How to restore intestines after alcohol


Restoring the body after alcohol - what to do? Difficult life

I always, after active libations, try to drink before drinking a lot of water, not less than half a liter. And still next to put water, if you want to sleep at night. And in the morning, too, the first thing to lean on the water, then it will not be very bad. Well, the standard # 8212; it is good to have breakfast, even if you do not really want, the best thing is meat. Svetlana Sobakar

If you have had a strong drink, then you need to have a good snack, and if the morning is still bad and mineral water does not help, so will a rich breakfast, as above written. In the morning reception is easy suited light soup, sour-milk products, sweet tea (coffee is not recommended), and grapefruit, it tones well. That's all the secrets, although a good sleep also helps. Irina Vlasova

From personal experience, I can say with absolute accuracy that it is difficult to

ease my condition in the morning, it is necessary to take care of this from the evening. I advise before using alcohol to drink several tablets of activated charcoal (2-3), it very well neutralizes alcohol contained in alcohol. Well, before I go to bed, I drink a glass of milk. And the next day I feel wonderful! Albert Likhomanov

Well, of course, the best option is # 8212; it's worth knowing. Well, if you really could not slow yourself down in time, then in the morning I personally benefit from two funds # 8212; this is activated carbon and plain water. Coal collects toxins, and water dilutes the blood, and so the concentration of toxins becomes significantly less. Only need to drink a lot, a few glasses, even through # 17; I want to # 187; Lerochka Lazareva

Well, Russians can not not drink ..
so the article about how to get out of the binge, it's just for our Russian people.
on my notes before the peasant always drank, but never it was not binge, he plowed in the field and with a tiredness could drink ..
and now instead of work for months, you shave, so your site provides very useful information ..
still have thought up how absolutely to disaccustom Russian drink .. Svetlana Kerimova

Now, thank God, I have no such problems, but the youth was turbulent, so the problem is familiar. All than I do # 17; ечилась # 187; # 8212; this is, first thing a dream, a dream, and again a dream! Permanent carbonation at hand and activated charcoal. Still, I noticed that it was very easy from yogurt. But never drink all these trendy pills especially from a hangover! It really makes things worse! Personally, I tried 2 times. The first time I just turned out, and the second one # 8212; cut down as the day before. Tanya Nikolaeva

By itself I know how hard it is to get out of bed and go on business after a night of drinking, I did not know how to recover faster and feel better after these things. I decided to dig on the Internet and found you a site, decided to try and actually helped your advice. Margarita Makukha

Very soon we are waiting for a series of New Year holidays. Everything you need to know in order to restore your body without consequences is reflected in this article. The article is popular science, but it is accessible and understandable for a wide range of readers. Protect your health and the health of your loved ones so that the hangover does not turn into torture. Masha Tarasenko

As they say, in order not to be ill with a hangover, do not measure or do not drink at all. But sometimes there is a reason to drink. Before I sit down at the table I drink a glass of cold milk, it slows the absorption of alcohol into the blood.
But. I help to win the green apple snake from, for sweet strong tea with honey and lemon, the imon removes toxins from the body, contrasting, of course, a dream!

How alcohol affects the intestines

Alcoholic drinks have a very negative effect on the gastrointestinal structures. In fact, alcohol and intestines are incompatible concepts, because the effect of ethyl alcohol leads to a chemical burn of the gastrointestinal mucosa.

Abuse of alcohol usually leads to serious violations of defecation. Do drinkers often see a dysbacteriosis of the intestine, accompanied by a constant liquid stool. Sometimes acid-base balance and reverse liquid capture in the end intestinal parts are violated, causing constipation, which is so strong that they cause the formation of stool stones. Sometimes it is necessary to solve a similar problem in an operative way.

Alcohol even in small doses damages the digestive system:

  1. Alcohol leads to blockage of capillaries, the absorption of folic acid and B-group vitamins decreases, the intestinal microflora is disrupted, which leads to diarrhea.
  2. Against the backdrop of alcoholic libations, the permeability of the intestinal walls increases, through which toxic substances and undigested protein compounds enter the bloodstream. Some of them are classic allergens, so many people with alcohol use develop allergic reactions to water hives, etc.

Sometimes the reaction to alcohol can also be more dangerous, for example, Quincke's swelling develops. Special attention is required by such habitual satellites of a hangover as diarrheas, constipation and vomiting-vomiting. which may indicate the development of acute pancreatitis.

How alcohol affects digestion

The negative impact of alcoholic beverages on digestive activity begins with the oral cavity. When ethanol enters the oral mucosa, it leads to increased viscosity of the saliva secreted. With each portion, the effect of alcohol increases, and the protective mechanisms of the body fall. Against the backdrop of a severe chemical burn, alcohol begins to destroy the esophagus mucosa. Passing through the esophagus food, further injures its walls, which subsequently leads to the formation of ulcers.

Then the alcohol penetrates into the stomach, irritates its mucous membrane and activates the increased release of hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes. Hydrochloric acid with excessive secretion aggressively affects the gastric walls. damaging them and provoking gastritis and ulcerative processes. Alcohol in the meantime reaches the intestine and is absorbed through its walls, each time increasingly breaking the cellular structures. As a result, the intestine after alcohol gradually atrophies, it ceases to absorb the necessary nutrients, which leads to exhaustion of the body.

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract from alcohol

Experts believe that alcohol dependence is the most frequent cause of ulcerative processes in the intestinal and gastric structures.

  • Initially, there is a development of gastritis, which reduces the secretory activity of the stomach and causes digestive disorders;
  • if treatment is not available, the likelihood of ulcer dyspepsia, causing difficulty digestion and painful symptoms in the stomach, whose activities are serious is violated;
  • metabolites of ethanol, absorbed into the intestinal walls, irritate the mucous tissues, causing indulgences, spasms, ulcerative processes. All this in the absence of therapy and the continuation of alcohol abuse can lead to the development of bowel cancer;
  • the effect of alcohol on the intestines is enormous. When alcohol is abused, ulcerative processes in the duodenum are often developed, for which a very severe symptomatology is characteristic;
  • alcohol dependence causes pancreatic pathologies. Already after 530 ml of vodka, the processes of functional disorders in the organ begin, and in chronic alco-addiction, the pancreas stops producing digestive enzymes;
  • from alcohol occurs bile in the hepatic structures. This causes the gradual development of alcoholic pancreatitis, and in severe condition and pancreatic necrosis (necrosis of pancreas, iron tissues).

Disorders after alcohol

Pretty common, according to doctors, are disorders of the intestines due to alcohol. This is discomfort, and diarrhea, and constipation. But to prevent such a condition is impossible, because alcohol inevitably destroys the mucous and flora of the intestine. Therefore, somehow warn these conditions can not. It will be necessary to treat complex hangover syndrome. then the intestinal functionality will be restored.

If postalcoholic disturbances in the intestine are disturbed after each drinking, it is recommended that you give up drinking for a while. Sometimes diarrhea, constipation or pain in the intestines after alcohol is a kind of allergy to a certain type of alcohol. therefore it is recommended to exclude this drink from use.

A dangerous manifestation is the appearance of black feces after prolonged abuse of alcohol. Such a sign may indicate the development of cirrhosis. internal bleeding in the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. Usually, this stool has a very unpleasant and sharp odor, which is associated with the processes of decomposition of blood. This condition requires medical intervention.

Alcohol for dysbiosis

Alcoholic drinks are strictly forbidden to use for dysbacteriosis, because regular intake of carbonated or strong alcohol leads to inflammation of the intestinal mucosa. If the patient is treated for dysbacteriosis, alcohol will result in ineffectiveness of therapy. To suspect a dysbacteriosis of a thick or thin intestine it is possible on characteristic morbidity. In the first case, the pain is disturbed in the ileum, and in the second - around the navel.

Also, dysbiosis is accompanied by hyperemia of the face, long not passing fume and gastrointestinal disorders. On the development of pathology can speak and perigar from the mouth, which appears without drinking.

To speed up the recovery of the intestines after drinking, it is recommended to observe a strict diet - to give up fatty and acute, eat easily digestible food. The ideal option is a light chicken broth. Also contributes to the rapid restoration of the functions of the gastrointestinal tract, such products as baby curds or yoghurt without any additives. The cleansing enema and the sorbent intake will have a positive effect on the bowel condition. But it is better not to get carried away with alcohol, then there will be no consequences for the intestines.

How to restore the body after alcohol

After refusing to drink alcoholic beverages in the body there are many changes.

At first glance, human health should improve significantly. However, in practice everything happens differently. In medicine, this condition is commonly called the alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Nevertheless, the body gradually restores the work of the organs - memory improves, the work of the liver, nervous system, kidneys and digestive organs normalizes. So how much is needed for a full recovery?

Stages of recovery

After elimination of alcoholism in the body there are significant changes. In this case, the recovery of the body after alcohol takes place in several stages:

  1. A week. If a person with strong alcohol dependence for a week refuses alcohol, he will recover from sleep, there will be surprising cheerfulness and a surge of energy. Also during this period, the condition of the skin is restored, discomfort in the stomach disappears and a feeling of heartburn disappears.
  2. Two weeks. With the complete elimination of alcohol it will be possible to restore clarity of thoughts, improve brain function and memory, cope with headaches and dizziness. After a specified period of time, the pressure and heart rhythm are restored, and shortness of breath disappears.

Activated charcoal cleanses the intestines and blood

  • Month. Through this period of refusing to drink alcohol, people's weight decreases, because alcoholic beverages are quite caloric. In addition, from the brain it is possible to withdraw the products of alcohol breakdown, which significantly improves the functioning of the organism. At the end of this period, the emotional state and sexual activity of a person are restored.
  • The rules for removing alcohol from the body

    After a single use of alcohol, unpleasant symptoms are observed - the person is shivering, there is a headache and nausea. To improve the condition, it is enough to go through 2 recovery phases. The first of them is spent the next day. First of all, the products of the decomposition of ethanol must be removed from the body.
    To do this, you must perform the following actions:

    1. To cleanse the intestines and blood, it is worth choosing a sorbent. The simplest preparation is activated charcoal. It is also recommended to take diuretics. They can be replaced with natural products - melons, watermelon, cherries.
    2. Since, in addition to alcohol, also displays water and nutrients, it is worth more drinking. For this purpose, not ordinary water, but an alkaline mineral water, is suitable.

    Pentovit for the recovery of magnesium, potassium, calcium

    If you exceed the usual dose of alcohol, quickly cleanse the body and improve your health will help such a tool:

    1. Diuretics, laxatives, sorbents are suitable for excretion of decay products from the blood and intestines. It is also worth taking substances that accelerate the Krebs cycle. These include succinic acid, sour-milk products, tincture of Eleutherococcus.
    2. Lack of fluid will be strong enough. Orally replenish stocks is not recommended, as this can lead to an excessive burden on the kidneys. If possible, you should put a dropper with glucose and saline.

    The next stage of recovery involves replenishing the shortage of vitamins and minerals. The fact that after drinking alcohol from the body are washed out the vitamins of group B, magnesium, potassium, calcium. To replenish their stocks, you need a course of appropriate medications - for example, pentovit or asparks.
    As a rule, these measures will be enough to recover after a single use of alcohol.
    After a long reception of alcohol, the work of the main organs suffers, therefore it is so important to take more serious measures that will help restore memory, liver, kidneys, etc.

    Restoration of liver function

    To cleanse the liver, you need to drink a spoonful of olive oil in the morning with the addition of lemon juice. Of the medicines, essential phospholipids will work. They help restore damaged cells of the liver.

    Olive oil with lemon juice cleans the liver

    Equally important is the adherence to a special diet. To restore the body after alcohol is recommended to exclude fatty, sharp, fried foods. Under the ban also semi-finished and salty foods. Instead, it is useful to eat cereals, vegetables and fruits. All these products contain a lot of fiber, which is so important for the liver. How much will it take to restore her work? Everything depends on the length of drinking.

    Normalization of the digestive system

    After a long intake of alcohol, the functioning of the digestive organs is significantly impaired. They are responsible for excretion of alcohol decay products from the body.
    To effectively purify the body, it is necessary to establish the correct diet:

    1. The menu should be dominated by fermented milk products. They perfectly neutralize the action of toxins.
    2. Every day you need to eat soups, broths and cereals.
    3. It is important to drink as much liquid as possible. To restore the work of the digestive system, you can use green tea, mors, mineral water.
    4. To accelerate the elimination of toxins after alcohol is worth eating more vegetables and fruits.

    Features of kidney restoration

    After a prolonged intake of alcohol, kidney function is severely affected. In the urine there is a sediment, painful syndrome appears at the bottom of the back, kidney failure develops. The fact is that the toxins that are in the alcohol do not completely leave the body. Their part settles on the kidneys, which negatively affects the work of the organ.

    Vegetables and fruits help accelerate the elimination of toxins

    To cope with this problem and help the body will help complete refusal of alcohol. After a certain period, the kidneys will fully recover. How long will it take? Usually it takes 1-2 months.
    It is also very important to switch to the right food, move more, walk in the fresh air. These simple recommendations will help restore health.

    Restoration of the nervous system

    To improve the functioning of the nervous system, detoxification therapy should be carried out. It is also important to drink a course of nootropic and vascular drugs. They are aimed at improving blood circulation in the brain. This allows you to improve memory and attention, to achieve the normalization of intellectual abilities.
    How much will this recovery take? The first results can be seen just a month after the start of therapy. It is necessary to completely eliminate alcohol.

    Restoring the body after drinking alcohol is a rather complex and time-consuming process. To completely get rid of the negative consequences, you need to see a doctor. The specialist will conduct complex diagnostics and, according to her results, will select adequate therapy. How much it takes the forces and time to normalize the body, depends on the length of alcohol consumption.

    Narcologist, Doctor of the highest category, Candidate of Medical Sciences, work experience more than 5 years



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