How to restore intestines after chemotherapy


Recovery after chemotherapy at home

Treatment of oncological diseases # 8212; difficult task for doctors and difficult for patients, because applied chemotherapy and radiation have a negative impact not only on cancer cells, but also on the whole organism generally.Recovery after chemotherapyis an important component of full-fledged treatment of patients.

The patient's condition after chemotherapy courses can be assessed as severe, and with each subsequent course the body will become weaker. In this regard, it is necessary to restore the affected functions in order to improve the quality of life.

In addition to pronounced weakness, psycho-emotional lability, reduced immunity, attention should be paid to laboratory tests. Often, anemia, thrombocytopenia and leukopenia are detected.

In addition, the destruction of hair follicles, exacerbation of chronic pathology against a background of decreased immunity. There is a digestive dysfunction (dyspepsia, constipation, diarrhea, lack of appetite). All this is due t

o the toxic effects of chemotherapy on healthy cells of the body, because of which there are violations of the functions of organs.


It is worth considering that food after "chemistry" should maximally enrich the body with the necessary vitamins, micro macro elements and substances that stimulate the restoration of all affected organs and structures.

Food should not be monotonous, it must include a sufficient number of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Here are some recommendations that will help to gradually return to the usual way of life without much difficulty. So, it is necessary:

  • eat often and in small portions;
  • to give preference to fresh and useful products;
  • To monitor caloric content, so that the body receives a sufficient amount of nutrients and does not experience their lack;
  • Walking in the open air before meals to increase appetite;
  • Do not overeat or starve;
  • to exclude fast useless carbohydrates (sweets, cakes) from the diet;
  • it is necessary to thoroughly chew food.

Quite often after "chemistry" diarrhea is observed. so the food should be directed to stabilize the water-electrolyte balance and correction of the intestine.

Products should be prepared in a double boiler, pre-grind well. The intake of raw vegetables and fruits is limited. The most useful in this case is rice porridge, eggs and mashed soups.

The daily menu should include such mandatory products as:

  • bread, flour products (muffins, crackers, biscuits, shortbread cookies), but is excluded: dark bread and sweet buns with filling;
  • meat of low-fat varieties (boiled or steamed meat, cutlets, meatballs), is excluded # 8212; fatty and fried meat, fat, dumplings;
  • lean fish, except for smoked, dried and salted fish;
  • raw vegetables, boiled, stewed or baked (you can not eat pickled, canned and salted vegetables);
  • steam omelet from chicken or quail eggs (you can not eat eggs in fried and raw form);
  • dairy products (cottage cheese, yogurt), except for sour cottage cheese, kefir, sharp kinds of cheese;
  • vegetable, butter (forbidden margarine, spread, baked fat);
  • any ripe fruit as fresh, and in the form of puree, jelly, jam.

In addition, do not forget about the full-fledged drinking regime. A day must be drunk, # 8212; 2 liters of water without gas, weak tea, compotes, jelly or juices. Not recommended # 8212; coffee, alcohol and carbonated drinks.

Legumes, nuts and other protein products are useful, due to the high content of proteins, iron and B vitamins. Dairy products are necessary to provide the body with calcium.

Vegetable food in the form of salads, stew and garnishes will ensure sufficient supply of fiber to normalize the digestive function.

Daily regime

In order to restore the lost in the process of chemotherapy forces, you must adhere to a certain routine of the day:

  • the intake of food should not be less than once every 3-4 hours for the normalization of the digestive function;
  • it takes an adequate amount of time to sleep and rest;
  • before going to bed and eating meals, outdoor walks are recommended;
  • at desire and good state of health physical exercises of sparing mode are possible.

Especially effective is the recovery after taking chemotherapy drugs in the sanatoriums, as the regime of the day is observed, excluded "useless" food, and most importantly - it's procedures that help to strengthen immunity and activate protective mechanisms organism.


Is it possible to go in for sports?

Sports activities are allowed only after a thorough examination by a doctor and with his consent to exercise. Recommended employment under the supervision of a coach and only in a special group of exercise therapy.

You can combine cardio exercises with gymnastics. In each individual case, the selection of exercises is carried out individually.

It is recommended to begin with walks in the park, gradually increasing the duration and speed of walking. They not only improve the physical condition, but also psycho-emotional.

During training, it is necessary to pay special attention to the internal sensations, for example, the appearance of pain syndrome, dizziness or nausea.

It is necessary to dosed the approach to the types and intensity of the loads, in advance having consulted in detail with a specialist in the field of rehabilitation.

Recovery after chemotherapy folk remedies

To get rid of adverse reactions after taking chemotherapy drugs, you can turn to folk medicine.

Quite often in laboratory indicators there is a decrease in leukocytes, so it is advisable to use oats when reconstructing. Due to the high content of vitamins A, E, B, micro- and macronutrients, essential amino acids, silicon, oats improves the elasticity of connective tissue, vascular walls and stimulates regenerative processes. In addition, with the help of polyphenols and flavonoids, this herb helps the kidneys, liver, digestive tract and participates in lipid metabolism.

The most effective combination of oats with milk. You need a tablespoon of grain to boil a quarter of an hour in a glass of milk, as much as insist. A single dose is half a cup. On the first day, one dose is enough, with each subsequent day should increase the volume by half a cup, reaching a liter, dividing into doses, and then reduce again to half a glass a day.

The flax seed is famous for thiamine, micro- and macro elements, omega-3 fatty acids, which helps to remove from the body the metabolites of chemotherapy and the toxic substances of the killed cancer cells.

To prepare the infusion, you need to insist 60 grams of seeds a night in a thermos with boiling water. In the morning, filter, add a glass of boiling water. Daily (2 weeks) to drink a liter of infusion.

The seed of flax is contraindicated in cholelithiasis, urolithiasis, pancreatitis and colitis. Flaxseed oil is taken on a tablespoon per day to strengthen the immune forces.

Thanks to amino acids, the mummy stimulates the regenerative mechanisms in the affected tissues, activates the germs of the hematopoiesis (leukocytes, erythrocytes), but reduces the platelets.

Recovery after chemotherapyis the most important component of effective treatment, after all, having cured cancer. It is necessary to return a person to a normal life without deteriorating its quality.

It is important to know:

Recovery of the body after chemotherapy sessions

Sessions during which intensive chemotherapy is conducted, do not pass without a trace for the body. There are many violations and disruptions in the work of almost all organ systems. The most frequent problems that arise and as a result of which it is necessary to restore the body after chemotherapy sessions are:


change in the blood formula;

- toxic damage to organs, in particular liver;

- disruption of the digestive system;

- thinning the hair on the head;

- general deterioration of state of health.

Changes in the blood formula lead to a violation of its coagulability. Drugs that are designed to fight tumor cells, reduce the ability of the bone marrow to form platelets and renew them to the required amount. In order to restore the hemoglobin level again in the blood, as well as to restore red blood cells and platelets, it is recommended to include diet food tincture Eleutherococcus, pomegranates, red apples, beef, as well as tinctures and decoctions of the nettle, yarrow, golden root. In small quantities, natural red wine is recommended, since it also helps to restore the blood formula.

The use of decoction from flowers of clover, from the root of angelica and flowers of chicory will increase the number of leukocytes.

The liver, which has suffered after chemotherapy sessions, also requires the restoration and maintenance of safe food. As little as possible in the daily menu should be fatty foods, spicy seasonings, salty and flour products. It is best to completely remove these dishes. Restoration of the body will help to make decoctions and tinctures, for example, from the follicle, clover, calendula flowers. Very useful is vegetable oil, which will saturate the body with vitamins and extremely useful fats.

The problem that arises after chemotherapy sessions also applies to the scalp. As a rule, too intense hair loss begins, which can not be stopped with conventional cosmetic means. The activity of the hair follicles slows down, is inhibited by antitumor drugs, so it must be renewed and activated. Make this help decoctions cooked on the basis of burdock root, nettles, hops and used to wash or rinse the head.

Useful for hair growth after sessions of chemotherapy is burdock oil. You can buy it at the pharmacy or cook yourself. For cooking at home, you need to take flowers and burdock burdock, pour them with vegetable oil, leave to infuse for about 20 days. After cooking, oil is rubbed into the scalp and hair roots. You need to do this three times a week.

Restoration of the body implies the normalization of the digestive system. Disruption of the stomach and intestines is often so noticeable that every day you have to fight with constipation or diarrhea. Dysfunction of the intestine can be treated with medicinal herbs. So, to get rid of constipation will help anise, cowhide, buckthorn, Senna, fennel, from which broths are prepared. You can eliminate diarrhea by using decoctions of thick-leafed horseradish, a swampy marsh, a clove root.

After chemotherapy sessions, as a rule, many cells forming an oncological tumor die. But they are not deduced independently from the body, but turn into necrotic tissue. The dead cells and their particles enter the body and into the blood, which is manifested by a general deterioration of well-being. Patients experience severe weakness, nausea, headache, often the temperature rises and the working capacity decreases. To restore the body as soon as possible, it is necessary to clear it of dead malignant cells. Will help abundant and frequent drinking of water, broths of mountain ash, hips. 2-3 cups a day is recommended to drink berry fruit, for example, cranberry and cranberry.

With the help of diuretics it is possible to speed up the process of removing harmful cells from the body. These are decoctions of the horsetail of the field and the root of the wheat grass. Symptoms of intoxication are well eliminated after consuming chaga broth.

Intoxication of the body can be reduced and regular tablets of activated carbon. If there are no objections on the part of the observing physicians, you can drink from 12 to 15 tablets of coal per day. There are herbs, which when boiled form a large amount of mucus. These are marshmallow, cetrarium, angelica and flaxseed. The use of such drinks will help to quickly remove from the body harmful toxins that remained after the introduction of antitumor drugs and cell death.

Before and after sessions of chemotherapy, it is extremely important to take care of the hygiene of the entire oral cavity and teeth. Drugs with a strong effect can provoke dryness in the mouth, cause irritation, as well as the formation of ulcers and wounds on the mucosa of the mouth. Be sure to brush your teeth with a paste with a high level of enamel and gum protection before chemotherapy is performed and after it. In order not to provoke a deterioration of the teeth, try to for a time refuse from rough food, which is difficult to chew, and also from salty and sour. Do not drink tomato, grapefruit or lemon juice. Be sure to drink liquid bread or other dry foods, as the dryness of the mucous membranes can make it difficult for the food to pass through the esophagus.

Restoration of the body is necessary not only to improve the overall well-being of the patient, but and in order to restore to him the ability to independently resist viruses and pathogens bacteria. But before taking any means, including folk, you need to consult a doctor who knows the specifics of your cancer.

Recovery after chemotherapy

Chemotherapy sessions. Conducted in the treatment of malignant formations, have serious consequences for the patient's body. The normal functioning of the organs is disrupted, and negative changes occur in the tissues. The most common problems are as follows:

  • violation of the blood formula;
  • toxic damage to internal organs;
  • hair loss;
  • poor health in general.

Particularly disturbing is the fact that after the chemotherapy procedure the body becomes virtually sterile, so it does not have any resistance to infection. Therefore, the recovery process after chemotherapy acquires a vital significance for the patient.

Directions of recovery of the body after chemotherapy

Specialists attach special importance to the restoration:

  • the level of leukocytes in the blood, responsible for the production of antibodies, the fight against pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi;
  • organ-filters, which include the lungs, liver and kidneys;
  • function of the intestine, responsible for removing toxic substances from the body.

Preparations for recovery after chemotherapy

To restore the blood formula after chemotherapy, in particular to increase the level of leukocytes, Leukogen or Mtiluracil is traditionally used. Also, methyluracil helps reduce inflammation in the large intestine and pancreas. In the most severe cases, prednisolone is prescribed, the intake of which requires increasing the intake of milk and lactic acid products.

With a decrease in blood clotting:

  • Dexamethasone;
  • Hydrocortisone;
  • Triamcinolone;
  • Erythrophosfamide (the latter is used for anemia).

To combat anemia are also used:

Soft hepatoprotectors contribute to liver recovery after chemotherapy. These include:

Expressed violations of the liver require the use of more powerful drugs, including the hormone drug - Prednisolone.

To restore the kidneys, the doctor can prescribe diuretics and simultaneous intake of magnesium and calcium preparations. And to clear the intestines of toxins can be with Enterosgelya, white coal and other sorbents.

Recovery after chemotherapy folk remedies

In connection with the fact that when immunity is restored after chemotherapy it is forbidden to take immunostimulants, it is recommended to the patient to drink a tincture of a pink radi:

  1. To make it, 1 tablespoon of herbs should be poured, l boiling water.
  2. Infuse 6 - 8 hours.
  3. Take infusion should be 3 times a day before meals for 3 weeks.

Increase the defenses of the body can be with the help of tincture Aralia, Echinacea or Eleutherococcus.

Anti-inflammatory effect has aloe juice:

  1. You can prepare a medicinal preparation by scrolling the leaves of aloe through a meat grinder and squeezing the liquid through the gauze.
  2. Mix 8 parts of juice and 1 part of vodka, take the remedy for 1 teaspoonful three times a day.

With the purpose of tissue healing and bringing the secretory and motor functions of the digestive tract back to normal, the plantain juice is used. With poor blood coagulation, decoctions of the nettle or the root of the badan are used. With negative changes in the blood, the lungwort helps, which, first, inhibits the growth of the tumor, and, secondly, supplies the body with a whole complex of microelements. For the prompt removal of dead malignant cells it is recommended to drink berry fruit and broth of dogrose.

Nutrition during recovery after chemotherapy is of decisive importance. In the diet of the patient must be the required amount of protein and carbohydrates. Be sure to include fruits and vegetables to make up vitamins. Particularly useful:

To get rid of nausea, you can take sourish fruit and a little red dry wine.



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