How to restore normal bowel function


How to restore normal bowel function? tell me can eat diets what?

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(gastrointestinal tract) and pathology of the organs of the middle part of the digestive system: stomach, duodenum, pancreas, gallbladder, small and large intestine.
Heaviness in the stomach and flatulence-bloating with rumbling. -basically, with exacerbation of the chronic form of GASTRITIS, which occurs against the background of RED ACID of gastric juice.
Nausea, eructation, flatulence in the evenings and night pain in the hypochondrium is a classic symptom of duodenal ulcer. While for the syndrome of the diffuse intestine, as well as for dyskinesia of the intestine, flatulence is characteristic in the morning.
Flatulence in PANCREATITE, caused by disruption of the pancreas, provokes swelling of the abdominal wall and rumbling, frequent loose stools with undigested food and fat particles.
Flatulence in CHOLECISTITI - inflammation of the gallbladder - develops in parallel with nausea and bitter eructations. Heartburn with flatulence constantly occurs in those who have increased acidity of gastric juice or stones in the gallbladder. A flatulence and temperature above +3, -38 ° C are fixed with exacerbation of gallbladder inflammation and the appearance of cholangitis - an infectious inflammatory process in the bile ducts.

To the gastroenterologist, to ultrasound.
PANCREATINUM 8000 (PANCREATINUM 8000). The pancreatic enzymes (lipase, amylase and protease) facilitate the digestion of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, which contributes to their complete absorption in the thin intestines. With pancreatic diseases, the drug compensates for the lack of its exocrine function and improves the digestive process.
ALLOCHOL. Characterized by a wide range of different effects:
-improving the secretory function of liver cells;
-stimulation of bile acid synthesis;
- Acceleration of the bile flow along the bile ducts, as a result of which digestion is improved, including atopic constipation;
- Reducing the severity of pain in the right upper quadrant.

Points to reduce soreness in the PANCREAS:

Points for gassing (METEORIZME) and poor digestion:

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Before eating, omez and salads, apples and oatmeal are oatmeal.

Svetlana MakarovaMaster (1682) chicken fillet or ocean nonfat fish

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In the morning a glass of water on an empty stomach, cold, warm - it does not matter. Or a tablespoon of sunflower oil. At night a glass of yogurt. The diet should be fiber: fruit, vegetable salads. And water regime to observe: 30 grams of water per 1 kg of weight per day. Good luck!

Lena UrazaevaThe Thinker (5268) I meant good luck on the path to health))) The question is not very detailed. If the problem is started, then it is worth to clean up the intestines and settle it with friendly bacteria. Details if necessary, write in a personal.

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What exactly disturbs you in the work of the intestine? Flatulence or dysbiosis?
At a dysbacteriosis there is a disturbance of process of an intestinal absorption of useful substances from nutrition, accompanied by appreciable depression of weight and an anemia. Often there are abdominal pains, bloating, flatulence, stools, frequent constipation or diarrhea, sometimes there is nausea and vomiting, there is an increase in body temperature.

To diagnose and prescribe treatment, a clinical picture alone will not be enough for a therapist or gastroenterologist. Laboratory confirmation of microbial imbalance in the body will be required by conducting a general analysis of feces and its microbiological culture. Additional studies may also be needed in the form of gastroscopy, irrigoscopy, sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy.

Treatment of dysbacteriosis begins with the elimination of the causes that caused the disease, the establishment of the regime and diet, bringing the emotional and psychological state back to normal.

Reception of prebiotics allows to create in the intestine a favorable environment for growth and reproduction of useful bacteria, and the use of probiotics, consisting of lactic-acid bacteria, replenishes the intestines with a useful microflora. In the case of a particularly resistant pathogenic flora, one must resort to antibiotics. The course of treatment of dysbacteriosis is from 6 to 8 weeks with mandatory control of the effectiveness of therapy after the course.

With flatulence due to a violation of the removal of gas from the gastrointestinal tract or its increased production, its excessive accumulation takes place, resulting in the stomach swelling, there is a feeling of heaviness, accompanied by heartburn, belching, colic, rumbling in the stomach and strong release of gases.
First of all, you should reconsider your diet. From eating cabbage, gooseberries, grapes and sorrel, which are sources of rough fiber, it is better to refuse.

The carbonated water, milk, kvass, beer, bean cultures, raisins, black bread, lamb, which are called fermenting processes, must be excluded from the daily diet. It is necessary to limit the use or refuse from tomatoes, apples, pears, mushrooms, onions and sauerkraut, coffee and chocolate.

Absolutely safe in this regard are all kinds of crumbly porridges, white bread from wholemeal flour or wheat bread with bran, boiled meat, boiled vegetables and sour-milk products.

Avoid overeating. Meals should be frequent, and the sizes of portions - small. To avoid excessive amounts of air in the digestive system, avoid lively conversations while eating.
Get rid of depression, learn how to respond to stressful situations. Bring your gastrointestinal tract back to normal, contacting a specialist gastroenterologist. He will help to solve your delicate problem, sending some short-term and not very pleasant procedures or prescribing medication.

How to normalize the work of the intestine

Hello, dear readers. However strange it may sound, our intestines are directly connected to the immune system, the nurse told me about it when I lay in a hospital with a child several years ago, he had bronchitis. We talked with a nurse from the department, touched on the topic of dysbiosis and intestines, and the nurse said that if our bowels work badly, failures in the body also occur. Rashes on the face, headaches, insomnia, constipation, hemorrhoids and other diseases. You see, it would seem, well, that there is an intestine. But no, failures in his work entail failures in the whole body.

But, all this can be corrected. Knowing how to normalize the work of the intestine, it will be possible not only to improve well-being, but also to improve health. After all, when the stomach or intestine fails, our body does not absorb enough of the products vitamins and trace elements, which, of course, leads to a disruption in the functioning of the immune system. That's why, our body can not resist a banal viral infection.

For what reasons can there be a failure in the operation of the intestine

Failures in the work of the gastrointestinal tract can be manifested by constipation, which entails hemorrhoids, as well as flatulence, the formation of a loose stool, bad breath, and heaviness in the stomach.

  • Abuse of fried, fatty, smoked, salty foods, sweets.
  • At a poisoning by poor-quality food.
  • With an increase in the intestinal pathogenic microflora.
  • Stressful situations.
  • The admission of certain medications, including long-term use of antibiotics, disrupt the work of the intestines, as a result of which dysbacteriosis may occur. What is the intestinal dysbiosis and how it can be cured read in the article on the blog # 17; Arochnoe treatment of a dysbacteriosis. # 187;
  • Failure in the work of the intestine can occur due to violations in the liver and gallbladder, as well as gastritis.
  • Sedentary lifestyle.
  • When dehydrated, if a person a day does not drink 1.5 water.

If you have frequent constipation or diarrhea, which are accompanied by nausea, vomiting, fever, then this is an occasion to consult a doctor and undergo a checkup to identify the cause of unpleasant symptoms.

How to eat to normalize the bowels

At any changes in the work of the intestines, a diet is necessary. Give up fried, fatty, hot, salty, smoked. Use food in boiled form, stewed, baked. Very useful vegetable soups, cereals, vinaigrette, ragout, herbal decoctions.

I have a friend who eats # 17; and run # 187 she constantly has no time. Yes, plus everything likes chips, crackers, nuts, cakes, patties. The use of semi-finished products, canned food, flour products increases the burden on the intestines and liver, which can lead to failure of our internal organs. Of course, such food does not contribute to the normal functioning of our intestines. But, I do not blame anyone, everyone decides everything for himself.

Every morning, it's best to start with a glass of water. Water starts the whole body, because the water balance is restored. The withdrawal of toxins from the body is activated. The work of the gastrointestinal tract is stimulated, as well as the prevention of constipation.

I, for example, eat breakfast every morning for breakfast. In oatmeal, I add nuts and dried fruits, and add fresh berries by season. This dish is not only delicious, but also useful.

One of the most affordable products that help to normalize the bowels is fermented or yogurt. Sour-milk products not only improve digestion, but also improve the work of the intestines. Also, dairy products contain acid milk bacteria, which we need for normal operation of the intestine.

You can drink # 17; Imbiter # 187; this is # 17; oleznye # 187; bacteria for the work of the intestines, especially they are used after a course of antibiotics. I buy a symbiote at the pharmacy. For children there is a children's symbiote. I sometimes drink it myself and give it to children, of course I buy children for children.

But as a dessert or a snack is better to use dried fruits. Prunes, dried apricots, raisins, figs. Dried fruits, due to the content of fiber in them, help to normalize the work of the intestines.

When constipation is a good remedy for the intestines is compote, prepared from prunes, also include in the diet and prunes. Just do not buy smoked prunes, take a better dried.

Try to eat seasonal fresh vegetables, fruits and berries. They help to normalize the work of the intestines.

Eat vegetables and fruits, you can eat them both fresh and baked. For example, I very much love apples baked in the oven, I like beetroot, I cook it regularly and make salad, but it's better to dress it with mayonnaise rather than olive oil.

Of course, it's possible to change your nutrition quickly and it will not be possible. Taste is a habit for us for years. But, gradually replacing some food products with others, you will be able to normalize the work of the intestine.

I think if it's about health, then you need to change your food right away. Here, for example, mayonnaise has long been replaced with sour cream and olive oil. So some products are removed from the diet and replace them with others.


To cleanse the bowels, make an enema. You can make an enema from a decoction of chamomile or simple boiled water. The broth for the enema should be at room temperature, but not in any case not hot.

You can clean the bowels without enema, and with food.

You can cleanse the intestines with juices. The whole day to drink juice and plain water. This cleansing can be done once a month. Useful juice of carrots, orange, apple juice, peach juice, grapefruit. Need for a day to drink about 2 liters of juice.

You can clean the intestines with apples. All day they eat only apples in 6 receptions. In a day you need to eat about 2 kilograms of apples. You can drink only water and herbal tea. Such cleansing is carried out once a month.

The intestine can be cleaned with rice. A whole day eating rice porridge without salt, sugar and spices. You can drink only water. Rice removes toxins from the intestines, removes excess salts from our body. Such a diet is usually designed for 1-3 days. For more information on cleaning the bowels and the body with rice, read my article # 17; an oral diet to cleanse the body. # 187;

Also clean the intestines with cabbage. All day they eat only cabbage salad and drink water. Cabbage is rich in vitamins and fiber, removes salts of heavy metals.

If you know how to normalize the work of the intestine, then this can be done without difficulty. But, with any symptoms indicating a malfunction in the work of the gastrointestinal tract, a doctor's consultation is necessary. Different diseases often have similar symptoms. Do not forget about it.

List of folk remedies that help bowel work

It's no secret that the work of the intestines depends on well-being, working capacity and mood. The normal functioning of this body is directly related to the organization of proper nutrition, movement and physical activity. A sedentary lifestyle, as a rule, leads to constipation, impaired digestion and peristalsis. The color of the face worsens, there are problems with the skin. There is a bad smell from the mouth.

If you have a problem with the intestine, you should definitely find out its cause. Often it consists only in insufficient consumption of liquid. If the question is not solved by the fulfillment of all norms of rational nutrition and a healthy lifestyle - then the intestines need help. Restore the regularity of the stool, improve the condition and quality of life, normalize the functions of the digestive system of the patient can help the known useful folk remedies and recommendations.

Folk remedies for intestinal work are simple and affordable

The work of the intestine can be adjusted with the help of dried watermelon crusts. Remove only the upper green (or striped) layer with a sharp knife. Dry the raw material in the sun or oven. Grind into a powder. Each meal is combined with the reception means: use a teaspoon of watermelon powder. You can also prepare an infusion from such a component. For 200 milliliters of boiling water take a full spoon of crushed watermelon crusts.

Adjusts the digestive system such a dish, daily used for breakfast. Grate the following vegetables on the grater: fresh carrots, beets and radish. Season this salad with sour cream and, chewing carefully, slowly # 8212; eat up.

The intestine will work like a clock if breakfast is eaten on porridge in the morning for breakfast. In the porridge for flavor you can add a piece of creamy or a little olive oil.

Improves peristalsis and stool oatmeal. It's cooked like that. Grain is flooded with water, a small slice of yeast is thrown and a fermentation tank is placed. After a day all the liquid is poured into a saucepan, put on fire and brought to a boil. In the finished kissel you can pour a little olive oil.

Improves the emptying of the intestine such a remedy. Liters are filled with lingonberries and poured in cool cool water. The container is covered with cellophane film or thick paper (parchment), tied with a string and placed in a cold place. As necessary, infusion use one glass on an empty stomach.

Normalize the secretory activity of the intestine and chair such herbs: motherwort, peppermint, yarrow, St. John's wort, sage and oak bark. From the collection of these medicinal plants, prepare a decoction: a spoon (canteen) of the mixture for 300 milliliters of water. (Herbs are taken in equal parts). Boil it for four minutes at low heat. Then the cooled medium is passed through a strainer and drunk. With frequent stools, the broth is taken 150 milliliters before meals (30 minutes before it). With constipation, the dosage is reduced to 25 milliliters. The course of treatment lasts two weeks.

Adjusts the work of the intestinal infusion from the roots of a dandelion. Raw materials should be gooddried, and then ground on a coffee grinder. In the evening take a spoon (table) of the root and pour boiling water. This amount of raw materials will require 200 milliliters of hot water. The remedy is allowed to brew throughout the night. In the morning, the whole broth is divided into four doses and drunk all in a day. You must take the medication before meals.

Recommend to harvest in the spring a young growth of elderberry. It must be grinded in a meat grinder, mixed with honey and stored in a cool place for use in problems with the intestines. This is an easy natural laxative.

A spoonful of crushed blackberry leaves is poured into 250 ml of boiling water and allowed to infuse for at least three hours in a thermos. Drink half a cup.

With a sluggish intestine (atony), such a folk remedy must be used. Cut a few leaves of aloe, wash them, remove spines and finely cut. Then the plant mass is poured with fresh honey. Stirred. The day is given to the means to brew and let the juice. The finished product is consumed in the morning an hour before breakfast. Dosage: 1 tbsp. a spoon.

If you have problems with a chair, you can use such a folk remedy. Take two tablespoons (table) of flax seeds, pour in two glasses of water, allow to stand for 15 minutes. Use the seed before bed, washing down with infusion. You can use this herbal medicine in a dry form.

If there is badly digested food in the stool, you should eat three times a day of wild carrot seeds. Before use, they must be ground into a powder on a coffee grinder. A single dose should be within one gram.

Treatment with enemas

Adjust the work of the intestine such simple enemas. For 200 ml of cool water take a pinch of salt, stir and pour into the pear. The enema is made every day two hours after the evening meal. When the work of the digestive tract normalizes, the procedure can be performed less often: every 5 days.

Very effectively help to relieve the intestines and adjust its enema functions with olive (can and sunflower) oil. The procedure requires 65 milliliters of vegetable oil. It is injected into the rectum and left there until the morning.

For good bowel work, you should eat more fruits and vegetables daily. Their part in the daily ration should not be less than 1/3. Drink water. Lead an active lifestyle. If folk remedies do not help to solve the problem, do not delay your visit to the doctor. He will prescribe a more effective treatment, which in a complex will restore digestion and eliminate all troubles associated with the gastrointestinal tract.

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