How to treat chronic colitis with constipation


Treatment of colitis with constipation

Colitis # 8212; a disease whose frequent manifestation is diarrhea, while the stool has a foamy discharge. But sometimes there is another symptom # 8212; absence of defecation.

Treatment of colitis with constipation requires several different approaches than classical ones, because there is a non-standard situation, which, by ordinary methods, can be harmful to the body.

Traditional treatment of colitis with constipation

The drug treatment of colitis, accompanied by constipation, depends on the pathological conditions that are present. So, the patient can suffer from dysbiosis, active inflammation of the intestinal wall, pain, flatulence and other conditions.

In general, such approaches to treatment are used:

  • use of laxatives;
  • use of drugs that affect the smooth musculature of the intestine (proserin in atony, platyphylline, papaverine, no-shpa # 8212; with spasmodic constipation);
  • probiotics for restoration of intestinal microflora;
  • sulfonamides and plant antimicrobial agen
    ts for infection;
  • carminative means for flatulence.

Diet in case of colitis with constipation

Diet in colitis with constipation has the most serious effect on the state of the intestine. Correctly selected food, following all the recommendations of the doctor will allow you to get rid of the exacerbation of colitis and transfer it to a long remission in a short time.

Dieticians advise to make a diet based on such products:

  • dried wheat bread;
  • kefir;
  • cracker;
  • a small amount of soft cheese and sour cream;
  • dried fruits;
  • wheat bran;
  • foods rich in fiber.

All products should simultaneously favorably affect both constipation and the course of colitis.

Special Recommendations

Colitis # 8212; although not a serious disease, but very specific. To its treatment it is necessary to approach in a complex way, observing irreproachable all recommendations of the doctor. Gentle mode of life, simple food # 8212; thanks to this you can forget about the recurrence of the disease for a long time.

In general, doctors make such additional recommendations:

  1. Approach treatment in a comprehensive way, using drugs, herbal medicine, diet, exercise.
  2. Periodically recommended visit to the sanatorium.
  3. It is necessary to choose together with the doctor curative mineral water.
  4. It is not recommended to abuse laxatives and enemas, since their prolonged use leads to a complication of the situation.

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Chronic colitis with constipation

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Among the signs of chronic colitis developing in the patient, you can often find long and painful constipation. This disorder of the stool is one of the most characteristic symptoms of the disease. It is characterized by a significant difficulty in the exit of fecal masses, in order for at least partial evacuation of the intestine to pass, the patient needs strong attempts. In chronic colitis with constipation, the stool leaves very small portions and is often covered with whitish mucus or bloody veins.

Constipation in chronic colitis is usually spastic type, but there are also atonic ones. Such unpleasant symptomatology in this disease arises because of the presence of spasm of the large intestine, as well as its omission and weakening. It is characterized by a high density of feces and a very small number of defecations (2-3 per week). As a result of accompanying chronic colitis constipation, such consequences of this pathology as internal hemorrhoids and anal fissures can appear. The main concomitant signs of the disease, which occurs with such disorders of the stool, are:

  • Discomfort and unpleasant tenderness in the abdominal cavity;
  • Bloating;
  • Pain accompanying the process of defecation.

Treatment of chronic colitis with constipation

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In the case when the disease occurs against the background of such a violation of the stool, when choosing an individual method of treatment, a specialist always proceeds from a specific case. Drug therapy for chronic colitis with permanent constipation provides for the appointment of laxatives to the patient.

But medicament preparations alone do not often give the expected effect. Therefore, this form of development of this intestinal pathology requires not only complex treatment, but also auxiliary methods:

  • Cleansing and microclysters containing in their composition acting directly on the bowel medicines or herbal preparations;
  • Massage of the abdominal region, helping to remove spasm from the intestinal walls and facilitating the exit of feces;
  • Physiotherapy;
  • Sanatorium treatment with the use of a certain type of mineral water.

It should not be forgotten in the treatment of chronic colitis with constipation and the use of a special diet, against which therapy of intestinal pathologies is most successful. Since the obstructed stool that accompanies this disease arises from the weakening of the peristalsis of the large intestine and lowering its tone, dietotherapy involves the inclusion in the diet of foods that are rich in plant cellulose.

Relaxing effect on the intestines, necessary for constipations accompanying chronic colitis, more all expressed in bread that has in its composition wheat bran or baked from rye flour coarse grinding. It is also good to stimulate peristalsis and raw fruits and vegetables, especially beets.

In addition to high fiber content, such dietary therapy also provides for an increase in the intake of a liquid in the body, which contributes to the dilution of stool. With this course of this pathological inflammation of the large intestine, you should drink at least 2 liters of fruit or herbal decoctions, slightly boiled tea, compotes, kissels.

Do not forget that frequent enemas and the use of laxatives over time contribute to increased constipation. Therefore, chronic colitis should not be abused. Instead of tablets, it is best to take the appropriate herbal decoction, since it has the same effect, but does not cause addiction. All recommendations for the treatment of a disease with such symptoms should come from a specialist who knows all the nuances of the disease in a particular patient and takes them into account in appointments.

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