How to restore intestines after diarrhea


Why after drinking beer there is diarrhea?

Beer is recognized as the third most popular drink after water and tea. Therefore, with a problem such as diarrhea after beer, there are very many people. It follows that the solution of this problem also worries all fans of this drink.

Today, let's try to figure out what makes an organism behave this way after drinking beer, that is, we'll look at the main causes of the disorder. After identifying the root cause, you can determine the order of actions, adhering to which you can get rid of diarrhea in the shortest possible time.

Possible reasons

Consumption in large quantities of such a yeast drink, like beer, often entails a disruption of the gastrointestinal tract. The provoking factors may be various causes.

The most common are the following:

  1. The amount drunk. Every adult person noticed after the plentiful feast the next morning, how the organism behaves inappropriately. Often, in addition to a hangover, can disturb and upset stomach.
  2. All alcoholic and low-alcohol b
    everages, including beer, also have alcohol with antibacterial properties. If this component gets into the intestine, all bacteria are eliminated, not only pathogenic, but also beneficial, which results in destruction of the microflora of the stomach. Subsequently, the work of the digestive tract as a whole is disturbed, and all the food coming into the organism is not digested well enough.
  3. Another cause of the disorder can be considered an excessively fast digestion of food. That is, alcohol serves as a stimulant for the intestine, the latter, under the influence of the incoming components of the drink, begins to work in an accelerated mode.
  4. Also, diarrhea after beer causes water, which enters the body with the drink. It does not restore the fluid supply, because it quickly exits the body, while capturing the products of vital activity.

In addition to the reasons presented, diarrhea can provoke a variety of diseases that are exacerbated by alcohol. These diseases include the following:

  • gastritis;
  • pancreas diseases;
  • ulcer;
  • pancreatitis;
  • hepatitis of acute form;
  • enterocolitis.

If the beer is used regularly, it can become an integral part of the metabolic process. For the body, this can occur without a trace. However, it can also be vice versa, that is, the disorder will become chronic.

Any alcohol inhibits the process of producing an enzyme such as pepsin, which, in turn, for the digestive system is an important component of normal work: it breaks down proteins. If the pepsin production is insufficient, the organism reacts fairly quickly: a disturbance of the excretory function of the intestine occurs. At the same time, incoming food in the body will not be processed and assimilated qualitatively. At first it threatens with regular disorders, but later the problem can develop into an alcoholic gastritis.

Getting Rid of Beer Diarrhea

With diarrhea, the body of any person loses a considerable amount of valuable substances. The greatest losses are related to the liquid, which threatens dehydration, which is very dangerous due to its consequences. Thus, initially, when after a beer diarrhea is disturbing, it is necessary to restore water reserves. And if you use mineral water, it will simultaneously restore and water-salt balance in the body.

The next step is to take the sorbent. Such drugs allow # 17; knit # 187; diarrhea. Moreover, unfavorable substances, such as slags and toxins, will be excreted from the body, which caused the disorder of the gastrointestinal tract.

When restoring normal operation of the intestine, it is recommended to use something enveloping. For example, a jelly or oatmeal is perfect. Such food is very useful for gastric mucosa, irritated with a lot of beer.

In order not to face diarrhea after drinking beer, you need to determine and do not exceed your own rate. Moderate amounts of alcohol, used infrequently, can not negatively affect the functioning of internal organs. A complete lack of alcohol in the body can significantly improve the person's well-being. Many # 17; The past # 187; beer lovers noted that after the refusal of this drink their work capacity rises, sleep improves and the emotional state stabilizes.

If there is no desire to completely abandon alcohol, but diarrhea has already troubled, it is recommended that you follow several rules that help to speed up the cure:

  1. Compliance with diet. For a while, it is better to give up dairy products, alcoholic beverages and any fried, spicy dishes.
  2. Abundant drink. Consumption of water in sufficient quantities contributes to the rapid clearance of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition to water, you can drink fruit and tea.
  3. Recreation. The body should not feel constant fatigue and malaise. Mental and physical loads should be in moderation and in due time.

On average, diarrhea after consumption of beer in large quantities lasts 1-2 weeks. However, if diarrhea does not recede after 14 days, it is better not to postpone the visit to the doctor, as liquid stools may be a symptom of any disease requiring surgical intervention.

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