How to restore the intestines with honey


Cleansing the intestines with honey bee

Honey is a valuable and useful bee product. Nature has endowed us with such a unique remedy for various diseases. To date, there are many recipes with which you can carry out purification with the use of honey. It is used in cooking, as well as in cosmetology, used for the prevention of various diseases.

Honey is a valuable and useful bee product

Useful properties of honey

The healing effect of honey is due to the presence in it of a significant amount of trace elements and biologically active substances. Has bactericidal, anti-inflammatory properties. To restore strength, use as a restorative and tonic. Purification is now a very fashionable trend, there are many different methods of cleaning. Free use in practice cleansing the intestines with honey.

In folk medicine, there are fairly simple recipes for cleaning the intestines with honey water from toxins, as well as toxins. A simple recipe that will help you easily start cleaning. For one glass of warm water add a tab

lespoon of honey, drink for 20 ─ 30 minutes before meals 3 times a day. This cleansing is carried out for two months, during this time digestion improves, the body cleanses.

Honey cleansing of the intestine

The simplest and most common method for cleaning the intestines # 8212; it's an enema with water. But everyone who did such a cleaning knows these feelings. Pretty unpleasant and not useful procedure. With water all useful microelements are washed away and the intestinal microflora is broken. Therefore, it is better to conduct such procedure in medical centers. A special device with prescribed medications that normalize the intestinal microflora.

At home, a simple procedure is used to cleanse the intestines with honey, without any consequences, it is tasty and useful.Ingredients such as:

  • fructose;
  • glucose;
  • enzymes;
  • amino acids;
  • essential oils;
  • vitamins;
  • organic acids;

Honey, diluted with water from the evening and drunk on an empty stomach, promotes the recovery of intestinal peristalsis

They are able to increase immunity, stimulate digestion, cleanse the intestines, normalize the stool. Honey, diluted with water from the evening and drunk on an empty stomach, promotes the restoration of intestinal motility, raises the mood, removes drowsiness. Having quenched thirst with honey water, after a while to want to the toilet, the urge to defecate # 8212; this is a natural cleansing of the intestine. Improves blood circulation in the digestive tract and improves the work of the intestines.

With such cleaning, a vegetarian diet combines well, eliminating meat, as well as dairy products from the diet. Milk is poorly absorbed by the body of an adult, it has the ability to roam in the intestine, there is bloating. Using cereals from whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, dairy products with low fat content, will help to quickly remove all toxins.

Tips and methods of cleaning

In folk medicine, there are several recipes for cleaning the body.

  • Council first. Stir in a glass of boiling water 2 tablespoons of cinnamon, when the water with cinnamon will cool to add 1 tablespoon of honey. mix well and drink 0.5 glasses before going to bed, the second half in the morning after waking up, one hour not to eat or drink.
  • The second council. This course of cleaning will take a month. Mix one tablespoon of honey with a glass of spring water. Drink this water three times a day for thirty minutes before eating.
  • The third council. In a liter thermos, soak 0.5 cup of rose hips. After twelve hours, merge and cool, add two tablespoons of lime honey. Drink one hundred grams before eating for two weeks.
  • Council number four. This course lasts 3 months. Drink two hundred milligrams of warm water with one teaspoon of honey. Honey water should be taken three times a day 10 minutes before meals.
  • The Fifth Council. Juice half a lemon add to a glass of warm water, put 1 tablespoon of honey all mix. Drink after sleeping on an empty stomach for three weeks.

The combination of honey and cinnamon forms a curative against many diseases

Contraindication for cleaning the intestines with honey

Useful products of beekeeping, also have their drawbacks. Using them to cleanse the intestines, make sure that you do not have any allergies to them. You can not clean the intestines with a honey drink if you:

  • Heart failure.
  • There is an allergy to honey.
  • Renal failure.
  • Diabetes.

Honeydew water is drunk with interruptions or courses, and after a one-month course of cleaning a break is made for two weeks. Each person is individual, if the organism normally perceives a honey drink - it is desirable to use it every day after awakening, it can charge you with energy for the whole day.

Allergy to honey symptoms and emergency medical help

Not allergy to beekeeping products is so common, this pathology occurs in 4% of the population, allergy symptoms are diverse. There may be rashes all over the body, there may be a Quincke edema followed by a fatal outcome, if not on time to provide medical care.

Common Symptoms for Allergies:

  • rash and itching of the entire body;
  • blisters and redness of the skin;
  • shortness of breath, shortness of breath;
  • coughing;
  • sneezing;
  • tear;
  • nausea;

With such ailments it is recommended to take an antihistamine. Usually after taking such drugs, the symptoms go away, but if they do not help, you should call an ambulance. If you do not provide medical help on time, there is the possibility of anaphylactic shock. Symptoms of anaphylactic shock:

  • Lowering blood pressure.
  • Redness or pallor.
  • Sense of anxiety.
  • Strong thirst.
  • Difficulty breathing or stopping it.

To avoid such symptoms, you need to conduct a small test for allergy. Drop a couple drops of honey on a sensitive place on the skin of the hand (elbow bend) and look at the reaction. If the skin in this place is red, this means that it does not suit you, and beekeeping products should be avoided.

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Book: Cleansing the body

After fasting for one, and sometimes several days, there may be a delay in the stool, but it should not cause serious concern. In most cases, the work of the intestines is restored after the first breakfast, but this does not always happen, since the organism of each person is individual.

Do you know that.

Bragg described in his book how, after a course of cleansing fasting, one of his patients managed to get rid of the heavy, unpleasant odor emanating from the oral cavity and from the entire body.

To stimulate the work of the intestine after awakening, it is useful to do several circular movements of the body. At the first breakfast, it is best to eat a few fruits, vegetables or greens, as well as prunes. As a second breakfast, a salad of vegetables is also suitable.

Protein foods should account for approximately 20% of all foods consumed. The source of the proteins necessary for the body are products of animal and plant origin. The first include a variety of meat, river and sea fish and seafood, eggs and a variety of dairy products. No less valuable are proteins of vegetable origin, contained in nuts, seeds, brewer's yeast, legumes and cereals, including sprouted.

The basis of the diet, that is, about 60% of the consumed products, should be raw vegetables and fruits. Also in the diet must be present natural starch, the source of which is bread and dishes made from the grains of various cereals, rice, lentils and beans. The source of natural sugars are dried fruits, figs, honey, maple syrup, raw and black treacle.

Bragg strongly advised at the beginning of each meal to eat raw fruits or vegetables, as this helps to rejuvenate and cleanse the body.

In the diet should include and unrefined vegetable oil - sunflower, soybean, olive, etc.

As for the practice of using enemas during fasting, Bragg spoke of it negatively. In his opinion, enemas irritate the intestinal mucosa and help wash out the microflora necessary for normal work of the digestive organs. During fasting, the internal organs rest, so inactivity of the intestine will not lead to intoxication of the body. After the resumption of food intake, the intestinal work will become more regular.

Natural starch, sugars and fats are necessary for the body, however they are highly concentrated products, so they should be consumed in small quantities.

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How can I restore the intestinal microflora?

How to restore intestinal microflora in a safe way? There are a lot of drugs, folk remedies that will help, but before using them, you should always consult a doctor.

Normal functioning of the digestive system # 8212; it is the guarantee of human health. Inflammation, constipation, irregular emptying # 8212; this is primarily a violation of microflora.

Medical preparations

With a violation of digestive functions in the body, a greater number of harmful bacteria prevail than useful.Correctly to restore balance the special means, so-called probiotics will help.Preparations that restore the intestinal microflora are divided into the following types:

  1. Monopreparations. Tablets containing in their composition only one kind of beneficial bacteria, for example, Colibacterin.
  2. Medications on the basis of nonspecific fast-excreted inhabitants of the gastrointestinal tract, for example, Biospirin.
  3. Combined. Those that colonize the intestines with several kinds of necessary bacteria: Lineks, Bifiform.
  4. Bacteria in a living form, natural inhabitants of the gastrointestinal tract, so-called sorbed probiotics: Profibor.

What drugs are most effective for restoring intestinal microflora? The most common options are the following:

  1. Bifidumbacterin. Probiotic, which consists of specially extracted useful microorganisms. One tablet contains more than 500 million bacteria, as well as lactose. Principle of action: useful organisms hinder the vital activity of malicious. Lactose helps to increase the number of bacteria needed, as it is inherently a food for microflora. This drug can be used for prolonged diarrhea, different stages of thrush in women, after treatment with antibiotics.
  2. Linex. The most used drug to relieve the condition with dysbiosis in the world. The capsules contain the three most common bacteria that inhabit the digestive tract of any healthy person. Their number is about 1 million. Such microorganisms exert a restorative effect on the microflora, treat acute dysbacteriosis. They are able to produce vitamins A, E, C, reduce the acidity of the stomach, actively process carbohydrates, make the body absorb calcium and vitamin D. Often, Linex is used during the feeding of children. The fact is that the intestinal wall of a child is much thinner than that of an adult, and is often unable to cope with food unusual until then. The medicine helps to develop all the necessary enzymes for the normal functioning of the stomach. Lineks are used for dysbacteriosis, after treatment with antibiotics, for thrush.
  3. Bactisubtil. Composition: spores of bacteria inhabiting the human intestine. Has resistance to acidity of the digestive tract. After a while it takes the form of valuable beneficial bacteria. It restores the balance of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines, activates the production and assimilation of vitamins A, PP, E. Effective after irradiation, chemotherapy, antibiotics, with acute and long-term gastrointestinal diseases, diarrhea.

Despite the fact that the above drugs have approximately the same effect, before application it is necessary to consult with a specialist, after all, self-medication can be even more to do much harm.

Folk remedies

Many people prefer to restore the intestinal microflora with folk remedies as an alternative to pharmacy medicines.

Indeed, there are many recipes that can help solve this problem.

  1. Dill. 2 tbsp. l. seeds of dill pour 1 cup of boiling water and allow to cool. Take every 2 hours. Dill water is almost the most famous folk remedy, helping to maintain the balance of microflora.
  2. Braga. Take 1 tbsp. l. sugar, honey, yeast. Dissolve in, l warm water (not hot, otherwise the yeast will die). It is good to wrap and set aside for a couple of hours. The main thing # 8212; do not overdo it, otherwise it can turn out to be an alcoholic honey brag, and alcohol in the treatment of dysbacteriosis is not at all an assistant. Drink all liquid 30 minutes after eating. Repeat 2 times a day, each time preparing a fresh composition. The plus of this method is that live beneficial microorganisms immediately enter the body, and the work of the digestive tract will soon be established.
  3. Pumpkin seeds. Very well fight with harmful intestinal parasites. Take in equal parts non-fried seeds of pumpkin, sunflower, walnut. Grind in a food processor or blender. 2 tbsp. l. Such a mass must be stirred in a glass of boiled water. You can add honey. The course of admission: 2 times a day for 10 days.
  4. Plantain and root of calamus. Take for 1 hour. l. each grass pour a glass of hot water. Allow to stand for half an hour. Take 2 times a day before meals.

It should be remembered that the restoration of intestinal microflora using traditional medicine takes a long time and requires regularity.

Proper nutrition

Properly composed menu will help to ease the condition as soon as possible, to adjust digestion. What products will help restore the intestine at home? In the diet should be present: apples (recommended on an empty stomach), garlic, vegetables in any form: raw, boiled. The most valuable: carrots, onions, dill (as well as any greens), black radish. Berries and fruits: raspberry, citrus, cranberry, pomegranate, barberry. Beneficial effect is provided by cheeses, for example, brynza, feta.

It is recommended to use other fermented milk products: fermented baked milk, natural yoghurt, yogurt. Restoration of the intestine does not require a strict diet. All you need is # 8212; it is to use as many useful products as possible. Sugar will replace honey, sausage # 8212; boiled meat, confectionery # 8212; fruit salad, dressed with yogurt. It is recommended to replace the frying with baking or steaming.

However, a suitable set of products and their preparation # 8212; it's only half the battle. It is also necessary to use the ready meals correctly. For example, 30 minutes before eating, drink a little water, and after eating # 8212; do not drink. In addition, you should make smaller portions. So there will not be overeating and the stomach will be able to cope with digestion perfectly. After dinner, do not immediately take up dessert. It is better to wait at least an hour.

There are many methods to restore intestinal microflora. Whether pharmacies or home-made decoctions, you should always follow the correct dosage, proportions. Do not forget about healthy nutrition, because it also plays an important role.



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