How to treat candida in the intestine


Effective folk remedies against candidiasis

Candidiasis is a disease that is caused by opportunistic fungi of Candida. They are tiny yeast-like unicellular microorganisms of oval form. A small number of fungi in a healthy body does not cause any problems. A variety of albicans occurs in about 80% of the world's inhabitants, who are its bearer. Good immunity and beneficial intestinal microflora do not allow Candida bacteria to expand and grow into a disease.

But often with a decrease in the defenses of the body, skin and mucous injuries, changes in microflora in intestines, as well as with increased sweating # 8212; for the reproduction of these fungi created favorable Wednesday. That's when the disease develops candidiasis or, as it is called, "thrush". Fungal growth is also promoted by such factors as antibiotic intake, diabetes mellitus, pregnancy and HIV.


Candidiasis of the body # 8212; treatment with folk remedies

When candidiasis of the vagina, there are curdled discharge, pain during urination and se

xual intercourse. There are many different medicines against candidiasis. But folk medicine knows enough methods of treating this disease. Let's get acquainted with some of them in more detail.

Female Candidiasis

  • To treat the vaginal yeast infection, people use tampons. You can apply such a popular tool. Gauze swab is abundantly moistened with yogurt with 0% fat content and injected into the vagina at night. After this procedure, the vagina in the morning must be sprinkled with a decoction of chamomile or a soda solution.
  • Good results in the treatment of thrush give and honey tampons. The procedure is similar to the first recipe.
  • No less effective cures candidiasis onions. It is crushed into a gruel and all such problem areas are lubricated with such a means. The fungus kills during the following procedures. It is necessary to wrap the onion mass in a bandage and place it in the vagina for the whole night. In this case, burning may appear, but treatment should be continued.
  • In the treatment of thrush often used soda. To do this, in a liter of boiled warm water, dissolve one spoon of this remedy. Also, a few drops of iodine can be added to the solution. This compound is used to irrigate the vagina.

Treatment of fungal skin folk remedies

For a long time our ancestors preferred the treatment of diseases with natural herbal remedies. Yeast-like fungus can also be cured with the help of medicinal herbs.

For example, take three spoons of chamomile flowers and pour them with hot boiling water (1 L). Insist. Stained infusion syringed and make lotions on the affected area. Thanks to the antiseptic properties of the plant, the fungus will heal, and all the symptoms of the disease will disappear.

A powerful antifungal agent in the people is considered an infusion of raspberries and inflorescences of sage. (The treatment uses leaves and sprigs of raspberry.) All vegetable raw materials are ground and poured 2 tablespoons. Pour them with one liter of boiling water and warm it up a couple. In a cooled and strained broth recommended to add a spoonful of vinegar. The product is used for rinsing or rinsing.

Known for the treatment of candidiasis decoction of oak bark with pharmacy chamomile. Vegetable raw materials are mixed and a liter of boiling water is thrown 2 spoons. Allow to brew in the thermos for 15 minutes. I wash the affected areas and apply compresses.

Successfully heal yeast infection with a broth of thorn. To do this, take the roots and bark of the plant. Crush raw materials and one tablespoon pour a glass of boiling water. Infuse the potion in the thermos bottle. Filter. Used to irrigate the mouth and other affected areas of the skin fungus.

To treat the thrush, use a tea tree. It will take the oil of the plant.For 40 ml of boiled cold water take 2 drops and stir. Every day before eating this solution is taken orally. Dose: one teaspoonful. To wash the cavities and rinse 2 drops of oil take more water (200 ml).

For the treatment of fungal disease, folk healers recommend using such a collection. In equal parts take: berries juniper, calendula, chamomile, yarrow, sage, eucalyptus, birch buds and black poplar. Half a cup of water will require a tablespoon of herbs. Bring the composition to a boil and insist. Take before each meal of 100 milliliters. This broth is used to rinse the mouth, douching and lotions.

When affected by a yeast-like fungus of mucous membranes, use such infusion of herbs. Mix: 3 parts of the young oak bark, 2 parts of the flowering lavender stems of the Crimean parts of the tripartite sequence, 3 parts of the stems and roots of the nettle. Further, 1 tbsp. A spoonful of a plant mixture is steamed in a thermos bottle with 200 milliliters of boiling water. They let it brew for about two hours. Further, the infusion is filtered and poured into it additionally not more than 150 milliliters of boiled water. This means rinses the genitals or rinses the mouth affected by the thrush.

No less effective in treating candidiasis and such a collection. Take rosemary, sage leaves, a flowering yarrow - only 20 g. Add to the mixture 40 g of crushed oak bark. Pour 2 liters of boiling water and boil on low heat. They let it cool down. The strained broth is divided into two portions and douching twice a day. The same broth can be used for washing or lotions on any part of the body.

It will help to destroy pathogens. In one liter of boiling water, two spoons of St. John's wort are brewed. Insist. Filter. In the infusion squeeze the juice from one bulb. This means douche, wash, wash the mouth.

Preventive measures

  1. The treatment of thrush with wormwood is known. For this, 10 g of the roots of the plant are ground. Raw materials are poured into 100-150 ml of boiling water. When the agent is infused, it is filtered through gauze. Take the inside according to the dosage: 1 tablespoon three times a day.
  2. Speed ​​up recovery and proper nutrition. During the treatment, the following are excluded from the diet: sugar, alcoholic beverages, baking on yeast, fatty foods. All this provokes the growth of Candida fungi. You need to eat vegetables, fruits, poultry, fish, dairy products.
  3. An important measure of prophylaxis of candidiasis is the maintenance of a useful microflora in the intestine and vagina. This will help yogurts and yogurt with bifido # 8212; and lactobacilli.

You need to constantly increase your immunity. It is useful to rest more, avoid stressful situations, temper and play sports.

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Treatment of candidiasis of the intestine

  • Do you have a stable form of candidiasis?
  • Treatment of candidiasis of the intestine does not lead to positive results?
  • Doctors after a long course of antibiotic therapy are getting their hands up, and people's methods do not help?

Candidiasis of the intestineIs a disease that occurs in the intestines when Candida becomes a pathogenic fungus. They affect the mucous membrane causing the first symptoms. These fungi are in fact always in our intestines, but when certain conditions appear they turn into pathogenic ones. In most cases, candida transit live in our body without showing any signs of defeat. For the fungus, the intestine is a habitual and natural habitat. When conditions are created that are unsuitable for the life of normal intestinal microorganisms and immunity the body does not resist, the fungus begins to multiply massly, which subsequently breaks the state microflora. Further in the gastrointestinal tract appear typical for the passage of candidiasis disease symptoms.

Doctors divide candidiasis according to the degree of damage to localized, single and in combination of the first and second. Malnutrition, immunodeficiencies, immunodeficiency viruses, excessive antibiotic therapy, as well as oncological pathologies are the main factors that contribute to the development of the disease.

Typical symptoms of intestinal candidiasis

Doctors distinguish four forms of candidiasis: invasive, non-invasive, focal and diffuse.

  • Invasive form in most cases occurs in people with severe impairment of body immunity.
  • Non-invasive candidiasis manifests itself in the form of frequent permeation with white impurities in the form of flakes, excessive flatulence, and constant pain in the lower abdomen.
  • Invasive candidiasis in focal forms is characterized by the fact that during the course of the disease areas of the intestine are affected with the subsequent appearance of ulcer pathology.
  • Diffuse form is characterized by impurities of mucus and blood in the masses of feces.

Intestinal candidiasis treatment

Treatment of candidiasis of the gastrointestinal tract includes the appointment of nonabsorbent drugs from the gut. The list of such drugs include ketakonazole, fluconazole, itraconazole, as well as amphotericin B. These antimycotic drugs have a systemic effect and are injected into the body intravenously or orally. Very often, treatment of intestinal candidiasis with such drugs does not lead to the desired results. The thing is that they are almost completely absorbed in the upper parts of the gastrointestinal tract before reaching the ileum. This lower part of the intestine has the largest Candida population. In addition, the use of such drugs threatens in itself some risk factors, that is, a side effect in the form of toxic hepatitis.

Folk remedies for intestinal candidiasis

In people, the treatment of the candidiasis of the gastrointestinal tract is carried out with the help of broth of burdock root, the root of a blood-groove and oak bark, and also of Kuril tea. The root of the blood-groove, the oak bark and the burdock root are boiled in water until a strong broth is obtained. It should be taken 3-4 tablespoons before meals. Kuril tea is taken for food as usual for 2-3 weeks. Of course, intestinal candidosis treatment with such methods is impractical, because the use of herbs can only reduce symptoms.

Difficulties in treating intestinal candidiasis

The use of antifungal drugs can lead to complications in the course of the disease, since such therapy does not completely kill the fungus while lowering the immunity of the patient's body. A folk self-treatment will only hide the signs of the disease, which can aggravate the situation.

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Candidiasis: treatment is not easy - Folk remedies

Still fungi of the genus Candida are "afraid" of activating the defenses of the body, which do not allow them to penetrate the mucous membrane and then into the blood. Restorative action has many plants, for example, aloe. Finally, the life-activity of yeast-like fungi is usually suppressed by a natural microflora that lives on the skin and mucous membranes of a person. The largest number of such microflora lives in the intestine, where beneficial microorganisms not only inhibit the development of opportunistic pathogens, potentially harmful microorganisms (including Candida fungi), but also help digest food, participate in the synthesis of certain vitamins and so on. Therefore, great importance is the healing of the intestines, which can be carried out with the help of natural fermented milk products.

How to improve the intestines with the help of folk remedies

To get rid of a fungal infection, traditional medicine recommends that you sharply limit the intake of sweet and savory foods and consume more sour-milk products, better in combination with garlic. But sour-milk products should not be sweet - on sweet media the fungus will grow even faster, but the acidic medium, and even in combination with phytoncids of garlic, will kill it. With the purpose of improving the intestine, you can drink a glass of kefir (curdled milk, ryazhenka, acidophilin and others) every day at night with the chopped garlic and added to it.

They have antifungal properties of infusions of such herbs as chamomile pharmacy, St. John's wort, yarrow, sage and some others. Brewed such a decoction, usually based on a tablespoon on a glass of boiling water, insisted for fifteen to twenty minutes, filtered and taken in the form of therapeutic tea several times a day.

Apple cider vinegar also helps, it can be added to the tea by a teaspoon three times a day and to drink such a tea unsweetened.

Treatment of thrush with the help of folk remedies

Thrush is usually called a fungus of the Candida genus mucous membrane of the oral cavity and genital organs. The most common prescription against thrush is rinsing of the oral cavity or sessile baths with 2% solution of soda (a teaspoon of soda for a glass of boiled water). This is the way to treat thrush in infants, and if you perform the procedure regularly after each feeding or regurgitation, and also handle such a solution of the mother's breast before feeding, the thrush in the baby quickly will pass.

Adult people can rinse the mouth with garlic solutions (grated on a small grater and squeezed chives to a glass of boiled water). Too concentrated solutions of garlic or onions are not recommended, as they will irritate the mucous membrane oral cavity and even more aggravate the course of the disease, because through the irritated and inflamed mucous membrane of fungi penetrate easier.

Infusions of herbs that have an antifungal effect can also be used, both for rinsing and for sedentary baths, but their concentration should be twice as high (two tablespoons per glass boiling water).

When candidiasis stomatitis well helps decoction of the bark of oak. To do this, take four tablespoons of dry crushed oak bark, pour half a liter of cold water, boil for fifteen minutes, cool, filter and use to rinse the cavity mouth.

Sage infusion is suitable for sitting baths with thrush of genital organs. To do this, ten tablespoons of sage filled with a liter of boiling water, insist, filter and use to prepare the trays.

How to increase immunity with the help of folk remedies

To increase the protective forces of the body, traditional medicine traditionally recommends taking aloe with honey (honey unlike sugar has antifungal activity). Take 150 g of aloe leaves, cut off their side spines, carefully stretch their hands, pour 300 grams of liquid hot honey and insist for a day. After a day, heat honey, strain and take the mixture on a teaspoon three times a day for half an hour before meals.

A good help will be freshly squeezed juices, but not more than a glass a day once in the morning, half an hour before meals.

Traditional medicine has many means for treating a wide variety of diseases, including fungal diseases.



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