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Posted on 03.08. by annapetrovna
I treat the plantain with great love and trembling. And for this there is a good reason. This seemingly simple plant has an amazing healing power. And I experienced it myself. To use plantain juice for the treatment of ulcerative colitis, I was advised by an unknown woman who accidentally heard about my disease. She told me that her daughter, about the same age as me (26-27 years old), was ill with this serious illness.
And just like to me all the doctors unanimously said that this is not treated and drew a "rosy" perspective in the future. But she managed to recover and quite simply and for a short period.
And advice on how to cope with ulcerative colitis, she received from an old neighbor.
Have I ever doubted that a simple plantain that grows under our feet is my salvation? Of course there were. And the situation was serious enough, by that time I had

suffered two intestinal bleedings, there were constant diarrhea, severe pain, so, as they say, a drowning man grabs a straw.
In addition, no one, no doctors, no herbalists, nothing specific offered. Try something, try another - maybe it will help. And here the person, specifically said that this is healing and there was already experience with an excellent result. It was necessary to test yourself.
It was early spring and the plantain only began to climb out of the ground. Every day from these small leaves, which I could find, I made juice. It turned out a little, but a lot and you will not drink, even with water, the muck is exceptional. The next day, as a woman advised me (for some reason I did not even ask her name), I made a new portion of juice. when half a glass, when less. And so it's all summer, and autumn. And only in the winter I realized that everything was fine. No nausea, no pain, no diarrhea, everything was restored. In addition, I noticed that chronic bronchitis has disappeared somewhere.
I am already over 50 years old. And for this period never ulcerative colitis did not show itself in any way.

And now when they tell me that nothing can be cured by medicinal herbs, I reply that I have 100%. reinforced concrete confidence in the reverse.

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Hello, Ashima! I am less than 29 years old and I, too, unfortunately suffer from ulcerative colitis. I liked your post about plantain, but only I did not understand by what scheme you drank it? on how many and how many times a day, the duration of admission is somewhere in half a year, right? write please more in detail. and did you take it later for prophylaxis?

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From the article:. I made a new portion of juice. when half a glass, when less. And so it's all summer, and autumn.
The recipe is not mine, but taken from the site Naturopath.
And here are the recipes for colitis:
Scientists from Norfolk surveyed 2, 00 county residents who are between 40 and 65 years old. Many volunteers were diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Dietitians found out that in the diet of the ulcer was not enough food, rich in fatty acids, including oleic. Doctors are convinced that olive oil does not allow the development of ulcerative colitis. It is oleic acid that protects the stomach, suppressing the mediators of inflammation in the large intestine. To the stomach was healthy, daily you need to use olive oil for 2-3 tablespoons.

Treatment of Bolotov. Ulcerative colitis.
1. drink 2-4 tablespoons of celandine enzyme every 3-4 hours.
2. be sure to take salt 1-2 grams 4-5 times a day with food.
3. The diet should contain meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, mushrooms and sour vegetables.
4. use oilcakes or cabbage (with heartburn) carrots: 1-2 times a day for 2-4 tablespoons, alternating with rumpled raw potatoes.
5. drink kvass from wormwood, tansy, fruits of mountain ash, peppermint in unlimited quantities.
6. make a special edible paste from Tuya. Recipe: Take 1 kg of ground young thuja foliage and mix with 1 glass of honey. Use paste on 1 teaspoonful after each meal. Pasta can be stored in the heat indefinitely. (useful and another paste - from the mountain ash red and brisk).
7. use for treatment yeast dough on rye flour, which is eaten raw in 2-4 tablespoons.
8. for cleansing, enemas are made from the enzyme celandine, diluted with milk whey or tea from wormwood or camomile chamomile.
9. to power his body wiped with apple cider vinegar and honey.
10. The seeds or rhizomes of horse sorrel also help the patient well.

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thank you very much Rasim! you sent a lot of useful information! I will slowly experiment)
and do you have such a disease?

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On health! Prescriptions will definitely help you.
I have no such diseases.

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Whether it is possible to cure chronic colitis and whether it is possible to define or determine what kind of a colitis particularly bole yourself, leaning against a symptom

Tatyana PavlyshchikEnlightened (26421) 7 years ago

Chronic colitis is a chronic disease of the colon, accompanied by a violation of its functions, primarily, motor and absorption. It occurs in people of any age. Chronic colitis needs to be differentiated from colon dyskinesias, although prolonged functional bowel disorders can eventually lead to the development of chronic colitis. The main importance is the analysis of clinical symptoms, in necessary cases - sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy with mucosal biopsy.

Chronic colitis should be differentiated from chronic enteritis, pancreatitis, anacid gastritis, but very often there is a combination of these diseases with chronic colitis. Tumors of the large intestine can flow under the mask of chronic colitis, therefore in suspicious cases it is always necessary to conduct irrigoscopy, and if the picture is not clear enough - endoscopy with biopsy.

The course of chronic colitis in some cases is prolonged, low-symptomatic, in others gradually progressing with alternating periods of exacerbation and remission, development of atrophic changes in the intestinal wall. With timely treatment, the prognosis is favorable. Complications: perforation of ulcers with severe ulcer, intestinal bleeding, narrowing of the lumen of the gut (with cicatrization of ulcers). adhesive process.

Prevention. It is necessary to prevent and timely treatment of acute colitis, medical examination of convalescents, health education, aimed at explaining to the population the need to maintain a rational diet, a full diet, thorough chewing food, timely sanitation of the oral cavity, and if necessary - prosthetics of the teeth, physical training and sports, strengthening nervous system. It is necessary to strictly observe the safety rules in industries related to chemicals that can cause damage to the colon.

The main risk factors for the development of chronic colitis
transferred intestinal infections (dysentery, salmonellosis, etc.);
defeat of the intestinal tract by the simplest (intestinal amoeba, lamblia, etc.);
chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (chronic gastritis, enteritis, etc.).
The main symptoms of chronic colitis are
unstable stool, characterized by a change of diarrhea and constipation;
during constipation of the stool may not be 3 or more days;
During diarrhea, the stool can be 3-4 times a day, in the period of exacerbations - up to 10 times;
stool is liquid or watery;
The act of defecation is accompanied by cramping pains in the lower abdomen;
pains are provoked or aggravated after taking gas-forming food (milk, cabbage, black bread);
pain after defecation and exhaustion of gases subsided.
The rules of caring for a patient with chronic colitis:
1. 2 Providing the patient with regular meals with the exception of products that cause fermentation (milk, kvass, cabbage, black bread) and putrefactive processes (fried meat). as well as products containing coarse fiber;
2. reception of sour-milk products;
3. in the presence of constipation, it is necessary to use products that enhance peristalsis of the intestine (beets, carrots, plums, fresh yogurt, etc.);
4. it is necessary to treat concomitant chronic diseases of the digestive system and intestinal infections;
5. it is forbidden to drink alcohol;
6. fulfillment of doctor's appointments;
7. control over the nature of the stool;
8. control over body weight;
9. by the prescription of the doctor, the staging of microclysters;
10. prescribing a rectal candle;
11. by appointment of a doctor, the introduction of a gas pipe;
12. help weakened patients with defecation.
Preventive measures
1. timely treatment of intestinal infections;
2. timely treatment of chronic diseases of the digestive system;
3. correct balanced nutrition;
4. prevention of occupational hazards.

To be treated independently, of course, it is possible. But it is better to find a good doctor and follow his advice.

Salaam AleikumArtificial Intelligence (107045) 7 years ago

100% guarantee is not, but you can try. For this you need:
1) know the symptoms and treat them with folk remedies - pain, gas, constipation, diarrhea, from all this there are good folk remedies.
2) try to remove the cause. If this is a violation of the intestinal microflora (not the bacteria in it, which are necessary for health) - all the same folk herbs + dairy products should help. They can not hurt, so take them and see if it helped or not.

Treatment of intestinal colitis with folk remedies

Kind time of the day! Before reading the prescription for the treatment of diseases with medicinal plants, infusions, various drugs (ASD, peroxide, soda, etc.) at home, I will tell you a little about myself. Call me Konstantin Fedorovich Makarov - I'm a phyto-therapeutist with 40 years of experience. When you read the article, I advise you to take care of your body and health and do not immediately start those methods of treatment that are described below andnow I will tell WHY WHY. There are a lot of medicinal plants, medicines, herbs that have proved their effectiveness and there are many good reviews about them. But there is a second side of the coin - this is contraindications to the use and concomitant diseases of the patient. For example, very few people know that tincture of hemlock can not be used with chemotherapy or when using other drugs there is an exacerbation of the disease and you can get confused. Because,that you would not hurt yourself. it is better to consult a specialist or your doctor before applying various therapies.Health to you and are treated correctly.

My page in classmates, add to friends -

Colitis is an inflammation of the rectal mucosa caused by malnutrition, lack of vitamins, long-term intake strong antibiotics that disrupt the natural bacterial balance in the body, infections and circulatory disorders, causing stagnation of blood. All this can lead to illness even in the healthiest person before. Started colitis can very quickly lead to other, more serious problems of the gastrointestinal tract, and in itself delivers a lot of unpleasant sensations - digestive problems, acute pain, blood in stool. Do not delay treatment if you showed colitis, thinking that "it will pass by itself since the damage to the mucosa will not go away with time, but will only increase, leading to significant problems. You can turn to traditional medicine, which at the moment has many ways to treat the disease, or to folk remedies. After all, our ancestors were able to treat various diseases with the help of simple and affordable means. Treatment of intestinal colitis with folk remedies can also be combined with a course of treatment prescribed by a doctor. The main thing, before using any home remedies, it is worth consulting with a phyto-therapist or a doctor in charge.

From this article you can find out such simple methods of treatment as:

• Herbal treatment: which plants will help you.
• Treatment of sea buckthorn oil: mild healing.
• Soda treatment: simple and affordable.
• Treatment of beekeeping products: honey and propolis.

Information for reading: Treatment of pancreatic cancer with folk remedies.

Sea buckthorn oil

Sea buckthorn oil is used for wound healing on mucous membranes, for example, with weathering lips or sick gums. And of course the sea buckthorn will help you and with illness, and you can apply it as a local - in the form of enemas, and taking orally.
• We put thirty grams of oil into microclyster as a rubber pear and inject it into the rectum, preferably after going to the toilet. It is best to do this before bed, and immediately after the enema go to bed. If the sea buckthorn oil remains in the intestines for a while, it can soak up properly, and then it will have its healing effect.
• In addition, it will be useful to take the oil inside every morning for half a teaspoon, for a month.
• Please note: do not use sea-buckthorn for liver disease.
Treating colitis at home with sea buckthorn will help you to normalize the stool, reduce pain and heal the rectal mucosa. Oil gently envelops the affected area, and substances contained in sea buckthorn, promote cell regeneration.

Treatment of colitis with oats

A simple and safe remedy for restoring intestinal functions and treating colitis - the ovine oats. The method of treatment with oats is very simple: you just need to prepare an infusion of oatmeal. The recipe is this:
1. Oat grains are thoroughly washed and dried
2. We grind into flour in a coffee grinder.
3. Two tablespoons of flour pour in a thermos half a liter of boiling water.
4. We insist for three hours, after which we shake the thermos and filter the broth through gauze.
5. We drink the broth a glass three times a day, about half an hour before eating.
6. The course of treatment lasts a month.
Oats softly and without problems heals affected mucous membrane, and first of all relieves pain. In addition, oats contain many useful substances and vitamins that help the natural immunity to fight the disease. Oats are not recommended for kidney problems.

Information for reading: Treatment of otitis with folk methods and means at home.

Treatment of colitis with herbs

Colitis of the intestine can also be cured with herbs - mostly chamomile. Various infusions and decoctions of simple and affordable plants are an excellent remedy against the disease. Here are a few recipes for treatment:
1. Ten grams of chamomile flowers are poured into a glass of boiling water, we insist and drink half a glass twice a day before meals. Infusion before use strain. Treatment of colitis with chamomile is carried out for about a month.
2. Infusion of calendula flowers is applied on the same principle as chamomile, only 5 grams of calendula will be enough for a glass of boiling water.
On the use of any medicinal fees it is recommended to consult a herbalist.

Treatment with gifts of bees

Honey and propolis are the most popular folk remedies, which effectively help to fight including diseases of the digestive tract.
The remedy is extremely simple: treatment with colitis and treatment with propolis can be combined.

• Mix 20% propolis tincture with a glass of honey and half a pack of butter.
• We bring everything in a water bath to a homogeneous consistency.
• Remove from heat and cool.
• Take a tablespoon a day in the morning, before breakfast, and in the evening before going to bed for two weeks.
Such a product is pleasant enough to taste, but it should take no more than the indicated dosage.

Soda against colitis

Soda has recently been increasingly used to treat digestive disorders. Can this simple, affordable remedy and help with colitis. Half a teaspoon of bred in a glass of warm water and drink in the morning on an empty stomach. Soda contributes to the restoration of the natural microflora of the intestine and the acid-base balance of the body.

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Good afternoon! For more than five years I have been suffering from the intestines, the problems started after a long treatment with antibiotics. I was restored to a bit by his doctors, I drank linax, karsil. After линакса the lock started, nausea in the morning, if I break the diet of pain in the abdomen. And my stomach is almost always inflated as a rubber ball. I'm tormented by excess gases, because I'm not at work in the workplace, in the evening my stomach is bursting with pain.

Hello. I would like to consult on the use of tincture tincture white. Can I drink it for prophylaxis and how best to drink if I have chronic colitis and constipation. Thank you

Hello. The husband underwent a diagnosis-non-specific ulcerative colitis with a primary lesion of the sigmoid colon. SINGLE DIVERTICULES OF THE SIGMOVIDNAUM. CROHN'S DISEASE? PROMPT THINGS TO TREAT

Hello. Prompt please what to do or make at the husband there was a chronic colitis with diarrheas began to do or make klizmy with a camomile Now instead of a liquid chair a blood. Tell me where to run and what to do.



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