Than it is possible to cure colitis of an intestine


Treatment of colitis with folk remedies

Colitis needs to be treated for a long time, it requires a strict diet without meat, eggs, foods, which contain a large amount of albumin. Also recommend in the diet include dairy products, oatmeal, vegetables in boiled form, puree, be sure to plant it with oil. Note that colitis is severely depleting the body. You also need to drink 250 ml of juice with carrots every day.

Herbal remedies for the treatment of colitis

1. You need to take chamomile, sage, cornflowers, pour a glass of boiling water. Use every two hours. With this method, you can improve the state of the intestines, restore the digestive process, get rid of gastric distress.

2. Colitis can be cured with the help of powder, which is prepared from aspen bark, it should be collected when the juice is moving.

3. An effective recipe is tincture on cones of alder, you need to take half a liter of vodka, plant, pour all and insist up to three weeks, the place should be dark and warm, do not forget to stir, after y

ou need to strain. Drink before eating.

4. Squeeze juice from apples, add honey. It is necessary to use the medicine within one month.

5. If you sit on a diet with colitis, you need to eat up to 4 nuts per day. Water should be replaced with a decoction of flax seeds. In three weeks you can see a positive result.

6. Chronic and acute colitis can be cured with a propolis tincture, it must first be diluted in water or milk.

7. Take a chemist's daisy, pour steep boiling water, wrap and insist up to two hours. At the end add honey. The course can be repeated for three months, with interruptions of two weeks.

8. If you suffer from gout, kidney, liver disease, obesity, you need to rub the apple, you can add a little honey and eat inside.

9. Effectively helps to fight colitis collection, which includes wormwood, sage, pour boiling water, all insist one hour. Tea should be replaced with a decoction of rice.

10. Chronic colitis. because of which permanent constipation occurs, can be cured with pumpkin juice.

11. You can heal the colitis with vegetable smoothies, it will require spinach, carrots, beets, cucumbers.

Effective ancient folk recipes for the treatment of colitis

It is necessary to take "Cahors water, dry blueberry berries, all boil, cool. Eat before eating.

You can heal colitis with such a folk remedy to make it, you need 400 ml of boiling water, brew dry fruits of barberry, boil until they are ready, use 100 ml three times in a day.

To get rid of diarrhea, it is recommended to brew alder in the vodka, do not forget to shake. The broth will help to cure enteritis, chronic colitis.

In the 70s, Alain Kiles developed such a remedy for colitis, for this one needs to take a liter of water, add 200 grams of honey, do not forget to stop, at the end put the pollen. The mixture must be insisted until fermentation begins.

Inflammatory process in the small intestine can be cured with such a powder, it will need a walnut, peppermint, a tapeworm - a root, a burdock, an anise. Use in the morning, afternoon, evening, drink plenty of water.

Take 250 ml of boiling water, sage. centipedes, chamomile, brew, cool. With the help of it, you can restore the digestive system.

If the intestinal motility is weakened, we need to use such a collection, it will require a motherwort, mint, oregano, pochechuynaya, all pour boiling water, insist for three hours. Use for half an hour before meals in a warm form.

In cases where colitis is accompanied by dyskinesia, you need to use such a collection, it will require melissa, a burdock root, a camomile, a shepherd's bag. The course of therapy should last 10 days.

Colitis can be cured with the help of infusion, it will require buckthorn, elder, fennel, anise. Drink it right after dinner for the night.

Folk treatment of colitis by enema

It is necessary to take St. John's wort, chamomile - on a tablespoon, pour 500 ml of boiling water, cover the infusion with a warm towel, insist for about an hour. Then use for enema.

Pre-purchase a catheter, syringe. It is necessary to collect sea buckthorn oil and enter into the rectum. The oil should be there as long as possible. When you have greatly aggravated the disease, you need an enema for a month, then another 6 months for preventive purposes.

You can use rosehip oil for microclysters. enemas should be performed before bed, if the disease has worsened, it should be done within a month. Effectiveness depends on whether you have injected an enema deep or not, oil will help heal ulcers.

It is important in the treatment to adhere to a certain diet, you can not eat fatty meat, sour, fried, salted and smoked foods. In the diet to enter the food in cooked, grated form, also can be used for steaming. It is also recommended, there are dairy products, as much curd, yogurt, kefir. Permitted to enter into your diet low-fat varieties of meat - rabbit, chicken, veal, low-fat fish, white bread only when it becomes stale. In the diet should be oatmeal.

Colitis can be cured with a geranium-based infusion. In order to make it necessary, take the grass of the plant, pour water, leave for the night.

Thus, if you use folk remedies for colitis, you can improve the patient's health, bounce back the stool, so the abdominal pain will quickly pass, it is especially effective to use it in a chronic inflammatory process in intestines. In addition to treatment, it is important to adhere to the diet, include in your diet as much as possible fruits and vegetables. Do not get carried away by the liquid. It is also worth noting fast food, salty, roasted, fatty. Despite the effectiveness of folk remedies, some means must be treated with extreme caution in order not to further damage the body.

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