How to restore stomach and intestines after poisoning


How to recover and what you can eat after poisoning?

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The delights of poisoning at least once in life experienced, probably, each of us. Regardless of what this poisoning was caused - from the symptoms of intoxication you want to get rid of as soon as possible. After past nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, fever and chills, our body is on the road to recovery, but it is very weakened.

How to help the stomach, intestines and liver to recover as soon as possible after poisoning? What can, and what categorically can not eat in the following days, and also how long should the restrictive diet last? All of these questions will be answered by our article.

What to do after poisoning?

Recovery after poisoning occurs gradually. Symptoms typical for poisoning - vomiting, loose stools, fever - help to remove and destroy toxins, bacteria or parasites that are dangerous to human health. After such self-cleaning ends, the usual condition becomes weakness, minor nausea, lack of appetite, residual pain in the ab


The right question arises: Is it possible to eat after poisoning?. Probably, you will ask them when your appetite returns, which means that the body has almost coped with intoxication and freed from substances that caused poisoning. Now he needs support in the form of abundant drink, as well as light and high-quality food.

Diet after food poisoning

Food after poisoning should not overload the body, all the forces of which are now directed to the withdrawal of toxins. Even if you do not try to adhere to a healthy diet, the first few days you need to take care and follow a diet that includes only safe foods.

To understand how to restore the stomach after poisoning, imagine what condition it is in now. To eat it is necessary in small portions, not to cause overflow in an irritated stomach and not to stretch the intestines. Food after poisoning should not be too hot and not cold. It is recommended to use liquid or puree food, which will facilitate its digestion in a weakened stomach.

The menu after poisoning should not be diverse. The first day after poisoning, it is desirable to starve, while it is necessary to drink a lot - so you will help the body to clear and avoid dehydration.

Doctors recommend to stick to the diet for at least three days. Only lean cooked dishes are allowed, which will not complicate the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Eat should be 5-6 times a day. Diet after food poisoning includes a large amount of liquid (water, compote from dried fruits, herbs decoctions), soups on low-fat broth, porridge on the water, boiled meat.

What can you eat after poisoning?

The list of products allowed after poisoning is small, but still in the early days it is important to adhere to it. Watch your health and do not eat, if you have no appetite yet. Remember, portions of even useful foods should be small. So, after poisoning, you can eat:

  • rice porridge on water or rice decoction. Rice perfectly adsorbs harmful substances, and its broth envelops the irritated mucous membranes of the intestine;
  • oatmeal and buckwheat porridge;
  • wheat crumbs;
  • chicken bouillon;
  • boiled low-fat meat (poultry, rabbit);
  • grated carrots;
  • apple and banana puree.

What to drink after poisoning?

Poisoning dehydrates the body and breaks its mineral balance, so the main way to restore health should be a plentiful drink. Drinking after poisoning is desirable:

  • rehydror;
  • clean water;
  • mineral water without gas;
  • warm broths of herbs. Knitting and attaching effect possess rosehips, black currant, St. John's wort, blueberry;
  • not strong (preferably green) tea. Strong tea and coffee, as well as cocoa after poisoning are contraindicated;
  • kissel, enveloping irritated stomach.

Products after poisoning, causing many to doubt

Soupafter poisoning there is a possibility, but it should be lean, vegetarian or cooked on low-fat chicken broth.

Milkafter poisoning drink is not worth it. Is it possible to have kefir after poisoning? It is undesirable, experts do not recommend eating not only milk, but also kefir, yogurt and other sour-milk products. Enter them into the diet should be, at least after three days of dairy-free diet.

Honeyafter poisoning, it is undesirable to eat, as sweets provoke the development of fermentation processes in the intestine.

Eggs- quite a heavy product, so after poisoning, there are not any.

Is it worth eatingbananasafter poisoning - many doubt, since doctors usually do not advise eating no fresh fruits and vegetables at a time when the stomach and intestines are weakened. Also, they can not be eaten with continuing diarrhea. But still the banana is very soft and contains a small amount of fruit acids, so it can not, unlike other fruits, damage the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, the high content of potassium in a banana, which is lost in large quantities during poisoning, will help restore the body.

What can not be eaten after poisoning?

Poisoning has exhausted your strength, so for the speedy recovery it is important to exclude the following foods, heavy for digestion:

  • fatty meat, fish, poultry, smoked meat, sausages, canned food;
  • eggs;
  • fatty, fried, spicy and very salty dishes;
  • whole milk, dairy and sour-milk products;
  • products from yeast dough;
  • pearl, barley and millet porridge;
  • sweets, chocolate, jam, honey;
  • almost all raw vegetables and fruits;
  • beans, cabbage, corn.

Drinks to be avoided after poisoning:

  • alcohol;
  • coffee, cocoa, strong tea;
  • juices;
  • carbonated drinks.

Compliance with diet in the first days after poisoning will accelerate recovery, and attentive treatment of food in the future, perhaps, will avoid such troubles in the future. We wish you a quick recovery after poisoning! Be healthy!

How to restore the stomach after poisoning

Unfortunately, nobody is insured against food poisoning. Stale or substandard products are not so rare in this age of high technology. After poisoning, any organism needs a period of adaptation and recovery. If you consulted a doctor, he undoubtedly recommended you and further treatment to restore digestion, and compliance with the diet.

And what if the disease was in mild form, and everything was treated at home? How to restore the stomach after poisoning at home? First of all, in any case, you will have to follow a diet.

Why do you need a medical diet after poisoning?

During illness, among other things, the mucous membrane of the stomach is affected. Cages responsible for the production of mucus and gastric juice, it takes time to recover. The acidity of the gastric juice decreases temporarily. Perhaps the development of inflammation of the mucous membrane (gastritis), but most often the pain occurs due to "nerve stomach syndrome." Irritation caused by mechanical factors - either fibrous food, or chemical - acute, fried, smoked, sour, leads to painful spasms.

Restoration of digestion after poisoning in the first place depends on the quality of food and its digestibility in the stomach. Therefore, within one to two weeks, it is extremely important to observe the principles of healthy eating.

  1. Eat often, but little by little. The stomach has a small volume, in addition, it digests the contents well only if it is 2/3 full. therefore it is preferable to take food 5-6 times a day in small portions with a volume of 250-300 ml.
  2. Replenishment of fluid loss. Drink at least 2 liters of water per day. It is necessary to drink one or two glasses of water half an hour before a meal, and after a meal you can not drink for an hour. This is necessary to prepare the stomach for food intake and proper allocation of gastric juice.

It is also useful to use mineral water to restore the electrolyte balance in the body.

What foods can you eat after poisoning?

Usually acute process with food poisoning lasts 2-3 days. At this time, it is better not to eat anything at all, especially if there is no appetite. Drink more water, pharmacy solutions to maintain salt balance, a weak green tea with sugar. You can consume dried white bread. Then in a diet enter liquid porridges on water: oatmeal, rice. In addition to the enveloping effect, they perfectly neutralize the alkaline products of decomposition during poisoning.

How to restore the stomach after poisoning with a diet? In addition to the mentioned cereals, the following product groups are recommended:

  • cereals: buckwheat and corn;
  • mashed potatoes without oil;
  • salted brynza;
  • boiled or stewed sea fish;
  • fruits are consumed in the form of mashed potatoes: bananas, baked apples, compotes of dried fruits;
  • it is useful to eat borscht from sauerkraut, also allowed a little salty foods: herrings or sprats;
  • After a week, enter the boiled or steamed meat - lean chicken, rabbit, veal;
  • of dairy products in this period is useful cottage cheese.

The temperature of the food should be pleasantly warm, but not hot. From liquids it is good to drink jelly, green tea, then dilute juices are introduced.

Entering the body of bifidobacteria is necessary in order to restore the microflora of the stomach and intestines. Kefir, yogurt and yogurt are consumed 3-5 days after the stomach calms down.

What you can not eat after poisoning

At first, animal proteins should be restricted. This food is heavily digested by the human body, and then many harmful metabolic products are released. Such a load interferes with the recovery of the stomach after poisoning. Gastroenterologists do not recommend eating meat, eggs, milk and dairy products for one to two weeks after the acute course of the disease. Also categorically prohibited during this period are the following products:

  • all the generally recognized harmful food: canned food, sausages, smoked products;
  • fried, marinated, spicy or food with lots of spices;
  • pears, plums, grapes;
  • millet, barley, barley porridge, fresh bread, pastries;
  • coffee. soda;
  • sweet - do not recommend eating even such a useful product as honey;
  • fatty, including butter and vegetable oils;
  • vegetables, fruits, berries in raw form.

It is also necessary to refrain from drinking and smoking. Alcohol and nicotine are destructive even to a healthy stomach, let alone a body that has suffered poisoning.

Medicines as a diet aid

How to restore digestion after poisoning? Compliance with diet is the only true answer to this question. But to make the process more effective, you can help the body a little.

To improve digestion as a substitute therapy, doctors recommend using enzyme preparations. Enzymes contained in them, will help the stomach and intestines, until the development of their own digestive juices will not return to normal. Take Pancreatin, Creon or Penzinorm 1-2 tablets immediately after meals.

It is useful to drink infusions of herbs:

  • one tablespoon of chamomile for a glass of boiling water, drink ½ cup 3-4 times a day;
  • Calendula two tablespoons per glass, take 1/3 cup three times a day;
  • broth of dogrose, leaves of black currant can be drunk during the day instead of tea.

If after poisoning you are persecuted by constant pain in the stomach or liver, consult a doctor!Perhaps the effects of poisoning were more severe than you expected, and you may need detailed diagnosis and professional medical care.

It is not enough to cure the acute stage of food poisoning. It must be remembered that your stomach has become extremely vulnerable. Therefore, support it by observing a therapeutic diet, herbal preparations and taking digestive enzymes. After the end of the recovery period, gastroenterologists recommend some more time refrain from harmful products: fried, smoked, fatty and spicy foods, and also strongly carbonated beverages.

Poisoning with poor-quality products, alcohol or chemicals causes a severe impact on the body. Especially hard is the poisoning on young children and the elderly, the rehabilitation process is very complex and lengthy. To return to normal life, it is necessary to restore the body.
1After taking off intoxication and improving the general condition, take sorbents for another 30 days. Also helps and digestive means (mezim, festal, pancreatin) and tablets for the liver (allochol, flamin). You need to restore all functions
gastrointestinal tract, then the process of rehabilitation will go a little faster.

Drink mineral water 2-3 glasses a day. Suitable for # 17; арачинская # 187 # 17; ssentuki # 8470; # 18; or # 847; 0, # 17; orzhomi # 187; or # 17; arzan # 187;. With the latter, be careful, since it contains a lot of salts, which have a negative impact on the kidneys. # 17; arzan # 187; take no more than 7 days for 1-2 glasses. Other waters can drink about 1 month, without fear for your health. Mineralka will normalize the work of the stomach, intestines and all other digestive organs.

Try to eat well. if you have absolutely no appetite, buy soluble vitamin C and eat it 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating. Eat boiled foods, soups and fruits. Gradually, the appetite will recover. If you do not eat, then the body will not work well, and accordingly, all vital processes will stop.

Take vitamins and minerals for 2 months after poisoning. They will restore immunity and normalize the exchange
substances. Also
will remove intoxication, because of which the deterioration of the general condition and the decrease in appetite occur.

If as a result of poisoning, your bowel work is upset, then take laxatives. Magnesia has a good effect, but you can drink it only once a day, but not more than 1 week. Gradually, your body will recover and you will feel the same as it was before poisoning.

If you feel very bad, show your doctor. It is possible that you need to remove intoxication in a hospital. In any case, the recommendations of a specialist have not hurt anyone yet.

What to feed after the poisoning
Each of us experienced this unpleasant state at least once in our life. Poisoned by # 8230; The stomach did not take something. Nausea. Vomiting. An intestinal disorder. It is better not to remember. At such moments it seems that the whole world is against you. Nothing is cute. I do not want anything, except for one # 8211; faster recover! This is about domestic poisoning. In severe cases, you will have to go to a medical institution, where they will provide qualified assistance. If you have a fever, muscle weakness, lower abdominal pain, persistent diarrhea, convulsions, it's difficult to breathe # 8211; Call a doctor immediately. I do not want to frighten you, but it is with the symptoms of poisoning that serious illnesses begin # 8211; hepatitis, salmonellosis and several other equally serious diseases.
What to advise at a household poisoning? Full rest. Nothing should distract you from the process of recovery. The body fights # 8211; rejects something that should not be accepted. Our body was wise and wise. Do not disturb him in this. Try to imagine the whole process of recovery. As purification proceeds. Do not immediately take antidiarrheal drugs type # 17; modi # 187; or # 17; opeiduma # 187;. Let everything be cleansed by the natural way.
Drink plenty of thawed water. A lot of! Give the opportunity to withdraw the product of rejection together with water. Vomiting reflex? Excellent. Cleanse faster. A difficult period in life. It is necessary to pass it with dignity. So what to eat after such a vital # 17; bells # 187 ;?
It is clear that during the period of purification you do not need to eat anything # 8230; And then listen to your body. He will tell you when to start eating. The power to digest food, he will not spend, when there is a suppression of a hostile focus.
In any case, after a poisoning, a sparing diet is needed. Unsweetened tea with crackers. Very little. By the end of the day, you can add low-fat chicken broth and mashed potatoes without butter and milk to the diet. You can cook thin slops on the water. Buckwheat. Rice. Mannuyu. Each meal should be very small # 8211; several spoons.
Spare your body. He was already exhausted. On the second day, you can add a piece of boiled lean meat # 8211; veal or chicken breast. Steam cutlets. Kissels, jelly. The food is fractional. At least six times a day. Watch the chair. For the general condition. Vegetables and fruits from the diet for a time clean, even if it's time to harvest. To its normal diet should be returned gradually.
About a week after poisoning, fatty and fried, sweet and spicy foods should not be consumed. Alcohol is absolutely excluded. Oil and milk too.
Your poisoning # 8211; a powerful blow to the liver. Support it during the recovery of all body functions. Your stomach will tell you when to switch to the usual diet. He is still weak and irritated. He survived a powerful attack of hostile bacteria. The war in the body must subside.
What lesson did you learn after such a war? You can not allow this in the future. Analyze # 8211; where did you get the infection from? Lunch in the dining room? A cafe? Remember the body's signals # 8211; a piece of meat seemed not roasted? Strange smell of sausage? Eggs were stale? In the future, watch closely such signals.
Often the cause of poisoning # 8211; inaccuracy and non-observance of elementary rules of hygiene. Wash your hands after bowel movements and after patting pets. Took raw meat, eggs # 8211; wash your hands thoroughly. Elementary rules, but how often we just forget to observe them! A huge number of bacteria in raw food. Do not eat raw fish, meat, eggs. Very carefully wash fruits and vegetables. Fresh fresh herbs for 30 minutes put in running water. Shake and store in a refrigerator in a clean bag. Every time, when preparing to prepare food, wash your hands thoroughly.
Prepare meat, fish and poultry until full roasting-boiling. Until the redness disappears. So you kill all the potentially dangerous bacteria. Very carefully clean all knives and boards. To cut raw meat, the board must be separate. Never try dull and fermented canned food. Health is more expensive than the few rubles that you will save on buying food.
After you # 17; they made a reservation # 187; with his stomach and diarrhea stopped, you need to populate the body with useful bacteria. Restore the balance. To do this, now they sell a lot of probiotics in pharmacies. Acipol, baktistatin, baktisubtil, biosporin, bifacid, bifidumbacterin, bifidumbacterin forte, bifilysis, bifilong, colibacterin, lactobacterin, linex, sporobacterin, subalin, enterol (dosage, method of application and duration of treatment are indicated in annotations). In addition, doctors often recommend taking additional funds to promote the growth of this most useful microflora (hilak forte, lactulose, normase). And, finally, enzyme preparations (mezim forte, festal, panzinorm, etc.) are used to improve digestion.
Take any of the listed medicines while eating 1-2 tablets four times a day for a week or two. Once I poisoned myself with yogurt. For a week of illness, I lost 5 kg. On what my doctor, a woman with an extraordinary sense of humor, said to me: # 17; You lost ten pounds in a week. Rejoice! Others pay huge amounts of money for this result and lie in clinics! # 187; Each medal has two sides. Get well! Make the right conclusions. And never be ill again!



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