How to restore intestinal flora after diarrhea


How to restore intestinal flora

Limit the use of sweet and flour dishes. Products containing sugar, lead to the reproduction of yeast microorganisms that suppress the beneficial lactic acid microflora. The high content of carbohydrates and fats leads to constipation and difficulty intestinal motility. Refuse or limit to a minimum the use of sweets, carbonated beverages, biscuits.

Increase the consumption of lactic acid products. Lactobacilli, contained in yogurt, yoghurt, fermented baked milk, have a beneficial effect on the state of the intestines, promote the healing of the mucosa.

Add to the diet foods rich in fiber. Fibrous food normalizes peristalsis and regulates the daily departure of stool. Eat vegetables, bran, fruit, drink plenty of water.

Drink the course of drugs that relieve dysbiosis. Combined drugs can effectively restore intestinalfloraand eliminate imbalances. Take the drugs in full course, if necessary, repeat the therapy.

Complete the bowel cleansing procedure. Use the services of specialis

ts and go through the procedure of hydrocolonotherapy - cleanse the intestines by washing and removing the slag. At home, use the available means - a mug of Esmarch.

Thoroughly chew food. Get rid of the habit of eating quickly - chew slowly, in a relaxed atmosphere. Well chewed food does not load the gastrointestinal tract, the work of which takes place in a timely and correct manner.

Take advantage of recipes of traditional medicine. Phytotherapy will help restore balance in the intestines, so go through a course of herbal treatment. Brew sage, tansy and St. John's wort, drink one glass of infusion daily for two weeks. Ready-made fees for bowel cleansing should be taken by courses, making necessary breaks in treatment.

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  • How to restore intestinal microflora after diarrhea

    How and how to restore the intestinal microflora after diarrhea?

    Strong and prolonged diarrhea often leads to a violation of the intestinal flora and the development of dysbiosis. Therefore, immediately after the onset of symptoms of digestive disorders, it is necessary to take special medications, since it is difficult to restore the intestinal microflora after diarrhea without it. On the site you can buy an effective remedy from the Canadian company Flora md, which will help increase the number of beneficial bacteria and restore flora of the intestine.

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    Why is the microflora broken after diarrhea?

    Diarrhea is a symptom that accompanies many diseases. Most often, disorders of stool are observed in intestinal infections, dysbacteriosis, respiratory-viral diseases. During diarrhea, the peristalsis of the intestine is intensified, in excess amount the stool masses are removed, often together with useful microorganisms.

    Many infections are accompanied by inflammatory reaction, intoxication and require the use of modern antibacterial drugs that adversely affect the intestinal flora. Therefore, the presence of signs of diarrhea should alert you and force you to turn to specialists who will find effective means for normalizing your condition. Skilled doctors know how to restore the intestinal microflora after diarrhea. Do not engage in self-medication, especially with the development of intestinal infections with severe intoxication syndrome.

    The drug for the restoration of intestinal microflora after diarrhea

    We offer a proven method of restoring the intestinal flora - taking drugs containing live beneficial microorganisms that can quickly populate the microflora and eliminate intestinal dysbacteriosis. which often occurs after a disorder in the stool.

    On the intestinal mucosa is a biofilm containing colonies of beneficial microorganisms. It is an intestinal protective barrier that prevents the penetration of pathogens into the body. With diarrhea, the integrity of the biofilm is destroyed, the number of lacto- and bifidobacteria decreases, that directly threatens the development of dysbiosis and the attachment of secondary infection on the background of a weakening of the immune protection.

    To normalize the intestinal microflora, a set of measures aimed at restoring the number of useful microorganisms, the prevention of dehydration and the development of infectious-inflammatory complications. How to restore the intestines after diarrhea? With us, you can purchase the funds of the famous Canadian company Flora md for the restoration of the intestines. The preparations contain billions of colonies of beneficial bacteria, maximally passing through the gastric juice.

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    Elimination of diarrhea after childbirth in women

    • Causes and treatment of diarrhea after childbirth
    • How to get rid of diarrhea folk methods?

    A very common cause of anxiety in women is diarrhea after childbirth. When the chair becomes watery, you need to determine the true cause of its occurrence. It can be a wrong food, a stressful condition, a dysbacteriosis of an intestine, etc.

    Causes and treatment of diarrhea after childbirth

    Short-lived diarrhea is not a big threat to the body. Particular attention should be paid then, as it begins to move into a severe or chronic. Diarrhea leads to severe dehydration of the body, to hypovitaminosis. Therefore, it is necessary to engage in treatment without delay. After lactating mothers along with milk transmit to the body of the child many useful substances, which are for him the main food.

    To engage in self-treatment, of course, you can not, you must definitely visit a doctor, with whom you should discuss those drugs that are planned to be taken. Given that during feeding in the milk can get harmful components that are part of the medicine, the doctor often advises for a certain time to stop breastfeeding.

    Of course, it is desirable to stop diarrhea without medication, but to normalize the work of the intestines with a properly selected diet.The menu of a nursing woman should be reviewed and only those foods that do not provoke intestinal disorders should be selected. From the diet for a while you need to remove some vegetables and fruits, such as beets, cucumbers, apples, plums. Refuse to take fresh milk, and replace it with other fermented milk products. Eliminate the consumption of fried and spicy food. Diarrhea can appear and not only from malnutrition, but be caused by some kind of allergic reaction to a specific product.

    Do not forget to wash your hands well before taking a child. And try to be less nervous, since this can affect both the allocation of milk, and provoke a woman's diarrhea.

    It is important to remember that it is not possible to expand the dietary regime at the stage of recovery after removing the acute period of diarrhea.

    Pregnant or breastfeeding women for the elimination of diarrhea can use only some medicines from 2 pharmacological groups that are sold without a prescription at any pharmacy.

    First group # 8211; these are enterosorbents. They bind toxic substances in the intestines, which provoke a loose stool. These include drugs such as:

    1. Kaopectat. Normalizes the flora of the intestine and the spasms that arise in it, positively affects the irritations of the intestinal mucosa. But with excessive use can have the opposite effect and cause constipation. It is produced both in tablets and in suspension. Take it every two hours. If it is a suspension, then immediately two tablespoons, and if the tablets, then immediately two pieces, not chewing them and squeezed with a sufficient amount of liquid. Daily intake should not exceed 12 tablets.
    2. Attapulgite. Contains pectin and kaolin, contributes to the normalization of intestinal flora.
    3. Neostopan # 8211; antidiarrhoeal remedy, normalizing the intestinal flora.
    4. Reaban or Capekt are analogues of the above means.
    5. Smecta. Adsorbs the bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, normalizes the amount of mucus in the body. For one-time use, the contents of a single bag of powder dissolve in half a glass of warm boiled water and is immediately consumed. Daily rate # 8211; three sachets. The course of treatment is no more than seven days.

    The second group # 8211; it's probiotics. They include microorganisms, non-pathogenic bacteria, yeasts, which allow to normalize the intestinal microflora. A well-proven probiotic is Linex. It restores the disturbed balance of microorganisms. After oral administration, lactic acid bacteria begin to act in the digestive tract. Drink 2 capsules 3 times a day. If within two days Lineks did not give the desired result, you should immediately call your doctor.

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    How to get rid of diarrhea folk methods?

    Before starting treatment, you need to know the exact causes of diarrhea. As a rule, in folk medicine, those herbs that include tannins are used. Here are a few time-tested recipes:

    1. An effective tool will be a decoction from 1 h. l. bark of young oak twigs in 1 glass of water. Take 2 tbsp. l. 4 times a day.
    2. If there is bleeding in case of diarrhea, the infusion prepared from 2 tbsp will be irreplaceable. l. leaves of blackberry, filled with 2 cups of boiling water. Drink half a cup 4 times a day, adding honey if desired.
    3. A good assistant is an infusion of 1 tbsp. l. bark of willow, filled with 1 glass of boiling water. Take 2 tbsp. l. 4 times a day.
    4. When there is diarrhea after childbirth, you need to do the following: 1 h. l. cherry tails pour 1 cup boiling water, hold in a water bath for about 15 minutes. Drink 1 tbsp. l. 4 times a day.
    5. 1 tbsp. l. crushed raspberry leaves pour 1 cup boiling water, insist 30 minutes. Take 1/4 cup 4 times a day.
    6. 6 quince leaves pour 1 glass of water, boil for about 3 minutes. Drink half a glass 2 times a day.

    All of the above methods are effective, but each person has an individual organism. Therefore, you must not forget to skillfully combine different means to quickly eliminate the cause of diarrhea without causing harm to your body.



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