How to cure thrush and intestines


How to cure a yeast infection with cognac?

Thrush or in science candidiasis, # 17; spread its roots # 187; and into the intestines.It certainly gives out symptoms, but people, most often just do not pay attention to them. And on # 8212; this, when you can no longer tolerate pain, a person begins to be treated. Some choose traditional treatment, while others resort to natural gifts. So, if you want to cure thrush of the intestines with the help of traditional medicine recipes, then this article will help you in this.

Below are the recipes, with which you can get rid of candidiasis of the intestine:

Recipe number 1.Cure candidiasis or thrush, perhaps as with cognac. And so, you will need, cognac, only you need to take a good quality. in a half-liter bottle, 3/4 filled with cognac, pour a fine salt, about 20 grams or 2 tablespoons. spoons. Then shake the mixture for a few minutes, and after 20 minutes # 8212; the tincture is ready.
Before using the tincture - the mixture of the bottle should not be shaken. Need

to use. diluting with boiling water in the proportion: that is, 1 part of the medicine (cognac with salt) and 3 parts of boiling water and can be consumed in the morning 1 hour before meals. But for each person the doses can be different, and this can be used by both adults and children. In a week you will feel better.

Recipe number 2.With thrush of the intestine, prepare and use this tincture: Take the berries of the common bridle, the grass of the yarrow ordinary, sage medicinal leaf, eucalyptus, chamomile flowers, calendula officinalis, birch buds and poplar the black. All take in equal proportions and mix, about there, take 2 tablespoons of the collection and steal one liter of boiling water, give a night in the thermos, then you can take, in the form of drinking 25% glass, 3-4 times a day for half an hour before admission food. Course duration of treatment # 8212; 1 month.

More recipes, how to win and cure candidiasis of the intestine, you can find, on the following pages of our site.

If you are interested in general information about Milkmaid, what methods are used to treat it, and what to do to avoid Candidiasis, as well as a general description of Candida. You can read in this article ...

We wish you happiness, health, speedy recovery and longevity!

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How to treat intestinal candidiasis

At the first manifestations of candidiasis (swelling, diarrhea, constipation, increased gas formation, the allocation of white flakes together with a feces) necessarily address to the doctor as only the skilled expert can appoint or nominate to you the correct treatment. Treatment of candidiasis is a complex process and it is aimed at strengthening the activity of the immune system and restoring the intestinal microflora. It is also recommended to use antifungal agents.

You can take fluconazole, but only in the daily dose that your doctor will appoint you. A good effect also has a number of polyene preparations, for example, Nystatin and Natamycin, since they practically do not have side effects, do not inhibit the activity of the intestine and the reproductive system, and fungi can not develop to them insensitivity.

Very important is the diet. Limit the amount of sugar consumed, baking from white flour, jam, cookies, cakes and chocolates. Remember that with dysbacteriosis, smoking and drinking alcohol is categorically contraindicated. Try not to drink carbonated drinks. Include in your diet as many kasha, beets, cabbage and carrots. Meat eat only in cooked form. Tea and coffee substitute compote of dried fruits or decoctions of medicinal herbs.

Very useful is infusion of St. John's wort and chamomile. For its preparation, take about 30 grams of chamomile flowers and 20 grams of St. John's wort. Cut the herbs and pour one liter of boiling water. Stir the mixture during the night and drink one glass a day.

Lemon juice is also useful. For proper preparation, take the floor of the lemon and cut it into small slices, which then put in a wooden bowl and rastolkite well. Add a glass of cold boiled water to the mixture and mix. Drink three times a day, one teaspoon.

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  • Candidiasis of the intestine

    Candidiasis is a fungal infection caused by yeast conditional pathogenic fungi Candida albicans. Microorganisms of this kind are present in the natural number of flora of the mouth, intestines and vagina, without harming the human body. Infectious disease manifests itself in a significant increase in Candida fungi or the entry into the body of more pathogenic strains. In nature and life, candida fungi are found almost everywhere - in the soil, in vegetables and fruits, on household utensils and in the human body. There are more than 170 varieties.
    Quite a large percentage of the world's population is faced with various intestinal infections, which are accompanied by unpleasant sensations and often unbearable sharp pain. This infection is candidiasis of the intestine. Doctors call candidiasis one of the varieties of dysbiosis.

    What are the symptoms of intestinal candidiasis? ^

    The most basic signs of intestinal candidiasis are diarrhea, increased gassing in the intestine, a liquid stool with white flakes, spasms in the stomach and intestines after eating. When identifying the disease of candidiasis of the intestine symptoms may not be present all, and also absent altogether. Candidiasis destroys the intestines and affects the human immune system.

    What can cause intestinal candidiasis? ^

    Candidiasis of the intestine causes - occurs most often because of the treatment of the disease for a long time an antibiotic, manifested by bloating and diarrhea. On the microflora of the intestine is destructively affected by alcohol abuse and smoking. Often irritation of the intestine is manifested in the body of people who are allergic and oncological diseases, diabetes mellitus, severe infections and immunodeficiency of congenital or acquired character. The elderly, pregnant women and children are most at risk of developing candidiasis of the intestine. Improper nutrition and non-observance of personal hygiene can lead to the manifestation of the disease.

    What are the consequences of intestinal candidiasis? ^

    If treatment of intestinal candidiasis was not performed in time or did not follow, it can go to severe chronic form and cause significant complications - bleeding, intestinal perforation, development of sepsis and ulcers. With a chronic form of the disease, the fungus penetrates deeply into the affected tissues and destroys their structure, which can provoke bleeding. Danger of candidiasis during pregnancy, as it can infect the fetus and cause a spontaneous miscarriage. With diarrhea, all vitamins and minerals are removed from the human body.

    Diagnosis of intestinal candidiasis ^

    In order to diagnose "candidiasis of the intestine it is not enough to determine the presence of the above signs of intestinal candidiasis. It is necessary to study the composition of the flora of the intestine for the presence in it of fungi of the genus Candida. It is recommended to send the analysis of affected tissues of the intestine to a histology. If the disease is identified, in order to determine the medicine for proper treatment, an analysis is carried out for sowing. The fungus of the genus Candida has a large number of varieties, so the treatment of candidiasis of the intestine can be different.
    According to some foreign sources, you can determine the increased number of fungi in the body in the following way. In the morning, before brushing your teeth, spit some saliva into a container of boiled water. Saliva should float on the surface of the water. If it sinks to the bottom, it means that the body has an increased content of Candida fungi. The presence of a fungus in the intestine can determine the analysis of feces.

    Treatment of the disease ^

    Treatment of candidiasis of the intestine should be under the supervision of a doctor. Effective treatment of intestinal candidiasis in children and adults is possible only after carrying out all analyzes. The doctor will prescribe to you the use of the medicine as internal (tablets) and local (candles, ointments). Possible treatment with intravenous injection. In addition, the attending physician will prescribe general restorative drugs: nicotinic and ascorbic acid, vitamin B group.

    An important condition is the observance of such measures as a special diet for candidiasis of the intestine. With such a diet, you must limit yourself from eating sweets and carbohydrates. Nutrition follows foods rich in protein.

    From self-treatment of the disease should be discarded, since each drug has serious contraindications.

    Candidiasis of the intestines in toddlers ^

    Treatment of candidiasis in infants should be under the supervision of a doctor. Candidiasis of the intestine in the child in the initial stages may not have symptoms at all. This disease destroys the immunity of the child, so it is better to prevent the disease, then fight the consequences. Very often candidiasis of the intestine in a child develops after taking antibiotics. Therefore, parents should remember the rule - to treat the child with antibiotics only under the supervision of a doctor and to observe the exact dosage of medicines. After each course of treatment with antibiotics should restore the intestinal flora of the body. Prevention of bowel disease in children's bowels is compliance with hygiene rules - daily water procedures, washing hands before meals, timely change of clothes. If the child is experiencing immunodeficiency, he is prescribed a course of antifungal therapy.
    An effective result of the treatment of candidiasis is not the absence in the analysis of fungi, but the disappearance of the symptoms of the disease, since their natural presence in the human body is present.

    Is it possible to cure the candidiasis of the intestines with folk medicine? ^

    Treatment with folk remedies for intestinal candidiasis without consulting a doctor should not be practiced. Medicinal herbs with candidiasis of the intestine take anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. Perfectly suitable chamomile, calendula, bird cherry or bark of oak. Decoctions from these herbs can be taken orally, in the form of rinses and lotions.

    When candidiasis of the intestine is recommended to make a cup of tea as regular tea and drink, adding 1-2 teaspoons of broth to a glass of hot water. This tea has a pleasant taste and will relieve the discomfort and pain caused by the fungus. The period of treatment with Kuril tea should not exceed three weeks, then take a break. Oak bark should be filled with hot water (2 tbsp. spoons on, l) and simmer, then insist for half an hour, take 3 tablespoons, diluted with water. This broth well relieves burning and itching if rubbed by problem areas. In the treatment of candidiasis oat jelly helps, the way of preparation of which is simple: pour into a three-liter can of oat flakes to the neck, pour them with cold water mixed with kefir, the neck of jars can be covered with gauze and leave to infuse the contents in a warm place for 3 days, then strain and refrigerate for another day, then drain the stale water. Mix 3 spoons of jelly with a glass of warm water, boil and drink.

    Admit the development of candidiasis in the body is very simple, but the treatment is not always easy, so it is better to prevent the infection in advance.



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