Restore the stomach and intestines after antibiotics


How to recover from antibiotics

Antibiotics are a panacea for many infectious and inflammatory diseases. But often drugs not only treat, but also cause significant damage to the body. This can happen if the person has weakened immunity or if antibiotics are taken for a long time.

To antibiotics are not much "beat" on the body, take only those tablets that will appoint a doctor - do not self-medicate. Strictly observe the dosage that he will prescribe. Some antibiotics are very harmful to the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). If you began to feel discomfort in the stomach after oral administration of antibiotics, tell the doctor about it. It is possible that he will replace the pill for injections.

Weakened immunity after taking large doses of antibiotics becomes even weaker. Start to drink immunostimulants - drugstore tincture eleutherococcus, magnolia vine or ginseng. Eat lots of lemons, oranges, black currant, sweet Bulgarian pepper. They all have vitamin C, which perfectly raises the immune system. How else

to strengthen immunity, you can read in our article "How to increase the body's immunity."


There are cases that the course of antibiotics is stretched for 2-3 weeks, and even longer. After such shock doses, the gastrointestinal tract usually suffers most - the person begins dysbiosis. Antibiotics, along with the fact that they kill pathogenic viruses, also kill useful bacteria, which are responsible for the work of the stomach and intestines. If this happens to you, begin to restore the population of bacteria beneficial for the organism. In light cases, special sour-milk products in which these bacteria are present (for example, biocheto- ry or biomethane) can help. In more severe cases, when the work of the intestine is not restored in any way, it will be necessary to take probiotics. More details about this you can read on our website - this is an article "How to restore the intestinal microflora".

Advice for those people who take antibiotics for anything: do not do it if you have a common cold or just got sick of the stomach. A mild cold can be cured by bed rest, tea with raspberries, hot milk with honey and mustard plaster on the heels. And with the stomach, if the pain does not pass a couple of days, the doctor should understand. Antibiotics are very serious drugs that can even harm if you take them haphazardly and do not follow the recommendations of a specialist.

If you are not a supporter of taking pills, which you prescribed a doctor, try to heal natural antibiotics. which are found in many plants.

The basis of the chemotherapy method is the rendering of destructive effect on cancer cells. This procedure slows the development of the disease, prolonging the life of a person, but at the same time, cancer cells can remain in the body. For a person, such sessions do not pass without a trace, serious violations occur in the work of many organs. First of all, the formula of blood changes, there is toxic damage to the liver, hair loss to []

Restoration of lost functions after a stroke can occur very slowly, and sometimes return to the previous physical state completely fails. The first rule for eliminating the consequences of a stroke is correct recovery. Let's consider all stages of planned, sparing convalescence. 1 The timing and scope of the rehabilitation period depend on the size and extent of the lesions of the brain regions. Every year this terrible disease []

The healthy intestine of a person works like a clock: the stomach does not puchit, there is no uterine rumbling, the chair is decorated and regular. If, for some reason, a "hurricane" begins in the abdomen, or worse - constipation or diarrhea, it is worth thinking about restoring the microflora. 1 Normal intestinal microflora is the presence in it of a sufficient number of beneficial bacteria, which are responsible for a variety of functions. [ ]

Violation of the intestinal microflora, or dysbiosis - is another "gift" of civilization, which practically everyone today knows, regardless of age. [] Linex is the brainchild of the pharmaceutical industry, designed to neutralize the effect of such a "gift" and restore the natural balance to the intestinal tract. 1 General information Linex refers to eubiotics, that is, drugs that solve the problem of "resuscitation" of intestinal microflora by settling it # 17; # 187;

Candidiasis is a common fungal infection that causes itching and the appearance of a characteristic plaque on the mucous membranes. Yeast-like fungi are always present in the body, but with a decrease in immunity, they are rapidly expanding, provoking the emergence of candidiasis. In this article we will tell you how to cure candidiasis. 1 Folk methods If white plaque is present in the tongue and in the oral cavity, before using special []

Amoxicillin is an antibacterial drug from the group of semisynthetic penicillins. The mechanism of action is based on the bactericidal effect. Refers to broad-spectrum antibiotics. 1 When to take Amoxicillin In acute and exacerbation of chronic bronchitis of bacterial etiology. With lacunar and follicular angina. With bacterial inflammation of various parts of the urinary system (pyelonephritis, cystitis, urethritis). Inflammation of the small or large intestine (enterocolitis) caused by []

Stomatitis is a disease of the mucous in the oral cavity. It appears in the form of sores covered with a white purulent coating. These ulcers can be on the gums, internal surfaces of cheeks and lips, tongue. 1 Stomatitis is contagious and not infectious. The second can develop as a result of mechanical damage to the mucous membranes: wounds, scratches, burns. The disease is particularly susceptible to people with low immunity and small children, []

Bioparox is an aerosol form of a local antibiotic. The scope of the drug - inflammatory processes in the upper respiratory tract. The maximum action of Bioparox is manifested in the nasal cavity and the oropharynx. 1 Composition and main action Bioparox Bioparox is an aerosol, enclosed in a can of 20 ml. The manufacturer provides 2 ways of introducing antibiotic # 8212; in the nasal cavity and oral cavity. [ ]



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