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How to cope with intestinal problems?

The intestinal region is directly related to what we eat. There are foods that are harmful to the intestinal microflora # 8212; flour food, mellow (chocolate, ahar), fastfu, yes in a dry-well. All these products cause in the intestine the processes of fermentation, which leads to obstruction, to constipation, to zdutiyam. The state of the intestines is also affected by a sedentary lifestyle.Proper nutritionand physical activity in the future will relieve you of problems with the intestines. Problems with the intestine are so individual # 8212; it is worth pondering, gathering the necessary information, listening to your body and then choosing the right direction in the treatment. Folk prescription, necessary for maintaining health, also ways of cleaning the intestines will tell you # 17; ounduchok of people's recipes # 187; .

How to cure intestinesat home?

Only a set of measures can help your intestine function fully. Scientists and doctors devote a lot of time to this

problem, x observations and conclusion, as well as folk recipes will help cope with any problem of the gastrointestinal system. Here are a few recommendations, cut off from various sources for the benefit of health. This is a certain system of measures:

1 First of all, determine after which products you have problems, then there may be apples, oskold or others # 8212; for each this list will be different.

2 No matter how banal it sounds, eat a lot of vegetables and fruits (cauliflower, orcs, apples, etc.), they will only benefit.

3 Clean the bowels # 8212; it can be done at home # 8212; Here's a proven recipe:

In a half liter of warm water add 1 tablespoon of salt. This solution drink in the morning on an empty stomach at a pace that you can (in a glass, about half, as it will) and on a pot. By experience 2-3 hours will go to the procedure. After carrying out the cleaning, you feel a slight weakness, so you need to spend it on the day off, during which it is better to rest and relax.

4 Every day in the morning on an empty stomach half an hour before a meal, drink 1 glass of warm water.

5 For normal functioning of the intestine, a healthy microflora and the necessary bacteria are needed. But the first thing to do is to get rid of microbes that multiply in the process of fermentation or stagnation in the intestine. Here, phytotherapy can come to the rescue. Cetrarium Icelandic (yagel), parmelia, Alpine cladia, asleep bearded - these herbs contain substances that are powerful antimicrobial effect. Plants-lichens form a protective film on the walls of the intestine and heal erosions, and stimulate the production of the necessary enzymes (rosemary, thyme).

6 To cure the intestinal microflora, activated carbon therapy (4-6 tablets per day) will also help, as well as the intake of flax seed and forest silos.

7 Get rid of diarrhea will help bark oak, aplicata alder, cortex pomegranate.

8 Get rid of constipation - anise, fennel, dill - if constipation is provoked by spasms # 8212; scarlet, cow's.

9 Linek, cucumber tablets # 8212; preparations containing a useful microflora will help cope with the problem of intestinal dysbiosis.

How to cure intestines

Let's consider a question,how to cure intestines. Diseases of the intestine - perhaps the most frequent that occur in an ordinary person. And as soon as one is cured, another appears immediately. And usually treatment is not very pleasant, but what to do, because you want to have a healthy intestine, and therefore, no problems with digestion.

How to cure the intestines, the causes of the disease

The bowel hurts because we eat mostly wrong. And to re-educate a person to eat properly is simply not possible, because working, we just forget that sometimes you need to eat lunch, that one must necessarily have breakfast, and that one must not force his stomach to digest that food, which is difficult for him.

The most frequent illness that occurs in such people is a syndrome of flaccid intestines, when it simply does not digest the food that gets into it. The usual advice of doctors and nutritionists in this case is to eat normally, eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, actively eat cereals, which contain a large amount of fiber, as well as drink, drink as much fluids as possible, a minimum, a liter of water in day. And usually these recipes are effective, if this diet is adhered to constantly. But most often there is always such food in people does not work, and therefore with any failure of the diet and pain in the stomach and intestines.

The most effective remedy from folk medicine

There is one remedy that is used in folk medicine, and which is almost more effective than all medications. From the disease of flaccid intestines will save aloe.

Prepare this tool is very simple. It is necessary to clean the fresh leaves of aloe from the thorns, and crush them. On the fire, heat 300 grams of honey until it is completely liquid. Add scarlet to honey, mix, remove from heat. Cover with a lid and a towel and allow to stand for a day, and then, without fail, before heating again. Take one tablespoon an hour before

eating on an empty stomach since morning. There are several nuances in the preparation of this medication. For example, melting honey, make sure that its temperature is not more than 40 degrees. If you heat it more, then it will lose all its useful substances, and will not help in the treatment. Take the medicine for three days, then take a break in a week, and then take it again for three days.

A few more folk remedies

Try combining this tool with a few more. Very potent is the potato juice, which can be obtained by squeezing potatoes on pancakes, for example. Rub potatoes on a dish and leave the juice. Strain it and take half the glass on an empty stomach since morning. However, it should be borne in mind that it is impossible to take this medicine with diabetics and people with high sugar. But without restrictions on health, you can take cabbage juice.

You, of course, can go to the pharmacy, and buy the most effective tool. However, sometimes this tool can only harm you, because most of them contain a huge amount of harmful elements for the common organism. Try folk methods of treatment that are tested by folk medicine and have been used for many centuries, successfully curing a variety of diseases.

Treatment of intestines at home

Bowel disease exists quite a lot, and thus treatment methods are also abundant. However, almost always with these diseases there is a violation of the balance between normal and conditionally pathogenic intestinal microflora. In the process of such a change in the ratio, normal microflora become much less, which leads to a disease such as dysbiosis. In the large intestine, the assimilation and cleavage of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is helped by various beneficial microorganisms. Basically it is lactobacilli, bifidobacteria, and also some types of Escherichia coli.

So, the intestine is a vital organ of digestion. If a person eats properly and does not suffer from any other diseases, then the work of the intestine is carried out normally. However, if any painful symptoms occur, remember the beneficial effects of certain foods, namely: turnips, sesame, figs, pomegranate, boiled or steamed pumpkin, they are able to provide a soothing act.

In today's article, we will talk about how to treat the intestines at home.

Treatment of irritable bowel syndrome

Most often, people suffer from this syndrome due to prolonged use of medicines, for example, antibiotics and sulfonamides. This disease can be accompanied by constipation and diarrhea. For the purpose of treatment, it is necessary first of all to observe a sparing diet, in which it is necessary to eat from a diet Eliminate fatty and spicy foods, as well as products that can cause bloating and gas formation. If the patient manifests constipation, then in his diet should prevail as much as possible fruits and vegetables, as well as juices with pulp, prunes, and mashed vegetable mashed potatoes. With frequent constipation, it is worth including in your diet as many cereals as possible, and it is recommended to exclude fresh vegetables and fruits. In both cases, you need to constantly monitor what food you eat, and also limit products that can only aggravate the situation.

Now we will give you several recipes for treating the stomach at home.

For example, to remove spasm and bloating, twice a day, about an hour before meals, drink infusion, prepared from mint and chamomile. To cook it is very simple, take one tablespoon of chopped herb and pour one cup of boiling water.

Get rid of constipation, you will help infusion, cooked from ordinary linseed. To do this, you need to take about 3 tablespoons. herbs and 350-400 ml of boiling water. Insist should be for about two hours. Take two tablespoons 4 times a day.

To remove spasms and improve digestion is well helps garden fennel. Tincture is prepared from grass and plant seeds, and then poured into a glass of hot water. Insist should be about 2 hours. Filter the resulting infusion is not necessary. Take it three times a day for half a glass.

Also reduce bloating and abdominal pain, ginger and cinnamon will help you. Such crushed plants you can use in any dishes and drinks.

Treatment of intestines at home - Questions and Answers



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