How can I restore the intestines after antibiotics?


How to restore the intestinal microflora after antibiotics?

How to restore the intestinal microflora after antibiotics? Are there non-medicament products? This article is about dysbiosis and ways of treating it.

After the course of antibiotic treatment, a scorched desert remains in the human intestine: the name of the group of drugs (anti bio = against life) quite accurately reflects the principle of their action. Not only harmful microorganisms perish, but also our native bifidobacteria, responsible for digestion, metabolism and immunity. However, not every disease is healed by folk remedies: to turn to the methods of modern medicine - sometimes this is the lesser of evils, or even the only way out. Dysbacteriosis after taking antibiotics is not as dangerous as, for example, prostatitis (for more details about the drug treatment of this disease, read here ). Affected intestinal microflora can be restored - this is the subject of this art


The first signs of dysbacteriosis - all kinds of digestive disorders. You often feel loss of appetite, heaviness in the stomach, nausea. There are problems with stool, bloating, abdominal cramps. Another characteristic, although not immediately noticeable symptom - there is a weakness for intestinal infections. While the microflora was in order, the pathogens did not get accustomed - now protection against them is weakened. Than intestinal infection differs from simple food poisoning: there is a strong long-term diarrhea, which does not go away - again you need to drink antibiotics to destroy the "negative" microflora. And with it, the remains of the "positive" will also perish. Vicious circle. Therefore, it is very important to restore the intestine as soon as possible after antibiotics, without waiting for the appearance of "holes" in immunity.

How to treat dysbiosis?You can buy in the pharmacy products containing bifidobacteria, or use a very simple folk remedy. The microorganisms you need live in fermented milk products - use them regularly, and the intestine will eventually return to normal. But the fermented milk must be fresh. If the label of yogurt or yogurt says that it contains bifidobacteria, this does not mean that they really are there. It may well be that useful single-celled products at the time you purchased the product have long been dead. Look at the date of manufacture: the shelf life is more than five days? Put it back on the shelf - it's no use such a fermented milk will not bring. Rather, it will do much harm - without the vigorous preservatives, there clearly was not.

You can make yogurt from milk yourself. In addition to the abundance of live bifidobacteria, it contains a huge amount of calcium, which is so necessary for bones and muscles. Needless to say, the lack of chemistry has a positive effect on taste. This is the same grandmother sour milk from childhood! Prepare it is very simple - the main thing is to find quality milk. It's better farmer, because not any pasteurized one gets well.

How to make yogurt? We take half a liter of boiled milk, we put there a teaspoon of sour cream or a crust of rye bread, we leave it at room temperature for a day. Readiness is determined by a spoon: if a jelly-like substance is found under a yellow layer of cream, stir and eat. You can also add sugar. Or a couple of spoons of jam - you get homemade yogurt.

Eat curdled milk with bran bread. they contain fiber. stimulating peristalsis. Also, fresh fruit and juices, onions, garlic, and green tea are positively affecting the recovery of the intestinal microflora after antibiotics. And alcohol on the contrary, is contraindicated both during the intake of antibiotics, and after it - more about this here. It is also better for a while to abandon the use of sweet: sugar promotes the development of a "negative" microflora.

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How to restore intestinal microflora

A healthy, properly balanced, enzyme environment is very important for the normal functioning of the stomach and intestines. To damage and destroyintestinal microflorayou can quickly, this and the wrong reception of antibiotics, and ill-considered cleansing enemas, and errors in nutrition, and the consequences of diseases, intestinal infections, and even the passage of X-rays.

Destroy the microflora and destroy the microorganisms of the intestine simply, but it takes time and patience to restore. As practice shows, forrestoration of a healthy intestinal environment. best suited are gentle, homeopathic remedies, including traditional folk medicine based on herbs.

How to restore intestines

  1. Very delicious, useful and restoring the enzyme balance of the stomach mixture of honey and, crushed in a coffee grinder, prunes and dried apricots. The proportions of dried fruits one to one, honey is added to a homogeneous mass and mixed. Take one spoonful a day, for a month.
  • To restore intestinal microflorait is possible with the help of regular cereals, it is very useful to eat oatmeal cooked on water, with a spoon of honey and prune pieces for breakfast. It is also useful to include buckwheat porridge with kefir or bio-yogurt in the menu.
  • Kill the harmful bacteria will help the cloves of garlic, and get rid of the garlic smell, rinse the mouth with vegetable oil.
  • Good influence on the intestinal microflora boiled beets, cook more salads, season them with olive oil and add prunes, this and the stomach will restore and the table will decorate.
  • All without exception, sour-milk products have a positive effect on the gastric environment, kefir, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese, the more you use them, the sooner you will restore the balance of bacteria.
  • Decoctions and infusions of herbs to restore microflora

    1. Two hundred grams of the root of the bug must be filled with two hundred grams of clean water, and boil the broth over a small fire for fifteen to twenty minutes. After complete cooling, the decoction is filtered and taken on a tablespoon, six times a day for one month.
  • Well restores the microflora of the intestinal dill, you need to pour a glass of boiling water two tablespoons of dill seeds and give them a couple of hours to brew, strain and drink infusion every two hours.
  • Useful for the restoration of intestinal flora infusion, consisting of psyllium and root of aira. Dry leaves of plantain and aura are mixed in equal proportions and crushed. For two hundred grams of boiling water, two tea spoons of the mixture are put, steamed for thirty to forty minutes and filtered. Infusion is consumed during the day, a quarter of a glass for half an hour before a meal.
  • Damaged and destroyed intestinal microflora after taking antibiotics is best treated with braga, in a glass of warm water lay a spoonful of natural honey and sugar, add two grams of yeast and leave the drink to wander for two hours, in a warm place. Drink the whole beverage at once, the procedure is carried out twice a day. The use of such a honey bug immediately after the reception settles in the stomach microorganisms that promote fermentation, and restores the work of the intestine.

    We remind you, in order to avoid the drunken effect, the drink is infused for two hours, it is no longer possible.

  • Very useful for flora berries containing vitamin C, eat more cranberries, sea buckthorn, dog rose and lemons. In the fight against gastric parasites, pumpkin seeds, walnut kernels, sunflower seeds can help, they can be eaten alone, and you can mix them in equal parts and grind them.

    The mixture, in the amount of two tablespoons, is mixed with a hundred grams of warm water and drunk twice a day, the course lasts ten days.

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