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When our hormonal system is balanced, the hormones behave like wise guides for the body.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who most of all dreamed of getting married. However, years went by.

A couple of days ago I met a friend on the street. He stopped, asked: "How are you, how is the family?" She is looking after.

We enjoy the artwork. But that's not all. Subconsciously, much pain is absorbed.

Scientists have identified about 200 factors that cause obesity, ranging from problems with hormones and "fats.



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Everyone knows how important the normal operation of the intestine is in our bodies. N, he eats, he knows what difficulties arise, if his work begins to fail. This constipation and colic and flatulence.

But very few people know, then our intestines significantly affect the current state of health

by causing. colds.
H, if not cause, o creating a favorable soil for them, then everything, then strangely enough, your intestine is a paired organ with a light, it is indicated as far back as Ney Ji (Treatise of the Yellow Emperor. ) which is more than , 00 years old and which is the main labor in Chinese medicine (more specifically, Jen Chiu therapy. ).

And everything is simple. Our body as it reserves the functions for the insurance. Therefore, if there are gas exchange problems in the lungs, the gases go. Guess where. Well, yes, in the intestines.

The reverse process is much more unpleasant. If the work of the intestine fails (poorly detoxifies. ) or in the form of compensation begin to be allocated to the mucous membranes of the lungs - the result is asthma.

N, even if you digress from such serious diseases as asthma, a large dysbacteriosis can cause such a functional the failure of the lungs, that there is not that-that infetsirovanie, enough someone infetsirovannom just pass by and all ready. You are sick, but simply sit in a draft and everything is ready, but simply because the immune defense of the lungs is already reduced.

, stati, an increased tendency to catarrhal diseases is due to this, poor bowel work. Just enough dysbiosis.

What to do. Of course, restore. For this, there is a rehabilitation course of therapy, which provides a complete restoration of the work of your intestine.

It is not worth wondering here - all the symptoms - problems - are based on a number of reasons that are completely eliminated during the treatment.

Treatment system - on the whole complex of problems and removes the reason for their occurrence and is divided into 3 stages: READ MORE.

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How to restore the work of the intestines? the musle does not work at all (under. in)

Want to know everythingApprentice (42), on a vote 6 years ago

Constant constipation, alopecia, bloating, belly, sensation, aeration.
If we eat something fat or hard, then I turn around in general.
Today, an alcoholic cocktail drink, the musketeer is seething with horror. I feel like inside a hurricane.
I watched in the Health program that the intestine is constantly compressed and unclenched. When a failure occurs, o it ceases to pulsate (work) and because of this, constipation occurs, etc. malaise.
Tell me, how can I restore my intestines? then you need to do it first? Can I take pills for a drink?
Saw Dufalac on a glass in den, e helped.
I want to have a line for Linex.

Updated 6 years ago

To the gastroenterologist went. He told me to take the analysis for dysbacteriosis.
But I do not go to the toilet for 5 days, so I can not pass the analysis

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Oleg GorbanExpert (488) 6 years ago

Sweet water, a little vinegar, soda add and while hissing a volley to drink.

mila novitskayaEnlightened (32313) 6 years ago

for the beginning to pass or take place a course of clarification, then to restore a microflora, well and more in a fiber: vegetables and fruit

AllegriaМудрец (15521) 6 years ago

If there is a possibility go to the gastroenterologist. And so, by self-medication you will erase the causes of the disease.

veronica kravtsovMudrets (10234) 6 years ago

Sabelnik swamp try.

misha mitchenkovMaster (1500) 6 years ago

Do not eat or drink something that irritates the intestines or can irritate: alkagol, milk, flour, fried meat, nuts.
Eat cottage cheese, rice, soups, boiled fish, or fish.

Well, something like this

RumataThinker (5793) 6 years ago

Go through a course of cleansing the intestines and restoring the intestinal flora. I can teach how to do this.

EnsamvargEnlightened (27996) 6 years ago

When I have similar problems, I tear off the leaf (medium) with scarlet and eat, I do not advise two sheets. We must wait an hour another, and run to the toilet. The intestines after this clean a couple of days (according to sensations).

Irina Oksak-NikonovaProfi (785) 6 years ago

Diet in the diet. You can make yogurts from pharmacy starter cultures. But it's better to appear to an experienced doctor who will prescribe a treatment for your problem

Valeriya PakhomovaThinker (6579) 6 years ago

First you need to understand why you have a problem. And you need to treat it, and not swelling.
Linex is good, but bifidobacterin is better.
Cleaning, diet, food, containing a lot of fiber. And, of course, diet for the period of treatment.

Maria FileevaPupil (113) 6 years ago

I want to offer Jodis concentrate. It helps 100%.

ElenaMaster (1678) 6 years ago

Linex is a weak drug, advertising is broad, and the effect is zero. Thrown to the air money. Drink Lactofiltrum 2tab 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals (10 days course). And my advice to you, contact the gastroenterologist, all this can be solved without much difficulty.

yuri blacksmithsEnlightened (24948) 6 years ago

Believe the old sick person, you are bound to the gastroenterologist,
self-treatment at all to exclude.

SvetlanaArtificial Intelligence (221520) 6 years ago

It is necessary to pass tests, necessarily. And the doctor will look at the tests and say what in the intestines is not enough, but what's more. And prescribe a course of treatment to restore normal bowel function. Do not practice self-medication alone.

TatyanaThinker (6997) 6 years ago

But you yourself know the reason! Heavy food, fat. fat that. meat. Koktelchik alcoholic. In a programme. health about it did not say anything?

Eat one week fruits and vegetables! do not die, but the intestines will be happy! And in general, stop eating corpses of tortured animals, you already have problems with the sea!

Elena ZhuravlyovaThinker (6856) 6 years ago

First, consult a gastroenterologist. Without a specialist you will have to go over the treatment for a long time. Most likely you have all the heap: disruption of the pancreas, bile. The fact is that everything there is one for another. Linex is good, but you need enzymes, and for the beginning to make a cleaning-Enterosgel.

SingleMaster (1870) 6 years ago

Firstly, normal nutrition. Start with breakfast. It should be dense enough. It looks like it's worth checking out the liver. Nothing greasy and fried for at least a week. Judging by the enema avatar and the colonotherapy is still too early. But sour-milk products and a spoonful of olive oil before eating does not hurt. And in general the recipe is an old kefir vegetable oil and a salted cucumber. Wildly but it helps. And most importantly normal nutrition

rroarriProfi (763) 6 years ago

In fact, with serious problems it's not on the forum, but to the doctor! And then appointments can and discuss)) A pill is - motilium, called, stimulate the work of peristalsis. Dysbacteriosis is difficult to cure by bacteria, if the medium is broken any desired microbe does not get accustomed! There is a drug, Hilak Fort, restores a normal environment in the intestines. But the reasons for your condition can be mass - pancreatitis, cholecystitis and so on. You just need to find out the reason.

I also had this problem. I started doing exercises to train the muscles of the intestines and cut the Prebiotic. It helped!

ianikEnlightened (26889) 6 years ago

Well all the same it is necessary to hand over the analysis, t. To. It is necessary to understand, the balance of what bacteria in an intestine at you is broken or disturbed. start with proper nutrition - oatmeal on water, vegetables, boiled chicken and fish, drink linex or bifiform. it is advisable to do enemas (at first there will be little water to sweat, but gradually increase the dose). and also drink a gentle laxative, for example, brew bark buckthorn for the night, or senna.

DRAXEnlightened (24062) 6 years ago

Yes, you have pebbles in the gall. Drink aspirin + urolesan regularly. Before going to bed, drink sour cream.

How to improve bowel function?

Do you ever have problems with the intestines? So, he is coping with an important missioncleanse the bodyand it works like a clock! And what about those people who have problems with digestion, for example, those who suffer from constipation? We will help you deal with this problem. We will find out the causes of constipation and suggest folk remedies for the treatment of constipation.

The intestine is a unique organ, on the health of which the condition of the whole organism largely depends. Failures in the work of the intestine can affect the skin condition, negatively affect the work of the stomach, cause dysbacteriosis, allergies and decreased immunity. What is constipation? Normally, evacuation of the intestine should occur once a day. Delay more than two days and there is constipation without any reservations.

# 10070; Alimentary constipation. as a rule, is related to the nature of nutrition and can be caused by a deficiency in plant fiber. With the introduction of the menu of vegetables and fruits the problem will be resolved.

# 10070; Atonic constipationmay be caused by low physical activity. Gymnastics will help to get rid of it.

# 10070; Spastic Colitis- Inflammation of the mucosa of the colon with a decrease in the activity of the intestine - always causes persistent constipation with obligatory attacks of cramping pain in the abdomen.

# 10070; Neurotic constipation- an obligatory symptom of depression and neuroses.

From this it follows that constipation itself is not a disease, but a consequence of some kind of violation, the source of which can only be revealed by a doctor.

According to statistics, the lack of a regular stool reduces the quality of life by 30%! Difficulties in emptying can cause changes in intestinal flora in the colon or local inflammatory process, which in the end will contribute to a decrease in immunity, a violation of the vitamin balance. And this inevitably will be felt by the increased susceptibility to infections, the appearance of a plaque on the root of the tongue, the deterioration of the quality of the skin, nails, and cracking of the lips.


When clarifying the true cause of constipation, transferring the experience of friends with a similar disorder to their own problem is a big mistake (the reasons for constipation are different). It is important that the independent struggle with the problem does not lie in the search for a universal panacea. Need a system: diet, reasonable use of laxatives, physiotherapy, massage the stomach clockwise and physical exercises, breathing exercises with inflation and retraction of the abdomen.


Diet with constipation must necessarily include fruits and vegetables (especially table beet), sour-milk products. Drink at least 2 liters of fluid per day. With constipation with gas formation, special preparations or a decoction of fennel seeds are shown, the carminative effect of which removes spasms. Forget about enemas, they can be prescribed only by a doctor. No matter how encouraging you are temporary successes of treatment with your own efforts, consultation and supervision with a gastroenterologist is necessary.

What foods should I eat with constipation?


BEETraw and boiled, dressed with vegetable oil, helps to activate the work of the intestines. With constipation, it is very useful to drink beetroot and carrot juice.

BLACKBERRYrich in organic acids, which normalize the stool and help with the delay of bowel movement. Eat plums in any form (fresh fruit, infusion, compote, mashed potatoes).

FLAX SEEDhelps even with chronic constipation. Its enveloping substances provide a soft stool. Daily, before going to bed, drink a decoction (1 teaspoonful. a spoon of flax seeds for 200 ml of boiling water). Do not filter.

KEFIRcontains useful microorganisms. To help the intestines work without interruption, every day, drink a glass of fresh yogurt 30 minutes before eating.

SHEET OF THE SENNY- natural laxative. But abuse leads to the development of intestinal atony. Do not take pregnant and lactating women.

ENGINErich in vegetable fiber, which helps to cope with constipation and removes toxins from the body. The rind of dry figs is very hard, so before consumption, always soak the fruit for the night.

Therapeutic goodies
In chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer of the stomach or duodenum, food should be tender, crushed, do not contain sharp spices. The stomach must be rid of mechanical and chemical irritation. You can not fry anything, meat and fish broth should be excluded as an irritating digestive tract. But even with such limitations, you can find than pamper yourself.
Milk jelly. Boil 100 ml of milk with cocoa or vanilla, add 20 g of sugar and 5 g of soaked and wrung gelatin, mix thoroughly. Leave to cool down, but do not forget to stir occasionally, otherwise cocoa will settle. You can season with fruit or vanilla sauce.

Faith # August 16 at : 0 am


Cereals from abdominal pain
Dry the crust of black bread, bake in a clean dry frying pan to the state of coal, rastolkite in a fine powder and still burn. Obtained corn charcoal (1 h. spoon) mix with 25 ml of vodka and drink immediately. Apply 3 times a day after meals.
This remedy helps with various digestive disorders, stomach pain, heartburn, increased and decreased acidity of the stomach, constipation.


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