula, and goatee - all these herbs are widely used for the treatment of colitis. And although their impact is obvious, but still even folk medicine should be used under the supervision of a doctor.

Physiotherapy helps to improve the function of the gastrointestinal tract, so physical activity is very important, as well as for the treatment of many other diseases. A massage has a beneficial effect on the impaired motor function of the intestine.

Ulcerous colitis cured by herbs

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I will share with the sick prescription for ulcerative colitis. Many suffer from it and consider it incurable. But God helped me!

Ulcerative colitis was ill for 5 years. It was 40 years ago. The disease went hard: swim, like a goose, mucus with blood. She lay in the hospital for months. We tried everything, we poured blood twice, but the improvements were insignificant. Vomiting started from the drugs, so I switched to grass.

Began to drink plantain: 1 tbsp. l. for a glass of boiling water. I boiled for minutes

5 on low heat and insisted. Took 3-4 times a day for 2-3 tbsp. l. 30 minutes before meals. And so about a month. A little bit easier, acidity rose. Plantain raises it. If someone's acidity is high, such a tool can not be used.

Then she switched to the flowers of marigold. Brewed them the same way. I took 1/4 cup 3-4 times a day, also for a month or more, I do not remember.

She was drinking mint from nausea. It became much better. And then it went, and it seemed to me that the wind was swinging, my stomach was growing to the back. Gradually, everything was fine. But the diet was observed for a long time. You can not eat spicy, salty, fatty, smoked, fried. Milk is not only sour. In a word, the first table is all steam, rubbed, not rough.

Yes, and green tea is also necessary for this disease. I still drink it. Previously, he always stood on the table in the hospital, in the department of gastroenterology.

Heal, go to the herbs, and they will certainly help, like me. Now in pharmacies they are many and fixing, and healing. And from tablets with such a disease, some complications.

I'll write to you about the remedy for snoring. Grandfather used to be very snored, and I was snoring a little. We were advised to dig in the nose before going to bed sea buckthorn or olive oil. But I did not find them, and I had to dig in the sunflower unrefined. Lying to get into the nasopharynx. Over time, snoring passed, now we sleep like mice. Try it, there will be no harm. I still dig up from time to time.

Answers I can not write, since I'm 83 years old, all sick. The pressure is off scale, one eye can not see, and the other in the fog.

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I will be very grateful! Thank you!

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Colitis and Traditional Medicine

Colitis is inflammation of the mucous membrane of the colon, which occurs with inflammatory bowel disease. In chronic colitis, a person must eat properly, strictly following a diet. I bring to your attention a small selection of advice from a national healer who can help with the treatment of such a disease as colitis.

It is recommended that the yogis wash the intestine once a month for six months, so that the normal functioning of the stomach is restored. But now there is a drug enterosgel. which perfectly copes with the functions of cleaning the body - you can use it. Bowel washing is useful in many diseases.

Diseases of the intestines, as well as wounds and ulcers, are treated with cough enemas or honey ones, as they contribute to the resolution of internal wounds and sores.

In the course of a month, take eight grams of propolis from the morning before eating, chew it, chewing it carefully and taking it slowly.

When colitis drink white cabbage juice for half an hour before meals, three to four times a day. At one time, drink half a glass of juice, gradually increasing to a glass. Course: three to four weeks.

In chronic colitis or acute, grind one hundred grams of watermelon dried crust and pour 400 ml. boiling water. Let it brew and drink half a glass five to six times a day.

Pour 400 ml. boiling water two tablespoons of chamomile and let it brew for about twenty minutes. Then strain and drink half a glass in a warm form three to four times a day.

Four times a day before meals, drink half a glass of the following remedy: four spoons of raspberries and raspberry leaves fill 400 ml. steep boiling water and leave to stand.

With chronic gastritis. when the intestines have a low tone and the following can help in the treatment of cancerous tumors: two teaspoonfuls of Befungin (or another chaga), fill with 3/4 cups of warm boiling water. Drink a tablespoon three times a day - be sure before meals.

With gastritis, gastrointestinal bleeding, with colitis with diarrhea, take the following remedy: twenty grams finely chopped oak bark pour one glass of steep boiling water and let it brew for at least two hours in thermos. Then strain and drink two tablespoons three to four times a day.

Take a teaspoon of sage + gold + chamomile and pour one cup of boiling water. Let it brew and drink about a tablespoon in two hours about eight times a day. After a half to three months, reduce the dose, and increase the interval between doses.

If you have colitis, seizures, epilepsy. gastritis: pour 200 ml. boiling water twenty to thirty grams of dried cow-grass and let it brew for fifteen minutes. Drink a tablespoon in two hours throughout the day.

Twenty grams of blue cornflower pour 400 ml. boiling water and insist an hour. Strain and drink 50 ml. three times a day twenty minutes before meals. It helps if you have a cough. whooping cough, with diseases of the bladder or kidney, pancreas, colitis with constipation, if night blindness, palpitations.

If acute or chronic colitis, which is accompanied by atonic or spasmodic constipation (or if putrefactive and fermenting processes): pour three tablespoons of St. John's wort 300 ml. boiling water and let it infuse in a thermos for 9 hours less). Strain and drink a third of the glass three to four times a day before meals.

If colitis is constipated: in this situation and a good proven method is the fresh juice from goose paw, which You should take a teaspoon three to four times a day, previously diluted in a small amount of boiled water. Treatment is carried out at a time when there will be a May flowering and before the fall.

If you have intestinal atony or colitis: take two tablespoons of linseed (the grass must be with the seeds), it is best if the linseed be harvested in August and pour a glass of boiling water. Then insist in a thermos for two hours and strain. Drink a tablespoon three to four times a day, then what remains - drink before bed. Treat for a week to two.

If the ulcer of the large intestine: take in equal parts the field horsetail and the shepherd's bag. Grind and mix. two tablespoons of the mixture pour 400 ml. boiling water and leave to infuse in the thermos for at least three hours. drink three tablespoons four times a day.

In case of colitis with peristalsis, the following remedy will help: two tablespoons (with a slide) of well-crushed leaves of burdock fill 400 ml. boiling water and leave to stand in the thermos for the night. Drink a third or a quarter of a glass for half an hour before a meal. This remedy acts as a laxative.

Look at the section of cholecystitis № 11

Success to you, your health is in your hands.
recipes and tips prepared by Galina Demidenko, site

How long is colitis treated and treated, duodenitis.

With the Coming, dear doctor! I consider myself sick from July. It all started with pain in the lower abdomen and difficulties with bowel movement. Tried a couple of weeks to take activated charcoal, stick to an easy diet and even took a course of levomycetin, as mucus appeared in the stool, but did not help - the pain remained. Passed in August, a colonoscopy, as a result of which nothing special (according to the specialist), in addition to the picture of catarrhal colitis was not found. On the recommendation of the same endoscopist, she drank the course of the ventilator and 15 days for one dessert. spoon of olive oil on an empty stomach, was sitting on a light diet. In the process of treatment she was on vacation, at sea, trying to keep to a diet, but terrible things started constipation (presumably because of the ventilator) and finally began to worry about the stomach - the upper part stomach. She came home broken, began to sleep badly at night, lost 5 kg. The situation with pain for the better changed, but the pain did not go away at all, added unpleasant sensations in the upper part of the digestive tract. At the end of August, I visited the gastroenterologist and, on his recommendation, started taking de-nol (4 r. per day) and a scooter. Further, the gasologist sent for blood donation, to determine Helicobacter. Found out - was treated with antibiotic course (flemoxin and something else - I do not remember the name), metronidazole and de-nol (2 times a day for 2 tab) - 7 days, after continued for 15 days de-zero. At the same time I donated blood and urine (all within the norm, slightly, very slightly lowered hemoglobin-110), passed feces to dizbac (found deviation) passed the x-ray only of the esophagus, stomach and small intestine (as it passed colonoscopy) - nothing was found - everything in norm. Ultrasound - also according to the specialist, everything is normal, no deviations. Saw calming (afobazol, Corvalolum) sometimes duspatelin. In general, very poorly began to sleep, began a real neurosis. I was terribly afraid, woke up at night in a cold sweat, etc. A saw also bifidobacteria and everyones E-coli for normalization of bowels. flora - on the recommendation of a gastrologist. After medicines, the doctor-gastrologist has appointed or nominated scarlet with honey and rast. oil and said that everything is normal, and the pain will eventually pass. It subsided, but the pain did not go away. Has returned the weight. At the end of November, after another exacerbation, I decided on the most terrible study - the gastroscopy of the FGD. The study was conducted by the same specialist who performed colonoscopy. He said that my acidity is high and my stomach is somewhat irritated. Conclusion: The picture of erosive duodenitis, superficial gastritis. Refluxuezophagitis. Duodenitogastric reflux. He also (since the credibility of the tour is slightly lost, and time is extremely short - I work) appointed treatment: Diet - month, De-nol, Motilium - 20 days. But on the recommendation of a familiar ventricle, I took along with the prescribed funds and omeprazole 1 t. Per day - 15 days. And, when I hinted to the doctors (both the gastrologist and the endoscopist) that it might be worth to drink omeprazole, both said that it was not worth it: this is too strong a remedy for you, why. What is surprising. It became better (the pain subsided, then left completely, the appetite returned, gas formation, nausea, nervousness, burning in the stomach, intestines and eructations stopped, eventually recovered by 4 kg). Stool regular - 1 time, less often 2 times a day, but sometimes with mucus and with difficulty. However, it was worth to complete the course of treatment, or rather omeprazole - as pain, however, the weak returned. Disturbs especially in the mornings, as though the stomach twists and after meal in 40 minutes calms down, but unpleasant sensations remain sometimes and till the evening. In the evening almost does not hurt, sometimes only I feel a burning sensation hardly above a belly-button. In addition, a rare eructation and stitching in the abdomen (just above the navel) returned, and the most unpleasant thing was discomfort in the intestines even after the toilet. If I do not eat fruit - it is difficult to go (although at about the same time - I go to the morning every day) to the toilet, but the fruit is not (?) Because of duodenitis. What to do next I do not know. Get used to it? Can it really be nerves? Recommend to wait and / or not pay attention at all, just do not get carried away by provoking products, drinks, smoking, etc. Tell me please, is it true that it can go by itself, or is it worth continuing treatment, a diet? (although I do not know which one any more). I have carcinophobia. (And another question is how much you can drink omeprazole, whether it is harmful - to me of all the medicines all the more helped most, in my opinion? Sorry for the chaos, perhaps the description. So you want to get rid of this (these) sickness even for a few months to send to remission at last! Before, I did not know where my stomach was, where the guts were. How much is all this dangerous? The truth to me already39 and the early menopause (if this is important). My height is 160, weight 55 kg (up to malaise was always not more than 52, but getting sick, lost weight and before treatment was 48 kg). I work (sit-down work at the computer), I go swimming twice a week. THANKS and all the best to you!

Good afternoon! Anything concrete can be said only at the internal consultation. In this case, taking into account the erosive lesion of the upper digestive tract, the use of PPI is indicated: omeprazole, rabeprazole, esomeprazole, lanceuprazole, pantoprazole.

So I was right after all, taking this medicine too strong for me at my own risk. It's strange that in my case everything began as if from below - from the intestine. And how long can it be taken and is this medicine sufficient to cure erosion in the DPC, reflux esophagitis and relieve pain in the intestines? Is there any treatment at all, or only supportive methods? I want to understand, is it normal that now, several days after the course of drugs, my condition has improved though (especially compared with the state in summer and autumn), but not completely worried about me in the morning discomfort and sensations in a stomach. Perhaps with something you just need to accept, somehow reckon with a chronic condition? I understand that it is virtually impossible to help virtually, but given the seemingly banality of my case and the fact that I can not get to the next consultation until January, I would also like to hear your opinion. Thank you once again, be healthy!

Good afternoon! All questions should be solved only internally! In absentia to give recommendations on treatment categorically it is impossible!



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