How to restore intestinal motility


How to restore peristalsis of the intestine


When peristalsis is disturbedintestines. the conductivity of food deteriorates, as well as the absorption of nutrients and the excretion of digestive products from the body. What has been accumulated and not digested in the intestine turns into a source of toxins and a nutrient medium for a large number of bacterial parasites. As a result, intestinal walls are affected, diarrhea or constipation occurs, ulcers, polyps and many other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract occur. To prevent such sad consequences, the work of the intestine must be monitored.


  • In order to clean and normalize workintestines. in medical institutions use an enema or a mug of Esmarch. Colonotherapy is also carried out for this purpose.
  • The main way to restore peristalsis is to organize a diet and a proper diet. Try not to make big breaks in eating; the best regime in your case will be 5-6 meals a day.
  • Try to eat smaller meat and fish soups, easily assimilated varieties of
    fish and meat, white bread, soft biscuits, cocoa, semolina and rice, mashed potatoes. For you, especially foods that contain a lot of fiber - black bread, buckwheat porridge, honey, vegetable soups, cucumbers, cabbage, beets, carrots, legumes, apples, plums and other fruits are especially useful. Vegetables and fruits should be eaten raw and not crushed.
  • A strong laxative effect is enjoyed by plums, figs and prunes, as well as spinach and beet juices. If you eat several such fruits every day or salads with beets, chewing them thoroughly, you will soon forget about the problem with stoppingintestines. If from beet and spinach juice begins to weaken strongly, add carrot juice to this mixture.
  • Perfumed milk products, especially yogurt and yogurt, contribute to the recovery of peristalsis. From drinks, give preference to fresh juices and mineral water saturated with carbon dioxide.
  • Try to prepare such a mixture to improve peristalsis: a tablespoon of grains of sprouted wheat, two spoons raw oatmeal, a spoonful of honey, two tablespoons of water, two apples grated, a spoon of chopped nuts and half of the juice lemon. Mix and eat this mixture without restrictions, nothing else adding.
  • You can use a proven folk recipe: take 15 grams of buckthorn bark, brew it in half a liter of water and drink like tea. Wizards are also advised to drink such mild laxatives as water in which plums or oats were cooked, cabbage brine, radish juice and tea from dried apples and cherries.
  • When constipation is necessary to do physical exercises that affect the abdominal press, and take a cold shower, wipe with cold water and pour the stomach, and massage it with your hands.
  • Promote normal operationintestinesthose kinds of sports that give the stomach a shake - running, walking, riding, swimming, tennis and other sports games.
  • Remember that the use of laxative medicines should only be an additional measure to restore peristalsis. If there is such a need, try to pick up a light means, preferably of vegetable origin.

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How to restore a stool after laxatives?

Laxatives should restore the stool, but in fact often it is necessary to solve the inverse problem: how to restore the stool after laxatives.

Why do we "sit down" on laxatives?

Wrong food, stress, lack of time for sports - all this can disrupt digestion. And we only notice it when we can not go to the toilet longer than usual.

And now - constipation. What to do? Many people buy the first drug that is not necessarily safe and can cause addiction, and then they puzzle how to restore the stool after laxatives.

How to restore a stool after laxatives

First advice - think about nutrition. There are a lot of products that will help to set up a chair as soon as possible. What does this menu include?

  • Fruits and vegetables rich in fiber - it is of great importance in the process of formation of stool of normal consistency. For example, it can be apples, bananas, peaches, cabbage, cucumbers, pumpkin, radish.
  • Cereals - buckwheat, oats, barley, pearl barley - improve the work of the intestines and cleanse the body of toxins.
  • Fermented milk products - kefir, tan, ayran, ryazhenka - help restore the microflora, regulate digestion and restore the stool after laxatives.
  • As much as possible of plain water.

It is important to know that nutrition with constipation should be fractional, so as not to load the stomach and not to slow down the digestion of food.

How to restore a chair after laxative gymnastics

Who does not know about the benefits of gymnastics? There are many exercises that will not only improve your appearance, but also help to avoid constipation, and also restore the stool after taking laxatives.

All attention to the abdomen area! You can perform a well-known "bicycle pull your legs to your feet, reduce and dilute your knees. Very effective exercise "cat" - arching your back up on all fours. Such unpretentious training will stimulate the work of internal organs.

How to restore a chair after a laxative massage

If there is no possibility to go to a specialist, you can master the technique of massage yourself. First you need to lie down and relax, then put your hand on your stomach and gently massage it clockwise for ten minutes.

Another option is to wrap your hand with a towel soaked in cool water and knead the stomach from top to bottom, first on the right side, then on the left side.

Medications for restoring stools

Often digestive disorders accompany the violation of the intestinal microflora, so our first task is to restore it. Probiotics, drugs that include strains of "friendly" bacteria, will help us here.

Another mandatory part of the recovery program - vitamins and mineral complexes, because even a brief intake of laxatives can disrupt the delicate balance of nutrients in the body.

Nothing helps! What to do?

Given that the use of "aggressive" laxatives disrupts the bowels, makes it lazy, at the beginning of gymnastics, proper nutrition and massage may not be enough.

So after all, what will restore the stool after laxatives? It sounds paradoxical, but it will help... other laxatives, namely - safe representatives of this group.

An example of such a drug is RectActive®. It is based on a natural component - horse chestnut extract. The product is released in the form of candles and is injected rectally (into the anus), it acts for a few minutes and is immediately withdrawn.

Thanks to the drug RectActive®the intestine not only ceases to be lazy, but on the contrary - it becomes stronger and enters its normal biorhythm, which means that after its cancellation you will not have to restore the chair again.

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Restoration of the intestine after surgery

Patients who undergo surgical intervention, as a rule, receive powerful antibacterial therapy, anesthesia, anesthetics.

Such medication is often accompanied by undesirable consequences:

- Motility disorder (constipation, diarrhea),

- violation of digestion and assimilation of food (bloating, flatulence),

- exacerbation of bowel diseases (gastritis, duodenitis, enteritis, colitis),

- Depressed mood (postoperative depression).

Also after the operation, patients can experiencediscomfort, pain syndrome. associated with the process of tissue healing, the formation of sutures.

Objectives of intestinal reconstruction after surgery:

- normalize peristalsis, that is, restore the physiological motility of the intestine, so that the stool is regular,

- prevention of dyspepsia and drug intestinal dysbacteriosis,

- improving the function of the mucosa of the stomach and intestines, improving digestion and digestion of food.

- prevention of long-term postoperative consequences,

- improvement of the quality of life.

Methods for restoring the intestine after surgery:

They can be divided conditionally into three - medicinal, phyto-improving, dietary.

Of the drugs most often prescribed enzymes, regulators of the motor, probiotics. However, all of them, at best, temporarily replace their own reserves of the organism, they serve as a kind of "crutch". Such drugs alleviate some of the symptoms at the time they are taken. After drug withdrawal, problems usually return.

Phyto-improving methodhas an indisputable advantage in that with the help of herbs it is possible to adjust the natural functions of the body - motor, the development of digestive enzymes, improve metabolism, support the work of the liver, kidneys, blood and lymphatic vessels. Phyto-improvement allows to restore useful own microflora without sowing of alien flora.

Dietfor the restoration of the intestine after the operation is also important, as well as the method of phyto-health. These are the two pillars of the healing technique. The diet is selected for the patient, taking into account his symptoms and taking into account the concomitant diseases and taking into account the severity of the condition.

Ourmethod of phyto-healthforrestoration of intestines after operationsincludes phyto-drugs (phytosets and phyto-extracts) and individual recommendations for nutrition.

The method has a high degree of safety, so it is suitable for both adult patients, and for children and the elderly.



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