Hormonal ointments with eczema of hands

Hormonal ointment from eczema is effective, but not safe. The use of hormonal ointment from eczema is necessary in the case when less effective, but safer drugs do not have the desired result on the hands. The assortment of pharmaceutical means allows to choose among them the most suitable, threatening minimum of side effects and habituation of the organism. By the way, it is the rapid adaptation of the skin to hormonal ointments is their main drawback in the treatment of eczema of the hands.



  • 1In what cases do you resort to hormonal drugs?
  • 2What are the hormonal external drugs?
  • 3Group of potent hormonal drugs
  • 4External means of moderate degree of action

In what cases do you resort to hormonal drugs?

Exacerbation of chronic skin disease requires radical measures of therapy. First of all, it is necessary to eliminate as soon as possible the discomfort of the symptoms, which will make it possible to make hormonal ointments. Unlike other drugs, these include in their composition steroid substances.

In the treatment of eczema, hormonal ointments help to cure the following unpleasant symptoms:

  • itching and burning of the skin on the hands;
  • tenderness when touching;
  • exudate exudation;
  • dryness and peeling of the skin.

This type of external medicine helps to start regeneration processes in the upper layers of the epidermis of the hands.

Hormonal ointments allow to achieve a speedy recovery or at least a long-term remission.

However, as mentioned above, the lack of such drugs is the rapid adaptation of the body and the evocation of drug addiction. Any hormonal ointment is used only after medical advice, because the consequences of self-treatment can be the most unpredictable. The likelihood of acquiring side effects due to prolonged or uncontrolled reception of such funds is extremely high.

What are the hormonal external drugs?

Hormonal ointments to eliminate eczema of the hands of doctors are divided into several categories:

  • drugs of weak action;
  • moderate medicines;
  • strong medicines;
  • drugs of the highest level of exposure.

Guided by the description of the drug, indications for its use and the specific clinical features of the patient, the dermatologist will choose the best option for the therapy of eczema on the hands. Overview of the most popular appointments of specialists deserves more detailed consideration.

Hormonal ointment Galcinonide is a broad-spectrum glucocorticosteroid. The drug can eliminate the inflammatory process of affected areas of the skin of the hands, and also has a relatively high analgesic effect. You can buy it in the pharmacy Galcinonide only by the official prescription of a dermatologist. Apply it to short-term courses with monthly interruptions. With eczema, the equivalent of Galcinonide - Dermovain - is no less effective.

These hormonal ointments are used for leg lesions. In order to avoid a leveling of the therapeutic effect, they are usually appointed after ineffectiveness of weaker means.

Group of potent hormonal drugs


The list of effective and well-proven ointments can continue other, no less popular medicines of external action:

  1. Sinaphlane refers to corticosteroid agents, in which an active component of acetonide fluocinol is present. Its analogues are Flukort, Topiklin and Lokalin. Apply them usually 2 times a day, applying an unbroken layer on the surface of the hands affected by eczema.
  2. Soderm is also a potent drug. Contains Betamethasone, which helps cope with itching, weaken the intensity of the current inflammation on the skin of the hands. In its composition there are also anelgeziruyuschie components, thanks to which the pain passes after 1-2 applications. The drug is not allowed for patients with open wounds, erosions and acne. Soderm is not recommended for daily use.

External means of moderate degree of action

Hormonal ointments of moderate effect are considered to be topical therapy for eczema of the hands, if appointed at the initial stages of the disease.

With mild symptoms, such drugs can stop the further development of the disease.

Among them the most popular are:

  • Afloderm, which is based on alclomethasone dipropionate. The drug eliminates itching and other uncomfortable manifestations on the hands, and also blocks the development of an allergic reaction. After the first application to the skin, the positive effect becomes visually conspicuous.
  • Dexamethasone is a known hormonal ointment, which is a glucocorticosteroid. The use of the drug guarantees an early onset of anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive action. Helps not only with eczema of hands, but also other dermatological pathologies.
  • Cynocard is often prescribed by physicians to patients whose disease is at the stage of wetting. Apply the drug for about a month with interruptions. Has anti-inflammatory and antiexudative properties, helps prevent the occurrence of an allergic reaction to the hands.
Cure dermatological pathology or eliminate its symptoms can be guaranteed with the help of medicinal hormones.

At the same time, only a specialist can prescribe the correct treatment of eczema on the hands.


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