How to restore the intestines after Fortrans


Cleansing the intestines with Fortrans is a quick and powerful cleansing technique.

Our gastronomic weaknesses, far from perfect ecology and the food industry make us think about the need for cleaning the intestines. Choosing the appropriate technique, it is important to take into account your desires as to the nature of the effect, duration and method of using the cleanser.

People who are afraid of the word "enema but want to get rid of constipation or improve the body through the most complete and rapid cleansing of the intestines, Fortrans is suitable - a laxative medicinal means. With the Fortrans preparation, intestinal cleansing is carried out, but qualitatively. The powerful laxative activity of the active substance allows evacuating from the gastrointestinal tract all the toxic deposits accumulated from food and the environment.

General characteristics of the preparation

French drug Fortrans is released in the form of a white, easily soluble in water powder, from which a solution for oral ingestion i

s already prepared in the home or in the hospital. Powder is packaged in paper bags of 64 g each. Each package contains four sachets. The contents of one package are enough for one cleaning procedure for a person weighing 70-90 kg. Fortrans can be found on the counter of any pharmacy. It is worth the drug not cheap, but if you believe the reviews, its price is fully consistent with quality.

Indications and contraindications to the use of Fortrans

Doctors of official medicine prescribe the drug to patients on the eve of: colonoscopy, surgery or diagnostic procedures that require the absence of any contents in the intestine. Direct, indicated in the instruction indication for the use of Fortrans - preparation of the intestine for surgical intervention, endoscopic and radiographic research.

In the meantime, experts in alternative medicine suggest using this tool for those who wish to cleanse the intestines with all its folds and irregularities from harmful deposits. The drug is especially recommended before the start of therapeutic fasting or switching to dietary nutrition.

Cleaning Fortransom is strictly contraindicated to people with ulcerative lesions of the intestinal mucosa, abdominal pain of unknown origin, partial and complete intestinal obstruction, and children under 15 years.

Composition and mechanism of action of the drug

Active substance Fortransa - macrogol 400 - has a pronounced laxative effect. Influencing the entire intestine, the macrogol effectively cleans both the upper and lower parts of it. Auxiliary substances (sodium chloride and potassium chloride, hydrogen carbonate, sodium sulfate and sodium saccharinate) contribute to the fuller realization of the claimed function.

Fortrans produces a purifying effect, actively removing the contents of the intestines, due to:

  • increase in its osmotic pressure;
  • fluid retention and weight gain;
  • stimulation of intestinal mechanical receptors and, as a result, improvement of intestinal peristalsis.

The drug is not absorbed into the bloodstream, has no toxic effects and does not change the pH level in the intestine. Contrary to popular belief, under the condition of one- or two-time use, Fortrans practically does not disturb the balance of the intestinal microflora.

The procedure for the purification procedure

To conduct a health event, it is necessary to allocate a whole day: 3-4 hours for the use of the means, 5-6 hours for hikes in toilet, the rest of the time - for rest, because, according to the reviews, purification by Fortrans is exhausting enough for the body procedure:

  1. The cleansing agent is prepared based on the body weight. For every 15-20 kg of weight take one packet of the drug and dilute in one liter of boiled water. That is, a person weighing 60-70 kg, you need to use a solution made of three bags of powder and three liters of water; people with body weight of more than 70 kg for high-quality cleaning you need to drink four liters of water with a diluted powder of four sachets.
  2. The solution is consumed slowly, in small portions. The relaxing effect comes in a few hours after the beginning of the reception. During the next 6-7 hours the toilet will have to be visited every 15-30 minutes. Multiple rough emptying can trigger a burning sensation in the anus. In this case, it will be superfluous to use Vaseline or a baby cream on the affected area.

Be ready, that having chosen this method of clearing in house conditions, it is necessary fairly to torment the organism. This is primarily true of the fact that it is difficult to take 3-4 liters of the solution, especially given that Fortran's taste qualities leave much to be desired. Sweet-salty-soda taste (as it is characterized by people taking the drug) often causes a vomiting reflex, which prevents the use of the drug in its entirety. To facilitate the reception of a dose, the medicine can be drunk at a salvo, seized with lemon or mandarin slices, washed down with apple, carrot, orange or lemon juice, pulled through a tube, etc.

The opinions of doctors and patients about the purification of Fortrans

The main problem, which is observed in most people engaged in purification of this kind, is the difficulty with the use of the prepared liquid. Nausea, vomiting during the intake is observed in every second person. But, as practitioners say, such efforts are worth the result. After carrying out of cleansing action the sensation of extraordinary lightness, vivacity and cleanliness of an organism is observed.

Doctors of traditional medicine characterize the drug mainly on the positive side. Although the procedure of bowel cleansing is considered inexpedient without acute need (colonoscopy, surgery, apparatus diagnostics), Fortrans, as a means to maximize the release of the gastrointestinal tract from the contents, experts effective. Cleansing the intestines with Fortrans is a worthy alternative to enema cleansing.

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How to properly clean the intestines fortransom?

A healthy intestine is the foundation of health and well-being. Incorrect nutrition, unfavorable ecological conditions, wrong way of life - all this leads to the fact that harmful substances accumulating in the intestine do not contribute to the preservation of health. Cleaning of the intestines with fortrans # 8212; a common method of improving the body, effectively cleansing the digestive tract from salts of heavy metals, toxins, slags.

Why appoint Fortrans?

Fortrans is a French medicinal product intended for rapid and effective cleansing of the intestine before medical procedures (endoscopy, roentgenologic examination of the digestive tract, colonoscopy, rectoscopy, various operational interventions). Doctors say that such medical cleansing allows to achieve greater effect than a whole complex of cleansing enemas.

In contrast to the enema, fortrans cleansing allows you to remove the slag all over the digestive tract, and not just in its lower parts. The drug provides the most complete and high-quality cleaning. If you follow the dosage and remember the doctor's recommendations, the procedure for cleaning the intestines with fortransomes can be done independently at home. Help for the procedure is not required.

For cleaning at home, three to four Fortran sachets are sufficient. You can buy the drug in any pharmacy, it is sold without a prescription.


The preparation is released in the form of a powder, which is used to prepare a solution. You can quite independently determine in what dosage you need to drink fortrance - how to take the drug, indicated in the detailed instructions.

Dosage for cleansing is determined based on the patient's weight. For every 15-20 kg of weight is assigned 1 liter of solution. To prepare 1 liter of solution you will need one sachet of medicine. It is easy to calculate how a patient with any weight to drink fortrance - cleansing the intestine for a patient with a weight of 60-70 kg will require the purchase of 3-4 packets of medicinal product.

Application rules

Before carrying out bowel cleansing with fortrans, it is necessary to prepare the body for the procedure. To do this, follow a special diet for two to three days.

  • A few days before cleansing, reduce the amount of fresh fruit, vegetables and other foods rich in raw fiber in the diet.
  • On the day of cleansing, the food should be moderate. One meal is enough. The dish should be easy: omelet, boiled egg, porridge. Give up a tight dinner, as this will prevent cleaning. After breakfast, try not to eat, limit yourself to tea, water and natural juices.

How is fortrans cleansing? After completing all the preparations, prepare the required amount of the solution, according to the dosage. Divide the entire volume of the liquid into 250 ml portions. Every 15-20 minutes, drink a glass of solution. Thus, 1 liter of solution you can gradually drink in one hour. After the completion of the cleansing, a lot of drinking is necessary: ​​this compensates for the lack of fluid in the body, because Fortrans delays the water in the intestines and, due to this, increases the volume of feces.

Take the medicine should be gradually, as it will ensure the most safe and gentle cleansing of the intestine. Remember that the remedy gives a fairly persistent and lasting effect, lasting up to 6-10 hours. Do not plan any cases during this time period.

Contraindications and side effects

Cleansing the intestines with fortransomes is a medical procedure that is not recommended to be performed frequently. The drug is not intended for regular use, unlike a lot of folk techniques. Do not uncontrollably drink Fortrans, if you need frequent cleaning of the intestines - fortrans with too frequent use can cause intestinal atony, provoke the development of dysbiosis, cause digestive disorders and slow down exchange processes.
Cleaning the intestines with fortransomes will be most effective or safe if you pre- consult with your doctor and make sure that there are appropriate indications.

In some cases, fortransmission of the intestine can not be taken fortrans - contraindications to the use of the medication are indicated in the instructions:

  • Presence of acute and chronic gastrointestinal diseases;
  • The patient's age is up to 15 years;
  • Intestinal obstruction;
  • Heart failure;
  • Dehydration;
  • Disturbed immunity;
  • Individual intolerance to drug components.

Experts recommend that after the end of purification use prebiotics to prevent the development of dysbiosis. This will help restore the beneficial intestinal microflora.

Fortrans laxative for weight loss

No diet will allow a person to effectively lose weight if his intestines are slagged and clogged with accumulated waste and toxic substances for a long time. In order to clean it, you need an effective tool. One of the fastest and relatively safe laxatives is Fortrans, which can be purchased from pharmacies without a prescription. The use of the drug "Fortrans" for weight loss is that it is able to completely release the colon from stagnant stools and thereby reduce the waist by several centimeters.

Fortrans: action, contraindications and side effects

It is important to understand that it is impossible to build with the help of laxative alone.Nutritionists recommend taking fortrans only at the initial stage of weight loss, when you need to cleanse the body of the harmful substances accumulated in it and establish a metabolism.Thanks to the release of the intestine, a person will be able to become 2-3 kg lighter, but weight loss will occur not due to reduction of fat mass, but as a result of emptying the intestine. If you do not limit yourself further on in the diet, the weight will return in a few days.

Despite the fact that "Fortrans" refers to a number of relatively safe laxatives, before using it, you should always consult a doctor and read the instructions. It is inadmissible to use the drug for serious health problems. Absolute contraindications for taking this medication are:

  • age up to 15 years;
  • pregnancy;
  • cardiac pathologies;
  • inflammatory processes in the colon, in which damage to the mucosa is observed;
  • sensitivity of the organism to the main component of the drug polyethylene glycol;
  • any kind of intestinal obstruction.

The instructions for Fortrans contain information about the side effects that some people have when taking a laxative. These include:

  • allergic reactions (from skin rash to anaphylactic shock);
  • nausea and vomiting due to the unpleasant taste of the medicine;
  • weakness the next day after taking it;
  • flatulence with frequent use or if the recommended dose is exceeded.

How to drink laxative solution when losing weight?

Everyone who begins to lose weight using fortrans, it is necessary to exclude from his diet all the food that is difficult to digest the day before his admission. Such foods include fatty, fried, flour, meat dishes, sweets, nuts, dairy products. It will be good to sit for the day preceding the cleansing of the intestines, on a vegetarian diet. in this case, the action of the laxative will be as quick and effective as possible.

The drug "Fortrans" is made in the form of a powder, which must be dissolved in water before use. For slimming, a packet of medicine should be diluted in 1 liter of cool boiled water (in no case soda). The daily dosage is calculated as follows: for every 20 kg of weight, you need to take 1 sachet of laxative. If a person weighs 80 kg, then for effective cleaning of the intestine he will need to drink 4 liters of water with 4 bags of medication dissolved in it.

You can take fortrans in two ways: use a daily dose of drinking solution in equal portions for 4 hours, or half a drug to drink in several receptions in the evening, and half in the morning. The laxative effect occurs 30 minutes after the first dose and lasts for 4 hours. Given that Fortrans has an extremely unpleasant taste that can cause vomiting, after taking it, you can drink a little freshly squeezed lemon juice, which will help to remove nausea. Is in the process of cleaning the colon is not a laxative, but water can be drunk if necessary.

It is best to resort to receiving fortrans on a day off or holiday, without planning any important things, because it is undesirable to leave the toilet at such moments. Given that many people after using this laxative, there is a strong weakness, the next day, too, should be at home, without loading yourself with any hard work.

To all people who chose the fortrans for weight loss, the next day after cleansing the bowels you need to sit on a tough rice diet. For her, you need to boil a glass of brown rice without fat and salt and eat the resulting porridge for 6-8 receptions. In addition to rice is allowed to drink still water. Such a diet is necessary in order to strengthen the relaxed intestine.

Consequences of taking fortrans for the organism

"Fortrans" not only cleanses the intestines from waste, but also removes all useful microflora from it. In order to restore it, it is desirable immediately after taking a laxative drink for about one week, any probiotic preparation (Lineks, Bifidumbacterin, Bifiform). To prescribe a probiotic and to select its dosage should the doctor, to be engaged in a self-medicate slimming person in this case it is not necessary.

Strongly forbidden to achieve the effect of losing weight to clean Fortrans intestine for several days in a row, because this drug is one of the potent drugs intended solely for one-time use. Excessive infatuation with a laxative can lead to the emergence of severe diarrhea, and then the person will not be until losing weight. It must always be remembered that even the safest drug in case of abuse can cause irreparable harm to our health.

After cleaning the colon, you can go to any diet. The process of losing weight in an organism that is free of toxins, slags and hardened feces will be much better than with a slaughtered intestine. After a deep cleansing, diets are preferred, based on light foods: freshly squeezed juices, green tea, fresh vegetables and fruits, rabbit meat, turkey and chicken, skim curd, whole grains cereals and bread baked from the flour of coarse grinding.

About the drug "Fortrans used by some fat people for weight loss, you can hear both positive and negative feedback.Approving responses refer primarily to the fact that the laxative has an immediate effect, and many women succeeded in fastening the skirts and trousers that had been on them for a long time tight. Negative feedback refers to the fact that fat deposits against the background of eating Fortran remain untouched, that is, to achieve real weight loss with the help of this drug is impossible.

Occasionally people complain about the deterioration of well-being after taking it. "Fortrans like many other laxatives, can be the first and very important step in the process of getting rid of excess weight. He will remove accumulated slag from the intestine, improve metabolism and prepare the body for a long-term diet. But to use this drug as the main means for losing weight is useless, because it has no effect on the mechanism of the splitting of fats.



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