What you can eat with a tumor of the intestine


Nutrition for colorectal cancer

This disease is most often found in European countries where the population has a high standard of living, consumes enough high-calorie food, abuses smoking and alcohol.

In Asian countries, where the population is more mobile, leads a healthy lifestyle, consumes many seafood and vegetables, rectal cancer is extremely rare.

Important principles of healthy nutrition, which must be remembered by oncological patients:

- food should help the patient's body to fight cancer;
- contain the necessary amount of vitamins and trace elements, especially selenium, which in normal food is not enough, but it effectively fights with mutated cells.

How to Eat for Rectal Cancer

Already in the period of preparation for surgery it is necessary to revise your diet, and after it becomes extremely important for the speedy recovery of the body. The greatest number of useful elements contain:

- seafood, sea fish, sea kale;
- beef liver;
- Raw rice;
- green grass, broccoli cabbage;
- hawthorn, dried apricots, r

- legumes - soy products, beans, beans.

The patient who was diagnosed with this diagnosis should understand that the current possibilities of oncology allow effectively fight this serious disease and lead a full life after a successful operation. In the most difficult cases, the natural anal opening has to be replaced with colostomy, returning the rectum to its place is possible only after a certain period of time. This, of course, imposes its demands not only on the lifestyle of the patient, but also on his nutrition.

Proper nutrition with rectal cancer is the most important part of the successful treatment and normal health of the patient. An artificial anal opening does not allow controlling the process of emptying the intestine, as well as the escape of gases. This brings a lot of moral and physical torment to the patient, slows down the process of normal recovery of the body. Therefore, it is very important to organize food in such a way that food is absorbed as quickly as possible, avoiding foods that cause increased gas production, constipation or diarrhea.

What can not be used for cancer of the rectum

- you need to limit the use of any meat, especially fatty varieties;
- You can not eat fatty, fried, salted and smoked;
- banned, baking, baking and sweets;
- Excluded carbonated drinks, strong black tea, coffee and chocolate.

Especially strictly it is necessary to adhere to the rules of healthy nutrition in the postoperative period. The main diet for rectal cancer is a treatment table No. 4, intended for feeding patients with intestinal diseases. Food should be thermally treated, wiped, comfortable temperature - to exclude mechanical, thermal damage to the intestines, reduce the likelihood of fermentation. At the same time, nutrition should be varied, giving the patient strength to fight the disease. The list of allowed products is large enough. You can cook for the patient:

- mucilage rubbed soups;
- the wiped off low-fat cottage cheese;
- Semi-viscous porridge on water or broth;
- fruit or berry jelly, jelly, mashed potatoes;
-fried fish dishes.

The daily norm of food is divided into 4-6 receptions. There is little need, gradually expanding the diet. This is very important not to harm the body. The more serious a patient with cancer of the rectum will approach to a diet and the organization of his diet, the more likely he will get a full recovery. The recovery period after removal of the tumor on the rectum should last at least 2 years.

Any cancer disease is a serious psychological trauma for the patient, and rectal cancer especially, since it is associated with great moral problems and everyday inconveniences. In this case, the help of native people, their benevolence, willingness to help share the hardships of treatment can be invaluable. This will help the patient not to lose heart, to believe in recovery, to fight the disease and stay with relatives for many years to come.

Recipes for cancer patients

First meal

Second courses

Salads and snacks

Dessert dishes


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