Nutrition for restoration of the intestine


Diet for good bowel work

All diets in one degree or another are aimed at restoring normal bowel functions, especially when it comes to reducing weight.

The main function of the intestine is to assimilate nutrients from the digested food in the stomach. However, not only the absorption capacity of the intestines determines good digestion, but also the ability of the intestine to contract and promote fecal masses (peristalsis).

Violation of peristalsis leads to constipation and toxin poisoning. Thus, if you find any abnormalities in the work of the intestine, you need to consult the therapist and find out the root cause. In case of diagnosis of diseases of the digestive tract, an individualcurativediet for the intestines .

In the absence of concomitant diseases, problems with digestion are encountered at least. It's all about the furious rhythm of life, constant stress and violation of all modes. Therefore, as with fasting days, periodic diets for good bowel work will help restore intestinal functionality and

cleanse of toxins. An alarm signal for dieting is a violation of the regularity of the stool and constipation, as well as increased gas formation.

Favorable effect on the intestinal mucosa is pectin-containing products, which include vegetables, fruits, greens, bran bread, cereal cereals. Particular attention should be given to beets, apples. prunes and plums, figs. dried fruits. carrots. peach and apricot, gooseberry, dates, cucumber. pumpkin, Hercules. These products of plant origin will help not only to get rid of constipation, but also bring the intestinal mucosa into a stable state. An important role in the diet is played by such spices. like cumin and coriander.

In the intestine there are many bacteria that are in symbiosis with the human body. Violation of the bacterial balance leads to intestinal disorders and diarrhea. Therefore, the sour-milk products with a high content of bifidobacteria play an integral role in the regulation of bowel function. The leader in this group is a fresh (one or two-day) kefir, followed by rustic yogurt, fermented baked milk and yogurt.

Diet for good bowel work necessarily includes vegetable soups (without beef), chicken and fish broth. It is necessary to increase the consumption of liquid: pure non-carbonated water. jelly, compote, freshly squeezed juice, weakly boiled or herbal tea. Consumption of meat is allowed, but only lean and in addition to stews or fresh vegetables. The day should begin with Herculean porridge with dried fruits, and end with a glass of kefir.

The ban on the period of the diet is introduced on products with a high content of tannins, which slow the intestinal motility. These include astringent fruits and berries (cornelian, blueberry, persimmon), strong tea, walnuts, pastry dough, white bread. It is necessary to limit the use of potatoes, mascarons and foods rich in animal protein (fish, meat, chicken eggs).

Approximate daily ration

Meals during and after a diet should be regular. Overeating, frequent snacks, lack of a regime adversely affect the work of the intestines.

How to adjust the work of the intestine of an adult

Often people who try to solve a health problem try to find their reasons not where necessary. Basically, a working person after visiting a doctor, starts to thinklessly taking prescribed medications: this is accompanied not only by the fact that he does not read the annotation, but simply does not remember the name of the drug - if the doctor has appointed, then it is necessary to drink.

But, probably, everyone in our time has heard information that the general work of the body directly depends on the functioning of the digestive tract. The intestine is the center of health.

In the case of a contaminated and downtrodden intestine in a person, then the health problems are simply provided to him: this fast fatigue, it's a common cold, it's skin problems and it's an allergy - all these are just minimal Problems. The work of the intestine is poorly functioning, which means that the entire body suffers.

Organism in case of bowel disturbance

People are used to living like this: undergo different stresses, eat fast food, unhealthy sweets and harmful semi-finished products, take alcohol and arrange festive feasts, and after all this, sit on diets and starve - so do, of course, not all, but many.

The human digestive system works hard day and night: in the gastrointestinal tract there can be as much as 7 kg of food, which is eaten at different times - the first "party" is at the processing stage, and the other, only is assimilated. And in the event of violation of these processes, undeveloped food is stored in the intestines: often even clogging the lumen, and therefore toxins can get into the blood.

This process is accompanied by an unpleasant odor from the mouth and underarms, the entire skin is affected: fades and wilts, and the complexion gets an earthy tint, and plus is covered with a rash and acne, acne - these intestinal problems are shown on face. Even the hair suffers, they quickly become fat and begin to fall out, because the hair bulbs are filled with toxins.

The picture in the internal organs looks even worse: a person does not see this, but one can imagine what is done there with headache, an eating disorder and sleep, the constant pursuit of mild nausea and weakness, a sharp decline in performance, and rest with surrounding people does not bring more joy.

Constipation is the "main evil". A lot of people for 2-3 days can not go to the toilet, and call a similar problem "delicate". But eating fatty fried potatoes, meat with a crusted crust, bread and various sausages, sauces, high-calorie pastries, crisps, crackers and sweet fizzy drinks, then for some reason this delicacy to your intestines is not remember.

But we do not feel like normalizing our work every day: it seems to us that this is a rather difficult matter, taking away a lot of time and energy. But there is nothing super complicated in this, just have to stop "poisoning learn to eat right and change your routine.

How to normalize the work of the intestine?

Before adjusting the intestine of an adult, it is necessary to understand that persistent constipation kills the normal flora of the intestine, because it can not fight with pathogenic bacteria that actively multiply, accompanying the processes of fermentation and rotting. It turns out dysbacteriosis, which is a direct way to reduce immunity.

To clear such "deposits" for help salads come from raw vegetables. There are a lot of them, and we will tell you about the famous salad "Mite

  1. The most common recipe is chopped fresh cabbage (three parts), it's raw carrots and it's beets (one part). All grate, then mix and knead, and at the end sprinkle with all the juice of the lemon. There are recipes with the addition of oil, but without it, this salad "works" much better - it perfectly "sweeps" all the "garbage" from the intestine.
  2. There are other recipes, with the addition of more ingredients. To the above vegetables add a sour apple, daikon, radish, sliced ​​dried fruits - this is dried apricots and prunes: this mixture perfectly cleanses the intestines, and its caloric content is such that it can be taken for breakfast, and for dinner. Lunch can be left the same, but without unrefined foods.
  3. If you have low acidity of the stomach, then instead of fresh cabbage, you use sauerkraut, and if increased, then the beets apply boiled, and slightly change the amount of ingredients: for example, cabbage and carrots are used in one part, beet - two parts. You do not need to sprinkle lemon.
  4. Very good "run" the intestine is a product such as a fresh plum, and therefore it is recommended that there is a large amount in the season; while choosing ripe plums, in which the stone is easily separated.

Adjustment of the intestine - proper nutrition

If you decide to seriously take care of your own intestines, you need to remove some foods from the diet and make others: in some cases this is enough to solve the problem completely.

Be sure to exclude products from white flour. This baking, sweets, starch-containing cereals (semolina, rice, etc.), peeled boiled potatoes, sausages, smoked and fried foods; Milk, coffee, tea, kissel and sweet fizzy water.

Some products, for example, potatoes do not contain harmful substances, but it complicates the process of digestion. When normal functioning of the intestine is allowed to return the usual diet.

Useful properties of raw vegetables

To include in the menu it is necessary such products, improving work of an intestine and giving an opportunity to be cleaned independently - if so to eat, the organism is gradually cleared:

1. These products include fruits, raw vegetables, dried fruits. Among them are carrots, beets, cabbage, apricots, pumpkin, melon, apples, bananas, plums, pears, dried apricots, raisins, figs, prunes, dates, grapes, cherries, currants. If it is not possible to take vegetables in their raw form, it is necessary to heat them; for example, eggplant and beans do not eat raw. They can be stewed and baked, and beans cooked.

2. Learn to eat vegetable salads and vinaigrettes without applying mayonnaise, adding a little vegetable oil and sour juices; Cook soups on a weak meat broth, and ideally, better - on a vegetable. Porridge must be cooked crumbly (buckwheat) or semi-viscous (oatmeal); fermented milk products.

3. Sweet delicacies and snacks replace with nuts and honey; drink compotes with rhubarb, dried fruits, not adding sugar. Also, a lot of fresh greens are needed, and bread is only cereal and bezdozhzhevoy.

4. From yeast with weak functioning of the intestine it is necessary to get rid of: there is a detox program, which was compiled by a Western author who is nutrition specialist Natalie Rose. The book includes the program - it's "Detox for Women".

Rose believes that an excessive amount of yeast bacteria appears in the body with the constant use of flour products, meat, sugar, drugs, in particular, hormones and antibiotics. But here you can object - everyone takes medicine, everyone eats meat and sausages, as well as store dairy products, which contain harmful substances.


When the functioning of your intestines will be adjusted, then try to eat right - that's it. Separate food will be the best solution, but for most there is a simple transition to a useful food.

Give up the ready-made "products of civilization sold in supermarkets, cook your own food and eat it right after cooking, and your bowels will thank you. He will work normally, and your mood will be excellent and joyful.

Diet for the intestines for pain, frustration, obstruction and gas production: tips for proper nutrition and a sample menu

The intestine is one of the important parts of the human body, which should be paid much attention, especially when it is not in order. For any disorders of the intestine, you should adhere to proper nutrition and make a diet with the help of a doctor.

The right diet for the intestines contributes to:

  1. Restoration of motor activity;
  2. Delivery to the body of the necessary substances;
  3. Restoration of intestinal microflora.

Diet for pain in the intestine consists of several principles of nutrition:

  • Food should be purposefully restored metabolism, eliminate the causes of pain and avoid exacerbation.
  • A balanced and varied diet.
  • Combination of therapeutic diet with other methods of recovery.
  • Do not forget about other existing diseases in humans.

If the intestine has ceased to function smoothly and causes discomfort, it is necessary to find out the cause of the ailment. It is very important, even before the diagnosis is made, to determine which diet for an intestinal disorder will suit a patient.

From the diet of the sufferer it is necessary to remove foods containing a lot of plant fiber, as they irritate the walls of the gastrointestinal tract. And also should reduce the consumption of food containing carbon dioxide, which often becomes the cause of an intestinal disorder.

Possible menu during the diet

  1. You can start the morning with rice or semolina porridge, cooked without milk, and omelet. It is recommended to drink a glass of tea and gnaw some white bread crumbs;
  2. A little later you can drink blueberry jelly;
  3. For lunch, you can prepare broth from low-fat meat and add the flakes of oatmeal. Do not interfere with a couple of steamed cutlets and jelly from cherry;
  4. In the middle of the day, you can cook the compote from the dog-rose and bite the crackers again;
  5. In the evening, boil cutlet steamed and porridge from the oat-flakes. Drink a glass of tea.

Bowel obstruction

Nutrition for intestinal obstruction should not be overloaded with large portions. There is a need for small portions, without adding to your menu products that contribute to gassing: cabbage, legumes, water with gas, milk.

  1. Breakfast can consist of dairy-free chopped oatmeal, low-fat cottage cheese and a glass of tea;
  2. A little later you can prepare a compote of blueberries or quinces;
  3. In the afternoon cook the broth on the meat and add a little mango and 2 meatballs. Supplement the dinner can be wiped boiled rice and a pineapple of blueberries;
  4. At 4 o'clock you should drink a broth of dogrose without sugar;
  5. In the evening, drink a glass of fruit jelly.


The source of flatulence can be various factors, in particular the use of products prone to fermentation in the intestine.


Nutrition when gassing in the intestines should be correct and balanced, so that bloating does not become an unpleasant regularity. Therefore, the doctors compiled a list of products, which for a while should be forgotten in order to avoid problems with the intestines.

  • Legumes in pure form and in the composition of other dishes;
  • Cabbage, radish and turnips;
  • Apples, bananas, pears, peaches and grapes;
  • Almost all nuts;
  • Products that contain yeast;
  • Carbonated water;
  • Natural milk;
  • Products from starch;
  • Boiled eggs;
  • Any canned food and smoked products;
  • Salted and pickled products;
  • Sharp and hot food;
  • Sugar substitute;
  • Alcohol.

Based on this list, you can easily make yourself a diet that includes 5-6 small meals.

You also need to remember some nuances of power:

  1. Do not drink cold and hot liquid;
  2. Exclude from the diet snacks and chewing gum;
  3. Drink a day at least 2 liters of fluid.

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