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    As a result of unbalanced nutrition, fast snacks, regular stressful situations and a sedentary lifestyle, work is disrupted organs of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT), which provokes the development of various diseases characteristic of this area of ​​human organism.

    In order to normalize the functioning of the intestine there are certain types of medications, diet, folk methods, operative interference and much more, but in this article we will only consider the properties of medications that are used for these purposes.

    The main cause of disordered bowel movement

    Treatment of the intestines with medication is only meaningful if the surgical procedure is not indicated.

    The patient is prescribed a course of taking tablets, which contain chemical and vegetable elements. They have the property to restore the microflora in the intestines, which greatly facilitates its work, and also provides protection against harmful bacteria.

    The main source of development of all diseases # 8212; it is slag and food accumulating in the large intestine education, which remain in it as a result of the body's inability to efficiently process products power supply. Initially having a soft consistency, these substances eventually become stony stones. So, they are the violators of the digestive tract, which entails the development of various diseases.

    The effectiveness of tablets for the treatment of intestines

    With careful and attentive attitude to your health, which means timely and effective treatment of the intestine, you can avoid serious problems in his work.

    In the opposite case, you can wait for the diagnosis of such diseases as:

    • dysbacteriosis of the intestine

    There are a number of drugs for normalization of the intestine

  • vitamin deficiency
  • development of diabetes mellitus
  • overweight
  • disturbance of metabolic processes in the body
  • allergic reactions
  • atherosclerosis
  • development of essential hypertension
  • depressive diseases
  • chronic overstrain syndrome
  • sleep disturbance
  • tumor malignant neoplasms
  • Treatment of the intestine must necessarily be complex, therefore, in addition to the method by which treatment is performed, the properties of tablets are used to purify it from slag formations.

    Tablets, which are based on chemical substances, are characterized by many contraindications to the use.

    As for tablets made from natural components, they are characterized by a more sparing effect on the organs and tissues of the body. These drugs have a complex treatment option, that is, they can act not on one type of disease, but immediately on all available. This is the guarantee of their effectiveness in comparison with tablets based on chemical components.

    Natural tablets for the normalization of the digestive tract

    With frequent constipation, hemorrhoids. cracks, fistula, and diverticula are advised to use the properties of Diarosa, Anlant-willow, Gastrorosis, Rrebiorosa.

    Constipation complicated by the inflammatory process in the large intestine is treated with Vita-iodine + C, inulinororosa.

    Diarrhea and chronic colitis are treated with Diarrhea, Immunorosis Fort, Biocinic.

    Crohn's disease, acute chronic ulcerative colitis is treated with Rialam, Beta-carotene in oil, Gastrofilin, Selenoroz + 6, vitamins C, E.

    With strong internal bleeding, use bio-copper, Rialam, a complex of probiotics "Evita as well as decoctions of rose hips with cherries and beets.

    Tablets on a chemical basis for normalization of the intestine

    To adjust the state of the microflora of the intestine will help Lineks, Probobor, Hilak

    Lineks will help to solve the problem of dysbiosis

    Forte, Enterol, Primadofilus, which is produced for children and adults, as well as Dufalac and Bifidumbacterin.

    Effective cleansing of the intestine can be achieved using the properties of Lavakol, activated carbon. Fortrans and Magnesia.

    In the presence of spasmodic sensations in the intestine area, it is recommended to take No-shpu.

    With dysbacteriosis of the intestine, the properties of Hilak forte are used. It contains in its composition many different lactobacilli, as well as a sufficient amount of lactic acid and fatty acids, therefore it is absolutely harmless for newborn babies, expectant mothers, elderly people and nursing women.

    From dysbiosis. which arose against the background of taking antibacterial drugs, can also be effectively eliminated with the help of Hilak forte in just a few days.

    One of the keys to successful normalization of the intestine is the use of a large amount of clean water along with tablets. Two liters a day # 8212; this is the most optimal amount of clean water that a patient should use.

    Fiber for the intestine

    The protective functions of the colon largely depend on the amount of fiber that the body receives in the process of feeding. It helps to reduce the possibility of developing certain diseases in the intestines, and most importantly it has the property of destroying cancer cells.

    Nutrikon tablets fully provide the body with a daily allowance of substances necessary for the normalization of bowel function. It does not contain nitrates, which greatly expands the range of patients who are boldly using it.

    Analogs of this drug include the properties of Lithovit and Litovita C.

    Many experts recommend also for violations of the gastrointestinal tract intake of dietary supplements (biologically active additives).

    See the video about Linex:

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    Diarrhea: the more dangerous this condition is for the body

    Diarrhea with water or diarrhea is a symptom that indicates a health problem. In the normal state, the intestine of an adult human isolates about 100-300 g of decorated feces with the frequency inherent in this organism.

    Diarrhea is characterized by an increase in the number of diurnal bowel movements.

    Prolonged condition, which often gives rise to loose stools, can lead to dehydration of the body.

    Causes of impaired absorption in the intestine

    The causes and types of diarrhea with water can be the following:

    • Dyspeptic. It is caused by enzymatic insufficiency: a violation of the pancreas, food intolerance, violation of outflow of bile, intestinal diseases: colitis and enterocolitis of various etiology;
    • Medicated. Reaction to the use of certain drugs that suppress beneficial intestinal flora;
    • Allergic. Reaction to various types of allergens;
    • Toxic: occurs when the body is poisoned. In the case of heavy metal poisoning, the deterioration of the condition increases gradually;
    • Infectious. When introducing into the body of viral and bacterial infections;
    • Traveler's diarrhea is caused by a change in climatic conditions;
    • Neurogenic, caused by a stressful condition. During it, psychogenic factors trigger the acceleration of intestinal motility.

    To successfully treat diarrhea with water in an adult or child, it is necessary to establish the factor that triggered this condition.

    Concomitant symptomatology of diarrhea

    The appearance of a loose stool rarely flows without additional symptoms. The attendant factors are extremely important, they can often be used to determine the immediate cause of the disease.

    In most cases, diarrhea is accompanied by additional symptoms: nausea and vomiting. To explain this phenomenon is simple: a violation of intestinal motility promotes casting the contents of the intestine back into the stomach.

    In addition, this symptom can be triggered by intoxication - when absorbing harmful substances into the bloodstream they are carried to all organs and systems, and provoke a vomiting center.

    • Abdominal pain. It is typical for diarrhea of ​​all kinds, but most often indicates the penetration of pathogenic flora and intoxication. Pain first paroxysmal, periodic. When it calms down, the separation of the loose stool begins.
    • Belching. This symptom in most cases accompanies exacerbation of chronic diseases of the digestive system.

    If liquid stool is allocated, then in many cases it is accompanied by an increase in temperature. It can increase slightly, or reach the boundary value: 39-41ºС. This indicates the introduction of pathogenic flora: viral or bacterial.

    To establish the cause that caused diarrhea, helps and the color of liquid watery stools:

    • Impurities in it in the form of blood, dark or bright color, indicates an unfavorable course of the disease. Most likely, you will need specific medication;
    • Black diarrhea. If it is not caused by the use of certain types of medications: for example, bismuth, or food, the cause is one - bleeding of the upper divisions of the digestive system. Requires immediate medical attention;
    • White. It is provoked by a lack of excretion of bile. It is a characteristic symptom of hepatitis;
    • Green. Evidence of an organism's intoxication with a pathogenic flora;
    • The most favorable - if you can say so about the disease - for the body, diarrhea with a yellow stool. It indicates acceleration of motor activity and indigestion of the stomach. Such an intestinal disorder can be cured independently;
    • If diarrhea is like clear water, then this is more evidence of indigestion than cholera - as it is written in many women's magazines. Stools with cholera watery, but in appearance resemble more rice broth, which has a sweetish smell that does not resemble the smell of feces.

    In many cases, it is necessary to find out why diarrhea has started with a laboratory and coprological study of the faecal mass. But this does not mean that you can ignore the accompanying symptoms. They help to prescribe the right treatment even before receiving the test results.

    The state of the body for diarrhea

    The adult liquid watery stool, which lasts no more than a day, does not cause deterioration of the body. Diarrhea with water in a child, especially in infancy, can result from dehydration to death.

    As soon as the child begins diarrhea, it is necessary to immediately give drugs that restore the water-salt balance. These include regridone and oralite. You can prepare yourself with Regidron.

    To do this, it is required to cool 1 liter of boiled water and dissolve in it 5 g of table salt, 15 g of sugar and 2 g of baking soda. Adult dehydration threatens to a lesser degree, but replenish the amount of water in the body you need and him, especially with prolonged multiple diarrhea.

    What to do with diarrhea with whitish water? Since it has already been established that such a symptom testifies to the introduction of a cholera embryo, it is not necessary to fight diarrhea of ​​this type independently.

    Normalize the water-salt balance is possible only in a hospital. Patients with cholera sometimes require an infusion of up to 100 liters of fluid per day in the form of saline solutions.

    How to treat diarrhea yourself

    When diarrhea in the adult yellow does not cause the appearance of additional symptoms, or it quickly passes, you can try to normalize the condition yourself.

    Restore the motility of the intestines and relieve the painful manifestations of the following medications:

    • Sorbents. These include: smectite, activated carbon, polyphepan and the like. They clean the intestines of toxins, reduce gas formation;
    • Preparations from the assortment of traditional medicine: cherry berries and blueberries, decoction of oak bark, alder cones, etc. Of these, one must make broths and infusions, and drink during the day;
    • Means that reduce intestinal motility. This imodium, the lindium - the main active substance in them - loperamide;
    • Enzymes: Creon, pancreatin, silibor and the like;
    • Reduce the speed perelstatiki antispasmodics: no-spa, papaverine, platifillin;
    • Probiotics. Restore the balance of intestinal microflora and are used for diarrhea of ​​any etiology.

    You can not independently prescribe antibiotics, intestinal antiseptics and antibacterial drugs. They are introduced into the treatment of diarrhea only according to the doctor's prescription, which makes a decision based on laboratory studies and clinical picture.

    Diets with diarrhea

    Cure diarrhea without switching to a specific diet is impossible. In acute conditions, it is sufficient to drink liquid and infusions that have astringent properties.

    Once intoxication is reduced, you can enter into the diet:

    • rice broth;
    • dried bread;
    • jellies from berries and fruits;
    • porridge - preferably mucous;
    • lean meat - should begin with the frayed;
    • dairy products.

    We must remember! Treatment of diarrhea is possible if it is not accompanied by acute deterioration of the condition: weakness, severe pain in the abdomen, high temperature, vomiting and changing the color of a watery stool to uncharacteristic: black, white, green; and the number of defecations does not reach 8 or more once a day.

    If there is any of the alarming symptoms - self-medication is life-threatening. It is necessary to consult a doctor.



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