What you need to restore the intestine


How to restore intestinal microflora

Dysbacteriosis - this unpleasant and uncomfortable sensation is familiar to almost everyone.

This happens from time to time, when the necessary micronutrients and enzymes in the intestine exceed the norm. Therefore, their excess leads to an imbalance and subsequently to dysbiosis.

Dysbacteriosis must necessarily be treated and preventive treatment, once felt uncomfortable. If such a problem can occur, complications may occur.

There are methods that will help restore normal microflora and even prevent relapse, but this is only in cases when it is correct to do the procedures.

Why is it necessary to restore the microflora?

The microflora is in order and the general condition is normal. Because everything is interconnected. Symptoms of microflora disorders are:

6. Allergic skin rashes,

7. General weakness, malaise, fatigue,

8. Pain and abdominal pain,

When there are any signs, you need to pay attention and immediately take up treatment, so as not to let the situation gain momentum


Therefore, it is necessary to try to soften and prevent violations of microflora before the appearance of obvious symptoms:

· Since the disruption of the work affects the immune system of the body, when the microflora is impaired, the immunity significantly and rapidly falls;

· There can be processes of fermentation and putrefaction of food. Since the food is not normally digested and not digested when the function is disrupted;

· Dysfunction of the intestine leads to frequent constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and the appearance of hemorrhoids.

And today, Women's Health will tell you how to restore the intestinal microflora.

Preparations for the restoration of intestinal microflora

To restore and normalize the microflora can be both medical drugs of a medicinal nature, and folk methods.

Preparations of medical nature: produced in the form of powders, drops, suppositories, tablets and syrups.

Table of the most popular and effective drugs:

· Probiophore
· Bifidumbacterin
· Norma
· Linex
· BioGaia
· Florin Forte
· Lactonorm Plus
· Romfalak
· Bifiform
· Hilak Fort
· Biobakton
· Atzilact
· Portalalak
· Lactobacterin
· Vitanar
· Lacto Biovestin
· Bifidumbacterin Forte
· Doufalac
· Atzilact

How to restore the intestinal microflora with folk remedies

1. You need to cook cabbage brine and drink every time before eating 50 milliliters.

2. Cowberry - a stick-rescue. It is necessary every day to try to eat at least a couple of berries. There are better fresh berries, but if not, then you can dried or dried.

3. Garlic is also an excellent effective remedy. It is necessary to try on a hungry stomach to eat a clove of garlic, and you can also cook garlic tincture.

4. During the recovery of microflora tea and coffee in the morning, replace with teas from herbs and plants. St. John's Wort. chamomile, plantain - it's medicinal herbs.

5. In salads, you can add grated green apples with a sour taste.

Necessarily, when the process of recovery and normalization of the intestinal microflora is in progress, one must adhere to diets. Try to eat lean fish and meat. It is more to eat dietary meat, fruits and necessarily fiber.

Also, pure and mineral water should saturate the body in sufficient quantities. Sour-milk and dairy home-made products will also help in recovery. Adhering to such simple recommendations, you can suppress pathogenic bacteria and normalize the intestinal microflora, as well as prevent relapses.

Be healthy, and let your intestines work properly!

Author of the article: Lukina Anastasia

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Restoration of the intestine

Published by provizor on Tue, 06/08 / - 1: 7

The bowel should be emptied every day, if this does not happen, then there are problems in its work and attention must be paid to the restoration of the intestine.

How to adjust the intestine

Not always people pay attention in time to violations of the intestine, taking measures when the situation really becomes complicated. But in the initial stage, the restoration of the intestine can occur without any medications. Problems with the intestine arise, as a rule, because of malnutrition. This applies to both the regime and its quality. Fast food, starvation, overeating - all this leads to the fact that the intestines do not work as expected. If the restoration of the intestine is an urgent problem for you, then the first thing to do is to start eating right. You should eat less fat, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water.

Normalization of the intestine

To restore the intestine, you need to eat prunes, bran. It will help to clean the salad of fresh vegetables - carrots, beets and apple should be grated and add vegetable oil.

Everyone knows how important it is to drink a lot of water, but not everyone does it right. For example, you can not drink less than 15 minutes before eating and an hour and a half after it. You do not need to drink food, but you need to thoroughly chew.

Promotesrestoration of intestineand flaxseed - you can drink 1 teaspoon of oil from it in the morning, add to the porridge, you can make a decoction of the seed, bought at the pharmacy.

Restoration of the intestine after antibiotics

The use of antibiotics is undeniable. In some cases, without these remedies, recovery is simply impossible. However, one must realize that the drug itself is not able to assess which bacteria it should influence, but which it does not. thereforeantibiotics. exerting a curative effect on the body, destroy and the necessary bacteria. This also applies to bacteria in the intestine.

Often, doctors immediately together with an antibiotic prescribe drugs to restore the intestines. These are the products containing lactobacilli, bifido- and acidobacteria. If the intestine does not work after them, then it is necessary to inform the doctor about this without fail.

Butdrugsare not always necessary. If the course of the antibiotic is not designed for a long time, then to restore the flora of the intestine can be enough for the usual fermented milk products: kefir, fermented baked milk, natural yoghurt - all this can help to establish its work. When choosing these products, keep an expiration date, it should not exceed 7 days.

Improved bowel function

To promote normal functioning of the intestine will be an active way of life. If you notice that you are having problems, then instead of sitting at the computer, it is better to go for a walk.

You can prepare and herbal infusions. For example, from the grass of the hay, which can be found in the pharmacy. You can perform exercises for the intestines.

In a wide range of products and biologically active additives, producers of which promise to solve this problem. However, the choice of such drugs should be treated with caution - you should not trust reviews on the Internet, it is better to consult your doctor before use.

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