How to cure ulcerative colitis of the intestine


Treatment of colitis with folk remedies

About alder from ulcerative nonspecific colitis

Many years ago, a doctor diagnosed a man: ulcerative nonspecific colitis. The same doctor also suggested how to cure colitis with the help of a folk remedy.

Collect the alder cones in February-March. One tablespoon of this medicine should be filled with a glass of cold water and boiled on a slow fire for fifteen minutes, then strain and pour more boiling water to two hundred and fifty milliliters. You need to drink instead of liquid, you can with sugar, lemon, jam. Used as a brew. In order to get rid of intestinal spasms, add fifteen drops of valerian in the broth, take this medicine before going to bed and in the morning on an empty stomach.

Drink a decoction of alder cones for three to four months. If there are exacerbations of the disease, eat oatmeal and jelly.

Cleanses from ulcerative colitis

The man was constantly tormented by nonspecific ulcerative colitis. He went around a lot of hospitals and sanatoriums, but nothi

ng helped. Once in the hospital he was told that the followingfolk method of treating colitis .

If you have a severe exacerbation of the disease, do enemas every day for twenty or thirty days. Then in a day, if your condition improves. And every six months, do enemas for prevention. It is necessary. And for twenty years I have not suffered from this disease.

Treatment of colitis by enemas

The man wrote in one newspaper about the people's way of getting rid of ulcerative colitis. many people began to write letters to him and ask questions. Basically it was questions about what symptoms this disease has, how to cure it, how long it is being treated and what kind of diet is needed.

The disease manifests itself as a loose stool with mucus and blood, gas, abdominal pain, frequent toilet rides. Colitis occurs with sharp odors, stress, physical exertion.

The man was able to cure his illness only with microclisms with rose hips or sea-buckthorn oil (they can be bought at a pharmacy). There, the instructions will say what diseases and how to use them.

To introduce the oil should be 59 g for adults and 25-30 g for children under the age of 12, this is done through a catheter length for adults 25-30 cm, and for children - 10-15 cm.

The enemas are put up for the night before you go to bed. If your illness is exacerbated, then for the first course, make 30 enemas (every evening one at a time). It will be necessary to make microclysters. For this, buy a one-hundred-gram syringe with a catheter. In it, take fifty grams of butter and put into the rectum. It is necessary that the oil stayed there for a sufficient amount of time. Microclysters are made when you lie on your left side. Try to fall asleep until morning.

The healing will occur depending on how deep you have injected the oil into the intestine, since oil envelops all the sores. When you are empty in the morning, you will see blood. Do not be scared. This oil, it is very similar to blood.

Also take one tablespoon of sea buckthorn oil sixty minutes before eating. To begin with, in the first course of treatment of ulcerative colitis folk remedies, you can do without cleansing enemas, and then add them to subsequent courses of treatment. The enema is used for cleansing in the evening, before microclism.

To do this, a tablespoon of St. John's wort or medicinal daisy should be brewed half a liter of boiling water in enameled dishes, covered with a lid, wrapped in a blanket and insisted for an hour. Then strain and infusion of room temperature make an enema to clean out the rectum. After a little cold, strain and make an ordinary enema. When the intestines are cleared, you can proceed to the oil enema.

Remember that you need to follow a certain diet. Do not eat pork, sour, salted, fried, smoked. Eat boiled, wiped, steamed food. From dairy products, eat cottage cheese, drink kefir or yogurt; from meat use beef and chicken, and do not forget the fish and stale white bread. Eat oatmeal.

After such treatment of colitis, do a course every six months for twenty enemas, combining with cleansing enemas in a day. Perhaps there will be an exacerbation of the disease, then you can immediately repeat the course of treatment every day. This is a very complex disease, so you will have to carry out prophylaxis until you feel completely healthy. A treatment can take you about a year or more.

Shostakovskiy's balm

Fifty ml of balsam should be mixed with one tablespoon of sea buckthorn oil. Take it every morning on an empty stomach for forty minutes before eating. First you need to take this medication in the evening, also on an empty stomach. Gradually already enough and once. It is also recommended that the microcalisms be done at night, using sea buckthorn oil. For three months you need to diet: do not eat sour, salty, alcoholic and spicy. Eat porridge, mashed potatoes, vegetable soups.

How to improve, you can gradually add to the diet and other products. For example, fish. It is very important to note that you can not eat fried all this time, but only boiled or steamed.

It is also necessary to brew a flax seed, a bugle. These medicines can be bought at a pharmacy. First, also during a meal, you can take Festal. The course of this treatment lasts about 7 months.

How can I cure ulcerative colitis?

Nonspecific ulcerative colitis (NJC) in medicine is commonly referred to as a disease that is mostly susceptible to middle-aged men. This pathology represents the chronic form of the inflammatory process affecting the intestine. This kind of inflammation can be accompanied by bleeding, the formation of mucus and pus. This pathological condition requires immediate medical treatment.

Medication Therapy

Of course, the treatment of ulcerative colitis is necessary first of all with medicinal preparations and only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-treatment is also possible, but should only be carried out on the advice of a specialist.

What is the treatment of NNK medicines? Mainly similar therapy has 3 main tasks:

  • obstruction and stoppage of bleeding in the intestine;
  • regulation of water-salt balance in the body;
  • stop the negative effect of the disease on the intestinal mucosa.

Ulcerative colitis in acute form requires the obligatory presence of the patient in a hospital. In addition, you need bed rest until symptomatology weakens. The period of remission of the disease allows a person to lead a habitual way of life, but it is also important to follow the recommendations of the attending physician regarding medicines and nutrition.

Means of medicinal use, which are used in the treatment of ulcerative colitis, can be divided into 2 groups. The first of these is anti-inflammatory drugs:

  • corticosteroids;
  • immunosuppressants;
  • aminosalicylates.

Corticosteroids are prescribed if the remaining drugs do not give the desired effect in the treatment of NNC.Their use, in addition, may be due to acute severe forms of the disease, accompanied by extraintestinal complications. Indications for the use of these drugs can also serve as the presence of left-sided total ulcerative colitis with inflammatory changes.

The appointment of immunosuppressants # 8212; the phenomenon is rare. It is necessary when the patient has a hormonal dependence or resistance to drugs.

The medicinal action of aminosalicylates provides achievement of remission in almost 80% of cases of diseases.

The second group of drugs is a supplementary medicine.

Therapy in a hospital with non-specific ulcerative colitis can be completed only when a stable remission of the disease is achieved, in which the clinical picture of pathology disappears. This requires an endoscopic examination.

Inefficient conservative treatment and further bleeding within the rectum require surgical intervention, which is performed by colectomy with rectal resection.

Treatment with traditional medicine

Phytotherapy has effective means for treating a variety of diseases. You can treat ulcerative colitis using the secrets of traditional healers. It is only important to remember that this treatment should be coordinated with the attending physician in order to avoid the possibility of undesirable side effects.

In the treatment of ulcerative colitis, the following herbs can be used:

  • mint;
  • chamomile;
  • yarrow;
  • leaves and berries of currants;
  • St. John's wort, raspberry;
  • sage.

Having prepared a collection of medicinal herbs, which will include a centipede, sage leaves, chamomile flowers # 8212; all for 1 hour. l. pour the collection 1 glass of boiling water. The resulting product requires insisting for 30 minutes, after which the infusion can be taken at 1 tbsp. l. with an interval of 2 hours. In this mode, treatment should last 3 months, then the period between doses should be extended. Treatment in this way is not dangerous for the body and therefore can last a long time.

You can treat ulcerative colitis by using mint and strawberry.

Recipes providing for the use of the leaves of one of the plants have 1 way of preparation: the leaves of the plant are filled with boiling water, about 20 minutes before eating, one glass of infusion is needed.

At any stage of the disease, enemas with sea buckthorn oil can be used # 8212; an excellent wound-healing agent.

Treatment with diet

Treatment with a special diet can also be considered prevention of the disease.

Following the advice of the attending physician, the patient must adhere to the principles of the therapeutic diet. According to them, the food should be cooked for a couple or be boiled. Food should not be too hot, only warm. The food should be a fraction. The patient should not overeat and eat after 19 hours.

Nutrition of the patient with ulcerative colitis should be high-calorie and contain a large amount of protein and vitamins.

Among products that have a ban on consumption in this case, you can note alcoholic beverages, sour-milk products, fat meats, mushrooms, raw tomatoes and other vegetables, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, various spices. It is necessary to refuse from the use of plums, cocoa and strongly brewed tea, nuts, seeds, corn and beans.

Use in the diet of fresh fruits, various cereals, chicken eggs in boiled form, rabbit and chicken meat, tomato and orange juices, low-fat varieties of fish, liver, cheeses, seafood, on the contrary, is welcomed.

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Whether we cure ulcerative colitis

In this article we will try to find out whether it is possible to cure ulcerative colitis, and how to do it. Especially for the online magazine for women Ladies' cocktail will tell all about the treatment of ulcerative colitis. The man was constantly tormented by nonspecific ulcerative colitis. He went around a lot of hospitals and sanatoriums, but nothing helped.

Once in the hospital he was prompted to use the following folk method of treating colitis. The man wrote in one newspaper about the people's way of getting rid of ulcerative colitis, many people began to write letters and ask questions. Colitis occurs with sharp odors, stress, physical exertion. The mother of one girl was ill for a long time with colitis and suffered greatly from this. I was in the hospital several times, but it did not help.

Treatment of ulcerative colitis my experience

I suffered from this disease for 8 years, tried at the same time all the medical treatment that was offered to me by doctors, folk remedies, herbs, bone caries, even went to the healer.

I will say right away that drugs are the worst method of treating this disease (the cost of an operation in Israel). I spent about 2 years of my life in hospitals, doctors so treated me with strong antibiotics, and I already felt that I would not survive. But after the second pregnancy, everything returned. (And your advice is harmful and you should understand that publishing them on the Internet, you can harm someone.

Next, in the morning 150ml, at lunch, and in the evening. You need to drink a long time and without interruptions. Apply a decoction of chamomile flowers inside and for enemas with diarrhea, intestinal spasms and increased gas production. You can not drink grape, apricot and plum, which strengthens fermentation in the intestines. Based on the results obtained, the drugs necessary for treatment will be prescribed. Unfortunately, enterocolitis, especially enterocolitis of infectious etiology, can really be extremely difficult to treat.

Cleanses from ulcerative colitis

Dietary prescriptions are determined by the attending physician individually # 8212; depending on the stage of the disease and the severity of clinical symptoms. In this case it is recommended to re-pass the examination with a gastroenterologist to determine the cause of long constipation and the appointment of a course of treatment.

Treatment of colitis with folk remedies

And for twenty years I have not suffered from this disease. The man was able to cure his illness only with microclisms with rose hips or sea-buckthorn oil (they can be bought at a pharmacy). There, the instructions will say what diseases and how to use them. In it, take fifty grams of butter and put into the rectum. It is necessary that the oil stayed there for a sufficient amount of time. A treatment can take you about a year or more.

How to improve, you can gradually add to the diet and other products. The course of this treatment lasts about 7 months. A new doctor, who came to their hospital, advised the woman on the national treatment of colitis. With such a solution, the girl made her enema for the night. They were treated like this for ten days. Then break for a week - and again repeat the course of treatment.

Patients with total and left-sided lesions of the colon are treated in hospital, because they have more pronounced clinical manifestations and there are large organic changes. Individual selection of drugs minimizes the duration of treatment and has a minimal toxic effect on the body.

I cured ulcerative colitis ...

I left the hospital in a very bad condition, signed a refusal, recovered and have been living for 6 years, enjoying a full life: working, having a family, giving birth to a child. It all depends on you, you have to fight this disease, your body is capable of curing any illnesses, only you have to help it.

After several years of suffering and total intestinal damage, there was a nine-year remission, even when carrying out a coloscopy the doctor said that there were no traces. In principle, everything is sold in the pharmacy, but he has prepared camomile and calamus himself, bought the rest. Next, five teaspoons of this mixture in the evening, fell asleep in a thermos, l and poured with boiling water.

Drugs used to treat ulcerative colitis are conventionally divided into two large groups. Diet for ulcerative colitis of the intestine should be high-calorie, containing foods rich in vitamins and proteins.

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