Restore the intestines after poisoning


What you can eat after poisoning?

Any of us can poison ourselves at the festive table. What can you eat after poisoning to recover faster?

During the New Year holidays, the risk of poisoning increases. A variety of dishes and spirits, eating up yesterday's delicacies, exotic culinary recipes, products of questionable quality: the danger can lurk in anything. Most food poisoning is caused by pathogens and chemicals. Propagating through the body, toxins disrupt the work of organs and systems. This is accompanied by such unpleasant symptoms as dizziness, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting,diarrhea. fever.

After poisoning, the body needs to be cleaned and restored. An important condition for a speedy recovery is proper nutrition. Now the digestive system is not able to perceive ordinary food. But, firstly, food is needed to restore the water-salt balance and to adjust the work of the stomach and intestines, and secondly, sooner or later you will want to eat. What can you eat after poisoning, so as not to aggravat

e the situation and quickly recover?

Diet after poisoning

In the first days after food or alcohol poisoning, all the forces of the body are directed to the removal of toxins. So now it is important to drink plenty of fluids. Drink ordinary boiled water, still mineral water, green or weak sweetened black tea. Carbonated water is excluded: it will cause increased gas production. With the help of diarrhea broth of dogrose, blueberries, St. John's wort, black currant.

The next day after poisoning, it is advisable to give up food, and only drink. Especially it concerns children. If the child has an upset stomach, you can give him a rice broth or boiled rice porridge (boiled on water) in small portions. Adults with an appetite can eat soaked homemade breadcrumbs of wheat bread, liquid mashed potatoes, liquid porridges. The food should be moderately warm. You need to eat small meals.

need urgent advice. I have a child (2 years) from yesterday's morning, I suffer, gave levomecitin did not help, I ate bagels and a decoction of rice, in the evening gave a stopper and it felt better, but in the evening I gave him a baby tee for a baby, and in the morning it was swept away, from 18 October, 1: 5 I needed an urgent advice. I have a child (2 years) from yesterday morning, scolding, gave levomecitin did not help, ate bagels and decoction of rice, in the evening gave a stopper and felt better as if in the evening I gave him a baby tee of baby and in the morning it was swept away, now gave me a medicine from acitone, and then a smell from the company smelled, and he already pale, but in the morning except for the rice broth did not eat anything and in the morning after diarrhea I again gave him a stopper and diarrhea ceased so far, but what to do next is not I know.

On the 2-3 th day after poisoning, soups with lean broth, porridges on water, boiled lean meat (preferably in chopped form) are allowed. And do not forget to drink a lot.

The optimal variant of cereals for this period is rice, buckwheat and oatmeal. Rice has a fixing effect, adsorbs the remains of toxins. It is not recommended now to use millet, pearl and barley porridge, as they are digested for a long time.

These days you can eat bananas and apple puree from non-acidic apples. They help to restore the balance of ions and create favorable conditions for the growth of useful microorganisms.

In the first days after poisoning forget about milk and dairy products, exclude sweets, pastries, fatty, sharp, acidic and fried foods, alcohol. Eat 5-6 times a day.

Such a diet does not overload the work of the gastrointestinal tract and will help the liver to recover successfully after poisoning.

How to return to normal diet

In the following days, the food will depend on the state of health and the condition of the chair. Usually, after three days of poisoning, digestion is normalized. But the microflora of the stomach and intestines suffered from toxins. Therefore, first, give preference to products containing bifidobacteria - natural yoghurts, kefir, yogurt. Secondly, the food should avoid products with an aggressive environment (acute, acidic, too salty and sweet). The basis of the restorative diet is the porridge, which will help to quickly repair the microflora.

Also on your menu can include low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat chicken broth or vegetable soup, boiled or steamed vegetables, steamed fish or meat cutlets.

When can I return to the normal diet? This can be done when you feel that the stomach is no longer irritated, and the stool is normal. But since the process of full recovery is long, then be attentive to your diet for two weeks after poisoning.

If a week after poisoning the stomach is still not working, hurry to visit a doctor.

Why there is constipation after poisoning, what to do?

Constipation after poisoningdevelops quite often. This symptomatology speaks of bowel dysfunction, which arose due to the strongest toxic effect on the body. Such kind of intoxication can provoke poor-quality products, stale food and harmful additives that are part of many delicacies.

Briefly about food poisoning

No one is insured against food poisoning. Eat low-quality or stale food can not only by chance at home, but also in restaurants, mini-cafes, pizzerias and other catering establishments. In addition, with the advent of many supermarkets and various shopping centers, the chances of buying expired products have increased significantly.

Most often today, food poisoning is diagnosed in fans of fast foods and other fast food. As a rule, the products from which all this is prepared contain many artificial additives: dyes, thickeners, and also enhancers of taste and smell.

In addition, often in these institutions do not adhere to all rules for the storage of food and often use even delinquent ingredients. Therefore, food poisoning sooner or later can happen to each of us.

Why there is a delay in stool

Constipation after food poisoning is one of the signs of a severe malfunction in the digestive tract and intestines. Most often the stool is delayed due to water balance disturbance. This occurs when during intoxication. accompanied by diarrhea and vomiting, the patient does not consume enough water.

Methods of treatment of constipation

Drinking during poisoning plays a very important role. First, water helps to excrete toxic substances from the body and prevents stagnant processes in the intestine. Secondly, a plentiful drink prevents dehydration, which occurs against the background of frequent loose stools and vomiting.

ЗThe delay of defecation after poisoning can be a consequence:

  1. Long-term use of medication.
  2. The use of sorbents in high doses.
  3. Incorrect nutrition.
  4. Untimely initiated treatment.

Sometimes during the poisoning period there are no natural processes of cleansing the body. Then, to get rid of harmful substances and stop intoxication, the patient is prescribed gastric lavage and laxatives. All this negatively affects the natural microflora of the intestine and the gastrointestinal tract, which leads to their dysfunction.

Constipation is often observed after prolonged intake of laxatives. The intestines get used to the fact that emptying happens, you can say, in itself, and is lazy to work independently. Therefore, doctors recommend taking these drugs not more than twice a week.

How to restore the body after poisoning

Constipation after poisoning what to do. The very first when a poor-quality food is taken, the stomach suffers. Malicious microorganisms falling into the cavity of this organ with bad products cause an inflammatory process on its mucous membranes. After partial digestion, toxic substances penetrate the intestine and into the blood.

Symptoms of food poisoning include:

  • nausea accompanied by vomiting;
  • muscle pain;
  • chills;
  • lethargy and fever;
  • headache;
  • weakness and drowsiness;
  • loose stools.

Therapy after poisoning consists of the restoration of the microflora of the stomach and intestines. For this, the patient is prescribed special preparations containing enzymes and necessary useful bacteria.

In addition, to eliminate constipation and improve the intestine for the first couple of weeks after poisoning, you must adhere to a special therapeutic diet and drinking regimen.

Diet during an illness

After food poisoning, you need to give up all the products that give the load to the body. It is recommended to temporarily exclude from the diet fatty meats and fish. You can not eat smoked and salted. On sweets it is better not to lean too.

In addition, a couple of weeks after poisoning it is important not to drink alcohol, strong tea, coffee, carbonated water and solid foods. To prevent excess gastric irritation, it is important to ensure that consumed beverages and food are not too cold or hot.

Healthy nutrition during constipation

The therapeutic diet after poisoning should consist of fractional and frequent nutrition. To the stomach was easier to digest food, the dishes should be ground before consumption or brought to a state of mashed potatoes.

During the recovery period, the following products should be included in the diet:

  • vegetable soups (without potatoes);
  • porridges cooked on the water (buckwheat, oats, wheat, etc.);
  • low-fat chicken broth;
  • boiled chicken and fish;
  • bran;
  • boiled beets;
  • baked pumpkin;
  • fermented milk products (without dyes and flavors);
  • greens, especially dill.

In addition to proper nutrition, to restore the chair will help light physical exercises. But doing sports should not be debilitating, especially when it comes to a weakened body after poisoning.

Who can have constipation

To restore the work of the intestines and strengthen immunity, it is not superfluous to drink a vitamin complex, based on dietary fiber.

Water balance in case of poisoning and constipation

To restore the water balance, which directly affects the quality of the stool, you need to consume as much liquid per day as possible. With constipation, the following drinks are excellent:

Drinking with constipation should not be hot or very cold. In addition to the above drinks, you need to drink from, a liter of water per day. If you do not want to drink ordinary water, then you can replace it with mineral water without gas.

Remember, the absence of defecation after poisoning needs qualified treatment. Only a specialist can prescribe a suitable restoring diet and choose the right drugs. Self-medication in this case can lead to chronic constipation and dysbiosis.

Tell me how to restore the intestine after poisoning?

Diarrhea and vomiting is no longer there, but in the abdomen a real hurricane, which is not eaten, everything wanders.

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Sasha SchumannThinker (6959) 6 months ago

sour-milk products - fresh homemade yogurt, kefir, various bifid-kefir and yoghurts are useful; sauerkraut and pickle from not; ochenye apples; bread kvass.

Other products create a favorable environment for the development of those bacteria that have survived in the intestines, and also prevent the proliferation of harmful microbes:

dried fruits; garlic, onion; herbal teas with mint, currant and raspberry leaves, chamomile, St. John's wort; wheat bran and flour; chicory, Jerusalem artichoke, dandelion leaves; fresh vegetables and fruits, greens.

 Answering the question how to restore the intestine after poisoning can become some dietary supplements. They contain a substrate on which useful microbes will actively multiply.

seaweed - sea kale, kelp; Brewer's yeast - not to be confused with the usual food yeast for dough.

In those cases where the poisoning is difficult or if strong antibiotics are used, it is better to use pharmaceuticals.

Giorgio SomoniMaster (1834) 6 months ago

madonnaOracle (64864) 6 months ago

It is worth a day or two to drink an oat broth, jelly, then add a little boiled and chemically and mechanically sparing

jury of eaglesMaster (1908) 6 months ago

Tanya VargusPupil (120) 6 months ago

This is a violation of the intestinal microflora, Drink Maxillac capsules, this is a synbiotic with a lot of useful cultures, contains probiotic and prebiotic, suitable for everyone, even people with lactase insufficiency. He will quickly bring your bowels back to normal, for three days, but you need to drink to the end, all 10 capsules, so that the result is fixed. I always save myself in such cases.

chernigovpartsGuru (3849) 6 months ago

Try various dietary supplements to drink, here there are different sets at the same time you read what it is. Well, or contact a doctor, let him prescribe something for himself, but I'm usually my own doctor.



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