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At the expense of my previous message: the fact that that person got better and he got to his feet - maybe it's not just because of Timalin - I can not say that.

Cancer - Thymalinom
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Article from the newspaper "Ah, it hurts # 33
"It seems incredible: Russian pharmacies sell a very effective and cheap remedy against cancer, which... neither the buyer nor the sellers know.
In the early 70-ies in the Chita medical institute, young specialists Vladimir Khavinson and Vyacheslav Morozov created a new tool that increases immunity. It was obtained from the thymus gland of animals - thymus - and called timalin.
Thymus is responsible for cellular immunity - it protects the body from bacteria, viruses, old and painfully altered cells, including cancerous ones. In sick people protection is weakened, but thymaline restores it.
Clinical trials of the drug were conducted by Valentin Patenyuk, MD. She took hopeless patients, with the fourth stage of cancer, and in a few weeks

they recovered. Figuratively speaking, the defenses of the body planted cancer on the fork, and it emitted a spirit ...
Some oncologists will ask: Is it possible to cure cancer simply by boosting immunity? That's just the point, that you can. American doctors came to the conclusion that it is the destruction of immunity that causes cancers, and its restoration removes them. And many oncologists in the US successfully treat patients... Russian thymine # 33; We still do not officially recognize it as a drug with anticancer action. This is not a word in the annotation to the Timalin, which is sold in pharmacies.
But the situation of Russian patients is not hopeless: thank God, they can buy cheap thymaline and find a competent oncologist who knows how to treat cancer with this drug. I asked Valentin Grigoryevna Patenyuk in detail about this.
"It's a pity she said, "that our concept of cancer is recognized only abroad, because she received brilliant confirmations in Russian clinics. We found that cancer is an immunodeficiency state, and that the patient should live, he needs to periodically inject drugs that restore the defenses of the body.
We treat cancer with large doses - at the same time we inject 5-7 bottles of thymalin by a syringe. And still do droppers for 2-3 hours with similar drugs, which were created recently: ranko-leukin or beta-leukin.
Almost all immunodeficiencies and infectious diseases are susceptible to such treatment.
So, one grandmother got rid of lung cancer in the fourth stage. Contrary to the gloomy forecasts of oncologists, she completely recovered: no tumor, no metastases. And from one man, the whole stomach literally sprouted metastases, and surgeons suggested that he remove it. But the patient refused the operation and began to take thymalin. And he was cured, as evidenced by numerous tests and X-rays. He has been living for eight years - to the great astonishment of the surgeons ...
... Professor Patenyuk explained to me that with radiation and chemotherapy, bone marrow begins to produce much less lymphocytes. Their level in the blood drops sharply, the defenses of the body weaken. In such a situation, it becomes dangerous to stuff a patient with chemistry, and they stop giving him. As a result, cancer cells receive respite, restore their ranks and go into battle together.
But similar relapses do not happen, when radial and chemotherapy are applied "under the cover" of thymalin and similar preparations. After all, they have a beneficial effect on the bone marrow, leukocytes are produced in it normally, immunity does not weaken. As a result, the rays and chemistry are treated and do not maim. However, Valentina Patenyuk herself has not used them for a long time - she needs enough timalin to treat patients, Rokko-leukin and beta-leukin, which give much better results and do not cause any side effects effects.
"So this is not aggressive chemistry?" I guessed. "Of course said the professor, "these peptides are the building blocks for the nuclei of cells. With its help, immune cells quickly restore their ranks. To me, as a rule, there are "refuseniks" who were "thrown out" from all hospitals. You understand, that n

Soda for the stomach

With diseases of the stomach, patients resort to various methods of treatment. Therapy can be medicated and with the help of traditional medicine recipes. One of the most accessible means is soda. But many are interested in the questions: is soda harmful to the stomach harmful and how to use it? These questions are not accidental, soda has many side effects, but only if you do not follow the dosage and do not follow the advice of a doctor.

Application of soda with pain in the stomach

Soda food is a crystalline white powder, which is extracted from soda lakes. Soda was used in various fields, both in cooking and in medicine. The action of baking soda allows you to get rid of heartburn, a bitter feeling in the mouth, it's worth adding sodium bicarbonate to the drinking water and stirring with a spoon. No wonder many people say about the harm of this powder, because when interacting with acidic acid, which is formed during acid reflux, water, salt and carbon dioxide are released.

The components formed as a result of the reaction act on the stomach. Harm from soda occurs with frequent use and the presence of a patient sores or erosion. The effect of sodium bicarbonate can be compared to carbonated water, in which carbon dioxide is present, which negatively affects the gastric mucosa. Thus, you can use a soda solution, but not often.

Some people, in most cases women, try to lose weight with the help of soda. At first glance, there is nothing to worry about except for the need to apply the powder to an empty stomach. Improper use of sodium hydrogen carbonate can provoke stomach disease, so before To begin to grow thin in this way, one should understand how baking soda works and study its effect on organism.

Sodium bicarbonate has the following useful properties:

  • Aligns the acid-base balance of the blood;
  • promotes the removal of toxins from the body and harmful ballast;
  • kills pinworms, worms and chains;
  • in the alkaline environment, the biochemical activity of vitamins B, 12 increases many-fold

Recipes for treatment

Baking soda is taken inside. A solution is made from it, which helps to get rid of heartburn. The action comes quickly and the patient already in a few minutes forgets about the discomfort in the esophagus. Soda is drunk before meals or after, when there is a neutral environment in the stomach, and not acidic. Taking a medicine along with food, you can provoke an intestinal and stomach pain.

You can drink an alkaline drink with an increased level of stomach acidity, and with gassing, but only in combination with a diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Recipes that include soda, simple and for their preparation does not take much time and ingredients. To prepare a solution, you need drinking water and baking soda. In a glass of heated water, dilute a teaspoon of powder and mix. Sodium bicarbonate can be used to wash the intestines during poisoning. For the procedure, an unconcentrated solution, a funnel and a probe are needed.

White crystalline powder can be used together with sea buckthorn oil for ulcerative lesions of the stomach.For the preparation of a drug, a teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil and 50 ml of a 2% sodium bicarbonate liquid will be required.To treat an ulcer such a medicine should be for a month, taking it half an hour before meals 3 times a day.


Taking sodium bicarbonate in the correct dosage, the drug positively affects body, but it is worth neglecting the doctor's recommendations, as baking soda turns into a pernicious means. Treatment with sodium bicarbonate should not be carried out for a long time and in large volumes. White crystalline powder treats discomforting sensations in the esophagus and is used for other diseases, however it is worth to abandon sodium bicarbonate in the following cases:

  • with increased sensitivity to the components of the substance;
  • when the stomach hurts and there is an intestinal disorder;
  • women when bearing a fetus;
  • with pain in the heart and the presence of cardiovascular diseases;
  • patients with a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus.

Neglecting the right treatment with a solution of water and sodium bicarbonate, the patient may have pain in the stomach, loss of appetite, vomiting, upset stomach, nausea and headaches. Observing these symptoms, the patient should stop the treatment with powder, if this is not done, there may be cramps. It is forbidden to take bicarbonate sodium on an empty stomach, people who have lowered the acidity level of gastric juice and have calcium intolerance.

Doctors do not recommend the use of soda as a treatment for gastric diseases in parallel with high doses of mineral alkaline water, which can neutralize the acid. If you can not avoid taking a soda solution on an empty stomach, then you should consult your doctor and get the necessary information about caution, dosage and side effects. In most cases, a drink made of soda is given to patients as an auxiliary medicine, which can accelerate the healing process.

Side effects

Like any drug, sodium bicarbonate, used for the treatment of gastric diseases, has side effects, which the patient should be familiar with before starting to recover soda. It is not necessary to use soda as a medicine, as a side effect can aggravate the patient's situation.Using an alkaline drink, carbon dioxide is released into the stomach, which can trigger a swelling.As a consequence, the stomach begins to produce increased amounts of acid.

A side effect is observed in antacids, which are drugs that neutralize hydrochloric acid. Antacids are used to treat gastrointestinal diseases. Soda, which is an antacid, has a short-term effect, which means that it is often not recommended to use it. Long-term use of an alkaline drink can lead to supersaturation of the body alkali and cause nausea, vomiting, pressure, convulsions, edema and worsen the general condition of the patient.

Most people believe that an alkaline drink can cure malignant tumors, but this is just a myth and soda can not replace chemotherapy. However, the use of sodium bicarbonate for weight loss results. But trying to lose weight with the help of such a remedy, you should be careful, since the use of an alkaline drink should be performed on an empty stomach, which can lead to disorders of the gastric mucosa.

Therefore, before proceeding with soda therapy, it is important to visit the doctor and take note of his recommendations regarding dosage, duration of therapy and possible adverse effects.

Frequent use of an alkaline drink can lead to infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. There are infectious lesions due to the transformation of the gastric acid medium into alkaline, which leads to disruptions in the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Negative effects on the organs of the gastrointestinal tract lead to ulcerative lesions of the stomach and the formation of malignant tumors of the esophagus and the initial department of peristalsis.

Thus, soda is categorically contraindicated to people with stomach and duodenal ulcers, patients with kidney failure. Trying to get rid of acid reflux with an alkaline drink, people do not know the measures and abuse this inexpensive remedy. But the resulting "acid reaction" with a large release of gastric acid can cause bloating and increased gas production.

A few tips on how to cure pancreatitis forever

On the question: whether it is possible to cure chronic pancreatitis forever, before doctors answered it is impossible.

However, in recent years, the view of medical professionals on this problem has changed, they began to believe that there are certain steps, having undertaken which not only immediately after acute pancreatitis, but also in chronic form, the disease can be cure.

How to get rid of pancreatitis once and for all

Before considering the issue -how to cure chronic pancreatitis forever. should talk about acute pancreatitis.

So, acute pancreatitis:

Even if a person had a mild attack of acute pancreatitis, which the doctors managed to immediately stop, this does not mean that the pancreas has recovered and is no longer inflamed.

We always need vitamins, including pancreatitis, here is a list of vegetables that can be eaten with pancreatitis.

Unfortunately, when writing such a patient out of the hospital, doctors recommend him only to refrain from fatty foods, alcohol and tobacco, which is fundamentally wrong. After all, when the first attack occurred, if a person does this, this will not be enough to it became possible to cure pancreatitis forever, that is, unnoticed for the patient the disease will go to a chronic stage and one day will give about itself know.

Tips for home treatment of pancreatitis

Tip 1- People who have even had a mild attack of acute pancreatitis should spend a few days "sitting" on a starvation diet, that is, only drink water and not eat anything at all. This approach usually removes all symptoms of the disease and the person feels completely healthy. However, do not delude yourself and, ending a hungry diet, switch to the usual, even lean, food.

It should be understood that after the fasting the most difficult begins - the adult should switch to food, a one-year-old child, with the exception of milk, that is, the diet can only include:

Tip 2- In order to prevent the recurrence of an attack, it is advisable to drink diluted juice of white, unsweetened grapefruit. However, before proceeding with this advice, the patient should make sure that he does not have an allergy to grapefruit, and that this fruit is not contraindicated taking with prescribed medications.

After an attack of acute pancreatitis has passed, the individual begins to wonder whether it is possible to cure chronic pancreatitis forever, and if so, how to do it:

So, chronic pancreatitis:

It is worth mentioning that all the advice on fighting acute pancreatitis, "work" and in the case of pancreatitis chronic.

In addition, if the doctor does not prohibit, are considered useful:

  • grape seed extract;
  • Curcumin (if there are no stones in the gallbladder).

It is not out of place to start a diary of nutrition, and to write down everything that was eaten during the day, as well as to mark those foods and dishes, after which pain begins. This will, literally within a week, understand which dishes should be avoided, and what you can sometimes afford.

How to get out of curative starvation

With pancreatitis, 3-4 days of fasting is useful. To get out of it should start on the fifth day, during which to drink small sips of vegetable juice. In the following days, gradually enter into your diet dishes from:

And also egg whites.

If the patient is able to eat so for several months, and he will not have a single attack of pain, then we can talk about the final cure for pancreatitis.

Note.Regardless of whether a person had one attack of acute pancreatitis, or if he has chronic pancreatitis diagnosed, alcohol will have to be eliminated definitively and irrevocably.

How to cure chronic pancreatitis forever- feedback from people who did this:

Александр 40 years- due to continuous diarrhea within a month, lost 10 kg. At first, the doctors thought that I had problems with the large intestine and therefore, for 9 months, they tried to find there some disease, then to treat it. However, my intestines were healthy, and I felt worse and worse.

In the end, having changed more than one polyclinic, I found out that I suffer from chronic pancreatitis. The doctor who diagnosed me explained the failures of his colleagues so that they were bewildered by the fact that I do not consume alcohol, which is the main cause of pancreatitis.

Anyway, after correctly diagnosed, I was prescribed a diet, which I adhere to for 2 years. Diarrhea was no more.

Vyacheslav 35 years old- after the celebration of the New Year, I had an attack, during which there was a feeling, as if my stomach was cut with a knife. At first I thought it was gases, then decided that gastritis, then, that the stomach ulcer ...

In the hospital I was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis and left in the hospital. A week I was treated only with a diet in which there was absolutely no alcohol, but only some very light snacks. I felt fine at the check-out, so when I got home, I started drinking again and have everything I wanted. Gradually, within 6 months, my condition, though not sharply, but worsening, and one day the attack was repeated with even greater intensity.

This time I was left in the hospital for 3 days and announced that if I did not stop drinking, then alcohol would kill me. It was hard to realize. I was annoyed that I could not drink more with my friends and thought that my life was over.

But no matter how I wanted to drink something hot, I wanted to live more, so, for three years now, I do not drink and I follow an easy diet. Attacks no longer repeated. I feel good.

Alina 54 years old- I have been suffering from cholelithiasis for a long time and once the doctors prescribed to me the removal of gallstones, through retrograde cholangiopancreatography. Despite the fact that the procedure was conducted by an experienced doctor, everything ended unsuccessfully - the stone was not removed. A few hours after the procedure, I began to have severe pain in my stomach. I thought my gut was torn apart. I was immediately taken to X-ray, and this is the last thing I remember, as it turned out that at that moment I fell into a coma.

I woke up only after 2 days in the intensive care unit, where I learned that I had a severe attack of acute pancreatitis.

Treatment in the hospital took 3 months. Then I was discharged home with clear recommendations, how to live now, what to eat, what to drink, etc.

Six months have passed since the epopee described above. I can say that I feel good, except for a little weakness, and I hope that my pancreas will recover completely.

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