Disorder of the intestines at home how to treat it


How to treat an intestinal disorder

Take medication. Regardless of the type of intestinal disorder in such conditions, the use of medications is indicated - with constipation it is a laxative drug, with diarrhea - fixing drugs. Also shown the reception of antispasmodics and painkillers, ifdisorderThe intestines are accompanied by painful sensations. If the cause of the disorder was the activity of pathogenic bacteria, then it is necessary to take antibacterial drugs. In viral infections, manifested in the form of abdominal pain or dilution of the stool, it is necessary to organize the use of antiviral drugs that stimulate the body's defense mechanisms.

Drink more water. The intake of liquid helps to avoid dehydration - this is a frequent condition in intestinal disorders. It is best to drink special salt powders (rehydron, touring) containing the necessary mineral components, as, for example, with the diarrhea, the elements are washed out of the body. Increase in fluid intake in case of constipation promot

es strengthening of peristalsis, dilution of fecal masses. Also, feces cleansing enemas from boiled water or herbal decoctions contribute to the elimination of feces.

Observe a special diet. In acute conditions, it is recommended to limit food to broths and rusks. Subsequently, form a diet based on the nature of the problem - in the absence of a chair, vegetable food is recommended, rich in cellulose, and with liquid stool, preference should be given to astringent and absorbent products (rice, porridge). There is a need in small portions, according to the established dietary regime.

Take medications containing bifidobacteria - it can be food additives or medicines. Intestinal disorders are always associated with impaired microflora, and restoration of intestinal balance is one of the stages of complex treatment of such conditions.

Drink a course of sorbents - these are substances that collect and remove from the body the toxic products of decomposition, which are inevitably formed in any intestinal disorder. The most common of these are activated carbon, enterosgel, natural clay.

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    Massage in colitis: a pleasant treatment for an unpleasant intestinal disorder

    Colitis wears the temperament of an inflammatory disease, and the place of its spread is the large intestine. Colitis is one of the most common gastroenterological diseases.
    Colitis can overtake unexpectedly each of us, appear at certain periods of life, or turn into a chronic disease.

    If there is a suspicion of colitis, urgent medical measures should be taken, because any disturbance in the intestinal function provokes unspecialized depression of the organism, leads to an energy deficit, and a constant inconvenience, why it is unrealistic to work normally and to lead household activities.

    Along with this, therapeutic measures in colitis involve the use not only of medicines and medicines, and non-traditional methods of treatment, giving a beautiful rapid result. It's about a massage, which in many cases can be the only salvage, helping to quickly ease the pain and all the unpleasant sensations.

    Massage procedures are recommended for spastic and atonic colitis, along with enough time for half an hour time per day, in order to massage the key areas of the body and thereby promote the calming down of the gastroenterological disease. About massage and its benefits can be read not a little, and this method really helps to cure many important diseases, and reduce their chronic course. Massage is used as a preventative measure against colitis, along with this the body is strengthened, becomes stronger and possibly immune to risks and threats of infection.

    With a spastic type of colitis, massage is aimed at reducing or completely eliminating tension in the abdominal muscles and muscles of the large intestine, normalize it nonspecialized work. In this case, a massage of the abdomen is done using light circular strokes around the abdomen. Such movements alternate with rubbing, sawing, stroking. The pressure should be minimal, due to the sensitivity of this part of the body. Such massage anyone can do on their own at home, and the method really helps to quickly get rid of discomfort and all intestinal disorders. Massage procedures are recommended to be done every day, giving it only 15 minutes. time.

    With atonic colitis, a massage is performed, which strengthens the abdominal muscles, increases their tone and stimulates intestinal peristalsis. There is already needed a huge force of pressure and more active movements in the abdominal region.

    What should I do to treat colitis?

    The massage technique is extremely simple and for its development you will need almost 2-3 lessons. No special knowledge of medicine you will not need. All you really need is your hands, feet and intention!

    Massage should be done 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening.

    Subject to the correct implementation of all recommendations on the treatment of colitis, on the 10th day you you will feel the improvement, and by the end of the 20th day you will be able to see the real improvement of your skin in mirror! To maintain results, massage 3-4 times a week.

    It is of fundamental importance. For best results, we recommend warming up the foot - take a warm 5-minute foot bath and conduct a warm-up massage of the shin and feet.

    Video lesson on foot massage for the treatment of colitis

    The method of action on the reflex areas for the treatment of colitis:

    • 1 Transverse tissue - soothing
    • 2 Descending tissue - soothing
    • 3 Sigmoid tissue - soothing
    • 4 The colon (colonic) is a soothing
    • 5 Ileocytic valve - stimulating
    • 6 Lymphatic ducts of thoracic and abdominal cavity - stimulating

    Follow the recommendations and the result will not force you to wait!

    The best experts of our team will be happy to answer all questions concerning the contents of the book, help to choose for you a personal reflex massage course taking into account age, medical history and medical readings.

    We are glad to all your questions and wishes. We guarantee that no question will remain without careful analysis and response!

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    Cleansing of the small intestine

    A remarkable fact is that the small intestine is almost not exposed to cancer cells. It will not be possible to simply replace it by transplantation, as it is done with the kidneys.

    Most of the functions performed by it are not capable of assuming the remaining organs. It will not be a mistake to call the small intestine an indispensable organ of our body.

    In Germany alone, about 80% of residents suffer from a disorder of the small intestine. There is also no specific drug that can cure intestinal disorders, but there are various and effective ways of helping to cleanse the small intestine. These methods can be done at home.

    How to clean the small intestine at home? The main thing is determination and a clear understanding of why you need it. Motivation and clear understanding is the main step to success.

    Indications for cleansing of the small intestine

    1. Excess weight, big belly. Cleansing the small intestine helps to significantly reduce the amount of accumulated excess weight, and perhaps completely get rid of it. According to medical experts, in a single small intestine the mass of blockages of stool stones can reach up to 18 kg! Thus, cleaning the small intestine is a great way to lose weight and gain a harmonious body, the whole process of which takes place at home. There are erroneous opinions that the body does not need to be cleaned, since it can be cleaned independently, without outside interference. If we talk about a perfectly healthy body, then yes, that's right. But in the case of an organism that has gained excess weight, it is already a disease and it is necessary to cure it. In addition, in our time it is difficult to find an absolutely healthy person. This is facilitated by poor ecology, the use of products with harmful additives. For example, you can compare what food people ate 20 years ago, and what they use at the present time.
    2. General improvement of the body. After the cleansing procedure, the small intestine absorbs food better, thereby sucking in more useful vitamins and microelements. Along with it, the other internal organs function better.
    3. Prepared for the purification of the whole organism at home. It is known that before carrying out any procedure for cleansing the body at home, it is necessary first to clean the intestines. This will help to make the process much easier, get rid of headache and other unpleasant sensations. Also, after cleansing the intestine, the body can better remove the intestinal slag and toxins.

    What is needed for this procedure at home

    First of all, it is necessary to have conditions at home. And it will also require support from relatives and friends, if this does not happen, then if you have the motivation, faith and excellent attitude you will be successful.

    The last thing that we have to study in the theoretical point, is to choose one of the ways to clean the intestines directly at home.

    There are 3 main ways to distinguish: magnesia, enema and purification with salt water (Shank Praxalan).

    The positive and negative aspects of cleaning methods

    A universal method of cleaning at home, perfect for complete cleansing of the body, you can spend at any time convenient for you to remove intoxication. This method can also be used when constipation occurs.

    Minus - this way you can clean only the large intestine.

    Need a mug of Esmarch, for convenience it is desirable to have a bath. Each person has different features in the structure of the intestine, so not all people will get an enema in the knee-elbow position. Before the intestine can not reach the right amount of water. Therefore, the "Birch" pose is preferable.

    This method is able to cleanse the intestine completely from the stomach and on. This method can be called the most natural for cleansing the small intestine.

    Less is obtained with difficulty. It is necessary to drink a half liter of salt water. Even after this, the stomach valve may not open and all this will remain in your stomach, not bringing the expected result. But having mastered this method well, you can easily achieve the desired result only due to it.

    It also cleans the entire intestine and, unlike the previous method, is easier. Minus - the day after taking magnesia, you need to stay at home, because it will be slacking all day. It can be removed only by making an enema. At a weight of 70 kg or more, you need to dissolve 60 g. dry magnesia in pure water in volume of 250 g. and immediately drink. The taste of the solution is bitter-salty, it may not be very pleasant for some people and cause difficulties in taking.

    Sources: http://www.kakprosto.ru/kak-95986-kak-lechit-rasstroystvo-kishechnika, http://razryd2000.ru/diseases/kak-lechit-kolit-kishechnika-v-domashnih-uslovijah.html, http://chistimorganizm.ru/ochishhenie-kishechnika/tonkogo.html


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