Than to restore an intestine after a chemotherapy


The consequences of chemotherapy: how to restore the body

Each patient who has experienced chemotherapy, is invited to take on board simple advice on the recovery of the body, in particular for the improvement of hair, liver, immunity.

Chemotherapy is a common way to treat certain infectious and invasive diseases, as well as cancer. This technique has been used for 2-3 decades and is successfully used in such countries as Russia, the USA, Israel, Germany, Canada, etc.

Indications for use and side effects

Most often, chemotherapy is used as the main method of treatment. This is mainly the case with metastases and various neoplasms that are found in the late stages of formation. Also, chemotherapy can be shown before and after surgery. It should be noted that this method not only positively affects the course of treatment, but it can also have a negative effect on the functioning of various systems and organs of the human body.Among the side effects that occur after the use of chemotherapy, the most common are

the following:

• changes in the blood formula;
• an increase in the number of infectious diseases;
• partial or complete hair loss;
• malfunctioning of the digestive system;
• toxic damage to the liver and a number of other organs;
• changes in the worse for well-being and general health.

The side effects that occur after chemotherapy are divided into four stages :

- The first and second stages. as a rule, do not interfere with the main treatment.
- In case of occurrencethe third stageit is highly recommended to stop for a while chemotherapy procedures. Continuation of treatment in this case is possible only after a complete or partial recovery of the body.
- Fourth stageadverse effect of chemotherapeutic drugs is a real threat to the life of the patient, so in this In case of complete cessation of treatment with chemotherapy, and no further use of this method.

One course of treatment involves about six cycles of chemotherapy. Between each cycle there must be a gap (at least three weeks) during which the restoration of various organs and tissues of the patient's body takes place. And the treatment itself can last from four to ten months. After completion of the treatment, the patient is shown further rehabilitation and recovery measures.

Recovery Techniques

There are several types of measures to restore the body after chemotherapy treatment. Each of these methods can, both fit and not fit the patient, therefore the methods of recovery are appointed individually by the attending physician. After determining the recovery methods, the patient should carefully follow the chosen strategy and be sure to follow all recommendations. To restore the body after chemotherapy, the following measures can be included:

1. Medications and procedures. Treatment with chemotherapy after its termination may also lead to poor health. If this happens, you should immediately inform your doctor (oncologist) about it, while you need to describe in as much detail all your feelings. According to the results of the medical questionnaire, the doctor will be able to recommend the necessary procedures or medications for improving well-being, among which:

Restoration of blood.This operation is carried out with the help of blood transfusion, erythrocyte and platelet masses.
Renal work of the kidneys. For this, glomerular filtration, tubular re-absorption, as well as the prevention of the occurrence of kidney infections and the formation of urate calculi can be used.
Restoration of the general condition of the body.In this case, burns are prescribed to use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antioxidants, antihypoxants, various anesthetics.

2. Food. The most important part in the recovery process after chemotherapy treatment is to maintain a proper (balanced) diet. Daily it is necessary with extreme scrupulousness to monitor the necessary ratio in the diet of fats, proteins, carbohydrates and the amount of calories consumed.Here are some recommendations that can be given by the attending physician :
• It is extremely useful to eat beef, pomegranate, red apples and other products that promote the recovery of hemoglobin in the blood;
• To normalize and restore the liver, it is necessary to minimize the consumption of flour products, fatty foods, and spicy foods;
• To normalize the work of the whole body, it is recommended to eat various herbal teas, carrot, beet, tomato juices, milk;
• to restore the work of the intestine in the diet selected products depending on the nature of the problem (constipation, diarrhea).

3. Removal of dead cancer cells from the body. cancer cells Dead tumor cells that are formed after chemotherapy treatment, usually remain in the body of the patient in the form of necrotic tissue. When these cells get into the blood, various side effects can occur, such as temperature changes, general weakness, headache, lethargy, poor health. To get rid of the body of necrotic tissue the most effective way is abundant drinking. In this case, it is recommended to drink at least -2 liters of water per day. Also, the oncologist can recommend some diuretics.

4. Other aspects. To restore the function of hair growth help wellfolk remedies. such as burdock oil (must be rubbed into the scalp), as well as various rinses from the root of burdock or nettle. To bring the normal operation of all body systems is highly recommended sufficient amount of time in the open air, moderate physical activity, swimming, walking walks. It is important to bring a habitual way of life, and if you need to seek help from a psychologist or contact a specialized support group.

Restorative measures after the course of chemotherapy can last from six months to several years. At this time, you should pay sufficient attention to your own health, as well as carefully follow all the recommendations of your doctor.

The most interesting news:

How can I restore my body after chemotherapy?

Usually after intensive chemotherapy it is necessary to solve several questions. As a rule, it is necessary to: 1) restore the blood formula; 2) eliminate the toxic damage of the liver; 3) normalize the work of the stomach and intestines; 4) restore the scalp to the head; 5) establish a common state of health.

So, to restore red blood, that is, erythrocytes and hemoglobin, you need to take tinctures of the roots of Eleutherococcus spiny, Aralia Manchurian, golden root. In addition, helps yarrow and nettle. In the diet should be pomegranates, apples, red wine and, importantly, a sufficient amount of meat, because in another way to quickly make up the content in the body of vitamin B12 will be difficult.

You can increase the number of white blood cells by taking decoctions of the flowers of the medicinal millet, angelica root, chicory root, Pallas spurge tincture. A certain role in this event will be played by the already mentioned representatives of the Araliev family.

To eliminate toxic damage to the liver, it is necessary to exclude animal fats, pepper and alcohol from the diet, and introduce more vegetable oil. With a therapeutic purpose take the powder of seeds of milk thistle, decoction of herbaceous grass, flowers of lupine clover, flowers of calendula and inflorescences of immortelle.

To stimulate the secretory activity of the stomach and pancreas, plant bitterness is best suited. Champions in content: wormwood bitter, three-leaved watch, large-flowered gentian, great plantain, marsh terrarium, centaur centaur.

Elimination of bowel dysfunction depends on the type of disorder. With diarrhea, they give Kalgan, clove root (gravel), swampy saber, thick-leaved balan. For constipation - cowworm, senna, buckthorn, spurge cypress, anise, fennel, dill.

If there is an abundant hair loss, then an active stimulation of the hair follicles is required. To do this, decoctions of burdock roots, nettle grasses, horsetries, as well as burdock oil are used. This remedy is obtained from the already mentioned burdock by insisting its flowers (spines) in sunflower oil. All listed medicines are applied externally. Broths wash the head, and burdock oil rubbed into the scalp.

As a result of chemotherapy, many tumor cells die. Necrotized tissue, getting into the blood from the source of destruction, poisons the whole body. This poisoning is just manifested by common symptoms: deterioration of health, a rise in body temperature, headaches, nausea, sometimes vomiting, a sharp decline in performance.

In order to reduce these phenomena, it is necessary to drink plenty of water, and, preferably, broths of vitamin plants (berries of mountain ash, hips) and cranberry and cowberry mors. At the same time, diuretics are taken, such as the horsetail or the root of the wheat grass. Not bad detoxification decoction of chaga.

It is important to carry out the binding and removal of toxins from the gastrointestinal tract. Here, activated charcoal (up to 12-15 tablets per day), polyphepan, zosterin, and also herbs that give a lot of mucus in broth - marshmallow, angelica, cetrarium, flax seed.

And, finally, the last. It is necessary to introduce into the treatment immunomodulators and adaptogens in order to remove intoxication and restore the defective protective forces of the body. An example is the rhodiola rosea (alcohol tincture).

Restoration of immunity after chemotherapy

  • Consequences of chemotherapy
  • Suppression of immunity after medication
  • Key aspects during the growth of the functional of the immune apparatus
  • Means of optimization of adaptive possibilities of immunity after chemotherapy

At present, recovery of immunity after chemotherapy is the No. 1 problem for many people. One of the actively used means to combat oncologic relapse is the procedure for the introduction of chemically aggressive drugs into the body. Their action is aimed at suppressing the pathogenic structure of malignant tumors.

With this therapy, the strongest side effects and diseases develop, the main functional systems and their indicators suffer:

  • the qualitative and quantitative composition of the blood changes;
  • disability of the digestive tract;
  • the general condition worsens;
  • there is intoxication of the liver, kidneys, excretory system;
  • hair falls out;
  • the immunological barrier of the whole human body is affected.

Consequences of chemotherapy

The medical staff is obliged to do everything to restore the normal endurance and ability to work of a person. In especially severe cases, complex treatment is carried out combining the course of chemotherapy and radiological irradiation. The resulting effects are associated with damage to bone marrow cells as the main organ of hematopoiesis.

In plasma, the level of platelets, erythrocytes, lymphocytes and other macrophages sharply decreases. And the blood determines the activity of the whole organism, including the protective barrier. Therefore, the question of how to raise immunity after chemotherapy, will become the leading throughout the course of treatment.

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Suppression of immunity after medication

Pathogenic microflora, previously found on the open mucous surface, in the intestines, on the respiratory organs or on the epidermis, rarely caused dysfunction. After chemotherapy, everything happens the other way around. Any bacteria that penetrated the structure weakened by strong drugs immediately causes complications, increases the risk of infectious inflammation. In this case, often there are progressive diseases, with which the patient alone can not cope.Carrying out systemic treatment of cancer diseases makes a person practically defenseless against dangerous external factors of the environment.

Only in the common ligament "patient # 8211; doctor "can overcome the crisis and concentrate all the possibilities so that the return of immunity after chemotherapy was successful. Here the struggle for life goes on every second, there are no trifles. It is necessary to exert the maximum psychological effort and improve the mood, which, in turn, can improve one's health. Otherwise, despondency and indifference can kill a patient because of an elementary infection.

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Key aspects during the growth of the functional of the immune apparatus

  1. Regeneration of the natural background of white blood cells # 8211; leukocytes # 8211; and associated lymphocytes in plasma.
  2. Normalization of the intestine.
  3. Elimination of renal and hepatic insufficiency.

The resumption of the level of microphages, which constitute the first line of defense of the body from influence pathogenic microflora, increasing immunity is a priority in activities medical staff. Leukocytes and lymphocytes are responsible for the reproduction of antibodies, the destruction of the genome of viral, bacterial and fungal forms. With the introduction of medical means, not only foreign and dangerous biosystems are being destroyed, but also the suppression of own resources, that is, cellular organoids of protection.

The level of vital activity of the intestinal tract increases the stable equilibrium between the beneficial and harmful microflora. Absence of balance becomes a potential source of development of pathogenic formations. Insufficient work of the digestive tract on the release of degradation products leads to the accumulation of toxic components, and their long-term stay inside the body causes numerous chronic diseases, including allergies, eczema, psoriasis. A person taking highly active medicines becomes a victim not only of cancer processes, but also of toxic sepsis or its consequences. Therefore, in order to raise the level of the protective barrier, it is necessary to pay special attention to the viability of the filtration system acting in the structure of the respiratory, renal and hepatic organs. They, passing through themselves all the substances entering the body, conduct their processing and utilization.



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