Than to restore mucous in an intestine


how to restore the mucosa of the small and large intestine? (very much I ask to rescue!)

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Looking for specific, clear, proven advice. Request KLISMA not to offer, this option is excluded. I need to restore the microflora and intestinal mucosa after peptic ulcer and several courses of broad-spectrum antibiotics.
To restore the microflora, I drank a lot of different pro and pre-biotics, at the moment I take normoflorin-D (on the advice of an experienced gastroenterologist). The problem is that vitamins and minerals are absorbed in the intestines very poorly. It is necessary to restore the mucous membrane. Help out. Only very much I ask. Do not give foolish answers or advice like asking a doctor. I ask for help from knowledgeable, experienced people! please help me out, otherwise I lost 20 kg a year and can not get better!

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take oats not purified 1 glas

s per 2 liters, cook over low heat for 2 hours (do not boil, you languish like a chill). drink this liquid during the day on an empty stomach course of 14 days

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Oats microflora does not restore! It is a good sorbent, lymphostimulant. With regard to the recovery of microflora, especially after antibiotics, this is a job of no one month, provided that the drug is good and the intestines have enough fiber. There is a probiotic that does not require a lot of fiber. It is called KORALLPROBIOTIC, contains 5 billion useful bacteria.
After a wide range of antibiotics, it is desirable to make a hemoscanner. As after them the fungus blooms in full bloom. A sign of this is a change in taste. If a person did not like sweets, he just starts eating all kinds of cakes, sweets.
And to be surveyed, and to buy a probiotic, it is possible having issued a discount. In many cities there are such centers. Tell me in what city you live-I can give a phone. Coordinates are on the official website.

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Lactobacterin, bifidumbacterin, yogurt from whole milk, honey,

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preperat Acidolact, he restores the flora, you restore the flora and the mucosa returns to normal, and the diet is still being treated, naturally.

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If you need specific, clear, verified answers, then the question is asked not where necessary. There are specialized sites on which you need to ask. I think that the authors of the answers sincerely wanted to help, but the scatter of subjects (from God to an international coral club) makes you think. Try to contact, eurolab ua, when composing the question it should contain a maximum of information. Success to you and health.

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Chronic enteritis or small bowel disease

Chronic enteritis is a chronic disease of the small intestine, in which the digestive and absorption function is disrupted, the structure of the mucosa changes. With the long course of the disease, atrophy (thinning) of the small intestine mucosa develops.

As you know, the mucosa of the small intestine is covered with thin villi, which help to trap molecules of water, proteins, fats, electrolytes, carbohydrates, microelements, vitamins. When inflammation of the small intestine is a violation of its functions, the osmolarity of the contents rises small intestine, accelerates intestinal transit and there is recurrent diarrhea (recurrent liquid chair).

The causes of this disease can be different: taking medications, helminthic infections, infections (salmonellosis, dysentery, viral infections), stomach and liver diseases, physical and chemical damage to the intestinal mucosa (ionizing radiation, alcohol and etc.).


Chronic enteritis is characterized by intestinal and extraintestinal manifestations.

To extraintestinal manifestations are: a decrease in body weight (up to 20 kg), irritability, insomnia, decreased ability to work. There are changes in the skin, it becomes dry, sluggish, its elasticity is broken, it becomes thinner and begins to peel off.

Nails thicken, hair becomes dry, brittle and begin to fall out. Because of a violation of absorption in the small intestine, hypokalemia (a lack of potassium in the blood) arises, which leads to problems from the side heart: tachycardia occurs, extrasystoles appear, and hypocalcemia (a decrease in calcium in the blood), which is manifested by cramps and pain in muscles. Due to a lack of vitamins, avitaminosis develops, neuropathies, myopia, glossitis, hemorrhages on the skin, etc. occur.

Intestinal manifestations include pain around the navel, in the middle part of the abdomen, which occur a couple of hours after eating. The pain may be cramping, spasming, blunt. There is bloating, rumbling. The chair is frequent, liquid, yellow in color, abundant.

The curative program for exacerbation of the disease includes several activities:

  • Treatment regimen.
  • Therapeutic nourishment.
  • Restoration of intestinal eubiosis.

The use of medicines, medicinal plants, correction of the violations.

The treatment regimen includes: reduction of physical exertion, avoidance of psychoemotional stressful situations.

Therapeutic nutrition includes chemical, mechanical and thermal shuddering of the intestine.

With exacerbation of chronic enteritis and overt diarrhea, "hungry" days are needed. During the first two days, it is necessary to take about two liters of liquid in the form of hot tea with lemon and rusk, black currant juice diluted with boiled water, blueberry broth, broth rose hips.

After the "hungry" days they switch to bread crumbs, mucous soups with boiled rubbed meat, mashed porridge, boiled eggs (one or two per day), jelly, blueberry jelly, bird cherry, ripe pears. From dairy products you can only freshly made curd, other dairy products are excluded from the diet. Snacks, alcohol, spices, spices, food and flavor additives are prohibited. Gradually, the diet expands.

In patients with chronic enteritis, in almost all cases there is an intestinal dysbiosis. Dysbacteriosis very often promotes the development of pathological processes in the intestine, an increase in the number pathogenic microflora, therefore, it is necessary to take eubiotics to form a useful microflora and suppress pathogenic. To this end, they take: bifidumbacterin, bifikol, lactobacterin, bactisuptil, linex.

Treatment with these drugs continues for a month or two. These drugs promote the healing of normal microflora, reduce dysbacteriosis.

To treat chronic enteritis use medicinal plants. They improve the work of the intestines, the digestive processes, promote the restoration of normal intestinal microflora, have a beneficial effect on the nervous system of the patient. These are: bilberry, dog rose, mint, oak bark, St. John's wort, cherry, chamomile, yarrow and many others.

How to restore microflora of mucous membranes: recommendations of specialists

For proper and healthy functioning, the human body needs protection, which can be obtained through the beneficial properties of microflora. But, unfortunately, all the bacteria for the microflora of the mucosa from day to day in the body is all less, because we tend to take antibiotics, constantly be in a state of tension or stress.

How to restore microflora of mucous membranes: recommendations of specialists

The human intestine contains about 99% of bacteria useful to the body, and only 1% of pathogenic bacteria. In view of the fact that the ratio of beneficial bacteria to pathogens is uneven. There is a high probability that useful bacteria die much more often than pathogens, because of the intake of various preservatives and toxins.

The intake of antibiotics is indispensable for the treatment of a large number of diseases, but prolonged intake of them can adversely affect human health, and, subsequently, lead to:

Anxiety in the groin area and much more.

Therefore, it is just necessary to constantly support, and in case of such a situation - to restore the microflora of the mucous membranes.

Why is it important to restore the microflora of mucous membranes?

The entire shell of the intestinal mucosa should be an incubator with beneficial bacteria, otherwise:

No toxins will be eliminated;

There will be no synthesis of vitamins, immunoglobulins;

Perhaps the lack of protection from a variety of microbes;

There will be no normal metabolic process.

How to restore the microflora of mucous membranes with cleansing

In order to restore the microflora of the mucous to a normal state, it is first necessary to eliminate the main epicenter of contamination -cleaning system. Due to the incorrect combination of products that we eat every day - the intestines are gradually becoming contaminated, so medical experts do not allow to use in a diet various aerated drinks (whether sweet or simply aerated) and the food prepared on the refined oil.

How to restore microflora of mucous membranes: recommendations of nutrition experts

Experts always have several useful and simple ways how to restore the microflora of mucous membranes. Everyone should know which fixing food (which causes constipation in most people) should be excluded from their diet:

Cakes and pastries.

After this, it is necessary to cleanse the body with enemas. To restore the microflora of mucous, it is recommended to use warm boiled water with a small amount of citric acid or with lemon juice. It is necessary to carry out this procedure once a day, for a whole week.

How to restore microflora of mucous juices?

Freshly squeezed juices from vegetables and fruits have a unique cleansing, restoring and healing power, as they contain:

Natural structured water;

Now almost every family has a juicer, and it is not difficult to prepare a full of vitamins and microelements juice. To restore the microflora of mucous membranes, medicine advises taking freshly squeezed juices at least 3 times a day for a whole glass. Sokoterapiya contributes not only to the restoration of the mucous membrane, but also completely help to improve the body.

How to restore the microflora of mucous membranes at home?

Experts constantly recommend that once a week is worth visiting the sauna, sauna or steam room, because together with sweat, from the organism will leave slag, salt, excess fluid, which will contribute to the formation of strong immunity and healthy organism. But at the same time, it is necessary to consume more mineral water, and most importantly, it must be non-carbonated.

To restore microflora of mucous membranes, the use of coniferous broth for a whole month will help. To make it, you need to pour 6 tablespoons of chopped young pine needles with 1-2 liters of hot water and let it brew for an hour or two. The broth should be taken warm throughout the day instead of water.

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