Herpes in the ear

The cold of the ear is an insidious disease. Treatment should be carried out only under the supervision of a specialist. The appearance of small ulcers in the auricle is a virus caused by a simple form of herpes. As a rule, herpes in the ear appears in those people who once had a herpetic infection, but did not get treatment to the end or even refused to help a specialist. Settled in the body the virus again attacked not only the oral cavity, mucous in the nose, but also the auricle.



  • 1Causes and symptoms
  • 2Treatment of herpes
  • 3Prophylaxis of herpes in the ears

Causes and symptoms


Herpes in the ear arises because of many factors. The main one is the weakening of the body due to the illness that has been transferred.

Our body is an integral, unified system in which everything is interconnected. Through our skin or mucous herpes enters the body, then into the circulatory system, after - into the nerve endings. Then the herpesvirus begins to manifest itself.

The primary symptoms of herpes in the auricle are:

  • general malaise and weakness;
  • an increase in body temperature, which can cause a headache;
  • unpleasant auditory sensations in the form of noise or pressure in the auricle;
  • impaired coordination due to constant dizziness;
  • The auricle at the edges becomes red, the ear swells;
  • On the skin inside the ear there are bubbles with liquid;
  • necessarily there is a strong itch in a place of localization of herpes.

After a couple of days, the bubbles inside the ear burst, and a yellowish liquid flows out of them. The scars begin to heal and become covered with a brownish crust. It will take 2-3 days and it will fall off.

Sometimes complications impair hearing functions. If treatment is immediate and correct, unpleasant consequences can be avoided. To diagnose such herpes should the doctor-otolaryngologist.

Treatment of herpes

The herpes virus is a dangerous infection that has settled in the ear, and therefore it must be treated in a comprehensive manner under the supervision of a specialist. Immediately, as soon as the symptoms appeared. Antiviral drugs are prescribed first, for example, Acyclovir. If the disease progresses, the treatment regimen is complicated by taking intramuscular or intravenous injections.

The best result for treatment is given by new generation drugs: Acyclovir, Remantadine. The course of treatment is 15 days, sometimes the therapy is increased by several days. Until the symptoms completely disappear.

Antiviral ointments such as Gervirax, Zovirax etc. are used externally. They are applied to the skin several times a day until a brown crust falls off the hotbeds. Under it you will notice a new, and most importantly - healthy skin. Sometimes eucalyptus or lemon oil is used for treatment. A small swab of cotton wool is impregnated and inserted into the ear. It must be changed every 4 hours.

In order to start the work of the immune system, it is recommended to use Leukinferon, Reaferon, Isoprinosine. These drugs contain interferon.

To eliminate pain, analgesics are used. To restore the functions of hearing and for the rehabilitation of nerve fibers, use Prozerin, Dibazol. All treatment is aimed at eliminating the effects of viral herpes in the ears.

Prophylaxis of herpes in the ears


To avoid this disease, some light rules must be observed.

  1. Be sure to lead a healthy lifestyle. You are in motion, walk more often on foot, by this you will strengthen immunity.
  2. Eat right. The body needs minerals, vitamins and proteins for proper functioning and resistance to viruses.
  3. Eat washed fruits and vegetables.
  4. Forget about bad habits. Alcohol and a cigarette are the first enemies of our immunity.
  5. Observe hygiene. Wash your hands often.
  6. If you can not wash your hands, use Miramistin, Chlorhexidine antiseptics and other similar products to disinfect your skin.
  7. Maintain the necessary temperature mode in the house where you live. When going out in the summer, try not to overheat. In winter, dress on the season, be sure to wear mittens and a hat.
  8. If you notice signs of a herpes infection, see a doctor. Be sure to fully pass the entire course of treatment.
If the virus recurs rarely, it is sufficient to use external drugs that will slow the progression of the disease. If you see that the symptoms do not decrease, be sure to go to the doctor. In a weakened organism, herpes can cause serious consequences. Take care of yourself and your family and be well.

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