How to restore the intestines with constipation


How to fix a chair with constipation and restore the intestine?

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Normally, the intestine in an adult should be emptied once a day, in the case when defecation occurs less often when it is difficult, and the person after the toilet feels a certain discomfort, complains of abdominal pain or general weakness, we can talk about the availability constipation. Restoring the intestines with constipation and relieve the general condition is helped only by complex therapy. But first you need to determine the cause of the formation of stool. Ignoring an ailment can lead to dangerous consequences. And all because the delays in defecation trigger the process of reabsorbing substances that are inside the hollow organ. Stagnant chyme quickly begins to rot, there are toxins that instantly get into the blood. General intoxication is the most common complication. Is it possible to establish work and restore the intestinal microflora in case of constipation? You can, if you follow certain rules.

Answering the question how to adjust a chair with constipation and relieve the patient's condition, doctors pay attention to the general rules of behavior:

  1. At the first urge to defecate, you can not put off going to the toilet. Multiple containment of desires and leads to the formation of fecal obstructions.
  2. When you visit the toilet you can not read, listen to music, scroll through the pages in the phone, and be distracted by any other similar activities.
  3. It is important to visit the toilet at the same time. Only there is a restoration of the intestines with constipation, and a chair is being adjusted.
  4. If there is a need to stiffen during defecation, then it is better to do this, resting your feet on the floor and sitting on the toilet very smoothly.
  5. It is important to avoid stressful situations, nervous experiences will not help to establish a chair, but only exacerbate the situation.

In addition, to restore the microflora and normalize the work of the intestine with constipation, you will have to completely change your diet, it is important to parallel with this increase physical activity and learn how to prepare laxatives from what can be found in your own refrigerator or in the garden on the country house.

How to restore the intestines with constipation?

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Solving the problem of normalizing the consistency of stool with constipation, it is important to pay attention to nutrition. All fried, salted, spicy and smoked, canned, delicacies, flour and sweet - all this contributes formation of constipation, establish a chair and restore the intestinal microflora can be, if you completely abandon the similar products. Food for constipation should be varied and balanced. You need to eat everything: fish, meat, and poultry, but you should choose low-fat varieties and prepare dishes for a couple, lob any cooking, bake in the oven. To meat dishes it is useful to add salads from vegetables rich in coarse fiber. It promotes the formation of fecal masses, restores the microflora and normalizes the work of the digestive tract. A slight laxative effect is possessed by any dried fruits, juices from tomatoes, apples, white cabbage, pumpkin and plum. Salads are important to fill with vegetable oils. It is also necessary to eat more sour-milk products, greens. Anyone who wants to know how to fix a chair with constipation and restore the intestinal function must to refrain from drinking coffee, bitter and milk chocolate, ground rice, blueberries and buttery white of bread. All these products inhibit the motility of the intestine.

During a diet from constipation it is necessary to adjust reception of water. In a day an adult should drink a certain amount of water, the volume is calculated by the formula for one kilogram of weight 30 ml of water. The resulting amount is divided into nine parts, a single dose is consumed before meals. The first glass is drunk in the morning on an empty stomach. Water not only will soften the stool, but also expand the hollow organ, thereby stimulating, normalizing the work of the organ described and its peristalsis.

How to relieve constipation?

Sedentary lifestyle also contributes to the formation of constipation, so in order to adjust the chair, to ease the condition and restore the intestine, you need to move more. Do in the morning exercises, during the course of the day light gymnastics, after a hearty dinner it is useful to go out into the street and in for half an hour to walk, and in the evening, if time allows, you need to go to the gym or pool.

The complex of gymnastic exercises from constipation is extremely simple. Pulling the knees bent at the knees to the stomach, biking, pulling and protrusion of the abdomen, lying on the back. The effectiveness of exercise will increase if you combine them with a massage of the abdominal wall. Circular movements, spiral massage, starting with the navel, descending to the pubis, kneading the left and right side of the abdomen - it is not difficult to perform such movements yourself. Any gymnastics or gymnastics, wishing to set up a chair, restore the intestine and facilitate the condition, it is necessary to finish charging with active squats, fast walking.

How to establish a chair with constipation folk remedies?

Quickly to adjust a chair and to normalize a condition it is possible, using popular national laxatives. Quick recovery of the stool occurs after taking a mixture of dried fruits. For its preparation finely chopped dry figs, dried apricots, prunes, raisins are added, all this is mixed with honey and is taken fifty grams three times a day.

In the morning on an empty stomach instead of a glass of water it is useful to use tea, brewed from the tops of carrots. Thus, you can also adjust the chair. Green shoots are pre-dried in the sun, grinded and brewed from the calculation of a teaspoon into a glass of boiling water. Infusion can be sweetened, but instead of sugar it is better to use honey.

Knowing how to fix a chair with constipation folk remedies, restore the intestine and ease the condition of an adult, you can refuse to take medication. But if all the means listed in the article did not help to get rid of the delicate problem and establish digestion, it is necessary to overcome embarrassment and seek help from a doctor (to a gastroenterologist or proctologist).

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How to adjust the work of the intestines with constipation

Many people are concerned about the work of the gastrointestinal tract, in particular, constipation. And this is quite understandable. Modern man eats on the move, cooking pays little attention, preferring semi-finished products that save a lot of time.

Causes of poor bowel functioning

If a person is tortured by illness, he must change his way of life and nutrition. When the intestine does not work well, a person smells from the mouth, headache, irritability. In addition, problems with the gastrointestinal tract lead to apathy, drowsiness, isolation and decreased appetite.

Causes of poor bowel function. First of all - it's boiled, fried, starchy food, which contains few vitamins and minerals. If you constantly eat refined food, over the years, the digestive tract becomes so clogged that by the age of forty polyps, hemorrhoids, varicose veins and even cancer can appear on the walls.

To ensure that the peristalsis is not sluggish, you need to eat vegetables, fruits, cereals and nuts daily. Doctors recommend to drink fresh carrots and cabbage juices, and also there is a salad from cabbage, carrots and beets. Movement is life! Every morning you need to run, if this is impossible for a number of reasons, you can limit yourself to charging. With constipation, it is necessary to squat and press a lot.

From the diet you need to exclude jelly, cottage cheese, steep eggs, rice and semolina porridge, hot drinks and strong tea.

Constipation with sedentary work

If the child can not be kept in place, the adult person, on the contrary, is difficult to stir. There are, of course, people with an active lifestyle, who can not move. But there are not many of them. Most of us sit at the monitor all day at work. Yes, what can I say, at home the same. If the women are still spinning around the stove, clean, vacuum, wash the plumber and perform another physical work necessary for cleanliness and order, then men come home and sit down next to a computer or TV.

Constipation with sedentary work will not bother if you change this work to a more active one. If this can not be done, then the time off from work must necessarily be actively pursued. At work not to buy rolls and sausages, and pre-cook the salad, boil or cook a couple of slices of dietary meat, which contains little fat. Everything is in our hands, the main thing is to want to change something.

Other causes of constipation

There are two main causes of constipation - a sedentary lifestyle and malnutrition. Other causes of constipation: stress, GI tract, chronic or hereditary diseases. In order to understand the cause of the ailment, you need to try to change the lifestyle and nutrition, if it does not help, then you need to go to the doctor. Without analysis and careful examination, it is sometimes difficult to manage.

How to normalize the work of the intestines with constipation?

If in the treatment of constipation all the time to take laxatives, then over time will become addictive, and the drug will stop giving any result. How to normalize the work of the intestines with constipation? You can use soft-action drugs that are not addictive. "Dufalac". "Normaz" and "Fitomycil" are prescribed even for pregnant women and small children. To ensure that the anus is not damaged, you need to use Vaseline and glycerin. Candles with glycerin are inserted into the anus in order to facilitate the process of emptying the intestine.

Prunes and its broth help with constipation, this dried fruit has a soft effect, does not cause addiction. You can add herbs to the broth.

Folk remedy for normalization of the intestines with constipation

In order for organs and systems to work properly, you need to drink plenty of water. Life-giving water is needed when a person is sick. Cough, runny nose, cold and other diseases can not be cured unless you drink water.

An adult a day should drink about two liters of water. Tea, juices, coffee, milk do not fit. In a day you need to drink exactly two liters of water. In order to track how much water a day is absorbed, you just need to buy a two-liter bottle and come to her during the day. The morning should start with a glass of water on an empty stomach. In order not to forget to do this, you can put a glass with water before going to bed and in the morning without getting out of bed to drink it.

For the night you can not eat fatty foods. It is desirable at six o'clock in the evening to eat fat-free cottage cheese or to drink a couple of glasses of kefir.

Folk remedy for normalization of the intestines with constipation. For the intestines, bran is very useful. They work like a scrub, that is, they cleanse the intestines and improve the microflora. Bran is usually brewed with boiling water or added to the porridge.

The seeds of flax contain omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. They improve the work of the intestines, help in the digestion of food, and also remove the inflammation of the gastric mucosa.

Do not think that the medicines that nature gives us are absolutely safe, and you can take them at your discretion. Many herbs and berries can give a side effect or allergies, so before you drink something or eat, you need to consult a doctor.

Preparations for intestinal work with constipation

In order for the intestine to work properly, you must follow a diet. Sweet, smoked, flour, fatty, salty and spicy foods should be excluded from the diet. Food should be stewed, baked or steamed. In order to have a snack you should always keep yoghurts, nuts, fruits and dried fruits on hand. The most useful dried fruit in this situation are prunes and figs. If the intestine refuses to work normally, you should often eat vegetable soups, vinaigrette and porridge.

Sometimes you need drugs to work the intestines with constipation. Most often in this situation, doctors recommend using enzymes. The most popular are Regulaks. Bisacodyl. "Dulkolax" and "Slabikap." When violations of the functions of the gastrointestinal tract are prescribed drugs with pancreatin, such as "Festal "Panzinorm" and "Mezim."

Exercises to improve bowel function with constipation

Physical exercises improve the work of the digestive and blood supply. However, they must be performed every day, otherwise the result can not be waited. Do this in the morning before the toilet or three hours before bedtime. Exercises to improve the functioning of the intestines with constipation should be selected by a specialist in exercise therapy, which can take into account the sex, weight, age, health status and level of physical fitness.

Starting position: standing. This exercise activates the activity of the colon and trains the lumbar muscles. It is necessary to stand upright, put your feet to the width of your shoulders, your arms to your waist. The body slightly deflect back and make the slope forward by 90 °. Return to the starting position and repeat 8 times.

Starting position: sitting on a chair. Exercise strengthens the muscles of the abdominal wall and back, and also improves blood circulation. It is necessary to sit on a chair so that the backrest is on the side. Cross your arms at the back of your head, make a tilt forward, straighten your torso. Then it is necessary to bend back.

Starting position: lying on the back. It is necessary to lay down on the back, then press one foot to the chest and press it down with both hands. The second leg should be straightened. After that, the leg changes.

There is a large amount of exercise that will help solve the problem of constipation. About what is best to choose, you need to talk with a specialist in curative physical education, or with your coach. Whatever the person chooses, the main thing is to move. Even if he simply runs or makes daily walks - it will be good.



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