Restore intestines after rotavirus infection


recovery after rotavirus?

Will prompt, please how to recover after the transferred rotavirus. Both were sick, and the son and daughter are heavy, he recovered in 4 days, the daughter is still 6 days old, the temperature is not, it's the same, o very little eats and drinks, after eating, nausea starts without vomiting. I do not give

anything dairy and meat, and vegetables and fruits. she was ill with a temperature of 4, can this be the reason? and still very little pissing, despite the pace there is no more and less drinking (at least 500ml a day) pissing 2-3 times a day. I experience very much. who has been ill with this muck tell me how you recovered and it was normal if such symptoms (I mean rare pics)

Will prompt, please how to recover after the transferred rotavirus. Both were sick, and the son and daughter are heavy, he recovered in 4 days, the daughter is still 6 days old, the temperature is not, it's the same, o very little eats and drinks, after eating, nausea starts without vomiting. I do not give anything dairy and meat, and vegetables and fruits. she was ill with a temperature of 4, can this be the reason? and still very little pissing, despite the pace there is no more and less drinking (at least 500ml a day) pissing 2-3 times a day. I experience very much. who has been ill with this muck tell me how you recovered and it was normal if such symptoms (I mean rare pics)

We were ill with their family last year. The daughter had such a strong intoxication that a week after recovery, urticaria began, although the child is not allergic.
To you now first of all it is necessary to remove an intoxication (we accepted Enterosgel), and to hand over analyzes of a blood, urine, as well as on the dysbi - after a severe intestinal infection of the intestinal microflora is likely to be is broken. While we were drinking enterosgel for a week, the tests were all ready and the doctor prescribed an effective treatment.
In general, the doctor, of course, will tell you more correctly.
About the rare pics - I think this is because during the illness the body was dehydrated and now makes up for the loss. Now in my life there is a sense - Hope (27.05.2005)

Normofloriny or something similar to restore the microflora, motilium from nausea, eats a little, (somewhere dangling top about what you can feed) but drink more than a half liter. Suggest a swallow every five minutes, ducts buy a cocktail, a syringe nurofenovym liked very much. It is possible still mezim, only specify a dosage. My son was very ill, week after the pace was oklemyvalsya, then ate without stopping for two weeks, I thought it would burst. At weight before illness in 14 kg he after began to weigh 12, and in three weeks-1,. In, as he stank. neither on the chestnut nor on the aunt did not respond this scum only was removed to the swamps glowing

only just got sick with this muck the second time, although the temperature was 38 and without diarrhea, only severe vomiting, days and terrible intoxication. 2 days did not eat at all, just slept, poured the drink from the syringe, on the third day ate quite a bit, on the 4th already more, on the 5th already began to eat well. During the illness we drank Enterosgel, Lineks, now we drink Creon and Linex, we eat everything, including meat and milk, the doctor said that it is impossible to take whole milk alone, and everything else can be done


Thanks for the answer))) tell me, but how did you manage to give Enterosgel? my in any of this paste do not want to swallow, in the water you can breed it?

Thanks for the advice. We already have straws and colorful glasses and sales, have remembered the childhood))) we offer a bottle with a pacifier neither in what (((only blackmail is possible, if not vypesh, oh mother is offended papa is offended and t d))) only force methods and help)))

We already went to the 6th day (((appetite until bad changes (((and with drinking trouble at all (((in the bath it szhayuyunut at 15-2, it would at least somehow fill the fluid, lizmochki warm do. on Wednesday they wrote to the doctor.

Yes, of course, it can be dissolved in water, it dissolves completely, it can be dissolved in some kind of drink that children like - tea, compote - the taste will not change. Now in my life there is a sense - Hope (27.05.2005)

It's bad, of course, that they do not want to drink. I drank with pleasure Regidron, she asked for a salty little water, even when it was no longer necessary Now in my life there is a sense - Hope (27.05.2005)

If you do not drink water, you can give compote, preferably from dried fruits. Creon is mandatory, 1 capsule per day divided into 3 divided doses. Linex or Bifiform apply, vitamins. As for food, do not worry too much, let it eat a little bit, at least a teaspoon of 5-6 times a day, mashed potatoes, carrot, soup-mash, souffle meat can also be, a piece of a banana, a mug on the water, you can jam a little bit, drying.
Categorically not fresh apples and apple juice, whole milk, raw vegetables and fruits (except bananas). Everyone has the right to education. Part 1. Article 43 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation

Check the kidneys. My daughter had a complication on the kidneys after rotavirus. Absolutely no appetite was with her and did not want to drink. Dai Bo, so it was not about you, about handing over the urine just in case. Favorite daughters Olechka 26.12.2005 and Katerina 17.04.2009

small (4 years) was ill from January 13. too hard, 4 days of diarrhea every 2-3 hours and pace. 39.
There are more or less willingly became weeks through 1.5, mostly light sour milk, mushrooms, baked apples, steam fish. Meat refuses categorically.
The chair is unstable so far, it's rather thin, then a bunch.
Plus last week on an empty place the hives on legs or foots, tempos have got out. up to 39.9 it reached, and the throat-nose-bronchi are clean.
By the way, piss a lot but also 2-3 times a day, although I give a drink often.
Now the frost was asleep - I try to go out 2-3 times a day for 30-40 minutes. we drink smektu and normobakt.

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Diet with rotavirus infection

Treatment of rotavirus infection with diet

Unfortunately, today there is no medical treatment that could kill rotavirus infection, so the only help to the patient is a special diet. It should be started as soon as the first symptoms of the disease appear, from the diet it is necessary to exclude sugar and dairy products, as they create the ideal environment for the reproduction of the virus.

During the course of the illness, the patient basically has no appetite. Do not force it to eat by force, it is better to save it from dehydration and restore the water-salt balance, giving a lot of liquid, better mineral water and a solution of "Regidron". After a while, the appetite will appear and it will be possible to feed the child with a homemade jelly or light chicken broth.

What is the diet for rotavirus infection?

Eat often, about five times a day, but in small portions and always pay attention to the reaction of the body. With the least deterioration, stop eating those foods that could become the cause.

Duration of the diet is 5-7 days, or a little more, until the symptoms disappear completely. Then you can start to enter into the diet and other products, but you need to do this gradually, so as not to create a sharp load for the digestive system. If suddenly after the termination of the diet the illness repeats, you must immediately return to the diet to seek medical advice from a doctor.

Diet after rotavirus infection

After cessation of unpleasant symptoms of rotavirus infection in an adult, do not immediately return to the usual diet, especially if it is far from the right one. It is better to stick to a light vegetable diet first, eat porridge and a small amount of low-fat meat.

Fried dishes, borscht, meat soups, alcohol, coffee and cigarettes are desirable to be excluded, after all after an infection the body and so weakened, so do not put it to extra stress, and the digestive tract is superfluous load. A healthy diet, plenty of fluids and more rest is the best recommendation for people who have had intestinal flu, caused by rotavirus infection.

The child's diet after rotavirus infection

Rotavirus infection affects children much more than adults, so their nutrition should be treated more seriously, besides the children's immune system, and the body as a whole is much more difficult to tolerate, both the disease and diet.

After the symptoms of intestinal flu disappeared. it is highly undesirable to stop the medical diet for at least 2 more weeks, and begin to gradually add other foods to the diet. Of course, do not immediately start feeding the baby pasta and stew, the foods should be useful and easy to digest. You can add other porridges, low-fat pork, soups, low-fat cottage cheese, light yogurt to the menu. All in a moderate amount and, as before, is often better and smaller portions.

Menu diet with rotavirus infection

When rotavirus infection rages in the body, it overcomes weakness, dehydration and appetite disappears, you need to approach the diet menu thoroughly, because the diet should not only be easily assimilated, o and tasty, and most importantly contain the entire complex of vitamins and minerals, necessary for the body. This can be achieved only by making the menu diverse and complex. To do this, you need to try to have on the menu for the day there were porridge, which give the body carbohydrates, vegetables, in the raw, stewed form, or steamed, as well as fruits that are rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C, so useful for immunity. Once a day you need to drink broth, it has a beneficial effect on the microflora and is easily digested.

Diet recipes for rotavirus infection

If you or your child has been affected by rotavirus infection, you will need the recipes of delicious, and most importantly, dietary dishes that will help make your treatment more enjoyable.

Boil 2-3 small carrots, bake several apples in the oven, grind them in a blender to mash, add a spoonful of honey and a pinch of cinnamon.

  • Chicken fillet with vegetables

Take one chicken fillet, 2 medium tomatoes, 2 small carrots and mineral water. On the fillet make transverse incisions, for rapid cooking, soak in mineral water, for softness. Cut the carrots and tomatoes with straw. All together put on foil and bake in the oven for about half an hour. For a taste, you can add a pinch of salt.

  • Stuffed peppers

For this dish you will need several Bulgarian peppers, medium zucchini, eggplant and carrots. Cut off the top of the pepper, so it becomes like a basket. Zucchini, carrots and eggplant finely chopped and this vegetable mix stuffing peppers. We put them in a steamer and cook for half an hour.

For stew, you need an eggplant, 2 medium carrots, 3 tomatoes, beans, cauliflower. Cabbage cook for 7 minutes. Eggplant, tomatoes and carrots cut into cubes. Cook the beans separately for 10 minutes. Then put all this in a frying pan, or in a multivark, add a little water and stew until ready. You can pour a little.

What can you eat with rotavirus infection?

If you follow a diet, you can use these foods:

  • buckwheat, semolina, or rice porridge, without oil and sugar;
  • crackers from wheat bread;
  • low-fat chicken broth;
  • light vegetable soup;
  • boiled or steamed chicken, fish;
  • every few days you can eat a boiled egg;
  • from vegetables can be cauliflower, carrots, tomatoes, beetroot, all in boiled form and preferably homemade.
  • mashed potatoes, without butter and sour cream;
  • unsweetened tea, broth of dogrose, infusion of St. John's wort, kissel;
  • seasonal berries and fruits, but only if they are sure of their origin, because different nitrates can only exacerbate the problem;
  • Instead of sugar you can eat honey, but in small quantities.

What can not be eaten with rotavirus infection?

Rotavirus infection develops well in the dairy environment, so during the diet you need to exclude from the diet any dairy products, butter and even kefir.

In addition to dairy products, rotavirus infection easily lives and multiplies in the environment created by sweets, so any chocolates, sweets and muffins, too, can not be consumed.

Also it is necessary to exclude such products:

  • fresh bread;
  • cheese;
  • pearl and barley porridge, pasta;
  • pickles and canned food;
  • boiled, smoked and fried sausages, meat and fat broths;
  • of vegetables can not be used: onions, garlic, radish, cabbage and cucumbers.
  • semi-finished products;
  • mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces, vegetable oil;
  • do not eat lemons and kiwi;
  • in no case it is not recommended to eat mushrooms, they are very heavy for the digestive system.

Consequences of rotavirus infection - can be very serious

Rotavirus infection (RVI) can proceed, both easily and imperceptibly, and very hard. It often begins with a sore throat, a cough and a cold, and then vomiting, an abundant watery stool and high fever are already attached. So what can lead to the difficult current of the RVI?

Immediate danger with rotovirus infection

The most important danger in the severe course of rotovirus infection is dehydration (exsicosis) caused by repeated vomiting and a loose stool. Especially difficult to tolerate dehydration are small children, who, against this background, may begin seizures, various disruptions in the cardiovascular system and kidneys. It is very difficult for dehydration and intoxication react kidneys, they just stop their work and toxic substances are not eliminated from the body. This condition is called acute renal failure, which is very difficult to treat, even in conditions of resuscitation.

Parents should not refuse to go to the hospital if, against a background of vomiting and diarrhea, the child has a pronounced dryness of the skin and mucous membranes (especially seen through cracked lips) and for several hours there was no urination. To help such a child to restore water-salt metabolism can only intravenous drip the introduction of special solutions. Otherwise, the condition can deteriorate very quickly and the child can be lost. According to the literature in the United States, more than one million children between the ages of one to four years fall ill with rotavirus infection, of which up to 150 children die. At the same time, the timely arrival of a child in a hospital is a guarantee of his recovery.

A feature of the action of rotavirus on the gastrointestinal tract is that it can cause a persistent violation of digestion and absorption of food and a decrease in the secretion of intestinal enzymes. All this leads to a change in the acidity of the contents of the intestine, it acquires an alkaline reaction, in which is more comfortable with the conditionally pathogenic and pathogenic microflora, it begins actively multiply. A useful microflora, which normally suppresses the development of opportunistic pathogen, in this case, on the contrary, experiences difficulties in reproduction, since the acidic environment is more habitual for it.

Infringement of a parity or ratio between useful and conditionally pathogenic microflora is called as a dysbacteriosis. Dysbacteriosis is not a disease yet, conditionally pathogenic microorganisms are only multiplying in lumen of the intestine, disrupting the digestive process, but they do not penetrate into the mucous membrane of the wall yet intestines. But a digestive disorder (without a normal volume of useful microflora, it can not occur correctly) already causes a violation blood circulation (and hence metabolism) in the intestinal wall and remains only one step before the formation of the inflammatory process, then there is colitis.

Dysbacteriosis in a child may manifest as a decrease in appetite, a constant bloating due to a large number of gases (a consequence of an incorrect digestion of food), paroxysmal pain along the bowels (they arise due to spasm of the musculature of the intestine), nausea and stool disorders. For dysbiosis is characterized by alternation of diarrhea (stools can have a fetid smell) and constipation, when the feces take the form of solid pellets (sheep feces).

Dysbacteriosis requires a long persistent treatment. Probiotics are prescribed - medicines that contain colonies of living beneficial bacteria - natural inhabitants of the intestine. To ensure that these bacteria are well established in the intestines and multiply rapidly, prebiotics are prescribed - medicines that contain "feed" for useful microflora.

How does immunity change after rotavirus infection?

As with any infection, overall immunity is reduced and it takes time and effort to restore it. Specific immunity to rotavirus infection is not very resistant, so the child can To hurt or be ill; be sick RVI many times, thus it is difficult to establish, how many, as RVI often proceeds is asymptomatic. Adult people, for the most part, have antibodies to rotavirus in their blood, which also suggests that the infection was transferred more than once. A very large percentage of the detection of antibodies to rotaviruses and in children of older age groups.

A few years ago in the United States, children from one and a half months were vaccinated with rotavirus vaccine, but then It was found that this leads to an increase in the frequency of intestinal obstruction in children, and the use of the vaccine was forbidden. Today new vaccines against RVI are being developed (including in our country), which are already at the stage of clinical trials. RVI, like most viral infections, is not completely defeated at the moment.



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