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Rumbling in the intestines - the reason

Hubble, "growl rumbling - noises in the intestine are not always signs of disease. They accompany the normal processes of peristalsis and digestion. But if the noise becomes audible even to people who are near you, it's not abnormal. And in cases where this condition is constantly repeated, you need to find out the reason for rumbling in the intestine, because it can be a disease.

The most common causes of rumbling in the intestine

Most often provokes the rumbling in the intestines of a large amount of air that a person grabs when trying to swallow food. If you are one of those who do not mind drinking a soda or chatting with food, then be prepared for the fact that noises in the abdomen will arise from you all the time.

Rumbling very often appears after a person ate fatty, heavy and fiber-rich foods. This is due to the fact that intestinal flora is excessively activated for digesting such food.

Do you like chips, biscuits and sandwiches? Be prepared for the fact that y

ou will be accompanied by a constant rumbling in the intestines. Such "dry" food often disrupts the normal digestive process, causing noise. Also, a loud rumbling may be due to:

  • development of allergies to certain products;
  • ingestion of not completely digested food;
  • excessive consumption of alcohol;
  • excessive fluid intake.

Pathological causes of rumbling in the intestine

If you often hear rumbling and transfusion in the intestine, indicates the presence of problems with the sigmoid colon. Noises in the abdomen, accompanied by pain, are symptoms of irritable bowel and intestinal dysbiosis. If this phenomenon is constantly repeated, then this may be a sign of a serious disease - chronic pancreatitis. Regular changes in loudness, timbre, or regularity of rumbling testify to intestinal disorders, the appearance of which is associated with a violation of the function of promoting food.

The reasons for a strong rumbling in the intestine are also:

  • circulatory disturbance - noises appear if the blood vessels do not provide the intestine with a flow of blood to the proper extent;
  • mechanical intestinal obstruction - due to hernia, adhesion, tumor, which blocks the intestine;
  • paralytic intestinal obstruction - occurs as a result of chemical imbalance, infection, trauma).

Rumble can after radiation therapy conducted in the abdomen, and during the treatment of various diseases using drugs that slow the movement of the intestine. These drugs include Codeine, phenothiazines and anticholinergics.

Crohn's disease, flatulence and ulcerative colitis are another common causes of rumbling in the intestines.

How to get rid of rumbling in the abdomen?

If you are concerned about rumbling in the intestines, but when the disease was not diagnosed, take, according to the instructions, such medications:

To prevent the repeated occurrence of noise in the abdomen, reduce the amount of bread and sour-milk products in your diet.Also try not to eat dry and eat food in a warm, not cold.

Those who want to get rid of rumbling, it will not be superfluous to abandon the acute, fatty and sweet food and fermentation products (beer, okroshka, sweet yogurt). Try to be less nervous and never overeat. It is better to eat more often, but in small portions.

If the cause of the noise is flatulence, you should make 2-3 enemas with the addition of chamomile and take a few baths with a decoction of valerian.

Everyone knows the situation when suddenly in the abdomen there are unpleasant sensations, accompanied by a loud rumbling. The person feels especially uncomfortable when this happens in a public place, as this attracts the attention of strangers and forces them to complex about what is happening.

In fact, there is nothing surprising in this state. It is called meteorism and is caused by a large accumulation of gases in the intestine. It is as a result of this that symptoms such as rumbling and "bursting" feeling arise.

Causes of rumbling in the intestine

There are a number of reasons why your intestine begins to behave differently than usual. The most common of these are:

#8212; hunger. Surely many noticed that rumbling sounds often occur on an empty stomach. Especially often this is observed in the morning or at a pre-established time. To get rid of the rumbling, just enough to eat;

#8212; stress and intense excitement. Often, with such a phenomenon as rumbling in the abdomen, a person encounters such important and exciting events for him as an examination, a meeting or an important meeting;

#8212; binge eating. For a long time without taking food, people are prone to overeating, which is also fraught with extraneous sounds in the stomach.

Often the noise in the abdomen arises from the rhythmic contraction of the walls of the intestine and stomach, and in this case the causes of this phenomenon are more serious, and one should not leave them without attention:

# 8212; partial obstruction of the intestine;

# 8212; allergy to certain foods eaten;

# 8212; the intake of such chemical irritants for the intestines as alcohol, as well as products containing toxins;

# 8212; violation of digestive processes;

# 8212; gastroenteritis due to infection.

Often the cause of noise in the abdomen may be excessive gas formation. In passing with rumbling in this case, there can be a swelling, diarrhea and abdominal pain. Flatulence can be caused by factors such as food allergy, dysbacteriosis or eating foods that cause increased gas production.

The reason for the rumbling can be and the usual chewing gum. In the process of its constant chewing, the air enters the intestine and accumulates there. In addition, the chewing gum leads to the secretion of gastric juice, but at the same time, it does not saturate a bit. All this leads to swelling and as a result rumbling in the abdomen.

Treatment of rumbling in the intestine

Having determined the causes of rumbling in the abdomen, you should start treatment. To get rid of flatulence, there are many medicines, the most common of which are linex, pancreoflate, espumizan and mezim forte. That's only self-medication given drugs in any case should not be engaged. They must necessarily appoint a specialist.

Also, get rid of frequent rumblings in your stomach will help diet, and change the diet.

Herea number of tips. which will help to avoid the manifestation of the above symptoms and will not allow you to be in an awkward position:

# 8212; Do not get carried away by sour-milk products and never end them with food intake;

# 8212; Do not eat freshly baked bread;

# 8212; never eat dry;

# 8212; food should be consumed only in a warm form;

# 8212; do not abuse fatty, spicy and sweet food;

# 8212; take as little food and drinks as fermentation products as possible. These include beer, yogurt, okroshka and a number of others;

# 8212; less nervous and try to avoid stressful situations;

# 8212; avoid allergens;

# 8212; Do not overeat. It is better to eat less, but more often.

If the rumbling in the abdomen has become a real problem for you and has acquired a permanent character, then it is an occasion to contact a specialist who will prescribe the appropriate treatment. Do not self-medicate, as the possible causes of the symptoms that arise are not as harmless as you think.

The most interesting news:

Some noise in the stomach and intestines, as well as other sounds that arise in the abdomen, may not always be some deviation from the norm. But in some people the rumbling is so strong that it bothers not only the person, but even the people around him. Of course, in this regard, the person becomes uncomfortable.

Actually rumbling in the intestine, which we hear, is the sounds of the working intestine, more precisely of its movement, when food passes through it. In this case, the sounds of the empty bowel are different and similar to the sounds of water pipes. The reason for this is the work of the gastrointestinal tract. There is an opinion that some unusual sounds of the intestine can provide information about human health. As, for example, an obstruction of an intestine. This is due to the lack of intestinal activity. And if you hear frequent rumbling, you need to consult a doctor and diagnose it in time, otherwise the contents of the intestine, fluid and gas can accumulate and cause damage and even rupture of the wall intestines.

The reasons why rumbles in the intestines

For proper functioning of the intestine and good digestibility, the walls begin to secrete digestive juices. A regular mixing of food masses, promotes a quality digestion of food.

There are reasons why there is an obstruction of the intestine:

The first reason is starvation. A hungry person, especially in the morning, can often hear a rumbling, and it lasts until the food arrives;

The second reason is overeating. This applies to cases where a person has not eaten for a long time, and then a heavy and harmful food;

Also, the reasons can be strong excitement, which is caused by an interview, passing an exam, etc .;

Gaseous products, such as rye bread, sweets, legumes, grapes, some fruits, etc .;

Gaseous not only food, but also beverages, such as juice from packets, beer, water containing gas (carbonated and mineral water), products containing caffeine (coffee, chocolate, tea);

In most cases, the cause of rumbling in the intestines is caused by parasites. But in this case it is necessary to consult a doctor, as some of them are considered the norm. Only he will decide on the appointment of treatment in this case;

There have been cases when the cause of rumbling in the intestines was the blocking of blood vessels, infection, chemical imbalance, intestinal blockage and others;

To determine the intensity of sounds, it is necessary to try differently arranged. To decrease the rumbling, you must take a horizontal position, especially at night after a late dinner.

How can I get rid of rumbling in the intestine

In order that you do not disturb the intestines or at least somehow reduce the symptoms of rumbling, you must follow certain rules:

Correct, and most importantly, regular meals is the main reason for getting rid of rumbling;

It is necessary to exclude from the body foods that contain a sugar substitute (sorbitol) which is found in beverages, chewing gums without sugar, sweets, various sauces, etc .;

Observe the rules of hygiene, thoroughly wash your hands before eating, wash fruits and vegetables. Do not interfere with the periodic delivery of tests for the presence of parasites. This applies in particular to those people who have animals in their dogs;

The rules apply to work. With constant sedentary work, you need to make regular breaks to move and warm up. To give the intestines a little work, physical exercises and exercises will be useful.

Constant rumbling in the intestines causes such a disease as a dysbacteriosis, which leads to more complex consequences.

Sometimes getting rid of these problems is very difficult. But to understand or prevent the occurrence of this problem, you need to make light snacks and do not swallow air while eating or talking.

If there are further problems like nausea, bleeding from the rectum, vomiting and constipation, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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