How to restore intestines after rotavirus


It is difficult to find a baby who, up to the age of 3, has never had a rotavirus or an intestinal infection. This is a very contagious pathology, which is transmitted by contact-household and fecal-oral route. It is important to immediately prevent dehydration, which can provoke rotavirus infection in children - treatment is mainly to restore the balance of liquid and organic salts in organism.

How to treat rotavirus in a child?

There are no special medications for the treatment of the pathology in question and, in general, it is not required. The treatment of rotavirus in children is symptomatic and is aimed at maintaining the water-salt balance in the body of crumbs.

The only recognized measure of therapy for the described infection, which is recognized by the World Health Organization, is rehydration through special pharmacy solutions. The following preparations are suitable for babies:

If you do not have these medicines in your home medicine cabinet, you can prepare the medicine yourself.

Recipe for rehydration solution

  • warm boiled water - 1 l;
  • sugar - 2 table. spoons;
  • baking soda - 1 hour. a spoon;
  • table salt - 1 hour. a spoon.

Dilute the dry components in water, mix thoroughly until they are completely dissolved. To give birth to a child in small portions, but often.

To remove toxins that viruses produce in the intestine, it is recommended to give the baby sorbents - Smekta, Enterosgel.

To prevent infection with bacteria, anti-diarrheal medications are used - Entrol or Enterofuril.

Correction of the functions of the digestive system is carried out by means of enzyme preparations, for example, Mezim or Pancreatin.

It is not necessary to bring down the fever during rotavirus infection. As a rule, a column of thermometers does not rise above 38 degrees, namely, this temperature is fatal for the cells of the virus. If the fever is poorly tolerated, you can try to cool the body crumbs by wiping and air baths, put a rectal candle Cefekon.

Therapy of rotavirus infection in an infant

Treatment of the disease in infants is often difficult, as it is difficult for the infants to get a rehydration solution, even with a syringe without a needle.

If you can not get drunk at home, you should call an ambulance immediately, as dehydration for infants is very dangerous, can lead to death.

Diet with rotavirus infection in children

Immediately during the disease, the baby's appetite is usually reduced. Therefore, the nutrition of the child with rotavirus infection should be easy and not too diverse - broth on chicken breasts, rice porridge on water, homemade jelly from any jam, starch and water. It is important to dopaivat crumbs with tea, compote, kvvar, mors.

Breastfeeding with rotavirus infection in a child should be varied with soy or a lactose-free mixture. The fact is that the multiplication of viruses in the intestine leads to a disruption in the production of the enzyme lactase, and it is difficult for the baby to digest dairy products.

Recovery of a child after rotavirus

When the condition, stool and temperature of a baby are normalized, there are still some restrictions on the diet.

Nutrition of a child older than 1 year after rotavirus infection can be gradually diversified, but within 14-21 days it is desirable to limit the consumption of dairy products.

To accelerate the restoration of digestive processes, it is recommended to give the baby the means that normalize the intestinal microflora:

Pozhaaaluysta. Help restore the child after rotavirus.

To the son, I had an obstructive bronchitis, immediately rotavirus, a month for hospitals and a diet. It's already the second week at home. We treat the herpes simplex virus type 6 in the blood with isoprinosine. We are on a diet. Thin, superfluous. A mixture of dietary two weeks we drink - Infamil-Olak, today tried to give Similak sour-milk-diarrhea. What should I give him? How to feed him? To at least get better? What a mixture. Please. I'm already hysterical. In the morning I give dairy-free cereal, at lunch the meat is ground with potato or mashed potatoes. A snack is either a curd, or a mixture. Dinner-cereal dairy-free. At night, kefir. I give Creon and acipol. My strength is gone, help: (

That the child generally wants to eat? Soups, cereals are different, meatballs-meatballs, cheese, desserts are different from fruits - cook.
In general, I see no diversity, the food is dull, like in prison: porridge, zucchini, potatoes, boiled meat, cottage cheese. Is it so convalescent to feed? In my opinion, this is the food of those sentenced to death by hanging. Where are the other vegetables - carrots, pumpkin, cauliflower, broccoli, beets? Where are the fruits - apples baked and fresh, bananas and all kinds of desserts sweet from them? Raisins, soufflé from dried apricots - cheerful orange, soft and sweet? Where is the beautiful food on the cute cheerful plates?
Go to, look at Yulia Vysotskaya recipes for children, there are several pages of excellent recipes.

you write like food for a three-year-old, not for,.

In 1.2 - perfectly children eat and carrots, and a pumpkin, and cauliflower, and broccoli, and apples and bananas. Someone - in the form of mashed potatoes, someone already slices.

The immunologist forbade eating apples. vis: WHY? And boiled beef, cottage cheese, yogurt, milk mixtures - with cross-proteins of cow's milk - allowed? Eating apples affects the treatment of herpes simplex virus type 6. gy:
I'm a pediatrician, and I can not think of any real reason for banning apples, except for the proven allergy to them (this happens, especially during the flowering period of birch, pine - there cross allergens).

Hostel dwarfs evil

Anonymous Thread Starter

banned as a threat to our diathesis (dermatology), yesterday for the first time gave a sour-milk mixture-the diarrhea total. milk and fruit are forbidden, juices and compotes are forbidden, you think you can give?

I would not give and sour milk too.
But the baked apples do not represent any danger - there is a continuous pectin, very useful for the intestines. Do not take hard varieties such as Fuji, there are Moldovan apples.
You can give mashed potatoes from a baked banana - there is also no danger.
Soup puree from cauliflower and broccoli - just do not add cream and sour cream. Does the yolk eat the baby? If so, rub the yolk of the quail egg into the soup.
Meat - do you eat turkey? If so, then make cutlets out of it. Do not give beef, better make meatballs soft from low-fat pork. Turn the meat through the meat grinder twice, so that the stuffing was directly tender, airy.
Try the carrots, cook them and add them to the soup, after wiping it on a fine grater.
You see, well, it's impossible to eat cottage cheese - and at the same time to forbid milk formulas. The cow milk protein is both there and there. It would be logical to ban cottage cheese with yogurt.

Hostel dwarfs evil

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Diet with rotavirus infection

Rotavirus infection is an intestinal infection, the main symptom of which is severe diarrhea.

Methods of infection with rotavirus infection

The source of infection is the virus carrier. Rotavirus infection affects the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract, and then is excreted along with the feces. In this case, a person suffering from such a disorder, airborne way, can transmit the virus further and infect others.

The hidden danger lies in the fact that initially rotavirus infection with symptoms such as sneezing, and then fever resembles respiratory diseases. Often because of this, there is no timely diagnosis and treatment, but the patient transmits the infection further, without guessing about it.

In most cases, "catch" rotavirus infection can not even communicate with its carrier. More precisely, with its animated virus carrier, because carriers can serve household items and hygiene, toys and pacifiers, infected water and food.

Once in the body through the mouth, the infection penetrates first into the thin, and then into the large intestine, causing severe diarrhea. Diarrhea is accompanied, as already mentioned, by fever, acute abdominal pain, possibly vomiting. The patient experiences weakness and malaise from dehydration.

It is to eliminate dehydration that doctors introduce a special diet with rotavirus infection. Diet in this case is the only possible method of treatment, since there are no drugs that kill rotavirus. Therefore, in order to overcome the infection, adjust the diet of the patient, removing therefrom dangerous products.

Prohibited products with rotavirus infection

Dairy products can exacerbate diarrhea and even irritate the inflamed bowel. Therefore, at the first signs of defeat rotavirus infection should be excluded from the diet of milk, yogurt, cheese, sour cream.

Fried or fatty foods can be too heavy for an organism that desperately tries to fight rotavirus infection. Therefore, the potato frites, chips, hamburgers, and various cream desserts for the period of this struggle will have to be forgotten.

Caffeine can be a traitor, irritating along with rotavirus the intestinal mucosa. Coffee and any drinks with caffeine (including fizzy drinks) can exacerbate mucosal inflammation, and therefore it is better to replace them with tea and natural juices.

In general, during the defeat of the organism rotavirus infection should be limited to eating, giving the advantage of abundant drink to prevent dehydration. Let's consider further, what kind of diet should be installed for adults and children to help them cope with the disease as soon as possible.

Diet with rotavirus infection for adults

If rotavirus enters the body of an adult, the patient should adhere to the dietary table number 4. This means that from the meal you can use broth, bread crumbs, manna or rice porridge cooked on the water, lean meat and fish (also in boiled form), grated cottage cheese. Dishes, if possible, serve without salt.

The patient, as already mentioned above, needs to drink a lot during the rotavirus infection. For this purpose, a decoction of blueberries, raspberries or black currants, tea and cocoa on water is perfect.

After the diarrhea is reduced, the patient can be transferred to a diet table under lucky number 13. The diet of this table allows you to eat lean meat or fish broth, actually lean meat and fish are also acceptable. In addition to the cereals indicated in the 4th table, you can use mashed potatoes as a garnish. Useful will be soup and dishes from such vegetables: tomatoes, cauliflower, carrots, beets. An organism that is on the mend, seasonal fruits and berries will help to overcome the disease more quickly. You can use jam and honey.

When rotavirus infection in adults at all stages of the course of the disease should be avoided sausages, canned food, salted and smoked fish. It's a bad idea to cook porridge from millet, pearl barley or barley cereal. Muffins and pasta should be discarded. Garlic, onions, cabbage and radish should also be excluded.

Diet with rotavirus infection in children

Rotavirus infection in young children is much more severe than in adults. In infants, the disease begins with a sharp pain in the abdomen, from which the baby cries and does not allow you to touch the tummy. Rotavirus infection manifests itself within an hour after penetration into the body. This is indicated by elevated body temperature (up to 39 C), as well as vomiting and diarrhea, which begin almost immediately. In this case, during the first 12 hours, vomiting can occur quite often, with interruptions from 5 to 30 minutes. At kids there is an intoxication (poisoning of an organism), causing weakness from which even knobs and legs can shake.

At the initial stage of the disease, it is recommended not to feed, but to provide the baby with a drink. Ideally, it should be breast milk, but in the absence of it you can give a solution for rehydration. Well suited in this case, tea with mint, soothing nausea, and tea with ginger, which relieves pain in the stomach. It is not recommended to replace breastfeeding with mixtures during the child's defeat by rotavirus infection. The fact is that rotavirus destroys the enzymes necessary for the breakdown of lactose, and this will only increase abdominal pain and diarrhea.

When the symptoms begin to come to naught, the child can begin to feed easily digestible food. It's about all the same soups and broths, mashed potatoes and vegetable juices. At the final stage of recovery, the child needs to restore the intestinal microflora and yogurt is perfect for this purpose.



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