How to treat if the intestines are hurting and bloating


Bloating: treatment only after examination

Emergency help with bloating

Sometimes abdominal swelling occurs with severe spastic pain (intestinal colic) and this condition requires immediate relief. So what to do when bloating, accompanied by intestinal colic, how to help a person? In this case, you can accept:

  • 2 tablets No-shpy 40 mg (total 80 mg) - has antispasmodic effect, will help to eliminate intestinal colic associated with spasm of smooth muscles of the intestine;
  • brew and drink infusion of chamomile flowers; brewed from the calculation of 2 tablespoons of raw material per glass boiling water; this carminative agent - promotes the removal of gases from the intestine; you need to drink immediately half a cup;
  • Take 1-2 capsules Espumizana (40-80 mg) - defoamer, turns small bubbles of gases into large ones and promotes their removal from the intestine; covers the walls of the intestine with a protective film;
  • through, hours after receiving the fixed assets to take a bag of Smecta, diluted in half a glass o
    f water_ this is an adsorbent, it removes from the intestine remnants of gases and toxic substances formed as a result of improper digestion; take Smecta together with other medicinal means it is not necessary - they will be adsorbed and withdrawn from the body; but for the removal of an attack of intestinal colic is sometimes enough and the reception of one Smekty.

Planned treatment for flatulence

How to remove bloating for good? The planned treatment of meteorism, first of all, includes adherence to a diet, which is selected taking into account the underlying disease that caused flatulence. It is recommended to exclude from the food ration products containing a large amount of fiber (beans, peas, soy, rye bread), refractory fats of animal origin, sweets, buns, sweet fizzy beverages. If milk is intolerant, it should also be excluded from the diet.

To improve digestion, such patients are prescribed courses of treatment with medicines, active the active substance of which is the secret of the pancreas pancreatin (Festal, Mezim, Creon, Panzinorm).

If bloating is accompanied by attacks of intestinal colic, patients are prescribed antispasmodics - Papaverin, No-shpu. They relieve spasms of smooth muscles of the intestine and prevent the appearance of colic.

To remove gases that have accumulated in the intestine, prescribe carminative drugs, the effect of which is associated with a moderate stimulation of motor activity (motility) of the intestine and a slight spasmolytic effect on the sphincters (circular muscles, closing holes in the places of passage of certain parts of the intestine in others). As a carpet, the folk remedies are used mainly: infusion of chamomile flowers, fennel seeds, fennel, cumin fruits, peppermint leaves.

With constant complaints of meteorism prescribe drugs from the group of defoamers, for example, Espumizan for 1-2 capsules (40-80 mg) 3-5 times a day, can be with a small amount of liquid, after each meal and, if necessary, before sleep. The duration of the course of treatment depends on the presence of symptoms of increased gas production. If necessary, the drug can be used for a long period of time.

If worried about constant bloating, treatment should be performed as directed by the doctor after a preliminary examination.

Defoamers are a funny name. If these espumizans helped, especially during the festive feast, when the champagne and various kinds of vinaigrettes with a dozen incompatible ingredients are used. And Espumizan I still threw away, no drug. In general, I would like to know how many gases released at will per day are considered physiological. And then we will endlessly eradicate evil, believing that girls are not farting.

Inna, you are so sharply and realistically described the picture that I'm directly uncomfortable. But in order not to have such a problem, the best solution is not to try to stuff yourself with the products that these gases cause. Personally, I do so. And this terrible picture, like a vinaigrette washed down with champagne, I can not even imagine. I know from what I have it happens - sauerkraut, beans, so I do not eat.

Inna, I think that the problem attracts attention when the phenomenon is associated with spasms, pain and other unpleasant sensations. It is understandable, with our neglected gastritis, untreated dysbacteriosis, the habit of snacking on the run - here and from a simple apple the stomach will swell. A special diet, carbon tablets, dill seed, defoamers - it's all good, but it's cheaper to eliminate the cause by contacting a doctor and live on.

Inna, in my opinion, it's not in Espumizane, but in our own organism. He did not come up to me, that's why I stopped buying this drug, and I do not do any anti-advertising. My flatulence from a sick gallbladder, so more helps No-shpa. It relaxes the ducts of the bladder, the bile moves freely and the gases go away. I also drink enzymes to improve digestion, I prefer Creon.

I, too, are sometimes concerned about the problem of flatulence, but I did not think that all this is so serious and requires such serious treatment. I just do not eat foods that can cause me this unpleasant phenomenon - sauerkraut, beans, carbonated drinks and apricots, but now I'll definitely be more attentive and I'll definitely go to the examination, for the present not all launched.

Olga, flatulence is an abnormal phenomenon, it means he is a sign of some kind of disease. Therefore, it is advisable not to ignore this signal of your own organism and listen to it, and then go to the doctor with your information. Then it is easier to diagnose and treat the patient. And the products listed by you, it is necessary to eat even moderately. From carbonated drinks, I generally refused, they are of no use, and the gases are right there.

Olga is the right decision, especially if it bothers you, and often, then this is no excuse to go to the hospital. So my friend's father was ill, he was puking, he did not want to go to the hospital, and when they left, it was already too late, the tumor was in the way. So this problem is immediately crushed to the root and find out all the reasons. To not worry about your health in the future.

Olga, it's good if it's only intolerance to certain products, then the problem is solved easily. But my father this was a consequence of the pancreas and liver disease, so I constantly had to take medication, although I was constantly on a medical diet. But I think that the examination should be done in any case, it's better to know for sure what's wrong with you.

Olga, if it bothers sometimes, then this is normal, and if it tortures for years, then it seems to me that this is due to the fact that medicine, by and large, is simply powerless to provide quality assistance. My mother-in-law has been forced to take Espumizan and Maalox for years, I do not know if they help her, in fact she is limited to symptomatic treatment. under the supervision of a doctor. To admit, I do not know of any medicine or folk remedy that can really help to eliminate the problem.

Bowel and bloating

Hello. At me now approximately about 20-th week.

The abdomen swells every day, constipation began... Before pregnancy, I had problems with the intestines, went to the doctors, really did not find any problems. Basically I was saved by trimedate. And then often I drank yogurt.

When the pregnancy was just beginning, there were frustrations, but at least the toilet went and the gases went out. Now the gases go very badly. The abdomen presses on the organs, which is not pleasant, it's hard to walk actively, because gives in the lower abdomen. Well, constipation.

I also have chronic cholecystitis (dyskinesia of the biliary tract), although the diagnosis was withdrawn in the 9th grade. That year there were similar symptoms, bitterness in the mouth, pain in the right hypochondrium... Then it was saved only by the broth of corn stigmas, the pills prescribed to me also did not really help.

So I do not know what at the moment, whether the uterus squeezes everything, or whether digestion is disturbed, although I try to eat less flour, I do not drink at all... Bread... ate white. From it they say constipation, from black gas... What is there?

Here we must still sour milk again to start drinking.

When there was a toxicosis saw Esentiale.

What can I drink now? Trimedat during pregnancy is not written... Espumizan, too, conflicting reviews.

I know that Dufalac during pregnancy prescribes from constipation... But I'm also not sure.

Tell me, please, at least something.

The first thing to do is to establish a diet and drinking regimen. You do not have a completely healthy gastrointestinal tract, so try - how to transfer new types of nutrition. And the bread should be gray, with bran and a little. If you can not completely exclude. Kapstu no need, and everything in which there is fiber. You get a contradiction in the chair you need to eat fiber, but it gives you gases. Because still have to be deleted. Essential should be continued - will improve the work of the liver, and still attach enzymes, any. A meal - buckwheat, pasta, potatoes at a minimum, protein food - cottage cheese, eggs, milk, if you carry, kefir - the same. Many yogurt are better tolerated, but not long. Poultry meat, fish, all boiled, steamed or stewed. Sweet, canned and fried it is not necessary. And two liters of water - it's still summer. Water from the filter, not sweet and not fizzy. If the diet for three days does not adjust - for stools frutolaks, dyufalak also take, regulax is exactly possible. Some prunes with beets - like medicine, not food.

Good day, Natalia! I have a similar problem, at night I can not sleep at all, my stomach swells and is accompanied by very severe pain, in the daytime my stomach swells as if I'm already 9 months old))). I drink from gases espumizan, it helps! At me a question to you such, to me have appointed or nominated treatment as on a uterus there is a small hematoma, I drink tablets morning, traneksam folic acid, jodomarin. Can tranex or utrozhestan cause such a strong swelling? Is it possible to replace these drugs with something to not suffer at night? Thank you!

Drugs that you take, bloating do not cause - in any case, I have not heard about this. Try, along with espumizana (temporarily) to adjust your diet, excluding from it everything that promotes gassing - cabbage, black legumes and two times a day to drink lactic acid products, and better - bifido- or lactopreparations, for example, linex. So you put in order the intestinal microflora. Well, it should be noted, what does your intestine react to and does it feel healthy at all.

Hello, Natalia.
I have a severe swelling for several days already, like dieting and sticking, but the use is not enough... yesterday I did not sleep all night, there was a strong belching of air every 5 minutes ((((today went to pharmacy to buy Espumizan (Simethicone) since I live in Monaco) but we have no analogue of it... they searched for a long time in the directories and found nothing (((in the end they gave me Gaviscon... is it worth it to me its to drink? whether there is a sense, I read the annotation, and it turned out that he probably from the stomach... I would be grateful for the answer.

Gaviscon nm is not what you need. It is still necessary to look for analogues - the drug is common, and there are different trade names

Bloating during pregnancy or otherwise - flatulence - common among pregnant women phenomenon. This is due, firstly, to the fact that the enzymatic activity is often inadequate ...

Very useful article! Thank you! Constantly excruciating blown, now I will know how to deal with it)

How to get rid of an unpleasant and annoying bloating? Feeling of fullness, annoying cramps in the abdomen and other troublesome manifestations, signs that something happened in our body. That ...

the reasons for bloating are written right about me ((Thanks - I'll take into account now that during meals only eat, no snacks and chewing gum. And then my intestine already arranged a heavenly life... It's good that the doctor prescribed the trimedate - even though all the symptoms were removed.

What should I do if my stomach is swollen?

Our digestive tract has a complex structure and performs various functions. Any malfunctions or disturbances in her work lead to severe symptoms and discomfort of a person. One of these manifestations is bloating. This symptom can appear in people of different ages, as in very young children, and in adults or the elderly.

In medicine, under abdominal distension, there is an excessive accumulation of gases in the intestine. Officially, bloating is called "flatulence". Gases in the intestine can form as a result of functional or pathological disorders.

What to do with bloating and with severe pain in it (more). What does it say and how dangerous is it? It is important to correctly identify the cause of bloating and find the cure for the disease.

Why does bloating arise?

There are many causes that can lead to flatulence. The most common ones are:

  • when poisoning with food (what should I do? );
  • ingestion of air and with a quick, hasty intake of food;
  • frequent use of carbonated beverages;
  • eating foods that contain large amounts of fiber or carbohydrates;
  • diseases of the digestive tract (pancreatitis, dysbacteriosis, intestinal obstruction, etc.);
  • enzyme deficiency;
  • diseases of the stomach and duodenum (ulcer, gastritis);
  • bad habits (smoking, alcohol), a sedentary lifestyle;
  • stress, depression.

Bloating can manifest itself in a complex with such symptoms as nausea, heaviness in the intestines, vomiting, belching, abdominal pain. rumbling, etc.

Bloating often stems in women in such a wonderful period as pregnancy. This is due to a change in the hormonal background and an increasing uterus that presses on the intestine.

Products that cause increased gas formation in the intestine

Some foods can be very useful, but eating them in large quantities can lead to flatulence. These include legumes, apples, Bulgarian pepper, pickled vegetables, chili.

The processes of fermentation in the intestines provoke such products as black bread, kvass, beer, and mushroom. There is a theory that bloating provokes yeast cakes and any dishes with yeast.

With poor tolerance or intolerance to lactose, dairy products will also cause a strong swelling.

It happens that a separate product does not differ in the ability to cause flatulence, but their incorrect combination can lead to increased formation of gases in the intestine.

If you suffer from flatulence, you need to revise your diet and identify foods that adversely affect digestion, if possible, exclude them or minimize their use.

Bloating: what to do?

If flatulence is associated with malnutrition, the problem is easily solved, just by eliminating the wrong foods and meals from the diet. Refuse or minimize fried, floury, spicy, salty and sweet dishes. Let the food be simple and healthy, steamed or in water.

If the change in the diet does not lead to improvement, it is worth to turn to the doctor and undergo a test, because the cause of flatulence may be disruptions in the work and illness of the gastrointestinal tract.

If bloating is permanent, what should I do? It is necessary to pass laboratory tests, bacteriological examination of intestinal microflora, if necessary, undergo instrumental examination (ultrasound, endoscopy).

Depending on the detected violations, the doctor prescribes the treatment of flatulence. Pre-and probiotics are prescribed for the normalization of the intestinal flora. These drugs stimulate the production of beneficial bacteria in the intestine or have in their composition ready-made intestinal microorganisms.

Also, with bloating, drugs that influence the formation and removal of gases from the intestine are effective. These include defoaming medicines (for example, Espumizan), their action is based on the destruction of gas bubbles in the intestine and the reduction of manifestations of flatulence.

Enterosorbents (for example, Smecta, activated charcoal) take away toxins, gases and microbes, thus reducing the manifestations of flatulence.

For the treatment of flatulence, you can use drugs that increase bowel motility (for example, Cerucal), which contributes to the removal of gases from the intestine.

Folk ways of treating flatulence

To ease the condition with bloating at home, you can use folk remedies.

  • Grind the roots of lovage, take a tablespoon, pour a glass of water, boil for 10 minutes, infuse for 1 hour. Decoction strain, take a tablespoon 3-4 times a day.
  • Take 1 teaspoon coriander seeds, pour boiling water, boil for 2 minutes. Strain the broth, insist for several hours. Use when bloating to ease the condition.
  • Soothing effect on the gastrointestinal tract is provided by almond oil. It can be consumed with bread: just drop a few (6-7) drops of oil onto a piece and eat.

To reduce the manifestations of flatulence, food can be added such seasonings and spices: basil, ginger, thyme, marjoram, coriander. They contribute to more easy removal of gases from the intestine.

Bloating in the rabbit in veterinary medicine is called gastrointestinal stasis (FSW). This ailment bothers the animals quite often, since their digestive system has its own characteristics.

The rose is often called the queen of flowers for its beautiful tender buds and its persistent tart aroma. There are garden and room varieties of this plant, but they all have a rich green foliage and a long flowering period.



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