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Get well! The gastrointestinal tract becomes healthy. It is a fact!

Hello, Grandma! I already wrote about the grass half-fallen, it is freely sold in pharmacies, but in Ukraine very few people know how much this plant is healthy. For readers who have not heard anything about a half-pale, I want to report that this herb is from the family of amaranth, the homeland of its Sri Lanka.

In the middle zone - this is an annual plant. In 1993, I had 50 grams of half-pala to treat my kidneys. Since then I've been collecting all the interesting things about this grass, and here's another recipe added to my notebook. Take 100 g of grass, pour into a three-liter jar, pour in 1 liter of vodka, insist a month. Strain and squeeze the cake. The resulting tincture pour again into a three-liter jar and top to the top with cold boiled water. Take 40 g 3 times daily before meals. The medicine lasts for 25 days. After a month's break, repeat the treatment. You can treat myoma and cyst. I think that this information will not be

superfluous. And now on the pages of my favorite publication I share my knowledge on the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. I'll tell you about medicinal herbs and products used by the people in these diseases.

Folk wisdom says: Honey is the best friend of the stomach. It has a good effect on digestion, especially helps with constipation. Systematic consumption of honey normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Man's food is delayed in the stomach 2-3 hours and longer. At this time, it is exposed to the action of gastric juice. Bee honey can be used as a medical and dietary remedy for a number of Gastrointestinal diseases, accompanied by increased acidity and bouts of pain - with gastritis and peptic ulcer disease. With ulcers, it promotes the healing of the surface of the gastric mucosa and, in addition, acts as a general strengthening on the nervous system. The latter is very important, since peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum mainly occurs as a result of nervous breakdowns and strains. With peptic ulcer it is necessary to take honey for, -2 hours before breakfast and lunch and 3 hours after dinner. A good effect is obtained by taking honey, dissolved in warm boiled water. This contributes to the liquefaction of mucus in the stomach and a decrease in the acidity of the stomach. Honey solution in a cold form on the contrary increases acidity. Thus, bee honey is a good remedy for peptic ulcer of stomach and duodenum. Good results are obtained in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, digestive organs, colitis, gastritis - mummies. The purified mineralized mummy is a viscous, glutinous dark brown mass, has a smoldering specific odor, dissolves in water with a small precipitate, the taste is bitter. Take mumiyu on, g with milk, juices, tea, preferably on an empty stomach, 2 times a day, morning and evening before bedtime. The course of treatment is 25-28 days. After a 10-day break, repeat the course. During the treatment of peptic ulcers, keep a diet and moderation in food. Alcohol is contraindicated. No human organ has as many proverbs and sayings as a stomach.

Severe stroke for stomach - overeating. It is better to eat a little, than much to be ill - folk wisdom says. The diet is very important. No wonder they say - Do not overeat dinner, then the doctor is not needed. Let's talk about the treatment of the gastrointestinal tract with the young roots of burdock. When a person is being harassed by the inflammatory processes of the gastric mucosa, every spring, in the spring, it is necessary to eat, daily for 2-3 weeks, raw 4-5 freshly burdened young burdock roots. And when treating gastritis, it is best to take a cold infusion of this plant. 1 tsp crushed root of burdock pour in the evening with a glass of boiled water at room temperature and insist until morning. Morning to drink on an empty stomach. Drink until complete recovery. Burdock has no contraindications. The same infusion is useful in diabetes, osteochondrosis, rheumatism. A lot of healing properties and possesses psyllium. His juice is drunk for 1 tablespoon. 3 times a day for 15-20 minutes before meals when treating both acute and chronic gastritis. For the winter juice can be preserved with alcohol or vodka, mixing in equal proportions. Use for treatment and dry leaves of plantain. 3 tsp. leaves pour a glass of boiling water, insist 6-8 hours and take 1/3 cup for half an hour before meals. Plantain helps both with reduced and with increased acidity. It happens that often used herbs - plantain, chamomile, mint, calendula, - available in almost every home medicine cabinet, cease to have the desired effect on the body. Probably, it is getting used to them. Zopnik can become a substitute for these herbs.

It heals gastritis with any acidity of the stomach, increasing it with secret deficiency to normal and, on the contrary, reducing in patients with hyperacid gastritis. 4 tablespoons chopped grass zopnik pour, l of water, bring to a boil, but do not boil, and immediately pour into a thermos along with the grass. Eight hours to insist and drink on a glass 30-40 minutes before eating. The course of treatment is 2 months. If the stomach ulcer or 12 duodenal ulcer is useful, and such a collection: 30 tablespoons. psyllium, 30 tbsp. flowers yarrow, 20 tbsp. grass washes, 20 tbsp. 20 tons of pharmacy. calendula flowers, 20 tbsp. cones of hops, 15 tablespoons. camomile chamomile, 15 tablespoons May leaves of birch, 10 tbsp. herbs St. John's wort, 10 tbsp. chernobylnika, 10 tbsp. horsetail field, 10 tbsp. roots of ayr and burdock, 7 tablespoons each. separately herbs and chicory root, 5 tbsp. fruits fennel. In the selection of these herbs, anti-inflammatory, healing, analgesic properties of yarrow, hops, chamomile, marsh swine, calendula are taken into account. The horsetail of the field is also good for the healing of wounds, including gastric. It is also useful for the liver, along with chicory and rennet. In short, not only antiulcer, but the whole wide complex of effects on the body, strengthening, tonic work of all internal organs, cleansing them of toxins and wastes. 5 tablespoons Collect brew in a thermos 1 liter of boiling water, insist until morning. In the morning, drink on an empty stomach in half-hot form 200 ml, then drink 100 g for half an hour before lunch and dinner. After eating, take a thick broth from the hips. Prepare it from the calculation of 70-80 crushed fruits on a glass of water. Bring to a boil, but do not boil. Then 1-2 hours in the oven in a tightly closed container. Drink at least three glasses a day.

Ulcer can be cured with ordinary potatoes.Its tubers contain a unique set of organic and inorganic compounds necessary for the human body. Fresh potato juice is used in hyperacid gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, chronic constipation, with heart disease, liver disease, pancreas, salt deposits, heartburn, bitterness in the mouth and nausea (100-150 g of fresh juice to drink 1-2 times a day for 30 minutes before eating). The course of treatment is 2 weeks. The tubers are not cleaned, thoroughly washed, rubbed on the grater and squeezed out the juice. Patients with gastric and intestinal ulcers should begin treatment with 1 tsp. at the reception, gradually increasing the dose to 100-150 g. Take then 2 weeks. It is advisable to take potatoes with a red skin. Be treated and do not be ill!

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Treatment of the stomach and intestines with folk remedies

Diseases of the digestive system and various dyspepsia disorders respond well to therapy using prescriptions of alternative medicine. Treatment of the stomach and intestines with folk remedies is usually recommended as supportive activities that complement the conservative approach. The advantage of such drugs is their naturalness, almost complete absence of negative side effects.

Folk remedies based on herbs for treating stomach and intestines

Clearing the digestive organs from harmful substances, improve their activity, normalize the gastric motility and bacterial balance of the intestine helps herbal collection.

  • leaves of nettle - 45 g;
  • grass sporisha - 15 g;
  • yarrow - 45 g;
  • chamomile flowers - 30 g;
  • calendula marigolds - 15 g;
  • cones of hops - 15 g;
  • stems and leaves of chicory - 15 g;
  • grass immortelle - 15 g;
  • mint leaves - 15 g;
  • corn stigmas - 30 g.

Preparation and use

Dry and shredded components mixed. Exactly 2 tbsp. spoons of raw materials (corresponding to 30 grams) to insist in 1 liter of boiling water. Strain the medicine, drink 1 glass (can be served in portions) approximately 30 minutes before each meal, adding honey. The course of therapy - 2 months.

Folk remedies from vegetable oils for diseases of the stomach and intestines

Natural oils can not only improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, but also promote the healing of ulcers and erosions, eliminate chronic constipation.

The recipe for the medicinal mixture

  • flax seed oil - 50 ml;
  • Sea buckthorn seed oil - 70 ml;
  • herring oil - 30 ml.

Preparation and use

Mix and shake thoroughly. Before each of the usual 3 meals take 1 tbsp. spoon of oil mixture. Shake the solution constantly.

How to treat the stomach and intestines with folk remedies using freshly squeezed juices?

Sokoterapiyu can be considered a separate full-fledged direction in the treatment of the pathology of the digestive system.


Traditional healers recommend daily drinking 200-300 ml of at least one of the following fresh juices:

Fresh must be preheated. You can add sugar or honey.

It is worth noting that carrot juice is better absorbed with a small amount of olive oil.

How to treat the stomach.

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With gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer the following treatment is applied.
Drink on an empty stomach in the morning and before dinner for 100 g of napar celandine. Grass should be taken up to half the vessel finely chopped (along with the root) and fill the vessel with boiling water. At night, do not take. If the grass is dry, fill the vessel to one-third.

Course - 2-3 weeks.
"Ulcerative colitis, while on a diet, for 3 to 4 months between meals to eat a little walnut kernels (70 g per day). Instead of water, it is advisable to consume the decoction of the root of the comfrey, lalgan and flaxseed. Improvement comes in a month, and after four months - a persistent recovery.

In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, you can take advantage of such naparam: soap, chinaman, mother-and-stepmother, tansy, immortelle, chamomile, berries cranberries, wormwood, blueberries, valerian root.
With pains in the stomach - napar, St. John's wort, twigs, nettles or decoction from the walnut partitions.

With increased acidity - napar next collection: peppermint, yarrow, St. John's wort - 2 parts, seed of dill, bean - Part D.
With reduced acidity - napar such collection: peppermint, chamomile, fennel seed, cumin, valerian ('/ g part). hops (part D).
To drink on an empty stomach 2-3 months.

In chronic gastric diseases - gastritis, ulcers, as well as inflammation of the colon every day na for a month to eat up to 8 grams of propolis, while you have to chew for a long time, it's best to do it on a hungry stomach. In the case of allergies, treatment should not be discontinued.

With pain in the stomach, perform the following exercise: lying down, relax. Make a calm, if possible, deep breath (up to the border of pain in the stomach). with a delay, and after 10-15 seconds - a slow exhalation. During the inspiration, it is figurative to create in the area of ​​the lungs a growing cloud or something else. Perhaps this is difficult for those who do not have reverse thinking, but without a clot of bioenergy self-treatment will not work. During the delay after inspiration, the image is fixed. Then during the entire exhalation it is necessary to transcend this "cloud" into the stomach, in which the energy balance arose. If for a moment the "cloud" is lost sight of, it will immediately be captured by the solar plexus or enter the general nervous system without taking into account the increased demand for bioenergy in one or another locality.

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Lick your fingers))
But seriously, then go to any pharmacy and ask what you need for this!

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Gastritis does not pass. He's a bastard, he does not go by himself. And the smell - maybe the liver or gall bladder suffers. To the doctor!

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sit for a while on a diet - no fatty, fried, spicy. useful food to the maximum

every day for an hour - half an hour before a meal, drink 1 teaspoon sea-buckthorn oil (2 times a day in the morning and evening)
this oil and ulcer people cured
good luck!

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Complications of gastritis are very dangerous. If gastritis is not detected and cured in time, then it can lead to more serious diseases - peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, stomach cancer.
It is recommended to take Bifidum - a liquid concentrate of bifidobacteria in the first stage of treatment of gastritis along with the basic therapy. This drug promotes rapid healing of erosive lesions of mucous membranes, restores energy exchange cells mucous, allows you to quickly get rid of such unpleasant phenomena as stomach pain, heartburn, smell from the mouth, raid on language.

Bacterial metabolites in the composition Bifidum - liquid concentrate bifidobaketri has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous, immunomodulating and antimicrobial effect. The drug promotes rapid healing of lesions of mucous membranes.
The strains of bifidobacteria of Bifidum have a pronounced acid resistance, therefore microorganisms retain their vital functions in the acidic environment of the stomach.
Bifidobacteria drugs have a high antagonistic activity, so they suppress the representatives of the opportunistic and pathogenic flora.

If the stomach hurts only in the morning, buy at the pharmacy GASTROFARM.
You chew on empty stomach 1 tablet and drink it with water. In the stomach, a film forms, the cat does not give the gastric mucosa to contact with food, drink, nicotine, etc. There is no irritation. In general, it is used before every meal (but this is with gastritis aggravated, with ulcers. ) I take this drug with me when I fly to rest somewhere. And I take it only in the morning. It is a natural, harmless drug. Try it! Due to its enveloping function, pain disappears.



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